How Vanguard Conquered the World

09/25/202329 Comments

So, you've watched How BlackRock Conquered the World and you're now aware of how this financial behemoth with trillions of dollars of assets under management has taken over vast swaths of the economy. You know how BlackRock is one of the top institutional investors in seemingly every major Fortune 500 company, and you understand how Fink and the gang are leveraging this incredible wealth to wield political and social power, directing industry and ultimately steering the course of civilization.

And since you did watch that podcastumentary to the very end, you'll also remember how I pointed out that the top institutional investor in most of these companies is not BlackRock, but The Vanguard Group.

So what is The Vanguard Group? Where did it come from? What does it do? And how does this financial colossus fit into the overall BlackRock/ESG/Net Zero plan for the future of the (controlled) economy? Good questions! Let's roll up our sleeves and get to work answering them.

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  1. crollbert says:

    Fantastic article!

  2. Stefan says:

    Very interesting! But the important question still is: who ownes the funds mainly or who are the main investors? Or better, who are the hidden investors behind Fink?

    • JCh129 says:

      The idea that Fink is the sole person running blackrock is probably like saying Biden is running America. Neither seem very likely

  3. rob.h says:

    Get stuff, James. Keep up the great work. I agree with your solutions too.

    I am trying my best to stay away from their influences (401K and such) and plan on setting aside my value for my benefit, not theirs.

    I do believe it is that simple. They must have a host to feed on. If no one ever bought coke again – coke is gone. That goes for each and every other company out there.

    Keep up the great work and invest in yourself and your friends!

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    “How Vanguard Conquered the World” was an excellent explainer. Step by step, Corbett walked us through the story so that the average person can grasp the concepts.

  5. madhu says:

    Brilliantly researched and argued.

  6. generalbottlewasher says:

    It’s great to know the Editor en Chief has a sense of humor. He shares those light hearted gems in the ” Just for Fun ” section.
    He was asked about that and he sez ” after I crawl down that sewer and open that shit-pipe to the light I need a little humor to clean up my attitude.”
    Makes sense to me James, thanks you know for Christs sake I don’t know how you survive it. Guess a person knows now. Eh?

  7. Jetmab says:

    Oh wow James, they’ve almost become Biblical…

    We just now, need to hear how ‘goid’ they all are, at covering up for each other…

    Not 100% sure (or am I?) Why they all came into my mind while reading your excellent article….you know, the Catholics, Baptists, Methodists and all the rest….like e.g. JP Morgan, Epstein and all the rest of our “beloved,” self-proclaimed and un-elected “elite”…..(with their “intellectual” spittle flying in all directions…?

    We truly live in a sad world…

    Maybe we will all be “happy and own nothing” (be dead) in a few days, when this “elite” show us all their next mafiosu-tricks “for the fun of it”…

    Anyway, thanks for keeping on and on and on…..and on…

    Have a good week…?

  8. vadoum says:

    I bet most who made a long trip to protest at the capitol were sincere and ready to sacrifice for noble principles: that others less brave might hear them declare independence, yet they were out maneuvered by a pesky few who had lotsa practice, plans, and protection. just sayin mass action seems to, in these techy times be manageable by just a few.

    Are economies only the sum of what goods and services are churned out, so that if a significant percentage stopped, the misleaders would fall to their knees?

    I suspect the “work-to-earn foldable/spendable” game could stop, but doubt that would keep the highest ups from demanding and continuing to be served by everyone else. If they cant baffle the masses with currency, theres other modalities of coercing people to look left when a big sound is coming from the right, or dumbing most down to a serviceable submissiveness.

    Once one breaks the 3 arch laws no killing (except to have food enough), no stealing, & no lying, it must be impossible to sustain any peace of mind without faking it further and further, (albright was clearly on that downward spiral). I doubt those types feel much joy ever, theyre setting the examples of the worst one can do with the blessing of a human life. or they simply arent human?

    boycotting, may help small. We certainly could do with less consuming in every way that we eat (through 7 gates). But if the battlefield truly is in the brain and of the mind, without finishing that battle, boycotting could just be pissing into the wind.

    • Jetmab says:

      Ignore these criminal psychopaths….

      They’re worth less than what you throw in your toilet 5-7 times a day…even less. .

      I don’t care if my payment methods (for the goods I need) are in cash or stones …

      Get out of this debt-system – if you can’t, then ask these morons to show it up theirs…

      I’m not sure who the Hell they think they are – just know there’ll never be any room for them in my life…human scum is the last I need/want….

  9. shehi says:

    This needs to be a vidcast.

  10. vanya.r says:

    You had to mention the Duponts, Windsor, the Rothschilds and other elite bloodline names who are part of the Vanguard shareholders. These are the true rulers of humanity.

    • JCh129 says:


    • ticop says:

      Reminds of James’s video about Lynn Foerster de Rothschild wanting to do away with the ESG term, perhaps a heavy investor in Vanguard (?). The point of course being, whoever has the control, the fact that the power is limited to very few, poses a risk, regardless who the few are, especially when the influence is denied by , most public institutions.

  11. hanky says:

    I am confused now. Which is bigger and more influential, Black Rock or Vanguard?
    Do they compete with each other, or are they branches of one entity?

    • mkey says:

      To answer this question, correlation between their voting should be found. As usual, monolithic conspiracy seems unlikely.

      • hanky says:

        Thanks for at least noticing my query.
        But seriously, I don’t understand the basic questions. Between Black Rock and Vanguard, Who is bigger? Who is more powerful? Who is more nefarious?

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          In my opinion, Blackrock is more nefarious (Larry Fink, WEF, and ESG promotion), whereas Vanguard was one of the first to distance itself from ESG. Larry certainly is outspoken on his idealisms.

