Forget Russiagate, The REAL Scandal Is Israelgate

12/16/201744 Comments

Almost exactly a year ago, just as the "Russia hacked the election!" delirium was taking shape, I pooh-poohed the idea that "Russiagate" (as it has come to be known) would persist for very long. Once the Trump administration started plowing ahead with its agenda, I argued, the Dems would toss Hillary aside and move on with politics as usual.

Russiagate fading away as Democrats come to terms with the 2016 election? Really, James?

Now I've made some inaccurate predictions before (OK, a lot of inaccurate predictions), but that one takes the cake in terms of how wrong I ended up being.

If you want a demonstration of this point, just type "russia collusion" or "russia interference" into your search engine of choice and feast on the millions and millions of nothingburgers that have been produced this past year chasing this non-story. It would almost be comical how stupid these stories are if it weren't for the fact that they have real world consequences.

Remember when the evil Russkies hacked the Vermont electrical grid?! Of course you do. But do you remember when the MSM presstitutes immediately amended their fear porn story to admit that the grid had not, in fact, been hacked at all? Of course you don't, because the headlines are reported breathlessly and the "corrections" are issued quietly.

And do you remember when the dastardly Russians hacked into the voting systems of 39 states before the 2016 presidential election? Yeah, that didn't actually happen, either.

And remember when the Russians went international and took their well-known operation to control people's minds through Facebook ads across the pond to England, where they successfully pulled off "Operation Brexit?" Well, the results are in, and the latest headlines tell of the startling breadth and scope of this mass mind-control experiment: "Facebook says Russian-linked accounts spent just 97 cents on ads over Brexit."

And remember when ABC's Brian Ross reported that candidate Trump directed Flynn to make contact with Moscow? One stock market crash later, the suspended Brian Ross would like you to know that he meant president-elect Trump. (Meh, close enough!)

And remember when CNN dropped its bombshell story about how Wikileaks, those known Russian collaborators (*citation needed), were caught sharing their leaks in advance with Team Trump last year (BOOM!)? Well, guess what? More fake news.

It's almost as if this whole Russiagate story is a wild goose chase that the fake news MSM is using to keep the American public distracted. They use a simple enough formula:

  1. Use a scrap of information to create an elaborate conspiracy theory about nefarious Russian activities.
  2. Quietly retract the story when the information is discredited.
  3. Rinse.
  4. Repeat.

It's enough to keep the fluoride-addled, increasingly deranged Hillary holdouts renewing their subscription to the New York Times or the Washington Post even as it makes the rest of the population increasingly tired of the whole story.

But what if that's the point?

Unbeknownst to a large section of the public, there is a very real story about actual collusion between team Trump and a foreign power. The collusion is deep, nefarious, compromises American goals and interests and is being studiously avoided by the dutiful lapdog mouthpieces in both the anti-Trump and pro-Tramp MSM fake news camps (and even among many in the pseudo-alternative media). And you haven't heard a peep about it because this collusion touches the third rail of international geopolitics: Israel.

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  1. PeaceFroggs says:

    Ok, we all know when it comes to legalities, words are carefully chosen because they actually mean something.

    So lets examine the phrase “Jerusalem as Israel’s capital”.

    — No nation is disputing that this is going to eventually happen someday. Jerusalem will become Israel’s capital, no doubt about it. The problem is that Netanyahu and the hard right in Israel, regard Jerusalem as its “eternal and undivided” capital.

    But what does “eternal and undivided” capital mean exactly? Simply put, it means continued illegal settlements in West Jerusalem, in the hopes of eventually annexing West Jerusalem from Palestine someday.

    Remember words have meaning, I don’t believe the US official recognition states “eternal and undivided capital”. I may be wrong.

    Regardless, there is a little problem in achieving this goal of “eternal and undivided capital”, and it’s called: UN Security Council Resolution 2334 (December 2016) — which states that Israel’s settlement activity constitutes a “flagrant violation” of international law and has “no legal validity”.

    Of the 5 permanent UN members with veto power, 4 of them (China, France, Russia, and the UK, all voted “FOR” the resolution), and the US abstained, whereas it could have easily vetoed the Resolution all together.

    If and when the US does decide to move its embassy, it will be in East Jerusalem, and as per UN Security Council Resolution 2334, I believe we can all assume that no other nation will relocate their embassies anytime soon, especially not on stolen Palestinian land (West Jerusalem) that’s for sure.

    So in the end, Trump’s announcement that the US will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, means absolutely nothing.

    The only peaceful solution remains the 2 state solution.

    • PeaceFroggs says:

      Correction, I mixed up East with West and vice versa.

      Should read as: If and when the US does decide to move its embassy, it will be in West Jerusalem (not East Jerusalem), and as per UN Security Council Resolution 2334, I believe we can all assume that no other nation will relocate their embassies anytime soon, especially not on stolen Palestinian land (East Jerusalem) that’s for sure.

    • michael.b says:


  2. bazanted says:

    but but, Mr Netanyahu has visited Congress three times, even invited by Speaker John Boehner without informing the then President. He has such great charts of bombs with red lines. He defends the Jewish State against all it’s aggressive neighbours. He gets repeated standing ovations. What a fine fellow he must be.

