Interview 1193 – Sibel Edmonds Dissects the Turkish Coup

07/18/201629 Comments

As we predicted last year, the deep state coup against Erdogan finally materialized last weekend…but it fizzled out almost as quickly as it arrived. So what are we to make of this would-be putsch? Did Erdogan allow it to happen in order to further cement his control on the rebound? Or was this merely a trial run for the real CIA/NATO/Gulenist coup yet to come? And what role do the Turkish people play in all of this? Joining us today to dissect the mayhem is Sibel Edmonds and Spiro Skouras of

Is Erdogan Being Set Up For A NATO-backed Coup?

West Prepares to Replace Their Puppet in Turkey

Sibel Edmonds Predicts Turkish Coup with Lew Rockwell

Erdogan flight on FlightRadar24

Kerry says US awaits ‘formal request’ for Gulen extradition


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  1. Pilgrim1911 says:

    These are all from American embassies.

    From Ankara to CIA, etc. (2009)

    Gulen’s purported main goal is to bolster interfaith dialogue and tolerance, but the notion is widespread among many circles in Turkey that his agenda is deeper and more insidious.

    In addition, the political context for conversations about Gulen is complicated because President Gul is himself seen by almost all of our contacts as a Gulenist, while Prime Minister Erdogan is not. Indeed, some of our contacts have argued that Erdogan is so firmly outside the Gulen camp that Gulen loyalists view him as a liability. At the same time, the Republican People’s Party and other AKP opponents of the ruling Justice and Development Party are quick to accuse the U.S. of working covertly to prop up Gulen, allegedly to weaken Turkey’s secular foundation to produce a “model” moderate Islamic nation. This accusation relies on the premise that Gulen was given refuge in the U.S., and ultimately permanent resident status, despite facing indictment in Turkey for illegal anti-secularist activities.

    Accordingly, we would recommend the following standard press guidance:
    Q: Why is the U.S. sheltering Fethullah Gulen and doesn’t this mean that the US is promoting a non-secular Turkey?
    A: — The U.S. is not “sheltering” Mr. Gulen and his presence in the U.S. is not based on any political decision.
    — Mr. Gulen applied for, and received, permanent residence in the U.S. after a lengthy process which ended in 2008 when a Federal Court ruled that he deserved to be viewed as an “alien of extraordinary ability” based on his extensive writings and his leadership of a worldwide religious organization.
    — As a Green Card holder, Mr. Gulen is entitled to all the privileges which that status entails. His presence in the U.S. should not be viewed as a reflection of US policy toward Turkey.


    From Azerbaijan (2008)

    There is considerable debate whether the Gulen movement represents a threat to secular governments. Skeptics argue the Gulenists seek to transform societies from the inside-out by developing sympathetic elites in a country’s government and business circles. Proponents argue the Fetullah Gulen movement is a moderate, mainstream phenomenon, pointing to Fetullah Gulen’s teachings on reconciling religion and science and the need for religious dialogue as evidence. The Embassy has no direct derogatory information on the movement’s goals, although Gulenists’ penchant for secrecy raises questions. For example, Gulenists seeking U.S. visas at the Embassy often are evasive about their religious views and their work-related duties in the U.S. (NOTE: Many U.S. visa applicants at the Embassy seek to work at Gulenist-linked schools in the U.S.) Gulenists also organize “lighthouses,” which serve as low-cost housing options for university students in Baku. We have met with one Azerbaijani who stayed at one of these lighthouses in Baku and eventually left because the organizers reportedly sought to control his personal life, including forbidding him to marry his intended fiancee.


    And one again from Ankara (2003)

    Gulen’s harassment by the State appears to us to be based on an unclear and arbitrarily-interpreted range of evidence, although in our experience the movement in Turkey has become secretive under the State’s pressure, its representatives are cagier with us, and its goals are therefore more difficult to read. In addition, we have experience that more militant Islamists have moved into some of the Gulen structures in Turkey. Yet based on extensive and continuing contacts with Gulenists, we conclude that Gulen’s approach is so gradualist, and his chief lieutenants are so wary of being tarred as militants, that the movement does not pose a clear and present danger to the State.

  2. pertinax193 says:

    Reports that F-16’s had his plane and his escorts radar locked but did not engage are … bogus … indicative of false flag … coup without killing orders from CIA … ???

