How to Survive Regime Change

02/13/202252 Comments

Is your country on the hit list of Soros and/or Omidyar and/or USAID and/or the NED and/or any of the other deep state Trojan horses hiding behind their convenient "NGO" cutouts? Are you worried that a regime change operation is in the offing?

Well, fret not! Here's some good news for a change!

As is turns out, the colour revolution string-pullers—you know, the gaggle of inbred, eugenics-obsessed elitists whose awesome power is supposed to make us cower in fear—are not so omnipotent after all. In fact, sometimes they're a bunch of incompetent, bumbling, ivory tower buffoons, and I have the receipts to prove it.

Buckle in for this one, folks. It's an incredible story.

In this week's edition of The Corbett Report Subscriber, James recounts the story of a regime change operation that did not go as the planners expected. More important than the story itself, though, is what it teaches us about the value of independence and the fallibility of the technocrats. After that, you'll want to stick around for this week's recommended reading, listening and viewing, plus a coupon code for 25% off Corbett Report DVDs at the New World Next Week shop.

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  1. Valuedcustomer says:

    Another great article James.
    I think you have stumbled onto the most important thing.
    Living is not what most are doing.

    Survival is truly of the fittest. Our parents were deceived by shiny things. How much will we take to keep those shiny things we cant eat?

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I just started reading the article “How to Survive Regime Change”, but had to stop.
    I was laughing.
    This Corbett paragraph is a gem…

    As is turns out, the colour revolution string-pullers—you know, the gaggle of inbred, eugenics-obsessed elitists whose awesome power is supposed to make us cower in fear—are not so omnipotent after all. In fact, sometimes they’re a bunch of incompetent, bumbling, ivory tower buffoons and I have the receipts to prove it.

    • mkey says:

      Some aptly refer to them as elite of a bottom of a trash can. As much as we would like to jest on their account, they know a LOT more about human psychology than the average Joe, the below average competent, bumbling idiot.

      • Duck says:


        Some of the people running things are likely almost as dumb as a TV watching normie. THEY just can afford to hire smart people and build better toys them us

        The tech people and advisors probably are way smarter than the actual Kleptocrat

    • Speaking about Regime Change (and receipts) …

      Ontario plans to scrap its vaccine-certificate system on March 1, Premier Doug Ford announced Monday, while allowing the removal of current capacity limits for restaurants, bars and gyms this Thursday.”

      “Let me be very clear, we’re moving in this direction because it’s safe to do so,” Mr. Ford said. “Today’s announcement is not because of what’s happening in Ottawa or Windsor...” (And I have the receipts to prove it).

      Yeah right Doug, and I have a bridge I’d like to sell you. 🙂

  3. n4x5 says:

    The IMF playbook may not be a reliable means of taking over an agrarian society, but remember that we do not live in an agrarian society. People engaged in modern modes of living are dependent on sources of goods and services — telecommunications networks, semiconductor manufacturing, mining operations, and so on, complex chains of production and logistics requiring highly differentiated division of labor, fulfilled in large part by corporate entities tightly enmeshed with government and controlled by oligarchs. Maybe in the future this state of affairs can (and should) change, but this is the situation as it stands now and in the foreseeable future. This is not a trivial point. I see nothing intrinsically counterproductive in building additional resilience and survivability into our lives (gardening or backup solar power, for example), but it isn’t a foolproof solution for defeating tyranny. Let’s also bear in mind that agrarian societies don’t always have the option to simply ignore the imposition of power by outsiders. The American bombing campaign and CIA operations weren’t mere minor inconveniences that allowed the rural people of Laos to simply go about their business as usual undisturbed.

    However the point about the weaknesses of the elites and their agenda is one we’d do well to keep in mind in the days ahead. They’ve gone to great lengths to project an image of their own invincibility and the supposed inevitability of the realization of their agenda, but I see no reason to become despondent. On the other hand, these are people with real means of exerting influence in various ways, people not to be underestimated.

    • mik says:

      Concur, to some extent.

      Still James made an excellent point, if you have food you are the Master. With empty stomach anyone is very close to become a whore or worse.
      I think tyranny in foreseeable future is very much inevitable at this point. People need to be beaten badly by a bludgeon, then they will realise something is rotten. So we primarily have to think about survival i.e. food.

