Globalist Conference Season Begins

06/10/201830 Comments

Oh, pity the poor globalists. They're going to be running around like chickens with their heads cut off in the next few days....Well, OK, more like flying around in their private jets like well-pampered chickens with their heads cut off, but you get the idea.

Why? Well, because globalist conference season is in full swing and there are going to be plenty of air miles racked up in the coming days by the top global super-gophers. There's Bilderberg in Italy, the G7 in Canada, the SCO Summit in China and, of course, the much-ballyhooed North Korea summit in Singapore.

Lost yet? Well, don't worry. Here's the handy-dandy Corbett Report guide to globalist conference season and what we can expect to see in the coming days.

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  1. Octium says:

    Now wouldn’t it be fun if the Sun let loose a deadly solar flare while these human shaped colostomy bags are flying around in their private jets (DISCLAIMER: I have no sources inside the Sun, I’m just being really hopeful)

    • scpat says:


    • mkey says:

      KFG. Kentucky fried globalist.

      Otherwise, it’s interesting how these globalists get all in one’s face over extra CO2 production, but they seldom opt out of their fancy private jets trips.

  2. heartruth says:

    This is intriguing (and somewhat contradictory?)

    Truthstream’s video 19:53 (Recommended viewing: ‘Something unprecedented…’ ). Shows a reply tweet by Estulin (mentioned in James’ article) on BB 2018:

    “As world’s foremost expert on the Bilderberg group, I can tell you they no longer matter as they represent a FAILED banking economic model on its deathbed”

    I suspect both viewpoints may be correct. Is the old “failed” order playing out its scheduled self-destruction by refusing to go down without a fight? (And taking the rest of us with it – depopulation anyone?)

    • manbearpig says:

      “… Is the old “failed” order playing out its scheduled self-destruction by refusing to go down without a fight? …”

      That would be my guess, Heartruth.

      Just as Modi will throw his American handlers overboard if that’s the plan, and as I’ve always seen Pakistan as an instrumental creature of the Anglo-Israeli deep state I’d wager that leaves India free to drift towards a BRICS built future bringing its beautiful biometric Identity bank with it…

      But then again, what do I know?…with no time to check these days…darn it…

      still… current popes and colorado présidents prédictions… Can’t wait to see…

      • heartruth says:

        Interesting point re: Pakistan. I wonder what the implications of this possibility might be given they’re also a member of the SCO?

        Side note: in the official 2018 conference photo, India and Pakistan are kept apart as far as physically possible (play nice!).

        • manbearpig says:

          Sorry I missed your reply. Thanks for info and nice SCO photo.

          Decided to hastily see if anyone else shared my unexplored and unsubstantiated hunch about Pakistan. I found the following from The Times of India:

          Pakistan a British creation

          K SUBRAHMANYAM | Jun 22, 2005

          “According to popular folklore both in India and Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah created Pakistan after he went back on acceptance of the Cabinet Mission Plan and when Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Patel, faced with the British threat of conducting a referendum in every province, succumbed to pressure…

          …This interpretation has been turned on its head by Narendra Singh Sarila, ADC to Mountbatten in 1947, who argues in a forthcoming book that the Partition of India was decided in February 1946 on Cold War strategic considerations…
          ….The chiefs of staff concluded, “The alternative of Scheme B (Pakistan) in spite of the disadvantages listed below is better than no agreement at all as this would lead to widespread chaos”. In other words, the British government had made up its mind on creation of Pakistan before the Cabinet Mission Plan was published. All that happened from the publication of Cabinet Mission Plan to June 3, 1947 was coercing the Congress party to accept partition. The British prime minister’s announcement on February 20, 1947 that “Britain might have to consider handing over power to the existing provincial governments” left the Congress with no choice but to accept partition. Credit, however, must be given to Mountbatten, for supporting the Congress’s efforts to ensure that India was divided only into two parts.
          Jinnah was a convenient instrument for the British against the Congress. It is no surprise that Pakistan became a much-needed base for the West in the Cold War against the Soviet Union.”

          Implications for SCO? Good question.

          • heartruth says:

            Great nugget you’ve turned up there, thanks. Interesting to note the usual behind the scenes string-pulling, before the official decision is ‘made’ (read: announced).

            • manbearpig says:

              “…before the official decision is ‘made’ (read: announced)…”

              just another variety of yanny/laurel effect…

      • manbearpig says:

        But they’re certainly just morphing into the next lucrative behind-the-scenes economic model they’ve built up…There’s nothing as convenient as appearing totally defeated and obsolete when you want to continue ruling the world I guess…obviously I’m not the world’s foremost expert on the Bilderberg group… Just seems like a long-standing Modus Operandi…

  3. mik says:

    I haven’t seen any discussions about Bilderberg’s topic no.9: Quantum computers.

    Comparing to threats of grand scale military confrontation this topic might not be so important, so threatening.

