Interview 1524 - Tin Foil Ripple Report on Parenting

03/13/20205 Comments

via The Ripple Effect: Sam Tripoli of The Tin Foil Hat Podcast and James Corbett of The Corbett Report join host Ricky Varandas of The Ripple Effect podcast for their ongoing roundtable series on life, the universe and everything. This time we tackle the thorny problem of raising sane children in an increasingly insane world.


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  1. SuperMom Belle says:

    As a mom of many, who has been going through (for lack of a better term) “the awakening process” for the past few years, I found this discussion refreshing and strangely encouraging. I’ve very grateful to have found James Corbett’s work when I did. Prayers for the new superdad of twins there, & protection for all these little ones from forced or coerced, corrosive, Profit-Pharma injections!
    (BTW, I’m typing this on an Ethernet-connected desktop computer using a keyboard that they’ll have to “pry out of my cold, dead hands” as “The Powers that Shouldn’t Be” press toward their 5G IOT dystopia)

  2. mkey says:

    I agree with the closing statement, saying that it’s very important to deal with topics that are on hand. Looking at your children you certainly don’t see mass hysteria with a side dish of intense idiocy.

  3. Cheryl says:

    Besides James discussing hugely important modelling, I think this was a bit of a missed opportunity to discuss respectful, gentle parenting. Treating the child as a whole person from birth giving them body autonomy and explaining consent. To examin the deep personal work that often needs to be done to break cycles of ‘bad’ patenting. To talk about creative ways to talk about real world events with children in age appropriate ways. To look at homeschooling, pertinent now with many children being at home in the coming weeks. To take it further and examin Unschooling and self directed learning. And again, in light of current events, many children will be at home with their parents 24/7, something that might feel very scary to parents whose children are in childcare 40/50hours a week. To look at the impact of that culture of separation and peer orientation rather than parental attachment. Anyway, praps that’s just me. Ive been on one hell of a journey this past 3.5yrs as a stay at home mother of 2. Id be happy to have this conversation with you James should you want to!

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I, too, enjoyed hearing about parenting.

    I like the point made by Corbett:

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