Highway Wars: The Battle to Develop Eurasia

08/19/201741 Comments

If we can only envision guns and bombs when we think about war, that is merely a failure of our imagination. Make no mistake: There are wars for geopolitical dominance taking place between various players around the globe right now, and it's all happening without a shot being fired or a soldier on the battlefield.

For an example of this we need look no further than Asia, where there is a strange game of one-upsmanship taking place between bitter frenemies China and India, clear rivals for regional economic dominance who happen to also be buddy-buddy in the BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and other multi-lateral bodies.

No, I'm not talking about the dramatic border skirmishes currently taking place between Indian and Chinese troops. That's the old, guns-and-bombs type of conflict that gets all the press. I'm talking about something much more subtle, much less headline-grabbing and, potentially, much more important for the future of the region, and, ultimately, the world.

Join James for this week's edition of The Corbett Report Subscriber where he lays out the rules of the great game in our post-guns and bombs world of 21st century warfare.

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  1. nosoapradio says:

    “…there’s something to be said about an era in which the top geopolitical disputes involve competing development and infrastructure projects…”

    In a sense, I thought top geopolitical disputes, colonisation and conquest have always involved competing development and infrastructure projects…

    white man’s burden and bringing god and civilization to the barbaric heathens and all that…

    As suggested, these development and infrastructure projects are never fundamentally designed to benefit the slave natives whatever the geographic socio-historic context they may be elaborated in.

    And they are always complemented by various forms of religious terror, latent or overt oppression and violence, epidemics and surveillance.

    Development and infrastructure projects in an of themselves are essential

    but in the service of a

    “multilateral BRICS-fronted IMF-administered globalist slave state”

    instituted by “The international “superclass” that pays no allegiance”

    in their own smart and sustainable interests

    and at the price of the accompanying mass sterilization, debt and surveillance

    I’m not sure there’s any particular cause for rejoicing…

    Having said that, I’m convinced we will both love the infrastructure and development

    and learn to love our servitude.

    Have a great day! 😎

    • wingsuitfreak says:

      Yes. Because we all know the infrastructure is not for the people. Not anymore than the amerikan freeway system was built to improve commerce. I’ve always found it funny that that freeway system actually decreased the defensive capability of the US in that they were concerned about invading forces (or maybe really a concern towards attacking us a bit better) since a freeway system actually makes it easier for an invading force to travel across the land. Not that anyone in their right mind would attempt such an act. Though I admit that old nappy and hitler both thought russia was a sure bet. Only old Subotei could pull that one off. Jim

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Typo last P – “well knows”.

    I am with it…I will take this trend over bombs any day.

    Now, my regular audience well knows my position: that this is a rigged game with loaded dice. The international “superclass” that pays no allegiance to any particular country is preparing to abandon the American Empire as the engine of global dominance for a multilateral BRICS-fronted IMF-administered globalist slave state. But nevertheless, there’s something to be said about an era in which the top geopolitical disputes involve competing development and infrastructure projects rather than threats of all-out thermonuclear war, isn’t there? Let’s hope this is a trend that persists.
    — James Corbett

  3. scpat says:

    For anyone not a subscriber of Financial Times…
    Third paragraph in: “No, I’m not talking about the dramatic border skirmishes…” I found what I believe is a similiar article on the Guardian.


  4. Pablo de Boer says:

    Recommended Viewing
    Survival of Spaceship Earth + Explanation

    and extra explanation from Truthstream Media

    Survival of Spaceship Earth: The Ultimate Rockefeller Depopulation Propaganda Film
    Aaron takes on the 1972 United Nations propaganda film that has the captains of the planet take control over the world’s growing population, using Malthusian rhetoric to demand that “less people be invited to be born” and that every trick in the book be used for control. This shameless parade features such regular eugenicists as John D. Rockefeller III, Obama Science Czar John P. Holdren, Agenda 21 chief Maurice Strong and numerous other psuedo-scientists using their clout to demand development taxes from the rich countries lest a “population bomb” be dropped on the world… and that’s just a preview of things to come under carbon taxes, environmental laws and “microliving” under the austerity of a world where humans must be the “solution to the disease they created.”

