How to Be Rich and Own People

05/09/201530 Comments

In this week's subscriber newsletter, James breaks down the economics of royalty and ponders why people are so enthused about another royal parasite. And in this week's recommended media there are uplifting stories, sobering videos, and a debate where an anarchist exposes the moral bankruptcy of minarchism.

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  1. arcadia11 says:

    i’m happy to join you. my bloodline does not have the stockholm syndrome gene.

  2. vajra says:

    I’ll definitely join you.

    • Corbett says:

      Excellent! That makes at least three of us. Together we can unrule the world!

      • karlharvie says:

        James, do you know if the so called “royals” mutilate their infant’s genitals (circumcision or other)?

      • Jeff says:

        “Together we can unrule the world!” Aye! I’m in.

      • Debra says:

        Count me in. I feel nothing but disgust for this family and the many others scattered about proclaiming birthright privileges to rule including our own here in the States, the Rockefellers. Who gives a ratz arse about these people other than to relieve them of their stolen wealth that has enabled their ability to purchase power? (Although I will admit I’m in search of bum paper sporting the wretched face of David Rockefeller, maybe of younger years as that one above is too frightening.)

      • arcadia11 says:

        lol. at least.

  3. Knarf says:

    The special bottom-wiping servants were called “Grooms of the Stool”, who attended the king in his chambers as he went doodie. It was a prized position, since it afforded (hopefully) “regular” exclusive access to the royal personage.

    The whole concept seems awkward to say the least, but as they say, the rich are different.

  4. firehorse says:

    mocking your reptile overlords will put you on the special interest list ! 😀

  5. Alias says:

    The elites have always toiled to reduce the general public (the so-called ‘beast’) into mindless robots… seems they have been reasonably successful, already. Each time there is a ‘monarch event’ regarding the queen or her entourage of reprehensible offspring, millions line up in person or in front of televisions around the world on her 6 billion acres to fawn. Monkeys would be less attentive to such farcical displays of opulence, unless offered fresh bananas as a reward for their submission. The term ‘disgust’ seems operative. I have non-subject acquaintances who also are just as enthralled by this open display of faux worship. Maybe most everyone does love a parade regardless of its grisly purpose.

  6. lincolnlea says:

    I am, I suppose “British”. Welsh born of largely Celtic genes (not that I recall any actual choice on my part), brought up and educated in England. But — of parents with a deep, unshakeable hatred for UK “aristocracy” including most of all the Royal Family. But my parents went through WWII, and always held the aristocrats and their forelock tugging pollie enablers to blame to for it, as indeed they did for WWI and Boer war.

    And this hatred was shared by just about everyone I knew. I grew up in a small coal mining community, most of our neighbours of a poorer educational standard tha we; (my Father was the electrical engineer and power plant manager). But they – coal face workers, floor sweepers, drivers all – hated Royalty, too. When there was some sort of Royal event, and school kids were supposed to go wait in line to wave flags, I pleaded sickness, and got off.

    But we were encouraged by the fact that they seemed to be shrinking – to have absolutely no power, to be mere idiotic looking figure heads, whose existence was and is, totally pointless. So it’s been a revelation to me over the last couple of years of alternative media reading, real History and truth to power fact telling, to discover that there are people across other countries (Alex Jones comes to mind, regrettably), who hold the British Royal Family to blame for just about everything. And who claim that HRH and brood are heading up some sort of secret consortium in which they will rule the world and already have absolutely power.
    I am somewhat bemused. Where has it come from, this conferring of absolute power on a group of chinless brainless wonders, mostly despised in their home country????
    Interesting. Odd, but interesting.

  7. 4TLeser says:

    If this so called Prince aspires to reincarnate as a deadly germ what might the QE2 desire?
    Having reached the pinnacle of existence will she join the gods or back to the life of an amoeba?
    Amoebae are at least useful which can not been said about Gods who give a sh..
    The Paulanian Religion ties many of their tenants on god given right to rule; what a racket…go(o)d riddens I say

  8. Steebs says:

    I must’ve been away for a while as this is the first I’ve heard about this. I’ll join you in bowing for no one!

  9. phonicphotonic says:

    FYI fellow “Open Sources”, In property ownership the Royals are not “The Crown” that title belongs to the Vatican.