    Breakthrough in quantum computing, approximately 50 stable q-bits, would render today public-private key (asymmetric) cryptography useless.
    That means crypto in cryptocurrencies would be gone.
    Cryptocurrencies bye-bye.
    Last traces of privacy on internet also.

    There are some solutions proposed but cryptographers have various security estimates about them.
    And we should be aware that it takes years to implement new crypto solutions.

    We don’t know what is current status of quantum computers. It is reported to Bilderbergers. I think it will be reported to people with some years delay.

    There is maybe some good news.

    According to linked video, for breaking crypto (Shor algorithm) very stable quantum computer is needed. This is very hard to achieve because particles are extremely susceptible to noise.

    Current State of Quantum Computing

    Maybe it is even impossible to build QC of that size and stability (nature, please, don’t let it be) but I wouldn’t put my bet on it.

    • heartruth says:

      I glossed over it, being a non-tech person. Thanks for highlighting the significance of its (alleged) inclusion on their (alleged) list 🙂

      • mik says:

        🙂 ….Alleged is the key word, although in parenthesis.

        Ok, you didn’t extend “alleged” to significance of Bilderbergers.

        Ask yourself, would Bilderbergers be interested to have a backdoor into public-private key crypto, the cornerstone of today crypto?

        The only answer is yes. They would sell their mother to get this.

        Therefore, it is highly likely it is on the list.

        • Duck says:

          considering that the NSA has unlimited money to buy toys and hire smart people I would be surprised if Public Key encryption is secure at all.
          Considering how long it took to come out that the German Enigma was beig read during the war I would not be suprised to read in 20 or 30 years that the NSA was reading everything on the net in almost real time.

          • mik says:

            you can believe whatever you want, but cryptography is still about mathematics.

            If you would use Enigma type (even with hundred wheels) cryptography today, it would be broken soon, because effective algorithms exists.

            But for solving public-key crypto there is no effective algorithms.

            A million dollar mathematics award exists for solution of this problem and it is called ‘P vs. NP problems’ (I made some simplifications).

            Public-key crypto is secure because of math behind it.
            Nevertheless, flaws have been found in implementation. But these are software flaws.

    • Octium says:

      I’m not an expert at either quantum computing or cryptocurrancy but from my understanding not all kinds of problems benefit from being solved on a quantum computers so Cryptocurrencies would just need to evolve to use algorithms that are not friendly for quantum computing.

      It is interesting however that Quantum Computing should appear on their agenda, perhaps their strategy is to blind people with science and convince people they are helpless.

      That strategy seems to work very well, because I see lots of not using the advantages they already have.

      • heartruth says:

        … “blinding people with science” or if they can get away with it, pseudoscience – case in point: Ehrlich. Technocracy 101

      • mik says:

        Science and technology are new Mythology, no doubt.
        But going to anti-science camp is not wise, I think.

        You should be aware that public-key crypto is the only one that solved the problem of key exchange over non-trustful media (internet).

        Crypto we use originates in NIST.
        They started procedure for new post-quantum crypto (PCQ) at the end of last year and draft standards will be out in 5 YEARS !!!
        page 18

        When you take into account one year for publishing final standards, few years for implementation we might get (NIST approved 🙂 )PCQ in 10 years in optimistic scenario.

        Cryptocurrencies use public-key crypto (NIST approved) for authentication of transactions. Imagine headlines in few years:
        Hackers Stealing Bitcoins, Hundreds Cases.
        Trust would be gone, cryptocurrency also, banksters amused.

        Also, I’m not sure it is actually possible to upgrade decentralized cryptocurrencies (science and technology have limits ).
        Some problems for example:
        * how to introduce new keys
        * how to ensure compatibility
        * how to ensure consistency of ledger

        I haven’t heard even a semblance of solution to questions above.

        • Octium says:

          It looks like people are already developing solutions

          And as far as upgrading decentralized cryptocurrencies, this isn’t really much different to the forks in the past, If there is a serious threat and a solution is available miners will do what it takes to update (Rather than lose all the money they have earned so far…)

          • mik says:

            I think I’ve seen article you linked.
            It has two huge flaws, therefore I would never use it in serious discussion.

            “ …but what would happen if you used one or more Quantum Computer to mine Bitcoins?

            According to MIT experts the answer is that this would not really be a danger (at least not for the next 10 years) because the clockspeeds of the quantum processors are not (yet) high enough to keep up with today’s most powerful mining machines from Nvidia and the likes.”

            First, hash function is used for bitcoin mining and it is widely believed it is resistant to QC. Question is nonsense.
            Second, comparing clock-speeds of QC and GPU and using it as a proof we are still safe from QC is completely utter nonsense for BS contest. This guy doesn’t know anything about QC and he supposedly cited MIT expert. What a bullshit.

            Solution mentioned in article is used in IOTA blockchain. It’s hash based OTS (One Time Signature) and probably is QC secure.

