How to Evade Sanctions

06/04/201814 Comments

"Abandon all hope ye who enter here."

That, famously, is the inscription above the gates of hell in Dante's Inferno, and, if Uncle Sam gets his way, it will be the first thing that comes to mind for any company seeking to skirt the sanctions on Iran that are snapping back into place in the coming months.

Why? Because there are a growing number of companies and even entire countries that are openly proclaiming that they will not go along with these latest US-imposed sanctions and will continue trading with Iran as before.

So how are businesses planning to get around the latest round of sanctions on Iran? And what does this mean for Pax Americana? Find out in this week's edition of The Corbett Report Subscriber.

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  1. Gaslight says:

    The Trump administration has it’s hand out.

    The inscription above the gates says; “No pay/No play”.

    It will now be much easier for entities who wish to continue business in Iran to
    just go ahead and lobby the White House.

    Trump has made it virtually impossible (and too much hassle) to sneak around off-shore going forward.

    Let the (far less public) palm greasing in D.C. begin!!!

    The Whore of Babylon takes on many benevolent faces…but her actions always defy them.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Exactly. Remember the guns and coke arrangement? Dealing with the enemy is a great way to boost the defense budget. Though, if I agreed their should be a state, I would actually wonder why those measures Munchkin boy described, don’t always apply. Just a common sense measure to not reward your contractors for violating your arbitrary rules. JimBob who thinks Trumpy really just wants to get the hell out of the Middle East, or maybe JimBob just really wants us to get the hell out of the Middle East.

      Oh yeah, almost forgot! Good article! I have been jonesing for my Corbett fix. Except you don’t chase the dragon here, each fix just takes you higher.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        You are right JimBob…. Good article! I have been jonesing for my Corbett fix.

        It is so clownish on how America still tries to act like the toughest kid on the block. Eventually, no one will want to play with them.

      • Gaslight says:

        Well, I’m glad to see you replying to me in agreement on something JimBob, although I’m not sure you’re grasping my general point.

        Peace anyhow

  2. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Why do Empires Fall??

    this text i copied from somewhere on the web…
    empires decline because they are:

    – becoming overextended,
    – being overexerted,
    – growing overconfident,
    or some combination thereof.

    I argue, empires fall because they underestimate the challenge (or people) they are facing, whether it is religion, a growing movement, or even the type of people they are facing…

    I say this because, US of A is currently attacking Iran with that mentality, without full understanding of who the Iranian people are.

    although, i have visited Iran, and I completely disagree with theocratic rule (wherever it is located.. From the Vatican all the way to Buddhist temples), but the Iranian people are made up from different metal (they are still humans like you and I, but the percentages vary than the rest of us).

    For example, the Arab culture are not really “united” and supportive of one another in general, due to culture and bad education. The Iranian people are completely the opposite. They are very united as people, and extremely proud.

    They share that behavior with Jewish culture (if you have Jewish friends, you will understand what i mean).

    So, I agree with you James… The only way Iran would give in to USA is… if USA nuked the whole of Iran, and even then, they will rise from the ashes, and fight back.

    I am supporting Iran (Iranian People) all the way in this fight.

    • Gaslight says:

      Hello Voice of Arabi,

      Try not to think of this in terms of the willful destruction of America. That’s a done deal.

      America is the NWO strong man. That’s the roll the USA’s been propagandized into. Just as China’s purpose is to manufacture for the new, socialist world.

      Further consolidation is all we see now, and a “revolution” of wide-spread pot distribution/usage is the last thing our youth need at this point. Hence the government’s clandestine promotion of it.

      I’ll expand upon your closing line by saying I support the common people.

      We’re all getting used in the “Nation vs. Nation” false paradigm.

  3. Gaslight says:

    These “conflicts” are contrived.

    The strong arm deals being forced upon business with interests in Iran are purely cosmopolitan, as is the District of Columbia itself.

    When a new administration enters office (after about a year of set up) we start to see the real deals go down.

    This is one of them. The devil has to hold up his end of the bargain too guys.

    Trump will now fill his pockets with lobbyist cash while the political outsiders are forced to comply with the sanctions, and lose. Insiders are above laws and sanctions just as sure as we’re sitting here.

    Watch Trump’s fortune spike wildly going forward as his banker’s lobbyists pick the winners, and the losers in this next round of international crony capitalism.

    The consolidation of all things rolls on, and only the ultra behemoths will survive.

    The rest will be swallowed, or just wither on the vine.

  4. pearl says:

    That TSA Goon story is just scream-in-my-pillow infuriating, and one that needs to get widely circulated. I really hope those people get their money back.

    There should be a consolidated link source featuring the daily and diverse horrors coming from the groping hands of the TSA. People need to get pissed and do something. I hate this feeling of helplessness, and I don’t even fly.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      The TSA is just another part of government. If you stand up to your local authority abusers, you are setting a precedent. It can spread. I’ve seen it; though I never set it. My path is generally not recommended for mature adults. JimBob who thinks being mature is a whole lot of hooey.

      • pearl says:

        “If you stand up to your local authority abusers, you are setting a precedent.”

        That’s the key to everything. It comes down to each one of us right where we are. Wish I could say I’ve seen it, but I’ve only read about it.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          Oh, and I forgot, in your own way. And don’t worry; liberty cannot be vanquished. Freedom is part of what we are. JimBob who is about as free as he can be.

  5. mkey says:

    I very much like that lamestream video in the recommended links section, I pointed to it a few times myself. It doesn’t get much more obvious than that.

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