      Have you watched What Keeps Me Up At Night from recommended watching about bio-brain-dead-monstrosities? I knew situation is bad, damn, actually is worse. New Nueremberg court is necessary for perpetrators and not gallows for guilty, no no, …I’ve deleted what was written here in the first place, it was beyond abominable (in just three words).
      Since regular food in future will be franken-food, real food will be in high demand, meat in particular. Whatever nightmare game will overlords establish one thing is certain: there is no unhackable game. Real food will be very good incentive for hacking.

      • openlens says:

        If “real food” means blood, well, they want to eat you. You are just another warm blooded mammal to them. Like a pig and a sheep and a cow ain’t much different to you, all “meat”. It’s what’s for dinner.
        Maybe we are the animals they’ve domesticated, and there are more than enough of us to feed them.
        What’s the difference between a lamb and a cow? Anyway?
        Maybe what they are hinting at is that there just won’t be anything left that is alive.

  4. Howler Monkey says:

    I’m in complete agreement with this article. Having been involved (in my youth before I became more enlightened) heavily in politics I witnessed first hand the enormous egos at play. I can just imagine the ego warfare that plays out between these nefarious players.
    Add to that, I also learned early on that smart people are not necessarily intelligent people. There are a lot of very smart rich folk with IQ’s equal to that of a melon. Book smart yes, can perform the role yes, but no level of critical thinking or true intelligence.

    To echo your sentiment in this article your words ring true. We should not, and will not fear these bumbling idiots. It is however time to out think them on a grander stage.

    In Lak’ech

  5. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Corbett’s 2/13/2022 article “How to Survive Regime Change”

    It took me a good while to read this, because I kept going to many of the referenced links. Some great stuff! Some very interesting backstories on Ukraine & Pierre Omidyar & U.S. funding. It is noteworthy how these same players keep coming up.
    The Alexander Rubenstein article “New Gates Foundation trustee led plot to overthrow Zimbabwean leader alongside US gov’t” was wild.

    In the closing paragraphs James Corbett says:
    Firstly, the technocratic planners of the New World Order are not omniscient, omnipotent, or even necessarily competent. They are bumbling boobs who often know little about the actual lived reality of the people whose lives they presume to be able to run…
    …the global cabal are a bunch of incompetent boobs who don’t understand anything outside of their (extremely limited) range of experience. They couldn’t organize a way out of a wet paper bag….

    The points which Corbett makes in those paragraphs are in-your-face, plainly observable when a person follows the Worldwide “Freedom Convoy 2022” Pandemic.
    In fact, it sometimes has comical entertainment value because the Authoritarians dramatize the ridiculous.
    And hang on! In early March, we may see a much more massive push towards Freedom and Liberty. U.S. Truckers are making plans! I’m gonna get more toilet paper.

    I don’t care for Matt Taibbi and almost never read his crap.
    However, he drew an excellent comparison of Justin Trudeau’s recent reactions to the historical 1989 speech by Romanian Nicolae Ceaușescu.
    Watch the expression of disbelief on the face of Nicolae Ceaușescu at the 2:30 minute mark.
    These Authoritarians are idiots.

  6. Tony_PotenZa says:

    Speaking of assassination/regime change in Zimbabwe …if you got a few hours to kill you can fall into the Ari Ben Menashe rabbit hole and read about his scheming in Zimbabwe in 2002.Be careful its addictive! This guy links up to so many stories it will make you dizzy Link to wikipedia article just to get started…

  7. taw says:

    Oh James…you are so good! And spot on. Loved the read.

  8. Fact Checker says:

    So Mugabe skirted regime change in 2007, and then the globalist forces departed, never to be seen again, and the people of Zimbabwe lived happily ever after!

    Oh. Wait:état

  9. ... says:

    I don’t care what JC writes as long as he writes some kind of fiction book in the near future i would buy it in a heart beat, todays article is as always hilarious and a joy to read. i think the lesson we should learn from the failues that JC has pointed out today is that the more educated and domestic humans get the more we become slaves to the would be dictators like klaus schwab, the globalist have no effect on the farmers of africa because the farmers of africa don’t have twisted concerns like domestic humans do they don’t watch sport tv or play games they just work eat sleep and repeat till they die and this means that the globalist have much less influence on the farmers then they do over us, this does not mean that we should abandon modern technology and live in mud huts but it does mean that we should consider abandoning distractions like Tv and sports in favor of books and hard work

    • openlens says:

      Some of them do have some pretty twisted concerns. But you’d have to get into human relations to know that. There’s still a whole lot of genital mutilation going on in Africa, in those lovely “uneducated” communities. It is not a religious practice, it ranges across “faiths”, it is a cultural practice.
      Radio had an enormous impact on these “tribal” peoples. That has been recorded in real time. The soccer games took central stage, and the kids and family concerns got shuffled.
      The outfit don’t make the person.
      And the current anti-education “regime” is meant to dumb folks down all the more. Get them to actually detest all forms of education, and you’ve got ’em coming and going.