  3. peace.froggs says:

    I don’t entirely agree that this was a trial balloon type coup. I think this coup was mainly legitimate, however the West will know doubt be analyzing the results.

    I believe this was led by low level amateurs within the Turkish military, in contrast, Turkish generals and the C.I.A have a pretty good track record of successfully carrying out coup’s.

    This failed coup was not well organized, so I highly doubt this botched, poorly executed coup was fomented by the C.I.A. *they probably knew about it thought* but to suggest they were behind it all…It’s hard for me to believe that, I mean why would the US risk so much, when the probability of success was so low, it just doesn’t add up.

    Secondly, I think it be safe to suggest that the TV news channel “CNN Turk” is a C.I.A hangout, yet they were the ones that aired Erdogan’s Facetime video calling on the Turkish people to take to the streets against the coup! Which everybody knows that in coup class 101, the first thing you do when carrying out a coup is you cut off all forms of communications.

    Also, I don’t entirely agree with Sibel when she kinda alludes to the West asking for Erdogan to show restraint while cracking down, is more or less proof that the US was behind the failed coup.

    Think about it, just because the Turkish people that took to the streets were anti-coup doesn’t mean all of them were pro-Erdogan. Therefore, if Erdogan cracks down to hard, he risks dividing the country even more, and becoming what his enemies have accused him of being all along, a control freak tyrant.

    • BuddhaForce says:

      …the C.I.A have a pretty good track record of successfully carrying out coup’s.

      Except when they don’t want them to be successful…Bay of Pigs comes to mind.

      • nosoapradio says:

        You beat me to it. And especially when it’s supposed to give the appearence of someone else’s incompetence.

        Was this a false flag falsely failed fake coup??? (say that ten times fast)

        Also important to take into account perhaps, is that despite the potential American embarassment of Erdogan’s shoving “asset” Gulen into the limelight,(arbitrarily supposing it wasn’t part of the plan) (and also past criticisms of Israel) how Erdogan is also a willing puppet in the game… the NATO connection etc. as evoked by Mr. Corbett and Bladtheimpailer. However, no one’s indispensable.

        Incidentally, I am skeptical of the potential success of Ms. Edmonds’ call to arms – Images of Dan Dicks et al trying to crash Bilderberg meetings and G summits flash before my eyes when imagining a face-off between patriotic Turkish citizens and UN or US or even Turkish tanks protecting the U.S.A Embassy in Ankara.

        But anything’s possible in Hollywood style Psyop land so…

        (lunch break over)

  4. phreedomphile says:

    Pretty good analysis, Peace.froggs.

    Speaking of control freak tyrant….has anybody else noticed the Dialectic parallels between Trump vs. Hillary and Erdogan vs Gülen? Trump has been crafted and molded to epitomize the “backward thinking” sovereign nationalist / individualist dinosaur, narrow minded and anachronistic to the NWO globalism paradigm. The “anti” candidate. Very similar to Erdogan, viewed as the hard edged anti-secular tyrannical Islamist, in sharp contrast to the globalist image of Gülen kissing up to the Vatican and generally preaching the New World Order religious melting pot.

    How does Gülen fit into the New Middle East Project with the wealthy Gulf countries quickly reinventing their political, cultural, and economic systems in line with Agenda 2030 and the global surveillance state? As well, Iran is also doing exactly the same (following in the footsteps of the GCC) under the leadership of Iran’s western educated President Hassan Rouhani (his dissertation “The Flexibility of Shariah”). Rouhani ran for office promising to integrate Iran further into the global neoliberal economic system and has stated support for women’s rights – another step towards liberalizing the middle east culture.

    Interesting that Sibel describes Gülen as a Shariah promoter while the MSM portrays him as a very progressive thinker embracing western values, a brotherhood of religions, agnostics, atheists, “promoting a tolerant Islam that emphasizes altruism…”, etc. According to his Wiki entry, Gülen “has stated that he believes in science, interfaith dialogue among the People of the Book, and multi-party democracy. He has initiated such dialogue with the Vatican and some Jewish organizations.” One wonders science or scientism and is he a geopolitical shape shifter to usher in the New Islam?

    Much thanks to James, Sibel, and Spiro, for the updates and background info.

