Interview 322 - John Anthony Hill

04/29/20110 Comments

The creator of 7/7 Ripple Effect joins us to discuss his ongoing persecution by the UK courts for having mailed a copy of his film to a court that was hearing a trial of three men accused of aiding the four alleged bombers. We discuss the remarkable story of his extradition from Ireland to the UK and 150 days of incarceration awaiting trial for having mailed the video, an act that the UK court is arguing was an attempt to "pervert the course of justice."


Documentation - John Anthony Hill's website
Description: The website of John Anthony Hill.
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Documentation - Friends of Muad'Dib
Description: A website created and maintained by Hill's supporters including news and information about his case.
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Documentation - The Truth About the British Monarchy
Description: Document by Hill outlining why Queen Elizabeth is a fraudulent monarch.
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