Interview 1820 - James Corbett on The Weaponization of Psychology

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via ANTIJANTEPODDEN: Investigative journalist James Corbett has investigated how psychology is being weaponized to target dissidents. In this episode he explains the absurdity of the old diagnoses of anarchia, which was too much love for freedom, and drapetomania, which was the mental illness of slaves running away from their masters. Over the last three years, we have seen a medical doctor being diagnosed and force medicated for corona insanity. This was because of his resistance to the government narrative in Switzerland. We have also seen an increased willingness to pathologize conspiracy theorists, and to label people as domestic terrorists for using their right to share their opinions. Even though the methods used against us are ugly, and the majority just go along uncritically, James Corbett shows examples of how modeling disobedience can dramatically turn the situation around.



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  1. ejdoyle says:

    From my book: The Urban Shaman

    Since the 1800s the citizens of the United States have experienced a systematic, collusive effort to influence humanity to surrender their individual freedom to a new order:

    It is desired they embrace the tenets of the political state, as they surrendered spiritual autonomy for the religious church state. It is desired that people see the state as “the march of God through history,” and that the state is also God, and therefore it is a citizens duty is to serve God by serving the state.

    This German secret society, The Order, has been positioning themselves into the framework of the United States for almost two hundred years.

    Since they were in the game when the U.S. was first starting to develop, they were able to affect change in their best interest and agenda very rapidly. Many of the key founders of our medical and educational institutions had attended school in Germany for part of their “education.”

    By establishing the American Historical Association, order member Andrew P. White was able to influence the constitution and direction of the AHA. This generated an “official” history source, ensuring that the existence of The Order doesn’t even get whispered about in history books, let alone in school text books.

    The American Psychological Association and the American Economics Association also trace back to The Order, scripting what are legitimate behavior and beliefs and what are not, in just about every aspect of American life they can reach.

    THEY GOT YOU GOOD (song)

  2. Sherry says:

    38:11 story about the heart doctor who was force-medicated after being insanely diagnosed with a mental disease that does not exist: James, though this story happened at the beginning of the planedmic, this is not new treatment for so-called “dissidents”. There are records of journalists being locked up in mental institutions and drugged to zombiism to keep them quiet.

    We live in a world of wanna-be rulers – those who cannot tolerate truth, especially if it has anything to do with their own ideology. Thankfully, they are only a few compared to the rest of the people. Unfortunately, those few are miles beyond the rest of the people in terms of understanding how things work in this world. It’s a conundrum.

    • lisab says:

      Well said Sherry, well said indeed!

      Just so that I may add from my perspective as though this is a two-sided conversation, you stated…

      Sherry: “We live in a world of wanna-be rulers – those who cannot tolerate truth, especially if it has anything to do with their own ideology. Thankfully, they are only a few compared to the rest of the people. ”

      There may only be a few in comparison but I’ve thought for my entire life that, “if only I were in charge, then I would do it RIGHT, especially in comparison to others (whether it be of a world, a country, my own private island, my own business, my own family, or it be of my own self).” What kept occurring to me was, “why would I wish for that kind of responsibility?!”
      I suspect there are many people in the world who also think that if they were in charge then they would get it RIGHT too. People are looking for like-mindedness in one another, but of which MIND are we looking? But yes, there are only a few pulling the switches and levers because they also think that they are genuinely RIGHT.

      Eventually, I came around to realize I am responsible for my own thoughts, my own words, my own actions, my own intentions, and, my own CHOICES. I will also bear the burdens of my choices because my choices do have an effect on everything, everywhere, all at once (seriously, no plug intended at the end there!). Finally, the realization that to be responsible for only one’s self includes being responsible for ALL by simply recognizing that what ever I put out into the world is exactly what I’m going to get in return. All one can do is rule over one’s self by simply keeping one’s self in check. All the rest is just a distraction to keep from recognizing that Truth. It’s applicable to ALL.

    • lisab says:

      Sherry: “Unfortunately, those few are miles beyond the rest of the people in terms of understanding how things work in this world.”

      How very true! Saying “miles” may be a gross underestimation as to this disparity! And that is their advantage over the rest. The rest have the advantage however, that despite not recognizing their CHOICE to use their own abilities to know how things work in this world, there are countless others who are providing the means in which to recognize how the world really is working to ALL our disadvantage. But it takes all of us to either create or to destroy the reality we wish to experience.

