Interview 1124 – BFP Roundtable Introduces Newsbud

01/16/201631 Comments

On this edition of the BFP Roundtable James Corbett talks to Sibel Edmonds, Peter B. Collins and Pepe Escobar about Newsbud, a new media venture to take the alt media to the next level. In this conversation we discuss who is involved with the project, what they hope to achieve with it, and how it will be funded.

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  1. shiranaihito says:

    I looked at the comments on YouTube, and there seemed to be some sort of concentrated government-shill-psychopath-attack going on. In other words, a bunch of trolls were spewing their bullshit trying to discredit Sibel for example.

    Could it be that the establishment is worried about Newsbud becoming a considerable threat?

    • david5 says:

      Yes, the negative comments look like the usual trolls. Not surprising. Sibel has considerable clout, and the establishment should be scared.

  2. patrizia says:

    Great idea! good luck to us! I ve tried to sign in with no success. will try again tomorrow.

  3. Asa says:

    This is so exciting!! Thank you all so much!

  4. jim_martin89 says:

    Very exciting! Just what I thought I would not see for some time! Can’t wait to help out in the crowd funding. Looking Forward. Thank you for filling this grave need!! JGM

  5. proverbs11vs30 says:

    Very excited for this new project, thanks James!

    • I have been noticing something lately. And since the link above bridges the gap between the off-topic and somewhat related I have to ask. Has anyone else noticed that the Google CAPTCHA uses what appears to be photos of home addresses? Presumably, from the Google probe-droids that roam our streets. Try it yourself, hit the refresh icon in the Captcha a few times for numerous examples. Are we aiding in the Google text recognition Algorithm? Verifying it’s conclusions?

      PS. In no way do I intend this as slander towards Sibel, or Newsbud.

  6. nosoapradio says:

    Just wanted to let you know that this site is blocked from my French IP address as of this morning. 48 hours ago it was the email service that blocked email users access to their email boxes. In France web censorship and spying has intensified à notch it would appear. (I’m writing from my phone since it’s still functioning for the moment…) The messages on Firefox and Google Chrome are different but evoke of course security and privacy. Hope it’s temporary like thé email situation. Will finish watching vidéo on phone.

    • nosoapradio says:

      Ok… so in fact, now I just have to click that I want to ignore Firefox’s advice to avoid this site. They say that no honest legitimate site would ask me to do this. But I can access in fact. I always get a bit worked up at the drop of a hat. Still, the censorship is pointing its nose and I felt naked and helpless when I couldn’t access my email box (which really was entirely blocked). Instructive nonetheless.

      Be well all and good luck with Ms Edmond’s project.

    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for the comment, nosoapradio. The problem was related to an expired SSL security certificate, but it has been cleared up now. There should be no further problems accessing the site.

  7. ralphodavis says:

    This is an excellent fleshing out of the concept and so glad that Pepe is part of the mix. Until now I’ve felt deeply reserved about expanding and the possibly complication of otherwise very workable independent formats cooperatively constituting the extant alliance of individual sites.

    Sibel’s sensible articulation and critical energy demonstrate the force of her determination that’s essential to materializing an ambitious idea of this scope along with her able, however reluctant, balanced view on editorial management. So, I look forward with diminished foreboding for the present on the basis of organizational concerns that I’ve held.

    While no doubt there are elements who will get very aggressive and nasty opposing something as potentially formidable and autonomous as suggested already by the infantile YouTube assault, if there’s no serious counterpoint attempt to the brand of plutocratic controlled media we’re fed, we’re otherwise extremely handicapped in attempting a valid, comprehensive and timely geopolitical perspective.

    So, much appreciation to all founding principals for the courage as well as the guiding principle and expertise to even attempt this. Bring the funding phase on!


  8. candideschmyles says:

    Though I do not understand why BFP is not simply expanded, seems to me a far better name than the inoccuous “Newsbud”, I admire the ambition. I will pledge support for the start-up and a subscription well in excess of a dollar or two monthly because I believe in the integrity of Pepe, Peter and Sibel to deliver real news and investigative reports.
    Let’s make this work 🙂

  9. angie.wright1 says:

    I feel so excited about this! We do have the power to make it happen! Thank you to all involved.

  10. parrhesiaJoe says:

    Most cooperative ventures like this fail because almost no one has experience designing a million person cooperative.

    Anyhoo, this is the best I could do:

  11. mik says:

    I’m not enthusiastic about Newsbud and won’t participate in it. First because of my financial situation, second because I don’t need HD alternative news to know that we, people, are being screwed up by the elites and finally, the whole thing is not conceived well enough. I have to emphasize, I have all the respect possible for Sibel.

