Interview 409 - Wayne Madsen

11/17/20111 Comment

Today we talk to investigative journalist Wayne Madsen of about his new article, "War Clouds Form over Iran," detailing the latest indications that Washington is heading to open confrontation with Iran at the behest of Israel. We discuss the signs that a war with Iran is being prepared, talk about Israel's interest in confronting Iran and explore how the Israeli lobby is attempting to stop any opposition to the strike.

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  1. nosoapradio says:

    Because of the link included in James Corbett’s most recent July 8th, 2015 article by Wayne Madsen I decided to listen to this interview for the first time, curious about Wayne Madsen whose name is somewhat known to me but with vaguely ambiguous feelings attached.

    This interview is now 3 and a half, 4 years old and though war with Iran has not yet broken out, (though with the discussions going on at present anything is possible in the forseeable future) Mr Madsen seemed to have a very accurate analysis of world events even as they’re unfolding today and this conversation offers an interesting perspective on current dire geo-political intrigues.

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