      Sherry: “It’s a conundrum.”

      As long as anyone thinks they are in the RIGHT, then the reality is that they are WRONG.

      Instead of listening to what is in our head mind, which is more closely attached to the world’s collective mind, both of which are derived from a finite source, we may wish to begin recognizing our heart mind, which is in connection with INFINITE KNOWLEDGE which is naturally derived from SOURCE KNOWLEDGE. Here is where we will find the like-mindedness we ALL seek.

      The conundrum is that too many have the desire to remain attached to the head mind world where logic and reason have been grossly corrupted by our own choice to attempt creation without recognizing the God head in the process of our own creations. We choose to let the state heads, or the parent heads , or the teacher heads, or the media heads, and all the other talking heads to influence our reality. The SOURCE of ALL KNOWLEDGE has been cut off by those of us who have chosen to do so. We construct and we construct and we construct our reality. But how often, and to what extreme do we DECONSTRUCT our reality? It seems to me that both should be a requirement to have a more complete understanding of how the world operates.

      BUT, The good news is we were never really cut off from Source Knowledge. We just ended up putting ourselves first and what we thought was RIGHT, first. To resolve the conundrum all one needs to do is to remember their connection with their Source of ALL Knowledge. My motto has become, SPIRIT FIRST.

    • cu.h.j says:

      This is why modeling disobedience is so important because there are people working in the system who don’t agree with what is happening and if they can think logically and with empathy could become allies.

      I’d bet that there are psychiatrists who would refuse to diagnose someone with insanity when they are clearly not insane and adhere to ethical principals of doing no harm. I see this all the time in ordinary circumstances, doctors who do honor a person right to autonomy. But if there are less courageous dissenters than my guess, a large enough dissenting number of people cannot be confined against their will. There is not enough staff and not enough beds in the regular health care system. There are actively psychotic people who most here would probably recognize to be insane on the street unable to care for themselves that cannot receive treatment because there is no space and no staff. They don’t have the resources.

      But, smearing people and calling them crazy and trying to defame their character and ideas is something they can do and have done. But even if they do this, there are many people who now see what is going on and if they are inspired by brave dissenters to do what is right the tide will turn.

      • Duck says:

        “…I’d bet that there are psychiatrists who would refuse to diagnose someone with insanity when they are clearly not insane and adhere to ethical principals of doing no harm….”

        My understanding (I could be wrong) is that the Doctors watching those black guys rot from syphilis in the Tuskegee were just regular local Dr’s asked to remain silent about how their patients were not actually being treated but just monitored as they died.

        I doubt that, if I am correct about the above, those Dr’s were especially evil or racist or psychopathic. So I would not bet much on psyc-dr’s morals

        • cu.h.j says:

          The doctors who participated in that were psychopathic similar to Dr. Mengele and people like that. But if you look at the everyday doctor most of them aren’t. A few have questionable moral values, but by and large at the very least consider the legal consequences of their actions. This is just based on my biased experiences working with doctors though. A lot of them are idiots but not psychopaths who would essentially go along with illegal confinement of people and/or forced medication. Doctors I work with have no issue with patients who check out against medical advice. It makes their job easier.

          In the event that I am mistaken, the fact of lack of resources to carry this out on at this time in the US gives me a little more optimism about actually being able to confine people for dissenting opinions.

          On the other hand, if there was a robotic labor force, all bets are off. So it’s good to be very cautious.

          • Duck says:

            “… were psychopathic similar to Dr. Mengele…”

            So the random General Practitioners who were asked to keep quiet and even lie to their patients were ALL psychopaths?

            The danger of thinking that Mengele was any kind of special monster is that it leads to a wrong understanding of human nature- he was AT LEAST AT SOME TIMES reported as being a decent, kind caring doctor (who while on the run treated a neighbors kid and exposed himself to unwanted scrutiny doing so)

            The comment the lady made about folks thinking “when you see the evil in others you see it in yourself” is KINDA TRUE.

            The reason many people hide from seeing evil in others is because they shy away from recognizing it in themselves because it conflicts with the lie that they have absorbed that human nature is UnConstrained and evil is a fault rather then part of our nature that must be overcome by training and will.

