How (Not) To Pop A Bubble

10/28/201841 Comments

It may not have been the craziest headline that the Trump whirlwind has generated in recent months, but you might have noticed it amidst all the Stormy Kavanaghs out there:

Trump says Fed is his 'biggest threat' because it is raising rates too fast

This latest outburst is just one more example of a pattern we have seen emerge over the past two years: Any and all good news about the economy is because of Trump, and any and all bad news about the economy is because of the Fed. I've touched on this theme before, but I think we all know how it goes.

When candidate Trump was on the campaign trail, he bemoaned the "big fat ugly bubble" blown by the Fed's low interest rate policies. But when candidate Trump became President Trump, he suddenly stopped pushing for higher rates and instead started touting the big fat ugly bubble. And now that the Fed is actually raising interest rates like candidate Trump said he wanted, the dissembler-in-chief has suddenly decided that this is horrible and tells us the Fed has "gone crazy."

Correction: The Fed has not "gone crazy." And although it might make a good quip, it's not even true that the Fed has always been crazy. Sadly, the wizards of Wall Street are perfectly in control of their mental faculties. They know what they are doing when they blow a bubble up, and they know what they are doing when they make one pop. And guess who's got their needle pointing ominously at the global economy right now?

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    – Off Topic – Some Recent “News” –
    (Hillary, John Podesta, McCain…THE RUSSIANS)

    Late October 2018
    The promotion of the film Active Measures

    Film Website –
    Stand Up Republic

    Stand Up Republic
    In 2016 Russia attacked American democracy with the most threatening spy operation in history. This is the story of how and why.

    “explosive documentary” – Variety

    “Is this the documentary that can take down Trump?” – Vanity Fair

    “Well researched and truly frightening.” – The Hollywood Reporter
    taken from a Dallas area posting…

  2. OzEmon says:

    Main Article: I always explain the economy like a fisherman trying to tell me the man-made pond he’s fishing in is really going to produce wild fish today.

    Favourite Analogy: Dream State for most, Transition for some and Truth for others.
    The danger is mixing truth with fiction and feared possibilities. People’s fear more than anything else keeps them from the truth. Not everyone has the will and good fortune/upbringing to be able to wake up and soundly construct reality to effective live better, using truth (and maybe christ/god) as their guide.

    How do you wake someone up from inside a dream?

    Second Favourite Analogy:
    Just like when scientists study space, some claim we put our trust and admiration into bright celestial bodies when we should be worried about local problems such as massive space debris that are hardly visible. Many areas of our own local galaxy are simply not investigated.

  3. OzEmon says:

    Subscriber Exclusive: Maybe you’re watching a play about the meeting to arrange the deck chairs. A real live action.
    So the higher ups can decide how much time and personal investment they can get the public to have on the rearranging of the deck chairs.
    It’s more of a show about the meeting by the MSM and MSM’s interpretation of the facts.
    The ship’s captain even watches the show too and comments.
    In the end the captain congratulates BK and MSM leaves the public more fractured than before.
    I suppose BK has some powers but he will end up only rearranging the deck chairs like his predecessors.
    With every decision in the trickle down law system, BK’s law minions implement the chair rearrangement in a fashion that benefits their jurisdiction.
    Nobody really cares though, as long as they’re changing slow, lawfully ‘boiling frogs’ and the inventive or influential few have the right to rearrange their chairs (and lifeboats) so the captain can remain blissfully ignorant (and not assasinated).
    Meanwhile the captain can do whatever he wants with the passengers and their chairs under the new laws implemented in the US. The Law system and police (state) have no shortage of foot soldiers who can do the same to civilians through planting drugs etcetera.

    show about meeting to pick manager -> public discourse -> real meeting to pick manager -> fragment an already split public -> defocus public from central problems -> some shame/defame captain of ship -> chair rearrangement manager BK draws up plans -> law minions implement it -> MSM forgets it ever happened -> nobody knows about the engineering and purposeful flaws in the ship, nobody can see the captain is not entirely fit for duty (or scared if he does not do as he is told), nobody can see the iceberg(s) ahead -> BK starts arranging the chairs faster and worse the public empowers him, while the ship starts sinking.

    Well obviously, we can’t see the forest for the trees.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      you really added to the “deck chairs analogy”.

      As far as following anything about Kavanaugh, I haven’t. I don’t know squat about the fuss, nor Kavanaugh.
      I prefer to keep it that way.
      When tires are burning, and that thick black smoke is rolling off…why in the hell would I want to stick my head into that smoke-muck for an extended time just to find out that it is smoke.

