Interview 1414 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

01/24/201920 Comments

Welcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Kennedy, King Families Call for Congress to Reopen Assassination Probes

Interview 709 – Douglas Valentine on Ellsberg and the CIA

Open Letter in Support of Dr. Angela Y Davis and Palestine Solidarity

First Senate Bill of 2019 Would Give Billions to Israel, Undermine BDS

Portland Group Burns '9/11 Commission Report' at Anniversary Gathering

Story #2: Hebei Court Unveils Program to Expose Deadbeat Debtors

WeChat Program Shows When People On Credit Blacklist Are Near You

Story #3: Johns Hopkins, Bristol-Myers Face $1 Billion Lawsuit For Infecting Guatemalan Hookers With Syphilis

NWNW Flashback: Past Medical Testing on Humans Revealed (Mar. 3, 2011)

NWNW Flashback: Forced Sterilization Victims Granted $50,000 Over Admitted US ‘Eugenics’ Program (Jan. 12, 2012)

NWNW Flashback: Johns Hopkins Faces $1B Class Lawsuit Over Knowingly Infecting Guatemalans With STD’s (Apr. 9, 2015)

NWNW Flashback: Vaccine Co. Caught Illegally Injecting People At Hotels With Herpes (Nov. 30, 2017)

#GoodNewsNextWeek: Open Source Plans for the Grow Room

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  1. zyxzevn says:

    Propaganda watch:
    imgur is usually not political, but is today filled with:
    1 – warships and explosions, and army stuff
    2 – images of Venezuela’s demonstrations from 2016
    (when demonstrations were for and against the president)
    3 – vaccine promotion (repeated every week)

    • zyxzevn says:

      Right wing coup attempt in Venezuela. (TeleSUR)
      There are protests against and in favor of the government. Because of schools, healthcare and such.
      while the western media tells us that all protests are against the government. With just a bit of study, you can see that a lot of the reports are fake and biased.

      The opposition, who did not get many votes, has appointed itself as president. And is officially supported by the US.

      This is a bit similar to Turkey, where the opposition of the current government is in the US, and tries to start a coup (with the help of the US). Newsbud reported on this a few times.

      Can I do the same from my country?
      I now appoint Jesse Ventura as the president of the US,
      and declare both the left and right puppets as corrupt criminals.

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Regarding Hebei Court Unveils Program to Expose Deadbeat Debtors, an interesting under-the-radar system change is gradually taking place in the U.S. with FICO credit scores.

    Although they paint it as beneficial for the consumer, there is track-being-laid to start monitoring checking and savings accounts.
    – Oct 2018 USA Today –
    New FICO system could lift credit scores by including checking and savings history

    I don’t want others to look at my bank accounts and transactions.

  3. calibrator says:

    The most interesting “new to me” story I read this week:

    “The Vice President’s Men” by Seymour Hersh

    It’s a long article but *well worth* the read.

    It starts off with some funny anecdotes about Reagan but it’s really about Poppy Bush and his own little “executive action service”.
    He created a group for doing his bidding when the CIA couldn’t help because of the Church Committee effectively crippling it.

    Interestingly, most of the people involved of this didn’t come from the CIA but from the US Navy, which Bush apparently trusted more.
    I guess “wetwork” gets a new meaning with them…

    The article also shows two things:
    a) Poppy Bush was an even more despicable human being than we always suspected.
    b) His sons are infinitely more stupid than we always knew. That’s perhaps the only comfort.

    And, finally, I hope that Hersh will open up some more coffins in the time he has left.

      • manbearpig says:

        I’ve surely become very intellectually lazy but I have trouble getting excited about Seymour Hersh’s work since his reporting on the alleged assassination of Osama Bin Laden…

        and anyhow, he says he voted for Obama… “picking the lesser of two evils” no doubt:

        and his reporting on Syria looks like damage control…making sure he appears to be at the vanguard of perspicacious alt reporting on the subject fundamentally led by the likes of Mr Corbett.

        Even the following alleged conversation offered by Hersh to WELT doesn’t look genuine to me…seems too coherent and peppered with swear words to make it look authentic…

        In light of the above I have trouble believing him…

        dunno… maybe I just need a Caribbean vacation…

        • manbearpig says:


          “…and his reporting on Syria looks like damage control…making sure he appears to be at the vanguard of perspicacious alt reporting on the subject fundamentally led by the likes of Mr Corbett…”

          and of course Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley and Sharmine Narwani etc…

        • calibrator says:

          I always find Hersh’s articles to be *interesting*, not necessarily *true*. At most I can make an educated guess about their truthfulness.
          However, *if* his articles are true, the question is always why he was able (or allowed) to write & publish it in the first place.
          Even My Lai.

          Is Hersh truly a controlled journalist? I don’t know.
          In fact I also can’t *know* if James is 100% trustworthy.
          I can only read/watch his stuff and evaluate it to the best of my abilities and so far I trust James more than practically anybody else out there. This is why I support James financially (but not Hersh ;)).

          Both seem to work totally different, too.

          James connects the dots that are reported all over the place, establishes a (new) narrative, one that is more aligned with facts and not based on beliefs. We can follow these developments, sometimes over years, as demonstrated in this video, and see where the leads take us.

          Hersh on the other hand mostly depends on anonymous sources and the reason his piece on GHWB was published now is probably that the old Don has kicked the bucket. In other words: Some people likely prevented him to publish stuff while he was still alive (and potentially dangerous). He likely sat on this story for years.

          Maybe a lot of speculation on my part.