            The OTHER rather amusing thing about Mengele is that he is basically more a meme then a person- people report upon his horrific crimes committed in Auschwitz at times WHEN HE WAS NOT ACTUALLY PRESENT THERE.

            (now To be honest I am pretty sure that about 80% of the ‘Holocaust’ does not stand up to serious historical investigation and I am old enough to have seen several theme changes but even if it was 100% real the fact is people made up all kinds of lies to spice up their stories)

            • generalbottlewasher says:


              Oh Duct you have blasphemed the sacred bull. You must be crazy, hmm..let’s see ..ahh here it is.
              DMS-666 section 13.§ You suffer from HDMDD, Holocaust Disassociated Mossad Denial Disorder. You must be eliminated.
              ? What were you thinking? You won’t be standing up for long for anything with that crazy thinking.

              • Duck says:


                “…Holocaust Disassociated Mossad Denial Disorder….”

                I must have caught it off reading all the Holocaust memoirs and realizing how many times the story made zero actual sense as a description of real life or history….

                I should wear a mask while I read I guess…?

            • cu.h.j says:

              My point was re Dr. Mengele was regarding human experimentation and violation of informed consent and/or torture.

              I’m sure there were human experiments done outside of the Syphilis experiment in the US and in Nazi Germany, like the MK Ultra experiment and the one where babies were fed radioactive isotopes. Similarly, animal experiments are cruel IMO. The Nazi’s were no angels and there were human experiments done and the scientists came to the US via operation paperclip.

              I have no doubt about the capacity for evil in ordinary people and this could probably be worse under duress. People behave badly when they are stressed. But under ordinary conditions in modern times in normal hospitals not clandestine areas, many doctors or even the majority lack psychopathic intent. This is my personal experience.

              But my second point I think is much stronger is the lack of staff and resources to pose a threat to political dissidents in the US. I know for a fact that hospitals are feeling the economic downturn and they are low on staff in addition to having to do more with less can barely house the patients who actually want to be there.

              Psych hospitals in my recent experience barely have beds for people who legitimately need help and/or want help. They have no room to stick people of sound mind in there. People are staying in emergency rooms for long times just to get into a psych hospital and pushed to be discharged instead of admitted.

              Maybe they have the staff in other countries, but in the US in a regular civilian hospital I just don’t think so.

              • Duck says:

                “…. But under ordinary conditions in modern times in normal hospitals not clandestine areas, many doctors or even the majority lack psychopathic intent…..”

                I am NOT sure that Dr Gupta handing out Opiates like they were candy in poor white american towns is super concerned with our health.

                In 1850 or so Semmelweis showed that DOCTORS WASHING THEIR HANDS saved lives….. how did that end up for him? The Dr’s ran him out and he ended up in the loony bin IIRC.

                But fast forward to TODAY where doctors STILL KILLING PATIENTS BY NOT HAND WASHING, lol…. I recall hearing some hospitals needed to get nurses to snitch the Dr’s out before they would wash their damn hands.

                I really would be surprised if a Dr I meet cares more about if I live or die then a mechanic cares about if my car is fixable or a write off.

              • Duck says:

                “…But my second point I think is much stronger is the lack of staff and resources to pose a threat to political dissidents in the US….”

                That makes sense. They will always be able to disappear a few people but if they ever NEED to use mass coercion mental hospitals wont do anyway.

                The governments in the west are looking increasingly weak and unstable because they need to cancel and shutdown and de-bank people. A stable, strong government can let its opponents spout off all day without fear.

              • cu.h.j says:

                There are definitely a lot of shady doctors out who just want to make money and don’t care at all about patients. Some of them are psychopathic and there was that case of a spine surgeon named “doctor death” who was out of Texas. Look him up. It’s crazy what he did. He was actually prosecuted for butchering patients.

                With opiates, I mainly believe big pharma is to blame and they knew Oxycontin is basically heroin in a pill.

                But people tend to listen to doctors and not try to learn about stuff before they ingest it. I used to be like this when I was in my 20s but I learned that you must think about what you put into your body.

                The opiate issue is a large money making scheme that includes the DEA. It’s a drug dealing racket that involves multiple parasitic players and there are doctors who have gotten rich off of it. There used to be “pill mill” clinics where opiates were given to people without any confirmation of a medical condition. It was essentially like a legal opium den/drug dealing operation.