      • OzEmon says:

        I was wishing to hear Corbett’s full analogy, but it’s ok if I don’t hear it.

        Yeah. Usually when it comes down to it I only focus on the Central Banks/Stock Markets (currency/economy), Military Industrial Complexes/Schools&Religions (control/indoctrination), Energy Sector (promote dependency), and of course mystery relgions/cults (promote secrecy/sometimes are evil).
        Then what can I do to decentralize some of this power?

        Corbett is the only person to make sense of these problems without violence/revolt. He notices we are the power base. Without people to rule over the the power structure collapses. Spending billions of man hours and dollars to get us to enslave ourselves or enslave others is working. The one world nation plan is starting to work. Although we hope their plan fails. It will be comical watching the top of the pyramid try and climb back on it’s base without the help of the people. Unfortunately an it’s analgous to the 2008 banking crisis and we will help pieces of the elite climb back atop the power base if we want to or not. If the elite make a natural error (like a thought 2008 was) where their greed or desire for complete control awakens people, something might be done. That’s where military-esque programs started to handle dissenters and media indoctrination gets rid of any slow rebellion.

        I always explain the situation like a fisherman trying to tell me the man-made pond he’s fishing in is really going to produce wild fish today. It just cannot happen.
        The structure of humanity has been under the thumb for so long it’s hard to find or create fresh waters that are naturally fed.

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    How (Not) To Pop A Bubble, another great article by Corbett! …and in understandable terms, not the “made-up reasons” one sees on Yahoo Finance.

    But I did have to look up the word “hoi polloi” – “the common people”.
    I swear…my vocabulary improves with every Corbett article.

    I found the links to “The Global Dollar Shortage” and “Quantitative Tightening” very interesting. It brought back memories to see Dallasite Ross Perot again in Corbett’s video link.

    I’ve seen the dead bodies before… Sears died recently. More companies are coming.
    And the past decade of rising home prices in the U.S. …well, this graph (2 years) of the 3x ETF “NAIL” gives one a heads up of the coming long slide down.
    ha!…Isn’t it convenient that the Inverse ETF to NAIL (CLAW) was discontinued some months back?

  5. manbearpig says:

    Speaking of the three Cs, (sort of in reference to the recommended listening)

    in “my” French city there’s a political maneouver being carried out from October to December that has included much wide-spread marching ‘for the climate”.

    It’s called the ‘Citizen Climate Consultation’ where basically they’re getting people on board and involved at the grass-roots level in the reduction of fossil fuels, fighting climate change, saving energy in general, air quality… etc etc.

    which in itself doesn’t sound so bad except insofar as I suspect it involves both:

    -swallowing the man-made climate change canard whole


    -citizens digging their own graves in the sense that they’ll most probably be embracing measures pushing smart technologies like the ‘Linky’ smart meter…and, in the longer term, ushering themselves into smart city prisons… (Linky’s already been almost universally installed and implemented without the citizen’s blessing, and yet we live in a democracy right? so I guess this should act as a retroactive endorsement…)

    According to the national and regional public Television channel France 3:

    “…questionnaires such as “Climate change and you”, details on the Territorial Climate Energy Plan (PCET) of the city of Lyon and its 86 actions…
    …The project is structured around six complementary themes: responsible consumption, reduction of energy consumption, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, development of renewable energies in Lyon, adaptation to climate change and nature in the city…

    …the method aims to involve the inhabitants in the city’s projects. Individuals, local actors, professionals: everyone can take part.
    Objective: to enrich the second Lyon Climate Plan, which will be adopted for 2020-2030…”

    get’em to demand the noose they’ll hang themselves with… in 2020…

    so, Agenda 21’s alive and well and thriving in Lyon…

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      You got a point MBP about gaining public participants onboard for the Climate Change hoax.

      From a comparison of ‘conspiracies’ perspective…
      9/11 Truth is easy to relay to others. Someone can actually look at video of the event.

      The Truth about the Climate Change Hoax is another thing entirely.
      A polar bear video won’t fill the bill. People have to read. I don’t think they do that anymore.

