Interview 1597 - The Beginning is Nigh on Declare Your Independence

11/15/20208 Comments

James joins Ernest Hancock for his regular weekly appearance on Declare Your Independence. This time they discuss the end of YouTube and the beginning of the next stage of the internet.

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock

Goodbye YouTube Party

Unstoppable Domains

The Corbett Report . . . Now on IPFS!

Lawrence Lessig on i9/11 and iPatriot Act

Interview 1593 – Introducing Agorist.Market with Mike Swatek

Coronavirus lockdown in Greece requires people to text authorities before leaving home

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  1. phil_m says:

    Ah, it’s fun to listen in to the conversation. Some good nuggets here and there.

  2. anonymint says:

    Before we all become unjustifiably and irrationally giddy here…

    Should I weigh on the technological side, as I did wherein I recently explained that Bitcoins will be donated to the miners and altcoins will be destroyed?

    You’re probably not going to want to hear the truth about Unstoppable Domains and other extremely vulnerable technological paradigms you’re promoting.

    If the decentralized blockchains will be destroyed as I have explained, then how can Unstoppable Domains not also be destroyed (or forced to be centralized which is the same as being destroyed). The DNS has to be recorded somewhere.

    Folks this is not a game! We are about to be steam rolled by the Great Reset famine and y’all apparently think this is some fun game.

    • Duck says:

      Clifford Stoll was dead right in ‘Silicon Snake Oil’ that the internet, in the natural course of things, would never have amounted to much. The WWW was built as a trap… like Gates said “Embrace, Extend, Extinguish…”

      It is, and always will be, mainly terrain controlled by the people who run the world. The initial openness was just to lure people into it, and for a window of time it has given regular people access to all kinds of things that are going to be taken away soon. The future the elites see does not have cheep PC’s with regular people using them but more terminal type devices to access online services.

      I’m thinking that people would have been better off staying with something like BBS systems which was at least more like a local thing and could have more chance of real world interactions. The real world is where people need to know each other and communicate.

      • anonymint says:

        Eric S. Raymond wrote in World Without Web that the geeks had fooled the government into unleashing a free market juggernaut. He presents economies-of-scale and network effects arguments against the formative status quo as offering a better outcome. In A world without “ESR” he argues that his role in evangelizing open source was an essential accomplishment.

        The global elite are threatening a coordinated attack on truther websites.

        While not being giddy with unjustified confidence, let’s also not entirely fret. I’m working on a solution and don’t presume the Trilema dude’s replies to comments on his blog are the final conclusion. I haven’t revealed my entire design solution yet. I already had this design in mind when I stated I am quite clever. I’m just not 100% certain yet if I have identified all the potential issues with the design. I was nicknamed Macgyver by my roommates in college. So the point I am making is I have not yet concluded that the Internet is the exclusive terrain of the powers-that-be. Let’s see…

  3. OneKnightErrant says:

    When I saw the PropagandaWatch video was still featured, then noticed the audio link for the Hancock interview, I almost didn’t click on it. Then looked at the accompanying links and thought I’d give it a try, but clicked about 40 minutes in figuring Ernie would have stopped talking by then. Nope. He was still going. But there was some useful information and it wasn’t exceptionally painful. There’s not much one can depend on these days, but one thing is certain: Ernie will always be Ernie.

    A few comments: 1) A good way to spread info is the local library. I donated both the Federal Reserve and 9/11 Trillions DVDs to our library. The last time I checked, when doing a library search for “Federal Reserve”, James’ video is still the first one to appear. When I was a volunteer at the library and someone asked about info on 911, I would escort them to James’s DVD. However, I now see that due the world wide health crises and killer virus which has claimed thousands of 80 years olds with one foot in the grave suffering with an impressive number of co-morbidities, international shipping has been interrupted for the documentary DVDs. However, that shouldn’t impede anyone downloading the material, burning a DVD, generating their own cover, then donating it. The WWI series would make another fine addition to the library.

    James, perhaps you had mentioned previously Alex Jones was an inspirational element in starting the Corbett Report. If so, I don’t remember. I avoid not only Jones but anyone associated with him. I’ve always felt he was one of the more visible NWO insiders for several reasons. The first: the title “Prison Planet”. For me it’s a psychological ploy to subtly generate a feeling of hopelessness. Why not – “Free Your Mind”, or “Liberty and Justice for All”; 2) I believe his loud mouth style and outrageous behavior is designed to turn people away. He purports to represent the counter culture but many who would normally be receptive to this information will discount it because they are repulsed by his personality; 3) From his position in the media he can collect valuable information on dissenters; 4) He’s always had an impressive amount of funding.

    I remember your interview on his show when you had your own radio program. You were becoming quite well known in the alternative media and I think he must have had numerous requests to have you on. I watched Alex during the interview. He didn’t look comfortable. He wasn’t as confident as he normally would be. He couldn’t control the conversation. You were too knowledgeable and could challenge him if the occasion arose. He had to be careful. That made him uneasy.

    Ernie, if you’re reading this, I don’t dislike you. We all have a unique way of broadcasting our DNA. Your style grates on me at times but I still consider the Hancock In Your Face Mobil Kick The NWO Centralized Command And Control Anal Retentive Excrement Eaters In The Ass program a valuable part of resistance. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

  4. janet says:

    James, Ernest talks very fast and mumbles in the back of his throat. That makes him hard to understand. When he slows down I can understand him.

    • n2abstract says:

      Ernest’s style is off beat with lots of past references such as “…at my honeycomb hideout…” makes me laugh if one understands the different times/periods he constantly referencing without context. If there are those Corbetteers who can’t stand him let me offset them for saying “I like Ernest Hancock’s interviews.” I think he’s very witty and funny. Most of all he’s “in front of the curve” and is action oriented. To me he’s one of the few, like JC, who understands what’s at stake and laughs as he annoys the heck out of the “man.”

  5. seth.w.h says:

    I like Ernie, he’s fighting the good fight, and keeps the convo funny and entertaining.

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