    • stevekelly911 says:

      Actually, the Papacy no longer crown themselves with the Papal Tiara, as this ritual has been abandoned after Vatican II. The last Papal Tiara used for a papal coronation sits in a glass case in the Catholic Cathedral in Washington D.C. There is only one European monarchy remaining who officially anoint and crown themselves (on the five step pyramid), and this family are the British Royals. All other Royal families have officially ‘given up’ their anointing ceremonies ‘voluntarily’ … or of course would have been shot in a basement by some Bolsheviks, or a Serbian assassin, or a revolution etc…

      The Vatican are beholden to the British Crown for their financial protection. The Vatican does all of their most important financial business on the Cayman Islands, and the Turks and Caicos, which are under the British Crown, so also ALL of their financial dealings are known to MI6, and thus available to Lizzy on request in a little sealed red briefcase if she requires any of it for blackmail purposes.

      There used to be TWO powers in medieval Europe; Pope, and Emperor, and they battled for supremacy. All I have to say is that nothing changes, except the fact that the semi-invisible Emperors won, and the Papacy now relies on Crown patronage to stay financially liquid.

      • phonicphotonic says:

        That link is functional only if one is a member of that sight.
        Also ask yourself who created Britain in the first place, FYI the Sabine family many times removed and veiled, They also created the Roman emperors and the Catholic church. The British royal family are the deception of power. Try more research at

  10. shay says:

    A very good artical James and I agree with the thrust off your argument. I to dislike the existence of the Royal Family. But, Given the title of this piece HOW TO BE RICH AND OWN PEOPLE. How could you not mention the Rothschild Banking Empire? They are most certainly rich, and most definately own a lot of people.

    I look forward to : MEET THE ROTHSCHILDS.


  11. stevekelly911 says:

    Here, here!
    In Australia, we have been so utterly saturated with MSM coverage of the Royals, that I’m surprised it hasn’t caused most people to turn off their TV’s … in fact, the hype might be counter-productive to the NWO if this is in fact the case.

    Problem is, I used to work with a bunch of old ducks who were always talking about how great this family was, and they seem to have convinced all the young female ducks in the office that this was true. I believe the support for Royals is more on the female side of the demographic (is, Diana … Kate’s Fashion … babies … etc), and does this say something about the superficial nature of many females in Australian society? Probably … and is probably the reason that the men such as Harry are portrayed as ‘military men’, to appeal to the superficial side of many males over here, who would never know what the American Revolutionary meaning of maleness for instance ever meant. Oh, how we have fallen!

    The REAL power of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha lies in the Crown Tax Havens and secrecy jurisdictions such as Bermuda, Cayman’s, Isles of Jersey and Guernsey etc… where they provide a new form of Crown Patronage, known as access to the shadow economy (the REAL economy … supranational and tax-free, where every multi-national mega corporation still bows their heads low to the Crown, and RELIES on this patronage now for competitive advantage). Basically, the Royals can be seen as the ‘Protectors of the Corporatocracy’, and perhaps this is their most grandiose Royal Title … one they would never admit or broadcast.

    A really good book that only really scratches the surface of this, is TREASURE ISLANDS, by Nicholas Shaxton. The way in which the City of London, which is almost a country-within-a-country interacts with these tax havens, is the lynchpin of a new Empire … British Empire 3.0

  12. hoppers says:

    YeGods, to think that long ago I was dumb enough to wear the Imperial Uniform

  13. rob.campbell says:

    “I mean, who honestly watches these things, aside from aforesaid retirees and polite flag-wavers?”
    80% of the adult population in the UK – the ones that listen to the “news” in the evening on the “television”. If you are looking for a truly majestic success story of selling an image; the English royal family is it. Goebbels would have been proud, Bernays enraptured.
    Further, this loyalist sugar coating is now counterpointed by nationalist songs in pubs (as I recently witnessed in the south of England).
    In many parts of Europe, especially in the “Republics”, many people regret not having “the Queen” or equivalent (and her history and her regalia and her palaces and and and oh wasn’t Diana so nice …). This attests to the strength of this image that has been portrayed of the English royal family since mass media has been present.
    The diadem of this royal image is the mirage of the end to archetypal, hierarchical disputes – we know who the boss is so no need to fight, no need to discuss. The fact that the most virulent fight in this mindset, that is to establish the succession is overlooked as well as the skirmishes to dispossess and exclude which ensue between the nobility, the bourgeoisie and working people.
    It is probably more true than anywhere that this class based model is imposed by royalty even if solutions do not necessitate a class based model. It is like fixing the battle ground, where we will fight; we (ordinary people) will always lose.

  14. rockshot says:

    Is it just me and other people I have asked, but is the Queen Ashkenazi? She certainly looks it.