  10. loggin says:

    Living in an agricultural society horrifies me and presumably the vast majority of those in technological countries.

    North Americans are much closer in time to homesteading and living in nature.

    I’m Scottish. We don’t have bears or beavers or wolves or mountain lions because we killed the lot of them a very long time ago !! We don’t forage for wood because we have gas central heating.

    I had a friend from Zimbabwe. It is a deeply tribal society. That’s where Mugabe got his power.

    • openlens says:

      You don’t like to eat food? I guess Mr. Gates shares your horror.
      You’ve spent time living in “an agricultural society”?
      What other kind is there? Are there societies which do not eat?
      I’m curious.
      A new field of study!!
      Bring it on!! Breatharians International!!

      quick, before there’s no oxygen left to breathe!!

      • loggin says:

        I was told about Breatharians, it’s (an imaginary) real thing.

        I get my food delivered from supermarkets. ASDA only tell us the country of origin if it’s the UK. I believe some of it is grown in Africa, some of it in Spain which is to the north of Africa.

        The English grow potatoes, carrots and beer. Scotland grows sheep and beer. I don’t eat sheep or drink beer.

  11. loggin says:

    I recently watched an excellent documentary called ‘HIV = AIDS: Fact or Fraud? (1997)”

    Whatever the origins of HIV-AIDS, it seems clear to me that millions were deceived into believing they had AIDS and administered nasty drugs like AZT.

    Cheered on by the most gullible folks in the galaxy, American liberals who turned pharma gangsterism into a moral issue.

    Just like they do every single day with masks and vaccines now.

  12. openlens says:

    Excellent end perspective, James. Just what I’ ve been waiting for. For folks to realize that these freaks are useless.

    I’m looking forward to your focus changing from the endless broohaha of the “regime” chiefs, those who seek to “reg”: move in a straight line.
    I mean, as a Native American, what’s new? Same same as it ever was.

    So yes, looking forward to your reports now focussing on real people living real lives. I’m sure you’ll draw just as much interest and make just as good a living. Can’t see why not.
    Hey!! Bill Gates is a farmer now!! You could do a piece on him!!
    Or me. I’m a good grower too, I’ve created lots of abundant gardens. Most of them have been stolen from me as soon as the six months of work was done tho. There’s still this glitch going on about “owning land”.
    I never saw an original deed, tho. Can’t figure what the hell they are talking about, “owning” the land. ?????
    Is that a “regime”? Seems like it.

  13. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Mon Feb 14th – Clyde Do Something
    Clyde is a Mechanic (not the assassin kind. 😉 )
    The Rise of Blue Collar Journalism – Freedom Convoy 2022
    (2 1/2 minutes)

  14. reowen says:

    Good article and encouraging thoughts, James. Thanks!

  15. openlens says:

    And yet, how is it that the bumbling fools manage to be so successful, so much of the time?
    Maybe time is a key?
    Maybe they never make a move without fully knowing…..
    what they don’t want you to know?
    How about this? This is how the puppet masters make their plans.
    What do you think?

    • Zzzap says:

      From my view point, Venus is definitely turning the tide. We’re winning !

      We already understand that the war has been won. We’re watching the rebuilding starting to happen.

      Second renaissance!
      Truth will pave the way.

      • openlens says:

        Don’t miss that Jupiter Saturn cycle, of 120 years, currently in Earth. That writing speaks to long term cycles. Very interesting, as the influences are easily shown from this occurring in the past.

    • mkey says:

      They are successful because they act in unison and have the advantage of a massive knowledge differential. Not because they are so smart, but because the enemy is so abysmally stupid.