    • Mohawk Man says:

      “Interesting that Sibel describes Gülen as a Shariah promoter while the MSM portrays him as a very progressive thinker embracing western values, a brotherhood of religions, agnostics, atheists, “promoting a tolerant Islam that emphasizes altruism…”,

      And this surprises you for some reason? When looking at todays embrace of Islam by the media in historical context, the leftists, communists, statists have embraced Islamists in the past. Why? They respect Islam’s embrace of totalitarianism (and the Allah part is largely ignored as a temporary irritant to be dealt with at a later date) which is exactly what we see in leftist ideology and Islam. It excites them and whether it’s Don Lemon or Bill Ayers most other MSM outlets, Islam is portrayed as a benign albeit faithful “religion” which it certainly is not. The subjugation of woman, slaughter of homosexuals and widespread pedophilia accepted and other tyrannical actions not with standing. This has not worked out so well in the past because of the demands of the leftists/communists/statists to also reject and even ban religion, particularly Christianity and Judaism. Things blew up before between the two and will blow up once again. The Islamists were not and will not be fond of a ban of religion. Totalitarianism is the goal of both camps and thats why they are now joined at the hips…..for now. I give you Islamophobia as an example.

      They are using Islam as a tool to world subjugation. It’s as simple as that. The globalists and the leftists/statists love this shit. “Hey, we have the same goals..lets just let that other stuff go….for now.” Thats why Merkel and the hack jobs in Sweden (Barbara Lerner Spectre) have completely laid down for their domination. Well, I’m sure Merkel herself has been promised safe harbor once her job is done and as for Spectre…Israel is her stolen homeland and she is an “agent of change” for zion. The zionsists are also loving this shit and most of it is a result of their active participation in this importation of the Islamists. They admit it.

      I give you Barbara Lerner Spectre (Lois “IRS Tea Party fighter/ I take the5th Amendment” Lerner’s sister)
      They sure do get around. Any calls for “multiculturalism” for Israel? (as they throw out black Jews back to Africa)Ah, No. Thats for “others”. The enemy has made themselves quite visible.

      The disease is Progressivism–statists–totalitarianists–Liberals? Not a chance. The root word of liberal is liberty. Do any of them believe in Liberty or the individual? Of course not. It’s a complete misnomer. It has taken root in both parties in the USA and is big in Europe as well. If someone claims to be a “Progressive” like hell or at least be aware of it. They are literally Regressives if you look at them and thats what I use to refer to them. Regressivism.

      The Mohawk

      • phreedomphile says:

        Not surprised, Mohawk Man, rather fascinated (hence, the description “interesting”) at the convoluted machinations of TPTB’s global scale social engineering to include the Brexit divide and conquer theme reflecting the same general dynamic in the form of cultivated culture clashes.

        Yep, strong authoritarianism rule whether it’s Communism/Socialism or Islamic theocracies are proving to be the most pliable constructs to transform nations and entire regions into top-down controlled NWO technocracies, e.g. China, Singapore, the Gulf region (currently moving at warp speed to achieve Vision [UN Agenda] 2030).

        Domestic and geopolitical dialectic maneuvers (left vs right and globalism vs isolationism false dichotomies) are providing cover (“synthesis”) for major social, political, and economic transformations in the manner of manufactured consent. I’m not at all defending or praising the paradigms being shoved down our throats, merely commenting on the elaborate modus operandi. It’s as though I’m watching a global waltz into an Orwellian prison (for me, at least), being framed as a sexy and hip Brave New World. BTW, Huxley was all for a scientific society, elite rule, and mind control including his direct involvement in MK Ultra. Completes the loop, huh?

  5. Moxa4 says:

    I really appreciate Sibel Edmonds analysis. It illustrates just how heartbreaking the hole mess really is: “Because history repeats itself in these countries.”
    I don’t completely agree with your hypothesis dear peace.froggs that every coup fomented by the C.I.A. has necessarily to be succesfull in this sense: “This failed coup was not well organized, so I highly doubt this botched, poorly executed coup was fomented by the C.I.A.”
    i guess, it may be sufficient to cause pain, hatred, chaos.