    • mrbarbecue says:

      Boehner was so flabbergasted by the supposed God on Earth, pope Francis I, he cried like a baby and soon resigned.

      Now, the US has Paul Ryan, a tea party type Republican. Boehner was viewed as a moderate republican, or a classic one. So I will give him that although he’s a deluded moron (I’m born Catholic so I reserve the right to laugh at somebody who gets so emotional because the Emperor of the West is in the same room as him/her) at least he didn’t really like or agreed with Mitch McConnel and the R senators who from the start were caught on mic saying “we’ll oppose ANYTHING Obama proposes, even if we agree with it as a rule”.

      Of course Obama was horrendous, but that was just thinly veiled old school racism to me. Kentucky (where McConnell represents) was the state that voted the least for Obama in 2007, barely 30%..I think that since it mattered little who won, although, McCain with his latent defective brain would have bombed Iran thus starting WW3 on a whim, I still believe it’s the only thing Obama was instructed by the CIA to do that benefits humanity in some perverse way….and it showed how deeply from another time Kentucky seems to live in. Also, Obama intensely hated Netanyahu, so he cannot be 100% evil :laughs:

  3. manbearpig says:

    Once again I laud Mr. Corbett’s sharp eye and meticulous method looking through and beyond the hype.

    Predictably however, I’ll reiterate my fascination for what I believe to be the third point in the mutual admiration triangle – Putin – if only on the highest level of the 3-D? chess game…

    “…None of this would have been possible without the Russian connection.
    On a shelf in Leviev’s Ramat Gan office sits a framed photo of Vladimir Putin. Leviev describes him as a “true friend…” – Missionary Mogul NYT 2007

    From July 25th, 2017 article in Haaretz

    “Who is Lev Leviev, Jewish Billionaire with ties to Jared Kushner and Putin

    …This week’s news stories don’t link Leviev with specific accusations; rather, they indicate a number of business and social relationships that connect him to Vladimir Putin and Kremlin-related businesses, as well as to the Trump Organization. Leviev was a business partner of Prevezon Holdings, the Russian firm that was accused of money-laundering, and that, after it was represented by Natalia Veselnitskaya, got off with a $6 million slap on the wrist. The Prevezon scam had been exposed in 2009 by Russian whistleblower accountant Sergei Magnitsky, who a short time later died in a Moscow prison under suspicious conditions…

    …The Guardian this week reported on several joint business ventures that Prevezon undertook with Leviev’s Africa-Israel Investments, both in the U.S. and Europe, and which were later alleged to be vehicles for money-laundering by Prevezon…
    …In 2015, the Kushner real-estate company purchased four floors of the old New York Times building, on West 43rd St., for $295 million. The seller was Lev Leviev’s U.S. branch of Africa-Israel Investments…

    …According to the Washington Post, Kushner took a loan from Deutsche Bank in October 2016 – a month before Election Day – to refinance the Manhattan property, which was now valued at $74 million above what he paid for it a year earlier…

    …Deutsche Bank has been of interest to a variety of different federal investigators for its involvement in a Russian money-laundering scheme, and it settled at least one related case with the U.S. Federal Reserve two months ago…”
    -Haaretz, July 25th, 2017

    “…None of this would have been possible without the Russian connection.
    On a shelf in Leviev’s Ramat Gan office sits a framed photo of Vladimir Putin. Leviev describes him as a “true friend…”
    -The Missionary Mogul NYT 2007

    • PeaceFroggs says:

      Ok then, why didn’t Putin’s Russia veto UN Security Council Resolution 2334?

    • herrqlys says:

      When Russia was financially raped in the decade after the USSR disintegrated, a lot of western banks and business people did deals with the traitors that became known as the Russian oligarchs. That some of those relationships continue to this day doesn’t mean that Vladimir Putin was a part of this.

      Putin’s biggest enemies for the revival of a soverign, nationalist Russia are themselves Russian – the so-called Atlanticists that crave western acceptance above loyalty to their nation, and owe their current fortunes to the initial backing of the rapists.

      • manbearpig says:

        Hard to say what Putin’s objectives really are. But he sure does seem formidably intelligent.
        At any rate, a strong Russia does not necessarily clash with the “deep-state” interests that have built up the East. Especially if they don’t hinder the diamond industry and Israeli expansion and objectives.
        Perhaps the Harvard Boys debacle was a form of controlled demolition generating “creative chaos” for a very specific type of Russian Renaissance.
        I don’t know. Haven’t studied the question sufficiently.
        But I do know I’m gonna be fired if I don’t start concentrating on my translation…8-O

      • manbearpig says:

        Dunno but, if Putin’s got most of his eggs in a single basket (fossil fuels) and if China’s Kissenger’s avatar, the bear might easily be kept tame…

        And, perhaps utterly unrelated, there’s this pesky plane that went down near Smolensk Killing the entire EU-hostile Polish government

        and the Total mystery of French petrol mogul Christophe de Margerie’s death on the Snowy runways of Moscow…

        And the Russian plane down in Egypt Killing 219 Russian tourists…a Ukranian and a Belarusian…

    • Mielia says:

      “The happy-go-lucky Jewish group that connects Trump and Putin” was a headline for a lengthy politico article for which the author was accused of conspiracy antisemitism in many other articles from other outlets onwards.
      A German youtuber made the same connection alleged in this article via Lev Leviev and Roman Abramovitch and Kushner and ond and on to the Chabad Lubavitch movement to Putin.