  5. Pablo de Boer says:

    American Fascist Socialist John D. Rockefeller III promoting Marxist mierda del toro in Survival of Spaceship Earth + disgusting socialist intro


  6. scpat says:

    Regarding the Buck v. Bell Supreme Court case in the ‘Recommended Listening’, I found a separate story from 2010 that occurred in Boston, where a woman was sterilized by a hospital when she actually asked for an IUD procedure. She had just given birth to her 9th child, she was unemployed and two of her children were on welfare so this obviously raised some eyebrows.



  7. Pablo de Boer says:

    Head of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde says the organization may move its headquarters from Washington DC to Beijing in a decade if the growth trend in China and other major emerging markets continues.

  8. Ben says:

    James, thanks for the link to the Noah Feldman talk. The book Imbeciles by Adam Cohen goes into great detail about the Buck v Bell case, its history, context and ramifications. The more you learn about it, the more disgusting it gets.

  9. hammy says:

    Time will tell… The TPP did not get through to isolate and rig markets even further, so now there’s an effort to compete as capitalism was meant to do… We’ll see if competition is allowed on an even playing field or if the NATO nations attack, demonize, and whine… Meanwhile, I’m going to eat salad… crunch crunch…

  10. HomeRemedySupply says:

    On Corbett Report’s Just for Fun, Joe Bob Briggs (King of the Drive-in Theatre) says: “Check it out.”
    If you had never experienced a ‘B Movie’ episode of “Mystery Science Theater 3000” late at night as you were vegetating in front of the Tube, then…well…you really had missed out on the proper way to vegetate.

    It doesn’t matter if you missed the first half of the film. You can start anywhere.
    Example video (90 seconds) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWf7V6CAZ-Q&feature=youtu.be&t=15s

    DEFINITION – A process known as riffing = humorously commenting on each movie as it plays.

    • wingsuitfreak says:

      I loved the MST3000 series! Haven’t seen them in years, but they knew how to watch movies.

  11. HomeRemedySupply says:

    In late February 2017, James gave away $10 worth of bitcoin to whomever asked for it. What is the current value of that original $10 (more or less)? Percentage of increase?

    LINKS to the Corbett episode and specific YouTube excerpt are in my comment way above.

    • nosoapradio says:

      quadrupled last I looked

    • Pablo de Boer says:

      Research self and don’t depend on others or are you a socialist tejanito ? 🙂

    • Pablo de Boer says:

      But as an anarchocrypto volunteer I will educate you a little and only once and I also will never advise you when and how much BTC you have to buy, that is your own business and I also don’t want to have problems later due to my advise.

      You can visit for example this site


      On this site you can also set the date:

      On 28th Feb 1 BTC was $ 1.190,00
      On 20th Aug (12:40 pm Dutch time) 1 BTC is $ 4.121,00

      Thus BTC is not quadrupled like nosoapradio said, because when BTC would quadrupled the BTC price would be now $ 4.7.60,00. When señor James makes a mistake with grammar it doesn’t bother me, but when others financially make mistakes with numbers, I do care and that’s why I do my finance self and don’t depend on others.

      O yes the BTC price differs a little bit, because the price also depends on at which token exchange you trade it, like Kraken, Gatecoin, Bitstamp, GDAX,
      Cexio or others. See this page


      Always inform your self well, before ………..
      And never ever depend on others

      Saludos y abrazos,

      Pablo de Boer

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Wow! 41 dollars FREE!

        Excellent. Thanks for the homework Pablito.

        According to the above figures…
        On Feb 28th, James gave away a value of $11.90 worth of bitcoin to many scores of listeners.