                But now, patients are being cut off and patients who actually need pain meds are being denied which is why some turn to drugs like fentanyl. It’s being passed off in the illicit drug supply now and there is a huge increase in overdoses and other profound health problems related to it.

                On the other hand, most of the doctors that I have interacted with (not all) have appeared ethical in both professional interactions and personal ones. If I get a weird vibe from a doctor I need to go to, I look for a different one. Having a doctor that one trusts is essential.

                There was a doctor I worked with who cried after a baby died in the emergency room and this was a male doctor and men in general hide their emotions better than women. I was actually stunned that he cried openly for a person that he didn’t know. It shows me that ordinary people can and do empathize with others even doctors and psychiatrists. Most normal human beings have capacity for empathy and concern. It’s just a matter of reaching this in people so they can do the right thing.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                “a spine surgeon named “doctor death” who was out of Texas”
                You are right!
                I did a deep dive on the guy.
                A true Psychopath. Pure-blood psychopath. Dr. Evil.

                Evidently, “surgeon” is a profession which definitely attracts psychopaths. It ranks towards the top.

              • Duck says:

                “…There was a doctor I worked with who cried after a baby died in the emergency room …..”

                I would hate to have such a Dr working on me…imagine if he started cracking up while saving my life on me because of excessive empathy.

                The reason so many doctors are psychopaths is that you NEED a certain level of cold bloodedness to stay calm and do good work while cutting into or otherwise treating people. I would rather have a cold blooded doctor who wanted the rewards for his best work and feared punishments for poor work (Dr Death escaped THOSE for a long while) The whole problem with our ‘psycopathic’ population is that WE have stopped controlling incentives in a positive way, it did not used to pay to be a scumbag but now its often overlooked or even rewarded I think

            • mkey says:

              For mass psyops it is sufficient to read the official account to understand it makes no sense. I would often wonder about how incompetent the schemers can be to be unable to produce anything credible. And then, after many years, it dawns on me that the worse the psyop better the mind control will be. You really have to sell a lousy psyop and someone really has to buy it.

              Which reminds me of the Syn city clip.

    • Duck says:

      “…We live in a world of wanna-be rulers – those who cannot tolerate truth, ….”

      The problem is that we live in a world where most regular people can not tolerate Truth. As a society we suffer from what CS Lewis called the “poison of subjectivism”
      That essay is about on youtube, here is one on the ‘Necessity of Chivalry’

      The destruction of any systematic morality means that regular folks no longer have any real ability to articulate a reason to push back against the rulers when they choose evil….even a King in the Middle Ages had to tred careful when pushing beyond what was right and wrong.

      AS to the tendency to BE ruled- People with a mid-wit or higher IQ often forget that MOST people want a quiet life, they dont want to worry about the news or politics or other things that take a good deal of time and effort and intelligence to know well enough to have a worthwhile opinion on

  3. Duck says:

    I Thought the word Mr Corbett was looking for to describe modern folks was “Disarticulate” but then realized that the Idea of a DIS-articulated public with arms and heads rolling everywhere is truly horrifying.

  4. Duck says:

    On the Question of WHY some people are less prone to GroupThink control….below is a 5 min video by Proff Dutton where he gives a 5 min talk on the highly related Traits of Genius “for those that cant be buggered to watch” the Long video.

    Pretty much, as I see it, in order to not give in to Group Think a person needs to be

    SMART enough to think thru stuff,
    ANTISOCIAL or AUTISTIC enough that he does not care about popular opinion
    Interested in actually knowing the Truth-putting this desire over immediate gratification and ‘getting on’ in the system

  5. Duck says:

    CS Lewis “The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment” where he explains the horrific end results of ‘getting past’ morality and into what we now call the “therapeutic state.

    It removes justice and freedom from ‘the man’ and places it in the hands of ‘experts’, which is why (((psychology)) is such an evil science

  6. davidbmcbain says:

    “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” But you’ll feel better when you cut your willy off and call yourself a girl.

    • lisab says:

      So then my suspicions were valid after all! Society is the creator of all sickness, illness, madness, and dis ease. Those who do not or cannot conform to the societal norms have the problem. Even among those who genuinely try to conform to the norm and make a good go of it find themselves in need of a diagnosis (be it mental, emotional, physical or spiritual). Let’s put names to their problems. Let’s convince them that they are who we say they are and what is truly wrong with them. Let’s create medicine that will mold their perceptions and actions to society’s liking. Let’s examine them and cut into them. Let’s profit from this madness because society is helping their fellow man overcome their problems! See how society benefits?

