How Palantir Conquered the World

10/24/202216 Comments

Imagine a company that knows everything about everyone. A company that is equally at ease helping banks identify fraud as it is helping intelligence agencies track down enemies of the state. A company that can combine pictures of you with your cell phone location data, emails you've written, your health records and credit card purchases and thousands of other pieces of electronic data to paint an intimate portrait of your life—a portrait that any would-be investigator can pull up with a few keystrokes. A company that can target you anywhere in the world at any time.

Now stop imagining that company, because it already exists. It's called Palantir Technologies.

Founded by billionaire PayPal co-founder and Facebook early investor Peter Thiel, this plucky little Silicon Valley startup has long been the darling of the US military and the intelligence community, and it's increasingly the darling of the corporate world. Andgiven Palantir's ability to surveil, track and, ultimately, control every aspect of your daily lifeit isn't hard to see why.

Even so, few in the general public have ever heard of it, and those who have know little beyond the fact that Palantir is a bad company that does creepy things.

But this is The Corbett Report. We can do better than that.

Today, let's explore the roots of this threat to humanity, expose the extent to which it has already laid your life bare to the all-seeing eye of the would-be world controllers, and peer into the magical seeing stone to see what the future holds for Palantir Technologies.

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  1. altittude says:

    Fantastic article once again James. Was wondering if you have evver considered doing an article on Blackrocks Aladdin software? Anyhow keep up the fantastic Job both you and Brock

    • Gavinm says:

      I would also very much appreciate an article or episode on BlackRock’s economically weaponized AI program (Alladin).

      I wonder what kind of creepy art and visions for world domination that thing is conjuring up (given they give it access to gobbling up all the data available on the global financial markets, and the fact it was created by humans suffering from megalomania).

      I imagine there are some significant ways that Palantir ties into BlackRock and The Vanguard Group worth fleshing out as well.

      Here is one of the more obvious ways these oligarchical corporate/financial entities connect to each other.

      “Vanguard Group Inc ownership in PLTR / Palantir Technologies Inc

      Ownership: 6.68%

      Latest Disclosed Ownership: 127,439,994 shares”

  2. wessel says:

    The famous author is Tolkien, not Tolkein. It was high humans (Numenoreans) who brought the Palantirs to Middle Earth. One Palantir was used by a Wizard named Saruman, but otherwise there are few links between Palantirs and Wizards.

    “The palantíri were made by the Ñoldor in Eldamar, likely by Fëanor himself during his time in Aman in the Time of the Trees, and then given by the Elves to The Faithful Númenóreans, who kept them as heirlooms until the Fall of Númenor during the late Second Age. Seven of these stones were rescued and brought to Middle-earth by Elendil and his sons and set in well-guarded Towers throughout the Realms in Exile.”

    • Corbett says:

      Haha. I’m not going to lie; it gives me great pleasure to imagine someone like Thiel reading this article and getting angry not because I’m exposing Palantir but because “this guy just doesn’t know the lore of the palantíri!” Anyway, I’ve corrected the spelling of TolkEin but my misrepresentation of the gift of the elves to the Dumbledoreans (or whatever) stands!

      • wessel says:

        There are often insights to be gained from an art concept. Palantirs were used by Sauron to spy and mislead, specifically to paint an image of reality that was technically true, but misled those who saw it, to despair or death.

        So the name “Palantir” advertises exactly what they do.

        Funny honesty like that is not at all unusual. For example, before 2020, medical schools taught that Corona virus causes the common cold. So, when you look at headlines like:

        Daily Coronavirus infections grow exponentially to 30.000!
        80% of people in intensive care test positive for Corona!
        Youths pass Corona virus to their grandparents!

        Knowledge of the name will solve the riddle. Just replace “corona” with “common cold”. Not so scary now. And technically true, like propaganda must be.

  3. Stephen says:

    Brilliant as always JC!

  4. beaconterraone says:

    My obligatory reminder that we were warned, in the Bible. “That no one may buy or sell save he that had the Mark.” For over 19 centuries, people have speculated over what that means, and have tried to contort its meaning to fit Nero’s times or other nonsense explanation. Now, we see that the warning was literal, in relation to our modern world, described by a man who saw what he saw, but limited by the language and conceptualizations of his era.

    Total Information Awareness, everywhere, all the time. And a universal, mandatory identifier for every livesto…uh, human, is a fundamental part of it.

  5. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I finally finished reading How Palantir Conquered the World.

    This was fascinating. I learned a lot!

  6. tu.v says:

    One great article after another!! Thank you James.

  7. Ukdavec says:

    Welcome To the New Multipolar World Order by Iain Davis – deep dive into current geopolitical moves.

  8. weilunion says:

    “And, like Main Core, PROMIS, Ptech and the Information Awareness Office before it, Palantir will be relegated to a trivia question for conspiracy nerds. Meanwhile, all of Palantir’s capabilities will be rebuilt elsewhere under different corporate offices, operated under a different name and run by a different crew of willing dupes who will be only too eager to do their paymasters’ bidding.”

    That is correct. They will be reassembled and renamed, hidden behind new copyrights and all together out of reach of most Americans not scholars.

    This is a shrewd tactic and one used by google.

    Thiel will continue forward in any event, mouthing that democracy must die for it is not compatible with his libertarian style of government subsidies and nepotistic contractual arrangements he calls capitalism.

  9. beaudarc says:

    Link to `the Real Anthony Fauci’ gets a 404. This one works:

  10. Frode says:

    Another important article. Thank you!

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