Interview 1130 – The BFP Roundtable on What News Newsbud Will Cover

02/01/20167 Comments

How will Newsbud report the news? And what stories will the new outlet cover? What could a fully-funded, independent investigative media outlet do, anyway? Today Sibel Edmonds, Bill Conroy and Guillermo Jimenez join James Corbett for a roundtable discussion on the forthcoming Newsbud site and how it will operate.

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  1. doublek321 says:

    Very much looking forward to newsbud. I love that Sibel is on-board with people who work at newsbud having differing opinions. I think that’s very important. Being polite is fine but not at the expense of voicing a differing opinion.

  2. Moxa4 says:

    This discussion was a revelation to me. Your journalistic ideas and the concept is exactly what I – we – the world has lost the las years.
    Me too, I’m very much interested in following your next steps. Will you have enough stamina? I really hope so! Good look to you all.

  3. fixitguy says:

    Expect my full support and offer to help in any way.

    Bill really is “tough act to follow”

  4. cabanaobr says:

    Guillermo Jimenez’s point at 26:00 gives grounds for optimism. The ability for an organization to handle internal disagreement and engage in productive self-criticism gives it a considerable advantage over those organizations that don’t. The Republican Party, though still powerful, is now reduced to a permanent minority party partly because as soon as the Neoconservatives became dominant, it had no resources for internal dissent; it was a lockstep organization that could not deal politically with the malfeasance of the G.W. Bush administration and the widespread public disgust that came in its wake. The party, having been completely instrumentalized, could not recapture alienated Republicans and disgusted ‘swing voters’.

    There’s a guy you guys might want to call with regards to documentaries. The best deep state documentaries I have seen (and the worst-produced) are those of Daniel Hopsicker. It would be positively dreamy if you could get him to hook up with Newsbud.

  5. tonyss says:

    BFP has an excellent track record, so I have no doubt newsbud will be a success. There is a caveat, however, in that no matter how good the journalists are, the web administration needs to also address the site’s supporters. In order to get full access to BFP content you have to take out an automatic recurring subscription, something I am against. The web admin does not address this query. When I first attempted to subscribe to CorbettReport in the early days, I asked how I could do this by cheque. James replied that cheques don’t work in Japan, but instead If I should find myself in Japan I could buy him a cup of coffee, and in the meantime suggested I sign up for Paypal. I was so amazed by ths attitude that James will have me as a lifelong subscriber and I do this, without prompting on his part or having to do a direct debit mandate, every April. BFP’s admin could learn something from this, and I hope newsbud will not go down that road. I also help out on another website by transcribing podcast content, so I’m not afraid to be active. I just don’t want money extracted automatically from my account on a yearly basis. I’m sure others will agree.

    The events in Oregon and the Bundy family problems have been extensively covered by Patrick Henningson’s site, and the Bundy standoff well back in 2015.


  6. foggygoggles says:

    I am completely on board regard to newsbud, and plan to give it my full support. Such an undertaking is more important than ever, and a long time in coming. I would add, that Catherine Austin- Fitts at, is also a Truth teller who looks for solutions and emphasizes actions individuals can take.

  7. jgrutzik says:

    Hi Guys –
    At the end there James asked if anyone know anything about the Bank of International Settlements.
    Here is an interesting interview of Karen Hudes on that subject.

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