          What I *do* know, though, is that the German newspaper “Die Welt” (and its online part) is a center-right/right publication, usually supporting the CDU & Merkel like crazy.
          It’s part of the house of Axel Springer (it was founded by the British occupants after WW2).
          It’s not considered a lefty publication and while they glamorize themselves with publishing something from “the star journalist” they wouldn’t publish something that hurts their agenda.

          • manbearpig says:

            You say:

            “…However, *if* his articles are true, the question is always why he was able (or allowed) to write & publish it in the first place…”


            I’m running out the door but

            Certainly the details Hersh provides concerning Casey etc. are juicy and perhaps even ressemble the truth;

            but since the Osama bin Laden reporting I’m convinced that he strives to keep the curious masses trapped inside a narrative: he merely provides a variant on the fictitious Official narrative of a given topic/event etc.,
            ultimately supporting the officicial illusion by offering only an alternative version of it:
            whereas the truth has absolutely nothing to do with either story.

            I feel as if his details pollute my mind and cloud my vision.

            I prefer to have no details than ever so slightly false ones.

            The same goes for Fisk. Though he has provided much valuable information on the Middle East, given his “9/11 I’m not a conspiracy theorist” stance, I can only conclude that he does so in view of misleading people at other strategic moments as well.

            Others are trying to get the info out without any other agenda than telling the hard truth and are being eclipsed by the likes of Fisk or Hersh who have access to the MSM.

            Perhaps they’re simply trying to hang on to their jobs, their credibility or even their lives, but if that includes obfuscation or ridicule then I’m not interested.

            Perhaps I need to read more between the lines…?

            I simply haven’t had this problem with Mr Corbett’s reporting to date.

            • generalbottlewasher says:

              MBP. Good afternoon. Yes read more between the lines. Kicking the hornets nest is dangerous to career. All foreigners are guests in Japan until asked to leave.

              • manbearpig says:

                Ok. I’ll check if there’s anything between the lines…

                But I still prefer to remind whoever may’ve forgotten or whoever didn’t know

                About these journalists’ 9/11 negationist stances

                Genuine or feigned

                Whenever I think of it.

                Important to bear in mind.

                The master of non-seqiitors himself, none other than Noam Chomsky taught me that. A painful lesson.

              • manbearpig says:

                oops!: “the master of non-sequiturs”…bumpy bus typos…

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                What hornets do, viewer discretion advised


        • scpat says:

          You make some really good points, MBP. Especially in regards to Hersh’s reporting on the “OBL raid.” It makes me wonder what else he is hiding. The fact that he often calls on anonymous “trusted” sources makes me uncomfortable with his reporting as well. My spidey senses tell me he is there to appear like he has the inside scoop, but really mislead the public in some way that satisfies the establishment.

          • generalbottlewasher says:

            MBP, without your careful tutelage I would never know the limited hang out meaning. Is anyone left in the media that doesn’t get paid occasionally for limited hang out reporting?

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I have a lot of admiration for what Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has done and is doing. (e.g. Monsanto fight, Children’s Health Defense.Org, the Fluoride and Mercury and vaccine fights, and more….)

    Recently, he had a new granddaughter named Bobby, via his son and daughter-in-law, Robert F. Kennedy III and Amaryllis Fox.

    What I found interesting…
    Amaryllis Fox, evidently, is a former CIA clandestine operative.
    Is she still on the payroll?
    (By the way, when you follow the links in the article, the family tree and photos reveal a ‘social club’ which is…well, foreign to me.)

  5. Octium says:

    The App needs to be expanded to track the biggest deadbeat debtors of the all, the people who have clocked up debt for the public – IE the banksters.

    I don’t think it would be hard to implement, create an open source database of bankster images, then facial recognition running on people devices could report them to other users nearby.

  6. illbnice2u2 says:

    A dangerous bill 2444 coming from AZ forcing people to put government software on peoples devices. Software that will allow the government to decide what is obscene, offensive etc and block it.

    • zyxzevn says:

      That a software nightmare.
      There is no program that runs on every computer.
      There is no program that can really block anything.
      There is no way to distinguish good from bad content.

      They will probably try to force Microsoft, Google and Apple to install these on our systems. They will contain backdoors and security leaks of course.
      They will also need to force the internet providers.
      Estimated cost 5-10 years, 1 billion $

      And then everyone will use TOR and/or VPN.

      But certainly it will be used to track users and what they are watching.
      Which is a severe attack on privacy.
      If they want to find the Child Traffickers they just need to open the government.

  7. Thomas says:

    I am, along with MILLIONS of other innocent Americans, targeted with an extreme form of extra-judicial persecution referred to most accurately as “organized-stalking”. JFK, MLK, and RFK were in fact 1st generation and high level targets of organized stalking–this stalking set the stage for their murder and was in fact an attempt to induce suicide in them so there didn’t have to be messy assassinations. Those targeted with these surreal stalking crimes are referred to as “targeted individuals”. Until the reality of these crimes is FULLY PUBLICLY EXPOSED there will never be ANY real truth outed to the public.

    Also, James and his co-host brought up the topic of illegal human experimentation programs run by the U.S. government. He says that he and his co-host have brought up this topic numerous times in the last decade. This is true and I’m thankful for this disclosure but I have yet to hear James and most alternative news journalists expose the MOTHER of all human experimentation programs, the organized stalking phenomenon. The evidence of its existence is available for all to see from many activists yet only a handful of alternative news journalists have covered it and even fewer cover it consistently…

    Please read my Medium blog article on the RFK assassination and its relationship to the organized stalking phenomenon:

    Also, for a comprehensive look at the organized stalking phenomenon read my Medium blog deep-dive:

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