    Sibel Edmond revealed it maybe unintentionaly. A big part of the Turkish people, not only those who voted for Erdogan, really want to push Nato out of their country. This is a very explosive situation, especially when they THINK that Gülen and the USA were behind this coup. And if they are so determined to close the military base, as she so passionately explained, then we’ve reached the boiling point of a hot war. That would be a nightmare. But this worst case scenario could then be the intended result of this failed coup.

    • peace.froggs says:

      If the majority of the Turkish people THINK that Gülen and the USA were behind this failed coup, then it would be because Erdogan wants them to think this way, therefore wouldn’t it be Erdogan’s prerogative to follow through, and kick NATO out? I mean, if he really believes the US was behind his overthrow, and knowing they won’t give up until he’s gone, wouldn’t he want to kick them out before they are successful in doing so?

      If this is indeed the outcome of this failed coup, it brings me back to my original question — “why would the US risk so much, when the probability of success was so low, it just doesn’t add up”.

      Now I can’t help but think that this failed coup might have been initiated by Erdogan, (Problem:Reaction:Solution) in order for him to flush out his political enemies and consolidate even more power for the run up of something he wants to role out soon.

      Now I won’t pretend I know Turkey’s internal politics, because I don’t, but Erdogan has been marred in controversy for quite some time, from being part of Bush’s coalition of the willing following 9/11, to election fraud, political polarization, crack down on academics and media, even allowing ISIS safe haven within its borders, and purportedly Erdogan wants to revive the Ottoman empire.

      Regardless who was behind this failed coup, whether it be the C.I.A, a few malcontents within the Turkish military looking to protect Turkey’s secular constitution, or Erdogan himself, I can’t help but think that this is far from over.

  6. bladtheimpailer says:

    Three possibilities and all guesses. One, this was an extremely amateurish attempt that did not have the instruction or permission of the USA or the USA gave a ‘Kuwaiti go ahead’ to flush all the conspirators out into the open. Two, Erdogan and/or American counter parties had infiltrated the plot and got the principles to act prematurely with the peoples response with leadership already set up for action with the resulting purge also prearranged. Three, this was a plain failed attempt by other outside actors such as Gulen (unlikely) or other foreign entities. I do not see this as a trial run in the least. Erdogan and the U.S. led NATO have many sensitive understandings, most centered around the Incirlik air base including NATO operations in Syria and as a major hub in the Afghan heroin trade. All these and other operations would have to be guaranteed seamless operational status before any regime change would be allowed. Perhaps as a fourth point this may have been a warning – direct threat by the U.S.-NATO clique for something untoward taking place behind the scenes to get this Turkish regime’s unadulterated attention of exactly who gets to call ALL the shots?

  7. tj69t says:

    F.Y.I. to those who see HRC as the devil and will vote against no matter what. Ex mayor Giuliani backs Trump. Same mayor who helped get rid of all evidence during 911. Also, The Trump has already met privately with that spokesman for the powers that should not be, Mr . Kissinger. Just some nuggets for those who might think this is a possible “saving of the once great US of A” to ponder on.

    • peace.froggs says:

      Did you get a chance to listen to Giuliani speech at the RNC last night? Scary stuff, knowing that this individual is up to his eyeballs covering up 9/11. BTW, Alex Jones also backs Trump, what does that tell you?

      After listening to his speech I got the feeling that the Dallas ambush and the Baton Rouge ambush were contrived by these guys.

      If they really cared about human life regardless of color, they would join Black Lives Matter, not seek to demonize them, creating even more racial tension.

      • phreedomphile says:

        Our overlords don’t care about human life, they’re hellbent on engineering clashes.

        How easy would it be for Obama, fond as he is of executive orders, to use his power as POTUS to create a system of federal investigation and prosecution of police officers who are clearly abusing their authority and not being held accountable at the state level – without federalizing police.

        At the same time, Obama could make an impassioned plea to the American public to respect police officers and work closely with them as partners in their communities. An Obama national address highlighting emotionally stirring examples of police officers who risked their lives to save civilians would go far towards healing the rift.

        • peace.froggs says:

          I don’t entirely agree with “Our overlords don’t care about human life, they’re hellbent on engineering clashes”

          If they really wanted to kill off 90% of the world, they could have a long time ago, but they haven’t. Matter of fact, it’s the opposite, there has never been so many humans walking the earth at one time.