      • openlens says:

        It’s important to differentiate between Mercurial shape-shifting CLEVERNESS, and true Jupiterian quantum KNOWLEDGE, which requires a quantum leap into wisdom.
        As they are unable to follow us there, they seek to close that possibility off to us. The Microwave Control Agenda is doing a pretty good job of it.

  16. ladyl says:

    Without taking anything from the great article I like to add something different. Is that saying “There is no greater danger than underestimating your opponent.” So whoever is behind the scene with the name as “One Wold Government” or “The Cabal’ or “them”, to call them, Stupid and Incompetent is not only wrong but very dangers. Why is wrong I explain above. Don’t be surprised. They are the smartest people in the world by far. Look in the last 20 years how smartly they integrated the terrorism with Covid and biosecurity. Many people know, what really happed in the past 2 year have been planed in the 60’. So took “them” 60 years to plan a war. Even if we knew what the plan will be for the next 20 years we are powerless to do anything if we do not change our way of living. I mean in a spiritual way. The war always has been to conquer the person morally and spiritually. The confusion came from the idea that some people mention in the article above are the real players. That I think is wrong. We will never know who “they” are and “they” themselves don’t know who ‘’they’’ are. From the time of assassination of Walther Rathenau they decided that not one of “them” will ever again be a politician, public figure or give interview. ”They” will always stay behind the scene. How do I know this? Is an amazing document called “Red Symphony” from J Landowski named as the most important document of 20 century. I am not going to mention what is in those 45 pages of interrogation, but is mind blowing for the reader now as it was for Stalin at that time. Simply is an open war between “them” and Us and they are armed better, because we have dropped our defences. Every war up to now including Covid have been won by “ them” overwhelmingly. We will be chasing tail until we put a long plan in place.

  17. un-stoppable says:

    I’m new here and thought i’d share this which may interest you guys.

    Here is the second half, the first being about “conspiracy theories”:

    ● The divide and conquer strategies of the vaxxed vs unvaxxed, the masked vs the unmasked, the left vs right, the gay vs straight

    ● The weaponization of the corporate owned and controlled mass media against the world’s population

    ● The current and impending massive volume of world-wide vaccine damage and death

    ● The relentless push for poison vax mandates in order to force inject them into every man, woman, and child on the planet

    ● The rush to the requirement of mandatory vaccine passports which will quickly evolve into panopticon slave bracelets

    ● The influx of “migrants” being flown in to cities all around the country by the FBI in tandem with George Soros’s destroying of the rule of law by refusing to prosecute crimes with his bought and paid for AGs

    ● The coming hyperinflation as our politicians fully loot the treasury–the conventional last act of a failing empire

    ● And the announced incoming cyber attacks/total supply chain meltdown combined with the famine that will bring…

    are all a deliberate controlled demolition of the current global order, executed for the purpose of bringing about the New World Order.

    • Duck says:

      Nice page.

      Your right on all these things but the cycle keeps repeating- people build a human centric antichrist system and after a while it fails.

      This iteration is so big and complex that it’s going to be the black death or worse when it fallsm

    • loggin says:


      Excellent contribution. I agree.

      Here in Britain, the home of global warming (carbon trading) and global finance the next phase has already under way. Net Zero is set to further substantially damage the lifestyles of the average citizen.

  18. frogsoup says:

    It worries me that they are just gonna learn from the lesson. This probably infuriates them. And now they will be even more furious and insidious with the tactics.

    • Duck says:


      I think you have a point, but I begin to suspect the people running things are almost as stupid as their NPC hipster slave class they trot out to complain about honking horns.

      They may become very vicious as they try to keep things on an even keel but their behavior is not a sign of strength. You only spaz out in a fight when you your in danger of loosing. Like the unabomber said only incompetent cops need to actually beat people, smart ones bully or convince

  19. Lord D. Rothefeller says:

    Great article. Reminds me of what John T. Gatto would say about A. Lincoln & freedom.

    “The thought recurs that education—cultivated thought—can best be combined with agricultural labor, or any labor, on the principle of thorough work; that careless, half-performed, slovenly work makes no place for such combination; and thorough work, again, renders sufficient the smallest quantity of ground to each man; and this, again, conforms to what must occur in a world less inclined to wars and more devoted to the arts of peace than heretofore. Population must increase rapidly, more rapidly than in former times, and erelong the most valuable of all arts will be the art of deriving a comfortable subsistence from the smallest area of soil.