        However, in todays value, each of the many requesting listeners was given a FREE gift by James Corbett worth $41.21!
        No catch.
        Not a cereal box prize, just a free gift by James Corbett worth $41.21 today, August 20th.

        Referenced Corbett Report Episode…
        ~~YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NuLWCHvkc8&feature=youtu.be&t=16m32s
        ~~Corbett website link – https://www.corbettreport.com/who-coined-the-term-useless-eaters-questions-for-corbett-034/

        GRAPH – Bitcoin US Dollar

      • nosoapradio says:

        True enough! Today bitcoin’s between 3.4 and 3.5 times the February 28th price stipulated by Senor de Boer!

        And the devil’s in the details!

        Haste and Financial approximation have always been among my numerous weaknesses and may eventually be my undoing…

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          You threw out a ballpark figure. That works. It is part of everyday communication. It relays a concept of around 4 times the original value.

          I use ballpark figures all the time when someone asks me the price of something. I found out the IRS doesn’t like ballpark figures. I’ve been audited twice.

          • nosoapradio says:

            financial terrorism…auditing…hope you didn’t follow your government’s example and oops! misplace several trillions of dollars…

            So, in reference to my off-hand ballpark figures, I wanted to inappropriately make this sort of flippant remark about

            “Error being the threshold to knowledge”

            but I couldn’t find the expression anywhere on the net; neither in English nor in French…

            yet I’m sure I didn’t invent that…

            I have noticed that often, when trying to find words or expressions on the internet they’re now buried in obscure computer jargon that seems to have taken precedence…

            then again… maybe I should just make some coffee…

            …funny how coffee and tea, those first things we do everyday in the morning, call up horrific images of colonialism…

            but it’s a gorgeous sunny day here…

            maybe it’s: “Error is the door to knowledge”…?

            anyhow I prefer threshold…

  12. nosoapradio says:

    Business really is exciting.

    The Japanese (JFE engineering) are doing pretty well subcontracting for Petronas on a

    Long-distance pipeline MPP (Malacca, Malaysia / Port Dickson, Kuala Lumpur / Klang Valley)

    And as the Sun Daily explained on May 13th of this year:

    “…Two companies from China today signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with its Malaysian counterparts to carry out the second phase of the East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) and gas and petroleum pipeline infrastructure project to Pengerang, Johor…

    …The Multi Products Pipeline (MPP) project involveed transportation of petroleum products from refineries in Melaka and Port Dickson to Central and Northern region of East Peninsular Malaysia…”

    Petronas, Malaysian royalty and the British Royal Chartered Institution of Chemical Engineers

    “…in October 2016 Her Royal Highness, Raja Permaisuri Perak Darul Ridzuan Tuanku Zara Salim, accepted an invitation from the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) to become Royal Patron in Malaysia.

    These strong ties with the Institution relate to Tuanku Zara Salim’s background in chemical engineering. Graduating from the University of Nottingham, UK in 1995 with a first class degree in the subject, she has worked for PETRONAS, has been a Vice President at Formis, and Managing Director of hydrocarbon consultancy Forthwave Consulting…”


    in May 2012

    IChemE president (Sir William Wakeham) and ceo visit Malaysia and Singapore

    “…PETRONAS Chemicals Group hosted a networking event with Sir William at the PETRONAS Twin Towers on Thursday 12 April. Sir William met with Kamarudin Zakaria, PETRONAS VP Downstream and a past chairman of IChemE in Malaysia, and Datuk Wan Zulkiflee, COO of PETRONAS and IChemE Honorary Fellow (now President and Chief Executive Officer of Petronas)…

    Sir William said that progress will be achieved through strong partnerships between government, industry and academia with the support of strong professional institutions”


    and January 2002

    Wakeham quits (the Press Complaints Commission) in Enron scandal

    “…He joined Enron, which paid him £80,000 a year, five years after awarding it a £700 million contract when he was energy secretary in 1989 to build a power station on Teesside.

