How many TRILLIONS did the Pentagon "lose"? - Questions For Corbett #018

10/28/201427 Comments

In this edition of "Questions For Corbett" James fields your queries on the importance of drills, the Pentagon's missing trillions, Prescott Bush and the Union Banking Corporation, government-run human experiments and much more.

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  1. devinrice says:

    Thanks for answering my question, James.

    I think another good open source investigation would be on the recent false flag attack in Ottawa, Canada.

    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll add that one to the mix, so the voting options for next week’s podcast are:

      1) China and the NWO
      2) Crashes of Convenience (Total CEO)
      3) Ottawa shooting

      • Richard-Fitzwell says:

        I feel like the Total CEO case is still unfolding, so I vote for China and the NWO.

        There is so much history there, from being ruthlessly pried open by the British opium monopoly, to the first national government being used by western intelligence outfits in the cold war (and opium trade, again), and finally emerging as blossoming international debt speculators…

      • TruthSeekerAlways says:

        As always, thank you SO much for all of your hard work James! You are appreciated.

        I’d like to cast a vote for China and the NWO also, thanks for asking!

      • lundqvist11 says:

        I would much appreciate china and nwo. That context feels extremely important and is white spot on my knowledge map. Thanks!

  2. mjamesb says:

    I vote for China and the NWO as I have actually wondered about that for quite some time. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  3. Craig says:

    Hi James
    I vote for China and the New World Order. I am particularly interested in the role of the Fractional Reserve Banking system in China, the relationship to the Fed, the City of London, the Rothschilds and the other banksters and any signs of debt free money in China.

  4. male says:

    Hi James, I vote for CHINA and the NWO. Thanks for all you do. 😀

  5. doublek321 says:

    I’ll vote China’s role in the NWO.

  6. Andrew says:

    Well, looks like my ploy is going to fall short. I figured you’d do China anyway so I was, no am, still am, going to vote for crashes of convenience. China and the NWO is less time sensitive, was my thinking.

  7. devinrice says:

    As much as a Canadian, I’m closely following the fallout of the shooting in Ottawa, I’ll go with the consensus here and vote for China and the NWO.

  8. Algorithm of Consciousness says:

    I’ve been waiting for James to do a piece on China and its rise to prominence aided by the banksters and “Western” corporations in what was one of the largest infrastructure and wealth transfers seen.

    Since it’s topical, I thought this latest article on ZeroHedge was noteworthy regarding China’s “ghost cities” due to its communist ingenuity:

    The crash of convenience is still developing and I think it’s worth revisiting later. In that arena, this article on ZeroHedge is somewhat illustrative, so please feel free to follow-up.

    As the article points out, it’s too early to tell if this is a “hit” in the true meaning, although signs certainly point there when we pose the “cui bono” question.

    “If Total doesn’t close the $27 billion financing it needs to move forward with the Yamal LNG project then we’ll know someone stepped in to prevent an attack on the petrodollar. The CEO of Total, before his death and his CFO were both strong supporters of Total raising the $27 billion in non US dollars and moving the project forward with the Russians. But, this could all change if the financing does not complete.”


    As usual James, I think I echo everyone’s sentiments when I say, thanks for all your hard work, scholarship and analysis, and for keeping the beacon of light and reason high and mighty in these dark and twisted times.

    Perhaps you can do a future podcast on “Alternative Media and the Integrity of Scholarship” because I feel that this is such an important topic if we want to be taken seriously and make any headway in a possible paradigm shift. I briefly mentioned it in the last Weekend Open Thread regarding the “truth movement” in general and how often it succumbs to disinformation/misinformation either consciously or unconsciously, and either as a result of laziness, opportunists, ignorance or “cognitive infiltration” memes seeded into the alt narrative.

    As examples, I referred to the people who believe in “no planes” theory on 911, which is quite ludicrous and in my opinion makes us look bad to any potential curious folk; or that the Sandy Hook event was ALL a hoax (not merely that the government manipulated events through another patsy and certainly after the shootout, but NO, the WHOLE THING is a hoax and one giant illusion to deceive us and made up with ALL crisis actors, not just a few (perhaps embedded ones), no kids died as all those kids were fake); or how Snowden supposedly leaked the information that ties Israel to ISIS(I know you recently touched on this topic); or how some in the alt media believe Ebola is completely fake and there is no such thing; or how people continue to parrot the JFK “secret society” speech (which you also gave treatment here) or the JFK Executive Order 11110 to supposedly subvert the Federal Reserve and many more.

    I don’t know if it’s something you feel is worth doing, or doing in a podcast, but perhaps you can dedicate some treatment to this and sift through these issues and document some of these instances of alt media scholarship that is sorely deficient in research and analysis and often tip toes on the fringes of irrationalism and absurdity, when we need to be staying firm to reason, scholarly integrity and intellectual rigor. As you said once recently, if this is truly the time when the alt media has to step up and stay firm to its role and dedication to truth, then it must not succumb to “irrational exuberance” (to quote Bob Woodward’s favorite “Maestro,” Alan Greenspan). Instead, it should hold firm to certain core rules.