  15. mariaretama says:

    Hi stevekelly911,
    while I couldn’t agree more with your assertion that the females in the Australian population are superficial and obsessed with babies and clothes and princesses, we need to see how the good old Aussie beer drinking sport obsessed male has endeared himself to the national perception of what Australia is about.
    Australia, through Murdoch, Packer and Fairfax, is the country with the highest degree of media concentration in the world and that makes the population into the most manipulated; a racist, sexist,parody of the fair- dinkum caricature we like to think that we are.
    The eugenicist movement is alive and well- just as it is in every colony of Mother England, with the native population living in third world conditions.
    It continues to amaze me how inhabitants of the ex-colonies swear more allegiance to the bloodthirsty Windsors than to their own land

  16. chantspire says:

    Finally! Thanks for taking to task the excessive hype over these dreadful people. The royals are pushed out to everyone by the mainstream media as the gold standard, ad nauseam. When, in fact, they are a criminal class who, long ago, convinced the masses though starvation, torture and murder that they would rule them or else. I, for one, am sick to death of hearing about the self-designated British royal family and their procreation(s) not to mention their other familial connections in the form of royal hangers-on who continue to pop up in the news with their offspring. The American public’s preoccupation with them and the media’s continued lauding about/for them is disgusting. Thanks for the article. I’ve always been with you on this note. The lizard children . . . appropriate.

  17. whateverittakes2 says:

    For some reason, this topic doesn’t move me one way or another. There have always been a-holes in the world, and you just ignore them.

    Now what does exercise me is a recent documentary sent my way that details in careful frame by frame analysis the hoax called the Boston Marathon bombing. To tell you that my blood was boiling — when I wasn’t laughing ’til my sides ached… while desperately wanting to know who puts together these supremely asinine productions that are becoming more asinine as each one roles past us, well I must tell you this and add that:

    When I came to my senses, I was furious: I want to spit in their faces and tell them we are not nearly so stupid as they think…

    James, on your most recent podcast surveying the financial scene, you suggest that the US as a nation state has never lived up to what people thought/wanted it to be: Still these constant false flags starting with the first WTC bombing (after Gladio of course) are beginning to drive me crazy.

    Surely, the USA was a less vile place before these events began to happen everywhere all the time. What do you say?

  18. jamesthethird says:

    Now living in a European Republic I come across many British people who chose to live here. The general impression I get is that they still consider themselves royal subjects. Almost all the women support and defend the Royal family. The men are a little more divided, usually down to whether they have done military service or not.
    What amazes me, is how these royal subjects use the default position of saying they are not interested in politics to defend their ignorance of the set up. A true word said about the set up can cause upset beyond rationality.
    Funnily enough a Frenchman said to me, ‘The Roast Boeuf are so lucky to have the queen. Before the revolution we use to have just one king. Now we’ve chopped off his head we have 10,000 of them, all administraters’
    That did tickle me. We must not forget bureaucracy is a French word describing the system of unelected officials.

  19. jamesthethird says:

    So Gerry Adams meets Charlie Windsor in Galway today. I presume it will be don’t mention my Uncle and I won’t mention your brother.

  20. Mellott says:

    My mom is completely obsessed with everything about the royal family–and we are American. I attribute it to the fact that every girl wanted to be a princess when they were growing up.

    I wonder why the childhood version of royalty fails to include all that you mentioned above (sarcasm intended).

    • Corbett says:

      Yes, it is strange to see how people get caught up in the hype. But at the same time it really is just the Disney dream version of “royalty” that they’re obsessed with, not the reality. Is that a comforting fact or a chilling one? I can’t decide.

  21. Duck says:

    The Norman kings after 1066 were the ones who inflicted the lie of the monarch owning all the land and giving its use out as a personal choice… no one (who had arms and thus whos opinion mattered) much minded this lie (aka the ‘norman yoke’) since they themselves had taken the land from the Saxons who elected their king (or atleast… the people who mattered elected him) who had taken it from the celts before them. The lie didn’t matter that much because the power imbalance was not so great as later… if the absolute king was overly tyrannical with those who mattered it was absolutely certain that he would not be king for long.
    People get the government they deserve, its most often a reflection OF THE PEOPLE … like in the movie Caligula when the old Emperor Tiberius says that once he was a solider but in his old age has become a swine herd….
    After all… a single king cant really be worse then a few hundred regulating paper pushers can he? The destruction of the vitality of China was achieved more thru paper pushers then any act of a despotic ruler…. and those that offer freedom from ye olde ways often bring in something much worse… the tsar vs the Red terror? EASY choice

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