    He is a director of 19 companies, including the merchant bank N M Rothschild and the military shipbuilder Vosper Thornycroft…”


    and just for fun

    from January 2009

    “…Industry Partners are select member companies of the World Economic Forum who strongly support the Forum’s commitment to improve the state of the world…”

    Petronas is a select member


    • nosoapradio says:


      In my malicious haste I’ve confused my Wakehams, Bill and John.

      Baron John of Enron and Conservative party fame

      and Sir William of academic and ICHEME fame.

      A quick check does not reveal any notable ties between the two. Except maybe their shared interest in petrol.

      My apologies.


  13. Pablo de Boer says:

    Hola aloha señor james,

    as you self know you recommended viewing a Depopulation Propaganda Film made by John D. Rockefeller III. Are you also promoting that your visitors will attend The Globalist Citizen Festival in NY? Sounds very NWO too..

    Ps see their partners… si si one of them is a big Bankster

    The 2017 Global Citizen Festival NYC

    And the United Nations, sponsored and created by the Rockefellers, has also their Global citizenship for education

    And on 9 Augustus Peter Thomson, President of the Un General Assembly, hold a typical NWO speech at the Opening Ceremony of 2017 Summer Youth Assembly

    Peter Thomson at the Opening Ceremony of 2017 Summer Youth Assembly (9-12 August)

    And Todd Huizinga a former U.S. diplomat thoughts on the EU and Global Governance at The January Series of Calvin College.

    Todd Huizinga – The EU and Global Governance

  14. david b says:

    Any possibility to convince James Corbett to have a free style type forum? A forum to post comments info and ideas from other things that do not have to be necessarily related to topic in this thread as an example.
    I have a wonderful speech by gaddafi I was hoping to post.

    • nosoapradio says:

      I’d say, in all of my ubiquitous and apparent smugness, “then just make some sort of tenuous connection with the topic at hand and post it!”.
      or you could just post it.

      Incidentally, I think I’ve seen it (the one addressed to the other Arab countries’ leaders?) and, as I recall, it certainly does give some interesting perspective on the state of geopolitical affairs.

      On the other hand, maybe it’s not the same video?

    • mkey says:

      I suggested something along those lines. In my view, it wouldn’t be free for all, but subscriber based instead. Which would work nicely and allow the quality of the discussion to expand, imo.

  15. david b says:

    does anyone know about Kevin Shipp formally with the CIA? You think he is on the level? or someone at the CIA spewing BS?
    Any credence for Susan Lindaur of the CIA who was prosecuted under the Patriot Act

  16. david b says:

    I have interesting videos I have found and here would be a great place to spread them around. But I do not wish to hijack a thread with an unrelated subject. people looking for info can find based on a subject etc. it may be of benefit to this website.
    for example I wish to submit this interview with Benazir Bhoto and Robert Frost about Bin Ladin…… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLir_wRRPO4
    but where to leave it here for others to see? hope James can address this

  17. david b says:

    Excuse, David Frost

  18. asavetmd says:

    James, you provided the benefit for B&R at the end and that is the main thing. The main point is the fact of the “China-Russia Double Helix” that Saker told us about 3 years ago (Iran is a silent partner). The move to this began in 1996 as an informal agreement and a written agreement was signed on 1999. Madi Nazemroya wrote about this at Global Research several years ago. As you say war is not possible now with Iran or DPRK because of this. Trump, now surrounded by a Military Junta, gave in for now but when the surge fails my bet is that he will blow up at his generals, go with his instincts and pull out. I hope one of these days you can interview Saker. He is very accurate in his positions. Kissinger said when he went to China in the ’70s that the US viewed China as an economic rival and Russia as a military rival, how ever now China is becoming a military rival too and Bannon, in his interview after his firing said China will bury us economically in 5 years and that is correct.

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