I Held A Twitter Election And It Was A Glorious Dumpster Fire!

01/29/20186 Comments

I held a Twitter sElection and you absolutely WILL believe what happened next...unless you're a statist, that is. Happy voting!

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The Corbett Report's experiment in Twitter democracy

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  1. Mr.Mike7704 says:

    I’m glad to see you feeling better James. I’ll see y’all on $teemit.com.

  2. rob32367 says:

    Looks like you’re feeling better – good to see.

  3. john.o says:

    I am frustrated!

    Who is this hipsterish alternative and when do we get to meet his wife? (I am assuming we are not ready for a female hipster President, since I have yet to meet a female hipster.)

    Are we ready for a bearded hipster President? I think so! That will signal a real change from the past!

    But what socks does he wear? Is he witty and stylish or a boor? How do his children misbehave? How much does his wife love him/despise him/drink alcohol? Did he inhale? Does he still?

    I voted for this guy to rob us blind, poison us and kill us all eventually. Can I at least get some entertainment details?

  4. beadbud5000 says:

    Thanks James! I didn’t see twitter as I barely look at it (its facebook-ish too).

    i really wish some of my stanch partisan friends would really grasp this idea but sadly, most of them will not.

    I still vote though even though I realize what it does and does not mean. Great work James!

    • mkey says:

      Why do you vote?

    • herrqlys says:

      I stopped voting a long time ago because government policy is made by unelected professional beaurocratic cabals, lobby groups and party mega donors. On principle, I refuse to play the game.

      If a vast majority abstained from voting, even if the lame stream media papered it over, the ‘elected’ government would be illegitimite in most people’s minds. Any supposed gravitas and authority would be mocked and disobeyed (or at least I hypothecate that sort of dynamic).

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