How to Crush Your Opponents and Feast on Their Remains: The Rockefeller Story

11/28/201513 Comments

This week in The Corbett Report Subscriber James previews a segment from his forthcoming podcastumentary, Rise of the Oiligarchs. In this excerpt we learn how the Rockefeller Standard Oil empire helped to crush two early threats to its full spectrum dominance of America: alcohol fuel and public transportation. Also, don't miss this week's recommended reading, viewing and listening.

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  1. der says:

    Awesome, James. Great work!
    Here is a glaring example of the corporate forces in the world directly responsible for environmental degradation. When the bleeding hearts try and blame the demise of the planet on your carbon footprint, don’t blink an eye! Tell them about the plot to force the people of the world onto gasoline power. Oh, and don’t forget to mention what they did to Tesla. This just reinforces my resolution not to buy ANYTHING for Christmas gifts, not to listen to the Isis-hype, and to always judge by actions and consequences, not words and propaganda. The actions taken by these greedy individuals way back in time have everything to do with what we have as a day-to-day reality today. These oligarchs are not very conscious people, and their motives should always be questioned.

  2. Lushy says:

    Shocking revelations..james..I am egerly waiting to see your podcastumentry to enlighten myself.great work.

  3. vumxmx says:

    The Carlyle Connection


    James Baker’s Double Life
    Bush’s special envoy has a private interest in Iraqi debt, documents reveal.
    Naomi KleinTwitter
    October 12, 2004


    “We have to stop thinking that many events are driven by nation-states and national ideologies. That time is over. A small group of investors (see Aschcroft’s lobbying group, see Cheney’s oil company in the Golan Heights, see the Carlyle group, see Academi/Xi etc, see the Iron Dome contracts, see Delek, see American Noble Energy, the latter two wanting the Gaza 7 billion gas reserves) just plain profit from conflict.

    They operate above the level of parliaments, congresses and nationstates. They fund violent leadership on both ‘sides’ of a conflict (see AIPAC, see Taliban) so they can have perpetual war, thus perpetual profit. They buy up media outlets so people’s worst fears and hatreds can be stoked and fewer and fewer reporters can check assertions.

    Via the governments who are really their functionaries at this point, when they need to they spin or stage news events. There are global scripts now to scare the s– out of populations. This really has very little to do with “Arabs” or “Jews” or ethnic or religious hatreds — those are just the machinery they use to keep conflict going and keep the profits maximized.”

  4. phreedomphile says:

    Much gratitude for the historical perspective and, as always, stellar synthesis, James, very much looking forward to the podcastumentary.

    In the link below is a side trail Corbett members might find interesting. It’s the story behind Delco’s (Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company) development of tetraethyl lead (TEL) in 1921 as a patented gasoline additive. The resulting fuel monopolism emerging out of the collaboration of GM, DuPont, Standard Oil, and Gulf Oil (Mellon family) included a cover up of TEL toxicity. The cover up involved GM and Standard orchestrating Public Health Service hearings on TEL to silence health concerns (shades of the future fluoride strategy). PHS was a federal agency overseen by the Treasury Department with Andrew Mellon conveniently serving as the Treasury Secretary.

  5. garyegeberg says:

    While I am not into shape-shifting–at least not yet–John D. looks a little reptilian to me.

    • jeffincincy says:

      Your comment is too funny.
      Blaming Lucifer, Aliens or Reptiles allows one to discontinue research.

      • setatliberty says:

        I wouldn’t be too quick to discount the luciferian hypothesis. There is a fabric that connects these criminals; and that fabric goes way beyond wealth and power.

  6. fixitguy says:

    @ garyegeberg.
    Keith Richards has nothing on that guy
    David R is just as creepy looking

  7. setatliberty says:

    I marinade ribeye steaks in a delectable blend of seasonings mixed with oil/water and vinegar. While they marinade, I have some “special wood” that is well seasoned for the fire. I also have wet, rotten wood for smoking to go onto the flames. The flavors really are unmatched anywhere. When I am getting anxious for the steaks to come to a perfect medium well, I can’t help but snatch a small piece of fat from the edge of the steak. That is what I call the teaser bite. I liken this article to that juicy morsel! I hope it won’t be long until the podcastumentary is published. What a golden nugget.

    I am curious if this upcoming podcastumentary will include the Titanic crime of 1912, and its ensuing legislation of 1913.

    The truth is always refreshing. Your work shows much care with diligent study. Thank You, again, James.

    If I may be a bit presumptuous; Please tell Mrs. Corbett that a loyal supporter is thankful to her for her supporting and encouraging one of the best journalistic writers of our era.

    It is usually true that behind every great man, there is a great woman.

  8. setatliberty says:

    How timely is this podcastumentary, considering Maurice just “past away.”

    The occult practices of all of those that have the power of this world government couldn’t be clearer.

    “And the beast (global dominion) which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.” Revelation 13:2
    Daniel 7

    “Again, the devil taketh him [Jesus] up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.”

    Satan requires worship in exchange for the authority. The times in which we live were written about of old. Only God can tell history BEFORE it happens.

    The universities have been lying to people about true science, also:

    But the good news:Revelation 20,21, & 22

  9. jhnsmall6 says:

    Rockefeller’s pesonal life was dirven by John’s rejection of his father’s criminal behavior, and the counter example of his mother. His mother promoted hard work, sacrifice, sobriety and Babtistism. John did not drink or join any clubs or partipate in politics. He seemed almost manic in his pursits of any objective. He walked to work with a friend and talked business. He walked home and talked business. Not the weather or sports, or arts. He was able to pursue objectives taking decades. His religion was personal, he did not preach to others as to how they should live. Action, not ideas determined what you are.
    Reason Magazine February 1972 has nice in depth article on jitney’s being outlawed by both taxis and GM Bus company at the same time that rail transport was largely eliminated in favor of buses. Sacramento went bankrupt doing the oppisite, promoting rail over buses. (City and county had to cut their police and fire departments in half). I also object that using food for energy when 100s’ of Millions were dying of starvation. This also increases the cost which destoys poor people. There is some debate as to which is cleaner. What were Rockefeller’s competitors doing. The Titusville Millionair Union had announced they were going to put Standard Oil out of business, and had the Ohio Legisatature suspend the charter of the company. They were opposed to the pipleline building, which reduced death and injury rate of workers, and explained RR leaders opposition. If you have a bad you MUST show a good. Rockefeller is an example of a lesser evil. Drillers Union wanted to charge 4 times the price by Cartel Control. Thankfully Stanard destroyed their schemes.

    • douglassbf says:

      jhnsmall6: Interesting reply, I do not have enough knowledge myself to verify any of your counter arguments, however, I have noticed that there is almost a polarization in how people perceive the history of the Rockefellers. A lot of critics cite there influence in banking and the federal reserve system as proof of their malevolent intent, where as, others cite the Rockefeller’s ability to drive down prices as benefiting consumers and some cite their history in philanthropy as positives outcomes of their successes. However, I am fairly aware of the Rockefeller’s influence in America’s modern education system. At the turn of the century John Rockefeller set up the General Education Board which funded schools across the country, only promoting the state compulsory school model which in actuality hamstrings young peoples volition and natural proclivity to learn and explore. From the limited amount of knowledge I have, I wish to argue against the notion that we should also look for the good side of the Rockefeller’s, it seems pretty clear to me that any smidgen of good that may have come from the Rockefeller dynasty is made almost invisible beneath their shadows

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