Independent Media Heads to New York to Confront NBC Over MSM Lies

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nbc-liesby James Corbett
August 2, 2016

During the chaos of breaking news events like the failed coup in Turkey last month, reliable, factual accounts of what is happening on the ground are especially important. If the MSM had reported that President Erdogan had been killed or captured by the coup faction, for instance, or that he had fled the country, that information could demoralize the public and deter them from the types of protests that ultimately stopped the coup in its tracks.

Well, as it turns out, that’s exactly what the MSM was reporting during the key hours when the coup was unfolding and the 24/7 news channels were scrambling to cover the story. Specifically, MSNBC reported that “a senior US military source tells NBC News that US officials are hearing that Turkish President Erdogan, refused landing rights in Istanbul, is reported to be seeking asylum in Germany.” The on-air anchor then editorialized that this “can’t be good for Erdogan.”

To be fair, it wouldn’t have been good for Erdogan…if it were true. Which of course it wasn’t. But that didn’t stop the MSM from propagating the secondhand, vaguely worded, anonymously sourced rumor everywhere. A Google search for “Erdogan asylum Germany” produces over 900,000 hits, showing that the story spread all over the online (and presumably on-air) media world within hours. Turkish sources confirm that the story was also picked up and heavily circulated within Turkey on social media platforms by the coup faction itself.

So here it is: yet another provable lie circulated by anonymous military sources through their propaganda arm, the US mainstream media. This story is a pretty straightforward example of a psyop designed to be spread throughout Turkey and used to defuse the Turkish public’s violent counter reaction to the coup. It failed, so NBC pulled the story and moved on to their next pack of lies…

control-letmesay…Or they tried to. But the team over at, the new crowdfunded alternative media organization put together by FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, picked up the story and ran with it. They sourced the phony Erdogan asylum story back to a tweet by Kyle Griffin, a segment producer for MSNBC, and started a Twitter campaign to get Griffin to retract the faulty information and explain how and why it was broadcast on air during the critical hours of the coup. After days of being bombarded by demands for an explanation, Griffin deleted the original tweet (without apology, explanation or retraction) and began blocking the hundreds of activists that were confronting him.

Unhappy with this response, Newsbud stepped up the pressure. They brought the matter to the attention of the Turkish Embassy in Washington, which then issued a demand for an apology from NBC News for their “unacceptable journalism.” The demand, predictably ignored by NBC itself, was picked up and reported by international media including The Daily Sabah and Russia Insider. But in the US…crickets.

Since NBC has yet to address this issue, Newsbud is taking it to the next level. founder Sibel Edmonds—along with other Newsbud team members, television crews from Turkey, Russia and the US, and interested citizen journalists and activists—will descend on NBC headquarters in New York this Thursday at 12 noon Eastern time to take their demand for a retraction and apology right to the liars’ doorstep.

“We are requesting NBC News Corp’s spokesperson and executives in charge of news to receive us and be available to answer questions and make comments in front of our cameras,” Edmonds explained to The Corbett Report via email, adding that they will be seeking an official public retraction and an explanation of why this information from their “senior Pentagon source” was broadcast without any fact checking or corroboration.

“If they refuse to meet us or let us in, we’ll show that live and recorded as well. Here is a mega USA news organization that is blocking other journalists and news organizations, refusing to abide by journalistic ethics to issue a public official retraction and explanation and apology on a proven, damaging false news story they circulated.”

sibelnewsbudNBC’s actions will be sadly unsurprising to those in the alternative media who have watched the MSM brush aside evidence of bias and false reporting for years. Asked why Newsbud is concentrating on NBC when all of the US mainstream media has a proven track record of such false reporting and participation with US military psyops, Edmonds explains: “We happened to have caught them in the psyop act as they did this. Had this been FOX or CNN or NYT we’d have done the same thing. NBC represents all of them.”

She adds that this is the type of action that people can expect from the newly-founded, which reached the first step of its funding drive in June with a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign. “I know we are a news company, not a media watchdog. However, this is also to show people that all those so-called ‘media watchdog NGOs,’ funded by Rockefellers, Soros etc, with millions of dollars and hundreds of staff, which have been around for decades, have never done something like this.”