          We are much better off today then we ever were before in the history of the world. Most of us have jobs, a house and a car, and can vacation and travel the world. Quality of life has greatly improved over the years.

          I think what you are referring to is the NEOCONS, hell bent on starting wars for Israel, and fomenting all kinds of “excrement” in order to regain power, and their main man to wrestle control is Trump.

          These people aren’t all powerful, they do however from time to time, manage to be in control, but the vast majority of them actually do work for good, not evil.

          Obama, like him or not, has praised the police and has condemned all kinds of violence towards the police, however, he does acknowledge that there is police violence towards citizens, mostly towards blacks that go unpunished.

          So instead of joining Obama into seeking a solution to police killing unarmed individuals, they (Trump supporters) decided to attack Obama instead and make this an election issue.

  8. paul4 says:

    Interesting article from Zerohedge

    Seems to me we have two faces of the same coin.

    Erdogan is a “democratically elected” dictator dismantling the limited liberty and secular freedoms in Turkey – while supporting ISIS, Gladio B, and promoting the Sunnification of Turkey.

    Gulen, his nemesis, is a CIA controlled puppet dedicated to dismantling the limited liberty and secular freedoms in Turkey – while supporting ISIS, Gladio B, and promoting the Sunnification of Turkey.

    Am I missing something here?

  9. barry2 says:

    I have little knowledge of the politics of the coup, but the fact that the plotters did not make it a priority to kill Erdogan indicates that they failed their Coup 101 exams.

    This offering from Pepe Escobar makes sense to me, but I am no judge:

  10. Pilgrim1911 says:

    Apparently, Turkey arrested the 2 pilots who shot down the Russian plane some time ago. According to Russian political scientist Alexandr Dugin he was told that Gülen cultists were behind the attack, which would mean the CIA shot down the planes.

    Look at the replies of this tweet for source:

    What do you think, is Turkey just using the Gülen story to mend ties with Russia? Or does the fact that they arrested the pilots after the coup mean the CIA was actually behind everything?

    • Pilgrim1911 says:

      Alright, so that wasn’t the full story. It’s a lot of work to keep track of everything. (Hats off to James, et al.)

      Dugin, for those who don’t know, is a foreign affairs advisor to Putin, who has always been keen on dismembering the Turkish state. This is why he was for an alliance with Iran, to keep pressure on Turkey (and Saudi Arabia). His plan, he wrote in a 1997 publication, was to make Turkey a scapegoat in the Eurasian project by inciting revolt on the Kurdish and Armenian side. If this would fail, he wrote, Turkey was to be encouraged to expand southwards into the Arab world.

      Dugin was recently invited to Ankara for a meeting of the Eurasian Union of Local Governments, after which he said that a new era is about to dawn in relations between Russia and Turkey that might even surpass the previous state of ties. It is possible that we are now seeing his plan B coming into effect.

      This quote is from an article from Katehon, a think tank Dugin writes for:
      As a closing forecast, it’s very likely that Turkey will accelerate its multipolar pivot and finally embrace its Eurasian destiny, though not without forthcoming American-improvised Hybrid War challenges – a renewed Kurdish insurgency, left-wing terrorism, a Color Revolution, Daesh attacks, maritime proxy hostility via Greece, engineered provocations with Turkey’s other neighbors, a civil war, and/or another feeble coup attempt — in order to throw the progressively Islamifying and Muslim Brotherhood-inspired state into such chaos that it becomes impossible for its new multipolar partners to make any substantial use of its territory in their joint quest to dismantle the unipolar world order.


  11. dnspedersen says:

    There have been a story on a Danish News site today about the US a-weapons currently held in Tyrkey, and how they aren’t save there anymore.

    Scientists warn against US nuclear weapons in Turkish base

    Since the 1950s, 50 nuclear bombs were placed in Incirlik. After the coup attempt researchers warn about security.

    The weekend’s attempted coup in Turkey was closely followed in the United States.

    At the air base Incirlik, from which the plotters allegedly operated and where the brigadier general in the Turkish Air Force after the coup were arrested, the United States keep 50 B61 nuclear bombs.

    The bombs are part of an old distribution agreement in NATO, and has been at the base since the 1950s, but according to researchers from the Department of the Center for Nuclear Weapons at the Federation of American Scientists, the weekend’s failed coup is an event that indicates that it is now time to consider the removal of the atomic bombs from the Tyrkish base.