      • manbearpig says:

        “…A polar bear video won’t fill the bill. People have to read. I don’t think they do that anymore…” -HRS


        Watching the Mann/Titley/Curry/Moore climate “debate” it began to dawn on me how futile the exercise was…

        Scientists who can fully understand the scientific data have more or less already taken sides choosing between career and obsolete principles…

        The layman will be swayed by the persuasion techniques disingenuously employed by warmist shills…

        There’s no space on stage for “skeptics” to call out every single fallacy, misrepresentation, manipulation, outright lie and irrelevence in the tsunami of sophistry unleashed by the spindoctors… even if they bravely try…

        One side uses inaccessible science and the other communication WMDs…

        I really have to wonder…

        what’s the point?

        Only face to face and group or classroom discussions might make a difference…


        • mik says:

          It’s very hard with Climate hoax because it is playing well with people’s feelings that environment is degrading.
          I think that people see Climate/co2-whatever as the worse thing that is happening to environment and their reasoning is let’s tackle the worse thing first.

          Many people found the hoax useful for their agenda, vegans for example.

          I case you didn’t know even insects populations are reduced because of climate-whatever. Pesticides are not a problem, of course.

          75% Of Insects Have Disappeared In The Past Few Years & Why That’s Bad

          Interesting development in environment arena is EU war on plastics.

          War comes with unbelievable slogan: (if we do nothing) then “by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans”.

          Certainly, BBC documentary Blue Planet has nothing to do with the campaign.

          Also, Bilderberger Boyan Slat of the Ocean Cleanup is mere coincidence.

          • mkey says:

            Put blame for everything on climate change. Check.
            Put blame for climate change on people. Check.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Well, here is a job opportunity “to make a difference”…

          “World Resources Institute” is hiring a media guru who wants to solve climate change.

          When looking at the Journalism award for Carey Gillam today, I went to the “Society of Environmental Journalists” Twitter feed. On their feed was the above retweet.

          I guess we really could solve the purported problem of climate change if all the climate change proponents grew some guts and decided to stop breathing…then the CO2 levels and hot air would go down.

        • generalbottlewasher says:

          Beautifully expressed MBP.! I was thinking old cinemas rented, lectures and old fashion canning. The theature would not return my calls after leaving them a perspectice. So much for ” big oil town charities” venues for rent.

  6. mik says:

    2008 crisis was used by “elites” to grab even more wealth, actually nothing new regarding to crises before. Crisis that is coming will probably end up with the world being owned (control packets) by few hundreds people.

    Regarding subscribers video and Kavanaugh…
    I’ve been mostly offline during this shenanigans and was introduced to it by normie who said this affair is producing insurmountable divide…blabla
    After watching hearings, holyshit not everyting…man, that was beyond belief.

    The level of absurdity, K-creature accused for what after so many years, bullshit theater for what, somebody with half-brain, no character and integrity becoming the highest priest in the church of Justice

    Absurdity in its finest and it reminds me on novel Naked Lunch (Burroughs).
    The novel is not easy reading (on the other hand it is, you can start anywhere in the book). Certainly it is easier to read the entire novel than watch stupidities like K-crap-theater.

    • OzEmon says:

      “producing insurmountable divide…blabla” – mik’s normie buddy
      Precisely what I saw. Everyone got caught up in the drama of reality and nobody really cares about essential facts.
      They tune in to hear this court circus but none of them, not one gives a damn about the essential goals of elite pockets of people being laid out in front of them by MSM (and alt media). You can see the flaws with what they’re selling. Reporting moral high ground yet not substantiating it between reports, between sound bytes, amongst reporters, etcetera.
      We love all people! But it’s cool to whip up a storm against some people to waste Joe Sixpack’s/Jen Soccermom’s money to serve the elite and run the country financially and morally into the ground.

  7. manbearpig says:

    Speaking of transhumanist spindoctors! (in reference to the Truthstream media recommended viewing…uhh…recommendation)

    Last week, I spent an English communication class breaking down the Sam Harris Ted Talk “Can we build AI without losing control over it?”
    (Thanks to m.clare, I believe, for bringing it to my attention a while back)

    as a fascinating exercise in understanding how a presenter can appear to have one message: the one glibly spoken in a single sentence at the end of the demonstration:

    “Now, unfortunately I don’t have a solution to this problem a part from recommending that more of us think about it”

    and the one almost subliminally but irrefutably communicated through the actual structure of the demonstration itself leading up to:

    “the safest and ONLY prudent way forward” (intoned twice) to avoid being stomped out of existence like ants by AI, is to merge with it – But we have to hurry and do it before AI evolves on its own and makes this survival choice impossible.