      “Elementary, my dear Watson.”

      We duped ourselves from the get go. How much have we accepted as normal since childhood, since birth? How have we as individuals participated in the creation of such a society? How can we learn to self-examine our own creations? How can we treat ourselves? How can we find the healer within?

      Some things to self reflect upon…

  7. Margaret Bartley says:

    She asks, “Why do people go along with this?”

    After years of argument/discussion with my sister over 9/11, I finally showed her a bunch of photos of the early attack on the Pentagon, before the facade collapsed, that clearly showed a small fire, and a small entry hole.
    It was unmistakably proof of government and media lies. Deliberate lies, and irrefutable.
    Her response? “What am I supposed to do about it?!”

    I understood the resistance of most people to being red-pilled.

    They have an understanding that the person who sees an evil, and does nothing, is as guilty as the person who does the evil.

    Since my sister had a family and job, she did not want to take on the responsibility of dealing with a serious lie, but felt that if she acknowledged it, she would be obligated to devoting huge amounts of her life fighting it, and she did not want to do that.
    So she deliberately ignored the elephant in the room. She didn’t want to have to clean up the poop.

    • lisab says:

      Thank you Margaret Bartley,

      It’s very difficult to deal with and comprehend one’s entire view of the world collapsing in on itself. If the world doesn’t work the way they think it does, then what can one do with that? They hold on to what they know because the alternative is incomprehensible. Mental breakdowns are really healing when done with the right guidance. Unfortunately there is very little relevant guidance within the world that is collapsing. And Truthers want to shove down the throats of those who aren’t seeing it yet. A net has to be provided first before you push someone over the edge. And, they have to be willing to take that giant step into the abyss of truth.

      Fighting anything is not the fruitful answer though.

  8. loggin says:

    IIRC Thomas Binder is a career conspiracy theorist. He has had with authority trouble before. I followed him on Twitter but he kept repeating himself.

    Joined 2010

  9. tuxand says:

    I still think the best quick answer to how, why, and who use psychology as a definite weapon, against an unsuspecting populace, is answered in the following:

  10. ChinViews says:

    Dear James,
    Thanks for this brilliant interview. I admire your almost meticulous investigative reporting, your transparency and your visionary, holistic and honest approach. Having said that there are some statements about “good” and “evil” during the interview that I think could be problematic in the way they are worded by you and supported by the interviewer. When we really believe that human beings can be fundamentally “evil” by nature, well then there is no hope (at least not for such beings) and neither for the rest of us unless we cure that evilness or wipe it out. And then we have the classic FIGHT between “good” and “evil” that makes it very easy to slide into the exact same line of thinking and same methods that the so called “good” of us are opposing. In the philosophical tradition, where I find inspiration in moving on and finding solutions to this madness that we are witnessing, it is the most critical and at the same time difficult point of observation and awareness. I (and this philosophy) do not deny that we see actions that can be labeled as “evil”. But to avoid this trap the philosophy talks about healthy and unhealthy, accommodating and destructive views and actions towards realization of the nature of reality, in which all things and living beings are an expression of Basic Goodness. Basic Goodness is not about “good” versus “bad”. Its about the very ground of life itself and thus human nature. Of course we should not accept a system and actions that are creating a breading ground for the degeneration of the human spirit and mind – of course not! However, there is an enormous risk when we kind of reject the basic nature and “goodness” of life – and by that the human mind/spirit in and of itself. If we can approach and deal with the “evilness”, that we see so vivid on display, with that fundamental point of view there is a chance that we can refrain from acting in “evil” ways ourselves.

    • ChinViews says:

      And by the way… Wouldn’t it be a great event/video to have you, Mattias Desmet and/or Charles Eisenstein to elaborate further on this?

  11. It’s important to remember that while it is true that cream rises to the top … so does scum (which needs to be skimmed off and discarded).

  12. I am not a bit surprised about the story of Doctor Binder. I have spoken with people who are from Switzerland or lived there for many years. I listened to their stories about how Orwellian the Swiss government is in real life. It is not the “free” and wonderful ideal many people seem to think it is. The woman from Switzerland said she could never move back and live there again.

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