How To Hide Your Billions

04/09/20164 Comments

So you've read the Panama Papers "reporting" and you think you have a handle on how the world's billionaires hide their money? You don't know the half of it. Join me for this week's subscriber newsletter as I break down how the globalist banksters really hide and launder their money...right in plain sight. Plus, Corbett Report video editor Broc West joins me in the sunny climes of western Japan under the blossoming cherry trees for a subscriber video about life, Japan, and everything.

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  1. Jeff says:

    This is brilliant, thanks James. And the spicy 10 challenge… no exemption for Broc 🙂

  2. dreadeutsch says:

    I hope you are giving serious consideration to the possibility that your attitude towards the Sandyhook “shooting” is mistaken. There is so much evidence that it was a hoax at a school that had been closed for years, with no one being shot, and pictures from a drill. Another commenter on the episode where you expressed your disbelief in this, along with the Boiling Frogs host, gave good links for you to explore.

  3. ImagiNation says:

    Speaking of banks… The speculation that the Panama Papers were a calculated release intent to further demonise Putin (and others) and the first target being Iceland’s ex-PM Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson as punishment for daring to put banksters in prison (the only country in the world to do so) for crimes resulting from the GFC just gained credibility. Just two days after Gunnlaugsson was forced to step down as PM, the three banksters from the defunct Iceland bank Kaupthing are to be released after serving just one year of their five year sentences. Just proves who’s really in control of the world and shows how the so far unreleased papers will be used for blackmail, manipulation and control. and MSN is not reporting it. Can’t think why…
    Don’t you just love it…

  4. dwayner says:

    I was born in BC, raised in Alberta, lived in BC since ’69. I’ve been following you since your early days, with the famous Climategate-greenscam talk you about the usurpation of environmentalism.

    I am starting to feel that there is no place to get away from the socialist politically correct mentality here in Canada. I have stayed in small communities over the years, and yet it is almost worse with the closed mindedness and lack of awareness that seems to breed in these out-of-the-way places. It is getting so hard just to live a simple quiet life with all the rules and regs on the basic needs. Illegal to take water from the river, or fish, or have an outhouse, or a house not to code, and with carbon taxes soon to be federal, breathing becomes a liability.

    I have always been attracted to Japan (rural) for many reasons, and your inability to put it into words is exactly what I am attracted to. There seems to be a connectedness with the Tao, that unknowable unnameable mysterious IS-ness that the culture in general lives by. And there’s the hot springs…(our are all wrecked by commercial enterprise with terrible taste).

    When the 311 tsunami happened I was so struck by the beauty and strength of the common Japanese in times of death and destruction–especially in contrast to the flood victims of Katrina in New Orleans screaming at the cameras for the government to give them food (the obese were the loudest). It brought tears to my eyes watching the dignified way the Japanese survivors were so calm and just quietly thankful to be alive. My heart went to them then, and I have often thought I wanted to move there to be around such humble people. Like Broc, I just vibe with Japan. Unlike him, I have never been there.

    Which brings me to my question: did you emigrate? I have heard that Japan takes few in, so I was wondering how you manage to stay there (getting married to a Japanese person?) Where would I go to find out?

    Thanks so much for your work, James, et al…

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