    To expand on not conceived well enough.

    Even a craftsman thinks before cutting wood. And there is a rule: measure twice, cut once. This rule is not in place just to prevent measurement failure, but it also gives extra time for thinking. Cutting wood is not a very complex activity but it can be for a newbie. And it could be even for a craftsman because final product is not a cut itself – table is.

    I find the final goal for Newsbud is fighting the elites, a task far more complex then cutting wood therefore a lot of thinking should be done.

    Half a year before fully operational budget is still unknown and the size and quality of platform also. I conclude the latter because of pre-subscription campaign that has been started. They also didn’t mention whether this would be a closed subscribers-only media or some products will be available freely with some time lag. This is important because some people could get extra motivation in helping the truth to come to broader audience.

    Regarding the timeline of Newsbud you should have in mind that even an army needs few days, for bigger operations even weeks, to be fully operational. And they are well organized and fully funded and most important, they are designed for quick response.

    But maybe there is also a strategic failure. On the round table emphasize has been given to credible news and exposing of wrong doings of the elites. I would like to remind you on the infamous quote by Karl Rove about reality.

    Just doing credible news still means just following elites what in the end results that you will be always one step behind, at least. They will still be game makers. But the goal is fighting elites. What I’m missing in Newsbud is stepping in other direction. Ok, James will be there and getting greater exposure. Newsbud should allocate some resources for steps to other direction. I’m not saying that journalism isn’t necessary, of course it is. Real media should also bring some Enlightenment especially in these days.

    I also strongly recommend everyone to read @parrhesiaJoe commentary and follow the link there.

    I’m not sure, because I don’t know these things well enough, would the organizational structure he proposes insure that ideas from minority could get funded and realized.

    Finally I would really like Sibel’s success. We really need action but don’t forget that thinking precedes every successful action.

    • n2abstract says:


      Since everything in the world feels corrupted and out of control I can’t help but want to see something positive also. I REALLY want something like Newsbud to succeed but I can’t help the foreboding feeling of building a large structure, maybe it’s just the anarchist in me. This is really 4th generation “warfare”. To counter centralization, we must act in a decentralized manner… not that I have an approach to it but that’s it’s antithesis.

      I can see that raising money is probably the easiest challenge to overcome for Newsbud. Managing it on the other hand, can be pretty tough (not that it can’t be overcome through lots of perseverance). I admire all 4 members on this panel and I want to see something succeed, but like what Mik mentioned: measure twice, cut once. Part of our credibility is at stake here it flops.

      • mik says:

        “Part of our credibility is at stake here it flops”

        Thanks a lot for this thought. I have a feeling that Sibel is to easy regarding a possibility of no success. MSM wouldn’t miss the opportunity to inform public about it. Learned helplessness reinforced.

        Question for James or someone. Sibel mention that they have a guy to cover Balkans. I’m looking for name of this guy to check him if he is biased. I’ve seen a lot of biased articles about Balkans on Globalresearch. Maybe you don’t know but documentary ‘The weight of chains’ is biased and I can prove it if is necessary. I’m living on Balkans and know the story from various sources.

  12. anacardo01 says:

    Let’s see, we’ve got Team Redpill out in force, Team Stormer…

  13. bob_fergus says:

    Bewdy M8! An exciting concept, a factual news outlet without “an axe to grind” I can’t wait to sample the end result. I’m on a full time carer pension but I will find the $$ to support you all in this noble endeavour. Good luck to us all and let the truth guide us. 😉

  14. jeff_schutz says:

    Great idea to help coordinate independent media. Keep vigilant regarding infiltration. Peer review is important to avoid that. Sibel is such a doll. How could anyone not want to support her work? I am looking forward to a successful launch of Newsbud. Any reference to the recent Federal lifting of the prohibition of medical maijuana?

  15. VoltaicDude says:

    This is just a flat-out great idea – let’s always continue growing and exploring.

    Seems from your opening comments James that moving forward on this Newsbud (lol – “rosebud”) idea means closing-out on current brands/products – BF, CR? etc.?

    Would it be possible to do both though (at least at first) – give birth to the Newsbud umbrella without throwing-out the currently great “products” which you’ve all worked so hard at developing?

    To be somewhat cynical in my analogies, the current “brand-names” could be viewed as “incorporated” efforts, while the new Newsbud entity could be at something not quite at the “conglomerate” level, but rather as a “facilitating” structure, reactive to its “clients,” with shared “services”?

    Plus-factors – obviously a relatively small venture based on cooperatively allied independent researchers/journalists, so a commonly-beneficial market strategy and set of resources (funding and platform resources) could be shared efficiently and fairly within a voluntary structure, while individual contributors “could still be trusted” to pursue independent avenues.