          In my opinion, there is also a problem with the “herd mentality” of Wall Street. Stock prices go up when the herd pushes that way, and vice versa.
          The herd is comprised of the big players on Wall Street because they control the bulk of money flows, and they control the financial narrative of the day. The money flows is what controls the prices for stocks, bonds and commodities.
          The regular retail JoBlo investor is not part of the herd. JoBlo is food fodder. In a manner of broadly speaking, on every stock trade someone loses while another one gains.
          It often becomes quite noticable that big players will deceptively push up prices, then sell to the retailer at high prices, and then push the stock price back down. Rinse and repeat.

    • JCh129 says:

      Personally I think its probably one of those 2 wings of the same eagle situations… left vs right, east vs west, firefox vs chrome, facebook vs twitter, coke vs pepsie, walmart vs every other chain. The elites are always hiding their monopolies and making it appear as the plebs have choices when in reality they seem to control each side.

      I don’t have any evidence for this, just a hunch.

      • cu.h.j says:

        Yeah, it seems like they support sides to influence and control. But I think that they are not a monolithic group and compete with each other. They may cooperate sometimes if it benefits them, or if they have no choice. But psychopaths by their nature are out for themselves. They have no real loyalty except to themselves and their own vision and lusts.

        Plebs are the cogs in the machine that make it function for now and I think do have a choice, IMO.

  12. zozicozi says:

    If you look at the bylaws of many of the top companies, you will find that in order to nominate someone to the board of directors, you must be a shareholder holding, say 3% of the stock.

    In other words, even though the stock is ostensibly owned by the public, only the largest shareholders (i.e. Blackrock and Vanguard), can actually nominate to the board. Obviously if you choose all the nominees, you will always win!

    Another top company to look at is Capital Group. Not a lot of information to be found about them, but they also appear as a top holder of stock in these companies.

    • ticop says:

      I’ve come to realize, it’s the merry-go-round of board members, that carry much weight for the direction of the company. The CEO, after all, is subservient to these; who often are unknown to even the employees of their company (as I am personally guilty of). By picking the directors of universities, media outlets, and corporations, one can steer a society by proxy. Again, the hidden hand.

  13. HomeRemedySupply says:

    A few thoughts:
    The Bond market is larger than the Stock Market, and when combined with Commodity Trading, there are massive sums of money being exchanged daily.

    In my opinion, for the most part Wall Street is a “trading game”.
    One does not realize a monetary gain or loss until one sells it. This applies to Wall Street or to an individual who trades his own services.

    Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street combined with major corporations wield tremendous influence and control.
    Nobody can argue with that.
    However, the average person probably does not recognize what a massive monster this machine is, nor how this system has designs to enslave us.
    It becomes extremely important to wake up the average person to this juggernaut.

    (That is a real mining machine.)
    A Juggernaut, in current English usage, is a literal or metaphorical force regarded as merciless, destructive, and unstoppable.
    The History of Juggernaut
    In the early 14th century, Franciscan missionary Friar Odoric brought to Europe the story of an enormous carriage that carried an image of the Hindu god Vishnu (whose title was Jagannath, literally, “lord of the world”) through the streets of India in religious processions. Odoric reported that some worshippers deliberately allowed themselves to be crushed beneath the vehicle’s wheels as a sacrifice to Vishnu. That story was likely an exaggeration or misinterpretation of actual events, but it spread throughout Europe. The tale caught the imagination of English listeners, and they began using juggernaut to refer to any massive vehicle (such as a steam locomotive) and to any other enormous entity with powerful crushing capabilities.

  14. helanda says:

    Is it JP Morgan or is it actually BlackRock, Vanguard and state street that already owns like 90% of the BTC that is already minted??

  15. ticop says:

    I sit in the Lord Nelson hotel as I read this. The picture of him has him in full naval regalia. What stands out is his hand firmly in his shirt. The classic “hidden hand” of the Freemason/Illuminati. Naturally, a quick search confirms that Lord Nelson was in fact a Freemason. Of course, the hidden hand jester seems very apropos for Vanguard.

  16. Torus says:

    Maybe I should have pursued an education in Finance instead of Sociology; I find the subject fascinating. But I never liked numbers and computers nearly as much as words and people. Lucky for me, here is James Corbett bridging the gap between high finance institutions and sociological control mechanisms. And even with all this relevant and important information, it is the last paragraphs that resonate the loudest:
    “our power, derived from our money through our investments of our time, our energy, our labour and our productive power in the service of their corporate agenda. Thus, the fundamental solution to the problem of Vanguard and BlackRock will not come from some outside force. It will come when we withdraw our wealth from their system.”

    #Exit and Build

  17. Torus says:

    The Recommended Viewing, “Why are People so Obedient” by Academy of Ideas was absolutely brilliant. Will be sharing widely. Thank you, James.
    I especially appreciated the mention of the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia, one of the only peaceful overthrow’s in history.
    Do not comply. Come to your own conclusions.

  18. Gavinm says:

    Excellent article James.

    While you have already in essence expressed the same thing I am about to say (through your many in depth Solutions Watch episodes that focus on cultivating food and medicine at home) I would like to expand on something you said in the article above in order to bring the message home for those new Corbeteers that have not explored your archives yet and are just tuning in now.

    Above, you said “..the fundamental solution to the problem of Vanguard and BlackRock will not come from some outside force. It will come when we withdraw our wealth from their system.”

    I agree whole heartedly, and I would like to expand on that by saying:

    It will come when we withdraw our wealth from their system ??? ??????? ?????? ?? ?? ??? ?????? ????? ??? ?? ??? ????? ???????????.

    Thanks for all you do shining light into the shadows and helping the seeds of truth and courage to sprout in hearts and minds all over this beautiful world.

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