Health Freedom: Answers and Solutions


by James Corbett
August 14, 2012

As we have demonstrated over the past several weeks on the Eyeopener, health freedom is a subject of growing importance for citizens of the United States and freedom lovers around the world as would-be “authorities” like the American Food and Drug Administration attempt to assert ever more control over our daily lives. Presuming to tell us what medications we must or must not take, what we can or cannot say about our experiences with natural medicines, and even what type of milk we may or may not consume, the system is quickly devolving into outright tyranny.

As in so many other cases in the battle for cognitive liberty, that very tyranny is in fact waking up untold numbers to a larger agenda that they never dreamed existed. Prodded out of complacency by the prospect of forced vaccinations, or the dawning realization that fluoridated water is in fact forced medication without consent, or the increasing restrictions on free speech in the arena of alternative medicine, or the crackdown on organic produce and raw milk in favour of preservative-laden industrial-produced Big Agra GMO “food,” people are finally beginning to take an interest in the underlying issue of just how much say the government has over their own natural right to choose what they do with their bodies.

And as with so many other types of tyranny, as the people awaken to this abrogation of their natural rights, they are learning that the system depends almost entirely on their complicity, and that their ability to simply put their foot down and say “no” to the would-be tyrants is a significant step toward reclaiming ownership of themselves and their bodies.

The resistance to this agenda looks slightly different in each country, in each region, in each municipality, and for each issue, but broadly speaking it involves like-minded individuals, energized by their passion for the issues involved, coming together to boycott, lobby, or otherwise change the system. And time and again, when such action is taken, positive results are achieved.

One of the clearest examples of this is in the arena of water fluoridation.

Unable to any longer cover up the growing mountain of evidence from the National Academy of Sciences, Harvard Medical and other bodies demonstrating the inefficacy and the long-term health hazards of fluoridating the water supply, the EPA was forced in January of last year to lower the recommended fluoride level in drinking water from 1.2 mg/L to 0.7 mg/L. Although not a decisive victory by any means, that the EPA was forced to backtrack on literally decades of arguments that the recommended levels were safe and effective is in itself a momentous decision demonstrating that, with enough public pressure and scientific evidence, even bureaucratic giants can be made to change their harmful policies.

Emboldened by this turnaround, municipality after municipality in the United States, Canada, Ireland, and elsewhere have been mounting campaigns to remove the fluoride from local drinking water supplies. And in case after case, those campaigns are being greeted with success.

One such story is that of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where the fluoride was recently removed from the drinking water supply after decades of fluoridation. Opponents of fluoride in Calgary, who include doctors, dentists, health professionals, and concerned members of the public, have spent years campaigning against the practice on the grounds that it is unsafe, ineffective, and amounts to a city-wide enforced medication regimen without consent or controls. Last year, the City finally relented, agreeing to remove the fluoride entirely.

Early last year I talked to one of those involved with the campaign to get the fluoride removed from the water supply, Dr. James Beck of the University of Calgary, about the history of the campaign and how it eventually prevailed.

Fluoridation is just one of many battlefronts of health freedom in which concerned citizens are getting energized organized to resist governmental tyranny. In other areas, too, citizens and health professionals are standing up to the system and winning.

In the summer of 2009, at the height of the swine flu scare, doctors and nurses across Britain were surveyed on whether or not they would comply with NHS recommendations to be vaccinated with the then-untested and experimental H1N1 vaccine. In both cases, only a minority said they would be willing to take the shots, with just 41 percent of doctors and only 37 percent of nurses saying they were willing to comply. In New York state, plans for the mandatory vaccination of hundreds of thousands of health care workers prompted a mass wave of protests from nurses across the state. After months of such protests, the State Supreme Court blocked the order, saying that the state health commissioner did not have the authority to issue such an edict.

In the wake of the Rawesome Foods raids and other such raids on raw milk sellers across the United States, Canada, and other countries, the popularity of raw milk is skyrocketing. Producers across the board are noting increased sales of raw milk and increased awareness of their product. Raw milk vending machines are even growing in popularity in Europe. Organic foods are already seeing a boom in popularity, and these new buying trends have already had one verifiable victory. Several years ago, consumer backlash against milk containing recombinant bovine growth hormone prompted major wholesalers to drop the product from store shelves.

There is still much more action that needs to be taken. The ability for producers of non-GMO foods to label their foods as such needs to be guaranteed and standardized. The medical martial law legislation that was passed in the wake of the swine flu scare needs to be repealed. The laws against the consumption of cannabis and other non-dangerous natural medicines need to be dropped and the war on drugs has to be consigned to the dustbin of history. But overall, we can see that progress is being made, and more people are waking up to these issues every day.

Last week, I had the chance to talk to Mike Adams, author, researcher and editor of, about this growing awakening in the public and the possibility for a true health freedom revolution.

In the end, this fight, like the fight for all other forms of natural rights, rests in our hands. No longer is it good enough to simply put these issues in the hands of the legislators and regulators and trust that they will make the right decision over what to do with our lives, our health and our bodies.

More and more people are awakening to a new paradigm, one in which such matters are not to be delegated to representatives, decided on by committee, or regulated into existence by bureaucrats. Instead, a growing section of the public is rediscovering the responsibility of freedom, and reclaiming their natural sovereignty over their own bodies.

And with more people than ever before becoming energized in the fight for control over their own medicines, foods, free speech and bodies, who could argue that this is not a healthy state of affairs?

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