    Investigators have long feared that terrorist organizations from Turkey, Syria or Iraq will make a big attack from the base, which will not necessarily lead to nuclear weapons exploding, but the radioactive material could be spread if terrorists succeeded in destroying them. Now with the military coup in addition, assess the researchers that it is simply been too dangerous to maintain the atomic bombs on the base.

    – The security situation in the last few weeks and years have changed. The conditions of 1950, are different from today, says Hans Kristensen, director of the Institute of the Center for Nuclear Weapons at the Federation of American scientists.

    If politicians choose to listen to the scientists’ concern, where would it be most likely to transport the many atomic bombs of to?

    Hans Christian come with a guess.

    – If you choose to drag the nukes out of Turkey, there are also nuclear weapons in Italy, but I think that will carry them back to the United States if it comes to that.

    Roughly translated.

  12. bladtheimpailer says:

    I found this article on a CDN site “the New Cold War” that seems to shed some light on the supposed rescue of the Erdogan regime by popular resistance. The article is by an eye witness journalist on the scene.

  13. bladtheimpailer says:

    I’ve been thinking on this off and on all day and nothing seems to be a perfect puzzle piece fit. Excepting Dave’s, of the X 22 report, theory that this coup was orchestrated as an actual setup to allow Erdogan to achieve the full power of the state without any opposition as a prefix for something to come. All the rest, like the supposedly frosty relations between Turkey and the U.S., after this very amateurish attempt, meant to fool us as a distraction to take our eyes off of the pea. Now what? A full Turkish invasion of Syria with NATO as helpmate because of an ‘event’ as casus belli to come soon?

    • nosoapradio says:

      “…A full Turkish invasion of Syria with NATO as helpmate because of an ‘event’ as casus belli to come soon?…”

      Well, in no way do I sufficiently understand the elements involved here to postulate anything and though I too would tend to be skeptical of any profound antagonism between US and Turkish secret forces, wouldn’t your above hypothesis of an all out Turkish invasion of Syria fly in the face of the numerous reports of probable increased Turkish complicity with Russia (and Iran)? Or perhaps I’m not looking “long-term” enough?

      I was kind of wondering if this (thetrical) manoeuvering wasn’t designed to consolidate official alliances and antagonisms, drawing battle lines and feeding the flames of a new world war. Confronted with the NATO goliath, geo-strategic counter forces had to be consolidated to create an enemy of sufficient amplitude to be credibly threatening to Western hegemony…?

  14. nosoapradio says:

    Though this dates back 3 days or so, it’s interesting how the French version RT fed into the “islamic extremist” vein, focussing on the brutality of the “Erdogan supporters” whipping the “putchistes” with extreme violence yelling “Kill them, in the name of God” or “kill them for God’s sake!” while showing the brave Turkish policeman saving the poor martyrized “rebel”. The Erdogan-friendly blood-thirsty crowd also reportedly threated to throw journalists into the Bosphore and also used knives to commit acts of retribution on the “putchistes”…

    Oh and Wikileaks is publishing Erdogan’s emails??

  15. nosoapradio says:

    Here is the Wikileaks story published by RT (English version) that warns that

    “Turkish government entities might try to interfere with the publication of the AKP material.”

    Furthermore, wikileaks becomes the hero of the story (at Erdogan’s expense this time):

    “The attacks are still continuing and users are experiencing difficulties in accessing the material. WikiLeaks reassured the public that they are “winning” the battle.”

    It seems to me that this sentence unqualified by “Turkish government entities that may or not be involved in organizing the coup” gives the impression that Erdogan is cracking down on Wikileaks while viciously and tyrannically and indiscriminately purging employees of the Turkish state.

    “We ask of the people in Turkey to take interest in the material Wikileaks is about to release and to not dismiss it because a leader tells them. We advocate the use of anti-censorship tools as Tor, I2P or VPN. We will do our best to translate those e-mails and documents for the international community to read and to provide a better understanding of the ongoing situation in Turkey,” the hacktivist conglomerate added.

  16. Ragnar says:

    Not sure if this has been posted here, but apparently the plotters behind this failed coup intended on killing civilians, likely to blame the government ?


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