    This is what makes Corbett Report a truly unique oasis in alt media – because of its dedication to OSINT.

    Excuse the long rant as I haven’t posted here in a bit.

  9. happy_usagi says:

    I’d be a happy bunny if you covered crashes of convenience – thinking along the lines of Andrew, above.

  10. martin.hay says:

    Hi James, Could you do a podcast about China’s role in the NWO?


  11. Ramer says:

    I also vote for China — it seems like the Moscow crash is still ripening.

  12. Ramer says:


    In the LA Weekly article on the new Gary Webb article, they report on Eric Webb’s hostility to conspiracy theories and quote his explanation of the two-gun-shots-to-the-head theory. How if at all does this change your opinion on whether he was suicided?

    Here is a link to the story — the compspiracy issue is near the end

    And here is the most relevant paragraph

    According to Eric, the “two gunshots” issue is “very explainable,” because the revolver Webb had fired into his head, a .38 Special police addition his Marine father had owned, has double action that doesn’t require a shooter to re-cock to take a second shot. “I’ve shot that gun so I know,” said Eric, who said his father taught him to shoot on a camping trip. “Once you cock the trigger, it goes ‘bang’ real easily. … You could just keep on squeezing and it would keep on shooting.”

    • Simon says:

      I am not knowledgeable regarding handguns, but looking at
      that appears to me to say the double action is the ‘trigger both cocks and releases the hammer’. So it would seem you would need to release the trigger after the first shot and then pull the trigger again to get a second shot. The double action meaning not have to cock the hammer manually.

      • Ramer says:

        Thanks Simon. I had I guess assumed the use of a double action weapon. I guess it is also the claim that the first shot was to the cheek — does the apparent ease of a second shot make the two shots to the head fact less important. And because James has covered the topic so extensively I am curious about his reaction to the son’s interview.

  13. cody says:

    Long time listener and fan. I also vote for China.

  14. usul20 says:

    I would vote China…. in the style of ‘How to Herd Your Tax Cattle’ as that was my video choice of the year.

  15. Richard-Fitzwell says:


    Any predictions on what comes of this? Release, Delay, or No Responsive Documents?

  16. jjbrana says:

    I vote China. James have you covered or heard anything about Operation BlueStar? Involves Tesla and DARPA.

  17. majinwarwulf says:

    If it isn’t too late to vote for the podcast, please cover China. I am very curious about their role and stance on the global takeover, especially in relation to China’s previous stance on global relations.

  18. majinwarwulf says:

    Sorry, I have another two questions. What do you think about doing a podcast about so called, secret prisons and fema camps, similar to the one the put in Hastings called Two Rivers?
    I would also appreciate you conducting an interview where you ask Sibel Edmonds and Lionel numerous questions about lesser known secrets. They are both very intelligent and when they get excited, they make the terrible news at least more fun, like a cool college professor. Thank you!

  19. TruthIsReason says:

    QFC: Thoughts on the idea that the fall of communism was not all it seemed? Joel Skousen persuasively argues in the deceptions involved which helps shape his opinion about a future war with China & Russia helping to transition the U.S. into a Global Government.

  20. BuddhaForce says:

    More context on the JFK ‘secret societies’ speech.

  21. mrbarbecue says:

    LOL “H.W. Bush best President of our lifetime”. More like best CIA agent of all time, best as in well, wiping himself with the CIA Charter and rising through the ranks and accomplishing all of the modern Cabal Terror, War and Crimes from the 60’s to his mentoring of Bill Clinton. Strangely, his son didn’t listen to him much, and didn’t like the old time Republicans much (the non-neocon types) and it seems that even H.W. had some sense in not invading and occupying Iraq forever. Even Cheney is extremely logical in a clip from the mid 90’s with a reporter asking him why they didn’t go all the way and he said everything we know he later supported! How it would create a huge sectarian war that was kept quiet under the iron fist of Saddam, say what you want, sometimes, it seems some people do not mind a dictator who treats everyone equally except for the small e “elite” of his government and army. Say like the Castros…

    As for Prescott…I know you guys don’t like each other much, but your former colleague Ryan Dawson found out some good research and wow, it turns out Prescott’s role with Thyssen is actually pretty much exaggerated and whether he would have put money in that bank or not would not have changed much of anything regarding Hitler’s rise and clamp down on power.

    Also, James, there’s a reason Obama insisted on using ISIL. See the VERY shady American corporation named ISIS which seems to be some kind of blend between a military tech R&D company and a private intelligence thing like…the big one that an Anonymous member hacked (Hammond) back then, who really exposed them, although I can’t remember their name at all, they’re based in Texas and I’m just having a “it’s-very-late” brain blank on their name. Anyway, ISIS the company, changed name to SIS. Although the Canadian CIA didn’t change name… That said I like “D.A.E.S.H” as it is the acronym, and saying it as a word in arabic is something along the lines of “coward” or such.

    As for MKUltra, you could look up Bluebird, and the following MK-SOMETHING that followed MK-ULTRA when all of that was released to the public, I saw it in some of your videos, a quick look at a list, starting with the original ones, Project Artichoke, Project Monarch (this one is still somehow going on…like Mockingbird).

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