    Historically reminds me a little bit of both the origins of United Artists and Mondragon. Please don’t hate me, but it even reminds me of some of the strategy behind the creation of the EU market! (Sorry.)

    (All this is great to talk about though, because we’re talking about the logistical power structures that seem to have an insidious placement in our society for a reason – they represent real, self-reproducing socio-economic patterns within our contemporary cultural framework.

    It’s important to recognize this now, as we are growing so that we can move forward into this new paradigm with eyes wide…open?

    Since I’m viewing all this from a mixed left-anarcho perspective that also does not have animosity towards business systems and technologies per se, it’s all pretty interesting, as well as a bit scary, all considered.)

    Minus-factors – whilst I accept the business logistics aspect of “powering-up” efforts in this way, my aesthetic alliances make me want to puke regarding some of the vocabulary associated with this type of development – a bit like “meet the new boss, same as the old boss,” syndrome.

    But that type of inhibition can be a bit sophomoric in this particular and specific situation, and shouldn’t keep us from exploring this objectively. As Sibel says, if it doesn’t work, it will fail in getting the needed support over time, just as “change and hope” sounded so great to so many, but is now widely recognized as no more than defunct double-speak.

    But also, this concern is not wholly just an unfounded and biased aesthetic matter – there are real historical reasons for caution here, as we know.

    As far as hierarchic structure goes, as far as administrative functions go, this new paradigm might present some difficulties and hurdles.

    The benefit of the “adjunct service-provider” (not “federated” or “conglomerated”) model I suggest is that there is no destruction or neglect of each participant’s current assets, tangible or intangible, just an adjunct-shared structure from which individual contributors could withdraw if it becomes necessary for whatever reason without destroying the new structure in total, and revert to previous structure that was retained and remained viable.

    Meanwhile, by accident mind you, I caught literally less than five minutes of the democratic debate yesterday and found “the Bernie” ranting about how al Assad is so heinous, having used chemical weapons against his own people, and all like that, don’t you know, so that ultimately “we” must insist that “he must go.”

    I think “the Bernie” might win! He’s pressing all the absolute requirements for the Bilderberg-Military-Industrial litmus test.

    I never predict such silly things (and will never relinquish claim to that), while none-the-less I hereby here predict either a Clinton-Sanders or a Sanders-Clinton ticket to win.

    Au Revoir les Syrians (“but we think it’s worth it”).

    Either way on this Newsbud development, it’s no time to shy away from growing the reach of our message.

    See ya buddies (and sorry for the too-long comment – you should have seen it before I cut it down!).

    • Corbett says:

      Let me be 100% clear here in case it hasn’t been so far: I am not on the payroll of Newsbud and it will not effect my work at The Corbett Report in any way, shape or form. I will continue to do my work here (which will continue to be supported by your kind donations and subscriptions) and my work will be reposted on Newsbud. My work will still be here and this site will still be the one-stop shop for all of my work.

  16. karlharvie says:

    Hi, just wanted to confirm that once Newsbud is up and running, what will be the minimum/maximum monthly contribution per contributor? Will it be the same model as The Corbett Report? Appx $1.00 per contributor? Maybe this question has already been answered in previous posts and I thank you for repeating it for me. Will the contributions as a whole be communicated to us individual contributors on a monthly or annual report? Thanks,


    • ralphodavis says:

      I doubt that there’ll be a max contribution, karl. But the $1 min. per mo. model that James uses was mentioned as likely.

      The crowd-funding comes first with a specific cash goal that must be reached to go forward. The ‘all or nothing’ approach.

      Meantime, Sibel, friends and associates will be demonstrating form, function and production aspects of the new organizational format.

    • Corbett says:

      Good questions, Karl, but as I’m not directly involved with Newsbud you’ll have to pose the question to them to get the answers. For the time being, you can contact them via the BFP contact form:

      • candideschmyles says:

        You say your work will be available there. Does this mean you will be making a financial contribution to help get it up and running? Perhaps it is just me, and due to the ongoing differences of opinion we have, but your body language at the outset very much left the impression that you were a tad reluctant to be hosting this. And overall I did detect a low key scepticism on your part.
        There is nothing wrong with that. Posts above voice well articulated cautions that can and should be raised. I personally do not share Sibels optimism that Newsbud will be any bigger or better than BFP and feel it overly ambitious at the outset. However I am willing to put my meagre financial contribution, (I will spend far more tonight on tomorrow’s hangover), in there in the hope that the drive and enthusiasm will create its own momentum. But will you?

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