“You see, this is not about Erdogan or Turkey or one specific case. This is an opportunity to tackle several major issues related to MSM psyops and the propaganda machine, the false sense of security given to people with these ‘watchdog organizations’ financed and ruled by the same assholes. This is to show that we need to go beyond whining, bitching, moaning. What they expect (and always get): people/activists/bloggers screaming for a couple of days and then going away, chasing a new story. Well, we need to stop this ongoing cycle; grab their throat, stay on the story, and not let go.”

Any concerned citizens who are interested in joining Newsbud in this action are encouraged to bring their camera, microphone, pen and paper or any other reporting device and head to NBC headquarters at NYC Rockefeller Plaza on Thursday, Aug 4, at 12:00 pm ET. There will also be a press conference after the event.


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  1. World Peace Now says:

    The time for apologies and retractions has passed.
    Now, nothing less than a full confession will do.

  2. mrharry2 says:

    Excellent move! To be followed by many others. Also Europe dearly lacks effective initiatives of this kind.

  3. Collin says:

    Good work Team!

  4. gstyplxx says:

    This absolutely warms my heart. Kudos to Sibel & Co for utilizing the “grab their throat, stay on the story, and not let go” strategy.

    Sure wish I could be in NYC this Thursday to add to the numbers on-hand.

  5. WAYNED says:

    This is exactly why I contributed, hoping that someone will do this kind of work, because the media is the problem, it’s what traps people in fear and lies.

    Now I will support more with another donation, and assuming this comes off, will do more after that.

    This is essential work.

    • VoiceOfArabi says:

      Hi Wayned.

      I agree with what you said 100%… I am also joining the NewsBud camp.

      Media is the real problem (they are the house slave… not only are they not fighting slavery, but they are also stopping the rest of the slaves – us – from fighting.)

  6. rltmlt says:

    Given the rapidly accelerating and unrelenting orchestrated attacks over recent weeks against a single duly nominated presidential candidate by what we have come to call the Mainstream Media, one has to have a growing concern for the sanctity of the one activity in our country that defines us as a free society. The implications are too terrible to even ponder ! I’m sure many German Citizens had the same concerns right up until the election of 1933, the last election that was held until after WWII !

    • mdj says:

      Attacks against a presidential candidate are part of the shit-show. Voting does not define the US as a free society, nor do the arbitrary geographical boundaries that politicians institute and fight for.

  7. lromert says:

    Way to go guys!

  8. tamurdock says:

    Yeah Newsbud! Finally, journalism by and for the people!

  9. I thought Newsbud was to be an independent news organization with no political agenda. But it seems to be turning into a political activism organization. Analysis is one thing, but lobbying a foreign government to make demands of an American media company?

    And this “confront NBC” protest seems like overkill. A tiny handful of protesters that will be ignored or, God forbid, arrested if they take it too far. These resources could be spent for research and reporting on many other issues. I would be livid if I was a Newsbud donor. I hesitated to donate precisely becuase I did not see their editorial policy as transparent.

    It really seems to be driven by Sibel’s emotions and passions, which is good for an activist group, but not what I think of as a credible news source.

    • VoiceOfArabi says:

      Hi Apollo Slater,

      First, don’t make this personal.. and Sibel, James, Spiro and the rest are all humans and have emotions, just like you, but that does not mean they are just running through life blindly and following whatever emotions they have… you should retract that.

      Some of us, just want to talk about the problem, and feel they are not responsible for fixing it, and that’s fine, and if you belong to this group, then it is good and you are needed..

      But we have to free the Press if we stand a chance of stopping the crazy act of brain washing the masses.

      To free the Press, just like the US first amendment dictates, you have to take positive action, and what is happening here is positive action..

      • BuddhaForce says:

        You’re making a big assumption that the “press” (aka media establishment) wants to be free…

        • VoiceOfArabi says:

          Hi BuddhaForce,

          Yes I am. The Media Establishment is made up of tens of thousands people, and they can not be all bad or evil.. Rule of thumb says more than 95% of the people are just normal humans like you and I, who don’t like to see kids (or even animals) killed for sports. these people want to be free, and earn an honest buck.