    No community whose every member possesses this art, can ever be the victim of oppression in any of its forms. Such community will be alike independent of crowned kings, money kings, and land kings.”

  20. WAYNED says:

    Of course! 9/11 was a total f-up. SO obvious, all they can do is run from facts using their media as cover.
    MEDIA is their mouth. Shut them up before they convince more fools!

  21. Torus says:

    Speaking of bumbling idiots…
    CNNs Dr. Leana Wen and the changing narrative. Backpedaling to try and earn “trust” It’s almost embarrassing to witness. I almost feel sorry for her as she exposes her own hypocrisy.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Dr. Leana Wen Flip-Flopping on Masks Mandates

      (3 minutes of many clips)

    • cu.h.j says:

      I don’t feel sorry for her. I wish she has serious negative consequences from this, like a deadly illness or something, something miserable. She deserves to have nightmares every night, like all of these tyrants. They are psychopaths, who don’t care for anyone but themselves. They deserve to suffer. I don’t know that they will, but this is what they deserve.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I, too, hold those feelings.

        WEBSITE of Criminal Bad Actors

        Perhaps someday, someone will build a website with a very long, long list of names which goes on for pages.
        Media people and corporations (including local stations and people), politicians, authorities on local, regional, and national levels, etc.

        Nazi War Criminals List
        Naming names publicly on a website is like putting heads on stakes and bodies on crosses.
        It can deter authoritarian activity while also bringing nightmares to the culprits.

        Can a school board member or city council person feel comfortable if their name (with a link to description of their crimes) was published on a very popular website.

        Diane Dean is such a neurotic, nut-case authoritarian. She is so delusional that I’m sure that she becomes mentally affected by the bad PR on her.

      • Torus says:

        Not a big surprise, but worth mentioning. Leana Wen was a WEF Young Global Leader

        • mkey says:

          And probably penetrated as such, repeatedly. Just like Justin over there.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Torus says:
          Leana Wen was a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader.

          • cu.h.j says:

            I think public attention and a spotlight on the WEF should continue. It should become so unpopular and shameful that they slink away and hide under a rock like the cowardly creatures that they are.

            These “people” disgust me and they should live in shame disgrace and dishonor until they die.

    • Jed says:

      CNN’s Wen is no better then their what, who, why, and how.

  22. loggin says:

    More serious opinion.

    They have already won. The goal is a social credit system and the vast majority have signed up for its precursor, the vaccine passport. All it requires is a change of name and some extra code.

    The stupidity required to take three vaccines (and counting) for the same mild condition, the masks, the lockdowns, the demonisation of the outsiders shows that the world including most of its professors are ripe for fascist technocracy.

    The silver lining is that these people are so supremely arrogant and human beings infinitely inventive, the new world order will inevitably crash.

    1. There will never be driverless cars on the current roads yet a number of massive corporations were convinced there would.

    2. There will never be a 3D metaverse with headsets despite what Zuckerberg might believe. Fine for crazy teenagers playing games, not for interacting with you meta granny in Ottawa. Too uncomfortable. Even more massive corporations were convinced of this.

    3. Brain chips will (probably) create carnage.

  23. gbdjr says:

    I haven’t posted here for awhile, and this is a bit off-topic for regime change, but some may find it amusing. Based on Neil Young’s complaint about misinformation about the injected solutions, I have written a parody of one of his popular songs:

    The Weasel and the Damage Done

    I caught you knockin’
    On Joe Rogan for,
    You establishment whore,
    Oh, oh the damage done.

    You took the city
    But you lost your mind,
    You took the needle
    And it’s made you blind,
    Your blood clots and the damage is done.

    I sing the song because I’m not a fan,
    There’s something here
    you don’t understand,
    It’s high time,
    and yours is running out.

    I’ve seen the needle
    and the damage done,
    Another round of shots for everyone,
    But every shill is like a settin’ sun.

    They prop you up
    because you toe the line,
    They’re killing children, but I guess that’s fine,
    Ho hum, the damage done . . .

    I’ve seen the weasels
    And the damage done,
    In Laurel Canyon
    When they had their run,
    Ho hum, the damage done. . .

  24. loggin says:

    From Disclose TV

    Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum says

    Page 24

    “The COVID 19 pandemic has led to a heightened focus on the power of medical data, specifically so-called vaccine passports. These passports by nature serve as a form of digital identity.”

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