    Had he simply stated the above, his message would have been resisted and even rejected. The sophistry and construction of his presentation slipped the suggestion into people’s heads effortlessly, inducing unconscious acceptance and laughter.

    Not only is cybernetician John von Neueman presented as being by far among the smartest people who’ve ever lived

    and AI is presented as being “a mind” in the sentence “how could we even understand much less constrain a mind making this sort of progress?”

    but Melissa’s point about “merge or merge” or the fallacy of refusing this technology as being synonymous with destroying ourselves is also used in Harris’ presentation in the misleading form of two doors and then repeated later on.

    Also his conclusion “I think we need something like a Manhattan Project…to understand how to avoid an arms race” rings eerily when you consider the result of the first Manhattan Project…

    Elon Musk’s “With AI we’re summoning the demon”

    reminds me of Arthur C Clarke’s ‘Childhood’s End’…or rather the crackerjack quality mini-series adaptation of it, where all the children are connected into a sort of “cybernetic hive mind/telepathic single-entity collective” and uploaded off the Earth which is then destroyed along with everyone else who’s not connected…

    Finally it’s interesting that an emblematic “entertainment” system called Total Immersion Entertainment has an acronym that brings a whole new dimension to the word


  8. mkey says:

    Regarding the climate debate recommended listening video, isn’t Patrick
    Moore a Monsanto “shill”?

    Lobbyist Claims Monsanto’s Roundup Is Safe To Drink, Freaks Out When Offered A Glass

    I wouldn’t want to stumble into a logical fallacy over here, but taking this guy seriously regarding anything science related demands a suspension of disbelief.

    • manbearpig says:


      I’d seen this.

      …I remember this…

      But hadn’t made the connection with the Greenpeace founder.

      Somehow I don’t find this surprising.

      And Judith Curry? I wonder if she finds this surprising… ?

      errrr… honest mistake on his part? on her part?


      I’ll have to think this through…

      but it sure looks like they (TPTSB) have got this… “climate denial” thing…

      totally worked out…

      I was taken in.

      Why not them?

      • manbearpig says:

        I was not taken in by “climate denial”… I know the AGW campaign is a political hoax…

        but by… a product…

        the product for Patrick Moore was the Roundup…

        the product for Judith Curry… was Patrick Moore…

        and the product for me…

        was …

        a Penn State climate debate set up?…

        people can be mislead… Patrick Moore was mislead…?

        sleep gives counsel…

        good night.

    • manbearpig says:

      Here are extracts from Patrick Moore’s own response to this scandal:

      …For many years, my opponents have claimed that I am a paid lobbyist for GMO seed companies, in particular Monsanto. This is a technique used to avoid debating the science that proves Golden Rice and GM foods are safe. Monsanto has now issued a statement that I have never been employed by them (link 2 below) so I will no longer have to put up with that lie. Personally, I admire Monsanto’s leadership in improving many crop varieties, through both conventional breeding and transgenic breeding…

      …This latest attempt (link 1 below) is just another example of a distraction from people that would rather attack the person than discuss the science…

      …I was extremely upset with this interviewer as he lured me to an interview under false pretences. It was meant to be an interview on Golden Rice and he pulled a stunt on me. The video has since been cleverly edited to distort my actual opinions on the subjects discussed…

      …I conduct hundreds of live interviews each year and this is not the first time I have made a mistake under the pressure of a live interview and probably won’t be the last…

      …Only those who put themselves in this situation would understand how difficult it is to do a live interview with a hostile host…

      …There is no scientific evidence that if glyphosate is used as directed by manufacturers, that it can cause cancer. The World Health Organization have done a disservice to science by stating that glyphosate “probably causes cancer”. The studies they chose to base their finding on were not based on the quantities used in modern agriculture. The WHO also categorizes ‘coffee’, ‘pickled vegetables’ and ‘mobile phones’ as possibly carcinogenic! On the scale used by professional toxicologists, glyphosate is less toxic than table salt and vinegar. In fact, if you would like to make at home a spray more toxic to weeds than ‘Glyphosate’ then a mixture of vinegar, salt and dishwashing detergent would suffice…

      …Glyphosate Technical Fact Sheet
      I will not be distracted by the fabrications and games that our opponents play. Golden Rice has the potential to stop the deaths of 2 million children annually and that will be my only focus.