          However, there is a small minority who don’t give a F***, and they will kill their mother for a Buck.

          That’s just humans….

          For further understanding of this… read a study about ENRON, and why it happened, and the types of people that allowed it to happen.

          Another place to study is Nazi Germany.. (not all Germans are blood thirsty zombies), but a small minority are.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            True VoiceArabia…there are white hats in MSM.

            Here is an example of a “White Hat” CBS reporter.
            CBS Reporter Jeff Ferrell of Shreveport’s KSLA News 12

            In 2007, Reporter Jeff Ferrell of Shreveport’s KSLA News 12(CBS) did a story on CHEMTRAILS.
            YouTube (less than 4 minutes)

            He also reported on a 9/11 Cover-up of the FBI.
            Reporter Jeff Farrell did a story about the FBI poisoning the eyewitness to two of the hijackers when they were in Shreveport.
            (2 minutes)
            –More on the FBI murdering a 9/11 witness…

          • BuddhaForce says:

            Reminds me of the Ron Paul supporters who wanted to “change” the Republican club from the inside, and more recently the Bernie Sanders supporters who were starting a “revolution” in the Democratic club.

            Doesn’t matter if 95% of the people are “normal,” when the other 5% are corrupt and run the show. That goes doubly so for the news media, which has been infiltrated by the CIA for at least the last 40-50 years that we know of.

            Think some journo is gonna put his livelihood on the line, with kids at home to feed, to report on some corruption story when the orders come down from the top to quit digging? Or even better, think they would risk getting Casolaro’d or Hastings’d. Not likely.

            When the structure is corrupt and rotting, ditch the ship and start over I say. It will save you a lot of headache.

            • VoiceOfArabi says:

              Hi BuddhaForce,

              I hear you, and I agree with parts of what you say. The structure is corrupt and rotting, and we should ditch it and switch off (to kill their advertising money)

              However, Newsbud is the new structure and we need to support it and give it life.. we also need to take these positive actions so the good (95%) can see our action and be inspired to change, or ditch that rotting ship and join teams like Newsbud.

              Your support to Newsbud and any alternative media counts, and you need to make big noise to make sure the (95%) feel they are not alone. being the silent majority gets us nothing…..

      • VoiceOfArabi,

        Thank you for your reply. I do not make any criticism personal, nor do I deny the validity of emotion in activism or news reporting. I did not say anything about James or any other contributors – Sibel seems to be leading this charge. So, I have nothing to retract.

        My question is only about Newsbud’s mission. In the KickStarter campaign, it was billed as an independent media organization with no political agenda. Now, it is behaving as an activist organization with a clear political agenda, to the point of lobbying foreign governments.

        It is not ethical to raise funding for one type of project, but afterwards switch it to a different type of project. You may be okay with it, but others who donated may not be. So, the ethical thing to do would be to either 1. stick to research, investigation, analysis, reporting, as Sibel is excellent at all of that, or 2. refund the KickStarter money to donors and start a new KickStarter making it clear she intends to fund a political activism group.

        • mik says:

          “…to the point of lobbying foreign governments.”

          I think it’s not fair to put it this way. You are overdoing.

          • Sibel had her Twitter followers pressure the Turkish embassy to demand an apology from NBC. I was actually shocked she did this. It has the appearance of partisanship with the Turkish government, even if that was not her intention.

            • mik says:

              “…appearance of partisanship with the Turkish government…”

              So, where is the lobbying gone in the mean time? The twitter thing is not lobbying.

              And now, partisanship, wtf. What will be next?
              I think more appropriate expression would be ‘Coalition Building’.
              I’m not saying that you have to like Sibel’s idea.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I understand your concern on credibility.

      As for me, I cherish the ACTIVISM.

      At this stage in humanity there is outrageous injustice and fraud.
      True journalism should strike the emotional chord that inspires action against this dark cloud on humanity.

      Main Stream Media tries to inspire “entertain yourself” while our daughters are raped. In other words, the main stream media does not promote any effective change, only agendas.

      Since around 2009, ACTIVISM has been on the down slide.
      Instead, we have an army of typewriter people who talk to the choir about “how bad it all is”, but without any real action to better conditions.