            But this solution is probably not applicable to bitcoin because it is OTS, public key has to be changed all the time, while today is static (bitcoin).

            “…this isn’t really much different to the forks in the past…”

            You are wrong. Making it QC resistant means changing fundamentals. Everything would have to be upgraded not just miners side.

            Anyhow, bitcoin is not “freedom money” anymore (if it ever was), it is infected with fiat money interests and it can go down.

  4. Gaslight says:

    ….ahhh yes, the “summits”, “meetings”, and “conferences” where the names are instructed by the nameless.

    James exclaimes (referring to ’05 Buildiberg); “It seems we don’t get accurate, predictive reports like that out of Bilderberg anymore”

    Go back a hundred years James, not ten. You’ll find some very enlightening material from Masonic historians, and you won’t be chasing modern red herrings anymore.

    I noticed all the Gnostic, Mysteries symbolism plastered behind the image of Kissinger above here.

    Well?…what are you waiting for James?

    Have Mark Passio (What in the world is Happening) and, or Alan Watt (Cutting Through the Matrix) on as guests.

    They’re both well versed in the mysteries of the mind.

  5. herrqlys says:

    From comments on Russia Insider, under the Dmitry Orlov article “I Watched Putin’s Entire 4 Hour Q+A With the Russian People – He Even Answered My Question”

    Kjell Hasthi > bluewater • 10 hours ago

    Blackstone Intelligence Network is Liberal junk -> godless
    Here is his list of channels

    RonPaulLibertyReport (freemason, golddigger)
    ***corbettreport (CIA?)***
    SGTreport (ok Liberal)
    Newsbud (FBI)
    X22Report (Liberal)
    WeAreChange (Liberal)

    CIA???? Corbett Information Awareness

    Anyway, that Kjell Hasthi is a Zionist troll so whatever he spouts is usually promtly dismissed.

  6. Gaslight says:

    The corrosive veil of secrecy always hides what is wrong. It destroys our young.

  7. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Someone may have already posted this link…

    from TruthStream Media 27 minutes
    Something Unprecedented Is Happening at Bilderberg 2018

  8. herrqlys says:

    Going to nitpick a little.

    From James’ text:
    “The whole compact threatened to fall apart at the seems when the group refused to endorse the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014.”

    No, I wasn’t going to highlight the spelling error. I objected to the phrase “…Russian annexation of Crimea…” because in my connotation “annexation” relates to the forcible appending of territory. In Crimea’s case it was a 2014 local referendum that sought reunification with the Russian Federation. Russia acceded to the request. Legacy media spins these facts in an entirely bogus way.

    • mkey says:

      Where’s the grammatical error?

      You know, that term tickled me in the same way as it apparently tickled you. I think, somewhere very deep in my subconsciousness there is a part of my character which completely fell for the “left-right” “west-east” false paradigm. I know it’s false, I know it’s bullshit, but somewhere in there, when terms such as the one used by James in this instance, ticks me off a bit.

      I immediately thought, Russians didn’t annex the damned plot of land, they had a vote on the matter, they asked for being repatriated (a key word here, repatriated) with Russia. Since Crimea was in fact Russian territory, until given to Ukraine by Khrushchev (probably) as a means to grease up Ukrainians a bit over all the shit Stalin put them through etc. etc.

      However, Crimea hosts a very important port on the Black sea, without which Russia would lose an important stronghold, which was in fact readily available since they payed some sort of a tribute to Ukraine for its use. With Ukraine going belly up, that deal would have probably gone under and the very same port would fall under US control, something I very much think their mad dogs very much hoped for.

      Then this referendum comes by and turns around everything. I mean, that does seem a bit convenient, doens’t it. I’m not saying Putin is a homicidal maniac, but I very much doubt ex KGB wouldn’t have elements ready on the peninsula for setting such a referendum off. Besides, what do we know about said referendum and following “annexation”? There was a moderately large crowd in the street, cheering and chanting. How many times have we seen very similar crowds elsewhere in the world?

      Now, I’m quite certain, people living there wanted some security in their lives and making such a move makes sense.
      But, this question I can not answer, which keeps lingering on the tip of my tongue, how the hell can we be certain of anything that happened there? Also, does the word annexation really imply wrongdoing?

      [an-ik-sey-shuh n, -ek-]

      1. the act or an instance of annexing, or adding to something larger, especially the incorporation of new territory into the domain of a city, country, or state.
      2. the fact of being annexed: Annexation of the two parts of the Bronx in 1874 and 1895 gave New York City the last of its five boroughs.
      3. something annexed: Victory in battle resulted in territorial annexations that remained difficult to govern.

  9. heartruth says:

    Here’s a recent video by Truthstream Media about Estonia’s participation in this year’s BB shin-dig…

    A & M connect a number of dots with both NEOM and Estonia as current focal points(e-citizenship, ‘good citizen’ credit system,and the usual NWO shenanigans: “world peace” but for whom?)

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