      Thank you

      Dr. Patrick Moore

      • mkey says:

        This explanation is quite incriminating. Guys in the field have openly admitted GM foods have not been tested nor there were any plans to test them before being released against the general public. See the little girl interview for reference. Testing costs money and takes time, you know. They have profit margin to bow down to. Tests carried out in the open where you can’t control quantities, susceptibilities etc. are just as good as those carried on in controlled conditions.

        The golden rice thing has been proven to be a failure as far as I have looked into it. Increased yields be damned. Maybe, just maybe “these people” who are supposed to use said rice for sustinence should not be used as slaves of the system, that’s anorher option for escaping starvation.

        The mobile phones might be cancerogenic is ridiculous. Everybody knows they can be used to safely heat up your ears in the winter. The burning feeling be damned.

        • manbearpig says:

          Of course the starvation problem is systemic, a deliberate distribution issue and not one of scarcity. But one can eympathize with people who want to find at least some paliative, temporary solution or provide proof that scarcity is not a problem to alleviate suffering in the short term.

          Disillusionment, as he must have experienced with his own baby, Greenpeace, can drive people to do radical things… Disinheriting this bought and dishonestly controlled baby must have been painful and difficult. Hard to imagine he’d agree to take money from other such crooks…

          People make mistakes. Patrick Moore may or may not have been misled on various issues.

          Happens to the best of us.

          With the limited elements and resources at my disposal I’ve chosen to believe he wasn’t bought. Benefit of the doubt.

          Nevertheless, he should perhaps gracefully bow out of the public arena of causes he believes in, in the interest of said causes.

        • heartruth says:

          Dr Vandana Shiva on golden rice:

          A far more efficient route to removing vitamin A deficiency is biodiversity conservation and propagation of naturally vitamin A rich plants in agriculture and diets.

          It seems like yet another ‘problem-reaction-solution’ type scenario. Where the ‘solution’ (golden rice) is proposed in a way that assumes there are no alternatives.

          • manbearpig says:

            Problem, reaction, solution, yes, Classic modus operandi.

            Just for the record, in case there’s any ambiguity on this point,

            I’m not trying to defend GMO foods.

            Nor am I primarily attempting to defend Patrick Moore.

            I’m trying to defend “climate change skepticism” and the scientific method as well, in my own layman’s way,

            And also explore the more obscure depths of public relations methods and perception management on sensitive topics in the media.

            However, that’s just to clarify my own position concerning how golden rice was even evoked here in the first.

            That’s no reason why anyone should or shouldn’t post info about the benefits or evils of golden rice.

            • heartruth says:

              Just now read your and mkey’s discussion properly (rather than lazily skimming through as I did the first time around). Initially, ‘golden rice’ popped out at me and without giving it much thought, I added my post. In hindsight, a random and somewhat tangential disruption to your discussion – for which I apologize 🙂

              • manbearpig says:

                Hey Heartruth!

                Tangential, that’s debatable, but certainly not disruptive. Good to know how the parties concerned react to things like “golden rice”.

                Please do not apologize and please do continue to contribute!

    • manbearpig says:

      Patrick Moore takes a public stance on a variety of scientific issues.

      This, obviously, can be dangerous as it’s impossible to master everything and keep abreast of all the new literature and studies coming out on all of these topics.

      One may not agree with his positions on many topics; i.e. GMOs, glyphosate, Monsanto itself, vaccinations etc etc

      But technically that does not disqualify his credentials and opinions on climate or any other of these scientific issues.

      His own views on these issues may even have evolved as info continues to come out. Or not. For some reason Oedipus comes to mind…

      However, if I were Judith Curry, and I wanted to maintain both my own credibility and that of “climate change skeptics” in general, I believe I would choose not to be paired up with, seen on stage with someone who’d been so unfortunately discredited in the eyes of the vast majority of interested laypeople. I hope I would make the difficult choice between the cause and the man, however sincere, honest and dedicated he may be, in favor of the cause.

      As mkey’s comment demonstrates, no one will take “climate change skepticism” seriously if it’s communicated by who someone who appears to have been so evidently and publically discredited as Patrick Moore.

      Thus, we all succumb to the ad hominem fallacy of judging the man and not the material.

      TPTSB: 1

      Climate Change Skeptics et al: 0

      • mkey says:

        Climate change scepticism is based on facts, not what this or any other guy has to say about it. What stood out for me in that GMO fiasco is not the opinion of the man, but his conduct. Maybe the video was edited, OK. Maybe he’s just ill informed and down on his luck. Maybe climate change is man made and GMOs are perfectly safe. At some point I have to make the decision to take things at the face value.