      I feel this is by design.
      I feel that the Elite want the people who have woken up to become distracted enough on message boards and the details of false flag events, that they no longer are ACTIVE in trying to better conditions.

      Don’t get me wrong…it is great to talk to the choir. But if the choir just sings to itself in a closed room, then it is as if the choir never existed.

      I beat the drum for ACTIVSIM.

      • HomeRemedySupply,

        Thank you for your reply. As I stated in my reply to VoiceOfArabi, my issue is precisely the distinction between reporting and activism. Newsbud was marketed as an independent media organization with no political agenda, but it is behaving as an activist organization with a clear political agenda. So, while you may be okay with that, that is not how it was sold to the Kickstarter donors and is therefore not ethical marketing. I suggested either sticking to reporting or refunding the money and starting a new Kickstarter.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Oh, I see.
          I would wager that anyone who asks can get their donation back with Sibel (but she is not obliged to virtually promote it).

          I guess you probably will want Corbett to prorate a refund to you also.
          After all, he posted this “Liar Media” story in time for people to take action, rather than waiting until after Thursday.(Activism)
          …and his “SOLUTIONS” podcast definitely qualifies as (Activism).
          …and doggone, “9/11: A Conspiracy Theory” video certainly serves as (Activism).

          By the way, our North Texans Truth group will within a week have an online newspaper ad reaching 250,000 readers that links to Corbett’s “9/11: A Conspiracy Theory”.

          Our group takes activists and non-activists alike. ha!…I wish there were more “do ers”, but we accomplish a lot.

          Curious? I guess Derrick Broze is not a journalist you follow.
          What about Dr. Mercola? because he is definitely an activist, or his girlfriend who monitors the death of the Alternative Doctors & the GcMAF link. (One of our members takes GcMAF).

          • I have nothing against activism at all. I just think this all-consuming focus to “confront NBC” over one lie of many lies in the media is a quixotic errand. Beating a dead horse. I’m not sure what it’s meant to accomplish, even if successful, and why it is of overriding importance. It seems petty, and not in her stated goal of being a no-agenda news organization.

            Thanks for the heads up about your group, I will definitely check it out (I’m in Texas!). If you have any group links I should know about please post them here or email them to me.

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              TEXAS TEXAS – Dog gone! That’s great!
              I am amazed at the number of folks from Texas that show up on Corbett’s board.

              You will see some links in this article…
              — 9/11 Truth Full Page Newspaper Ad —

              We got a busy line-up…
              VAXXED showing on Monday Aug 8th with the theatre filled. Fluoride before the Dallas City Council on Wednesday 10th, but also someone went to the Council today (Wed) about the Fluoride.
              VAXXED showing for the 22nd in another theatre another suburb. Our hats off to Regina for all that.
              Lots of prep for September 11th. Joe is burning the DVDs like BBQ and holding the fort. We got the signs and brochures and banners….

              Our group has given out more than 70,000 free DVDs, quite literally tons of literature, and has participated in hundreds of actions, events, marches, sign waves, theatre showings, etc.

              Actions, big or small, they all make a difference.

              And visible actions help to encourage the many “quiet” people who are aware, but think that they are alone.
              I am amazed at the HUGE number of folks out on the streets who are aware of the 9/11 Cover-up.

        • erichard says:

          Apollo Slater: An independent news organization surely can report on other news organizations– even going to them and asking why they lie so much. Reporting on liars is not a political agenda is it?

          • It’s not just reporting, she’s flying to New York with her crew to “confront” NBC, I guess hold a protest and make demands? Seems excessive for this one issue and it does seem like a political agenda.

            • erichard says:

              I am no expert on this. But if Newsbud was rallying non-news people to hold a demonstration with them, then it would be more than what news organizations do. But if a news crew flies somewhere and confronts someone, that still seems to me within the bounds of what news organizations do. Newsbud does have an agenda: expose deceptive, corrupt activity of other news organizations.

            • ccuthbert2001 says:

              And what do you call it when reporters camp out on someone’s front lawn trying to get access to get statements? You’ve never seen that before?????? Try pointing your search engine to Tiger Woods and see what you get.

              Sorry, but I think you are completely wrong on this. And you’re spending a lot of time, too. I smell a troll.

    • woodshed says:

      When did truth in reporting become political? I just don’t see it. It should be the Law. I think I will subscribe to newsbud, I like what they are doing.

    • Lance says:

      I must admit that Newsbud’s recent activism left a slightly strange taste in my mouth. It’s not really what I expected from them.

      However, I’m very happy to have backed them and at the moment I’m assuming that this is part publicity stunt (as well as being worthy) to help the Newsbud seed get some sunlight.

      I’m actually slightly more confused why Turks would be fighting to keep this man (Erdogan) in power. Maybe they just dislike having a new American puppet even more.

  10. mdj says:

    This is a ballsy move by newsbud. I have not yet donated to them, but I will watch and see what happens.
    James, the statists are creeping in on your site.

  11. VoiceOfArabi says:

    To All Americans… (and i am not American)

    Your fourth estate (the Press) is Hijacked by handful of rich people (1%) – this is general knowledge and everyone knows this (5 companies own all the news)

    Once you free the Press, you will start the journey to free yourself and your families… (the Press then can ask why does it cost $200,000 [in addition to the tax you are paying] for college education – you can have private teacher for 10 years for that amount).

    I agree with both Sibel and James.. Talking about it is just the start, but if you guys do nothing about it, then you lose…. you have to speak out against wrong doing, and the first fight has to be winning back your fourth estate.

    The press is the only industry clearly mentioned in your constitution… I am sure all of you already know this, but i have listed it below to refresh your mind.

    The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble, or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that constitute the Bill of Rights.

  12. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I cherish the “Call to Action”!
    Activism with Journalism.
    It is a rallying cry against Tyranny!

    Del Bigtree of the VAXXED movie gives a POWERFUL point on the 4th Estate.

    — Kevin Ryan —
    Kevin Ryan is asked for advice by someone who is inspired “to make a difference”. Ryan points out that there are many things which a person can do. If a person has talents in the area of journalism, then this is an extremely important pursuit.

    “…We need to build a new media. It is critically important for the future….”

    Being Texan, there is that famous rallying cry against tyranny “Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad!”.

    Perhaps this Newsbud mobilizing action will one day fill a garden of blossoms to a new rallying cry “Remember 9/11! Remember the Fraudsters Elite!”

  13. totemynote says:

    Wish I could be there. Will be very interested to see what happens. Surprisingly bold move for Newsbud, I didn’t see activism like this coming from it.

  14. Octium says:

    Go Sibel!

    Now is the time to expose those liars for who they really are.

  15. ccuthbert2001 says:

    “We are requesting NBC News Corp’s spokesperson and executives in charge of news to receive us and be available to answer questions and make comments in front of our cameras,” Edmonds explained to The Corbett Report via email, adding that they will be seeking an official public retraction and an explanation of why this information from their “senior Pentagon source” was broadcast without any fact checking or corroboration.


    Apollo Slater, this is the operative paragraph in the above article. You have been misrepresenting and embellishing. Where does it say there will be a protest? Where does it say “make demands?” Do you really think Sibel is stupid enough to think she has any leverage to make demands?

    This is a journalist questioning the principal in a scandal. I believe they are asking others to go for “safety in numbers,” not for a protest. James asked people to go with pad and pen, not Molotov cocktails.

    Frankly Apollo, you’re full of it.


    • Official ccuthbert2001 translation guide:

      making demands = “seeking an official public retraction”
      protest = “safety in numbers”

      • ccuthbert2001 says:

        apollo slater translation guide:

        a call for journalists to join them = “protest”
        asking for an interview = “activism”
        seeking retraction of a false story = “demand”

        spending too much time exaggerating and misrepresenting Sibel’s activities = *TROLL*

        If you don’t like what Newsbud is doing, don’t financially support them. You spend waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time sniping at them. Obviously, you either don’t have a life, are a troll, or a gov’t employee. How about giving it a rest? You obviously lost this round.

  16. phonicphotonic says:

    So it has been two days since newsbud went to NBC (approx) and still no update on how it went.

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