        Those to who they presented probably haven’t made this connection (I’m quite bad with names but I remember faces) and the wast majority probably don’t have any original thoughts about GMO anyway. I wouldn’t say any high level damage has been done by his appearance in the debate alone.

        He does not leave an impression of an educated man on me, but how many debates have I attended lately? Right.

        • manbearpig says:

          “…At some point I have to make the decision to take things at the face value…”

          Like everybody. Moore or less… hyuka…

          These debates for laypeople are little more than Popularity contests as

          most of us do not have the time, energy or desire for facts that take time to understand and put into context.

          One side uses scientific arguments and the other mostly sophistry and other types of misdirection and manipulation.

          This is not a debate. It’s a PR exercise with only one side armed with appropriate ammunition.

          So, making Patrick Moore a poster child for the “climate change skeptic” cause

          is a fatal blow to already disadvantaged climate science

          as in a single easy clic his credibility is effectively and more or less justifiably, annihilated along with Judith Curry’s and every other brave climate dissenter’s with, worst of all, Micheal Mann’s increasing in equally inversed proportions.

          And I’m sure this fact isn’t lost on the more obscure opinion management forces and those who organize these “debates”.

          now after a nice week-end rich in Corbetting, it’s time to scuttle off to work…

  9. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Recent video by Corbett member Camille…

    If You Eat Food You Don’t Want To Miss This!

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      Thanks for the heads up HRS!
      I sure as heck hope there will be labels on all these
      bio-engineered foods describing how they were made.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I guess one label is “Clean Meat”.

        These guys really know how to penetrate the marketplace…an easy rollout. Geez!

        Now I really grasp the title “The Importance Of Knowing Your Farmer”.

        • Fawlty Towers says:

          The problem with all these new technologies/innovations/new ‘foods’ etc. is they do everything backwards/upside down.

          Instead of polling the public worldwide (before they even begin investing in the new product’s design) as to whether they would be interested in eating ‘fake meat’ (in this case), they simply forge ahead, bring their products to market and then try to convince everyone how great they will feel if they buy it/eat it etc.

          I think we should be relatively safe if we can develop a good relationship with like-minded local farmers who also agree that ‘fake meat’ should have no place in our diets. 🙂

          Of course the companies that manufacture it should be encouraged as much as possible to feed it to themselves and their loved ones!

  10. manbearpig says:

    Here’s a WUWT summary of the climate debate posted in the recommended listening:

    The comments section appears to be interesting as well. I’ll be checking it out.

  11. Octium says:

    Perhaps a committee to discuss turning off the Titanic’s pumps in order to lower it’s carbon footprint?

  12. HomeRemedySupply says:

    $ – October 29th and October 30th (U.S. time) – $

    In sync with the topic of Corbett’s article “How (Not) to Pop A Bubble”,
    Mike Maloney will have some live YouTube videos.
    (90 seconds)

  13. mkey says:

    Fall Of Empires: Rome vs USA (Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 9)

    Another solid presentation by Mike Maloney. Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

  14. zyxzevn says:

    Halloween level stuff!!

    Child porn/ Satanic rituals

    Morphonius – Out of darkness into the light series
    #1 The greatest evil in our world
    #2 The horror in Ohama
    #3 The satanic connection
    #4 & #5 missing?
    #6 The Vatican
    #7 The Illuminati (and derivatives)
    #8 The Knights Templar
    #9 The beast (Summonning Demons)
    #10 No other gods before me (sacrifices and old gods)

    Sara Westfall
    Child(porn) Blackmail networks “Jimmy Boots” Rothstein

    There are also people that reported Satanic rituals.
    Teal Swan was born in a Satanic family, but escaped.

    My own Occult background

    For myself, I often bring people to the light that are stuck here.
    Due to this I have extensive knowledge in this area.
    There is no “devil”, nor “demons”. There are only lost spirits that
    become more corrupt after a long time.
    With drama and sacrifices we attract such lost spirits. They
    can give us the feeling of power, especially in large numbers
    (1000s or so). They can also be very addictive.
    It is not their initial intention to hurt anyone.

    Many of these traditions come from old cultures where shamans tried
    to collect spirits of animals, or those of the fore-fathers.
    Sometimes of enemies. And they tried to melt together with them.
    Sadly for us and themselves, they were somehow successful.
    The only solution is to bring those spirits to the light and
    this solves the problem.

    Change our minds:

    Are you going to dress up as a NPC this year?

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