      Also Putin may very much appreciate the deportation and terrorism crisis in Europe imho. The russian army didn’t stop the war in Syria and Iraq right away. That’s something I can’t oversee.
      RT is definitely pushing his ingratiation campaign in Germany. One of their main broadcasts is named Der fehlende Part = the missing part. Yes, they openly attempt to position them as alternative media and are quite successful with this. Persons like Daniele Ganser featured in interviews.
      (Also many Russian Germans voted AfD.)
      So, weaken Europe and pull its people closer to Russia as part of Putins strategies?


  4. mkey says:

    The applause, the clamor, the chanting, could it be more obvious?

    • redrose says:

      Barf! I could only watch a little bit…

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Oh man!
      Sick. The U.S. is sick.

    • john.o says:

      If I had a “special relationship” with somebody who had photos of me in bed with a child, and who could either make me rich or order me suicided, I might clap too….

      • mkey says:

        That just may be the fix. The next time Bibi wanders in for a quick visit, spike the congressional coffee with some elephant ready tranquilizers. When Bibi sees the lack of enthusiasm on the congress people part, he may just stage the largest and most puzzling mass suicide of all time, where all the congress people would be found with their heads put together, all at once ventilated with a high powered large caliber bullet.

        It’s crazy enough to work.

    • herrqlys says:

      The continual nonsensical applause IS sickening. I noted many unsmiling faces just clapping with the herd. I couldn’t watch much of this. Bibi is a real politician, though, as he can lie with a straight face.

      This video did give me pause to reflect. When will the Roman vomitorium become mainstream again in a decadent society?

  5. bladtheimpailer says:

    I have often thought of Russia gate as controlled opposition with the demonizing of Trump keeping his supporters defending the Trump and administration as must be ‘swamp drainers’ if the MSM, three letter agencies et al are attacking. Meanwhile this admin is giving everything the plutocracy asks for which is against the interests of the rank and file Trumpster. The facade of Trump as a swamp drainer and of American democracy must be maintained, or SWHTF, even as the deception becomes more convoluted and difficult with each presidential election cycle.

    As for the Israeli-American connection we can boil this down as the western plutocracy acting through the Israeli LLC in influencing by any and all means the USA LLC. Both are corporate entities as registered in Washington DC as with almost every other nation on this planet. Check it out, Canada is a corporation registered in Washington D.C. Washington D.C. being one of four sovereign non national entities on the planet. The others being ‘The City of London’, the ‘Vatican City’ and the head quarters and grounds of the BIS in Basel.

    • mrbarbecue says:

      Each? I thought it was obvious Romney was going to lose, badly, no matter how largely fudged Obama’s win was exaggerated electronically by them paper-trail-less voting machines and central tabulation servers.

  6. manbearpig says:

    “I have often thought of Russia gate as controlled opposition…”

    playing off our emotional need to take sides… to make sense… to find the champions of our ideals…

    in some superbowl sort of way…

    As for the LLC thing, I discovered that when I was much too much of a neophyte to cope with it…should go back and take another look…

    but I guess there’s always someone who thinks they literally own you in one way or another…physically, spiritually, financially, legally, in reputation…

    and who can prove and enforce it…in front of our friends and loved ones…and the rest of Human society…

  7. joseph says:

    Absolutely fantastic James. I have been WAITING for some public clarity from CR on Israel. Well written and leaves enough to tantalize someone to look further. At the very least, you have invoked involuntary eye brow twitches! * a rare gift.

    BUMP ~ Do you want to mention in a follow up or otherwise whether its true that Dov Zakheim, the comptroller of the pentagon in 2001 that was missing $2.3T, was a duel Israeli citizen? Was former Obama chief of staff an ex Israeli Mossad Colonel? Is the Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo a duel Israeli citizen? I’m sure your listeners could add more and more and more…The truth is really stranger than fiction.

    Oops…did I bump your thread nice and hard?

    Apologies… =-]

    • herrqlys says:

      Dual nationality, especially in the case of Israeli-US dual nationals in Washington and New York (think UN as well) in particular, should be prohibited for senior US administration employees. Double ditto for those offices that require security clearances above a certain level.

      When you work for the US government (or any national government), the prioirty of your oath of office must be to the nation state you hold office in, otherwise you must rescind any extra-national citizenship. No exceptions. If that doesn’t suit your personal agenda, then don’t seek any such office, and reject any offer put to you to hold such office.

      • joseph says:

        Absolutely! How ‘security clearances’ are offered to people who are not Americans and also missing trillions of dollars, is beyond sinister. We are left with these immutable quotes…road flares

        Sun Tzu ~ Art Of War:

        “All warfare is based on deception.”
        “The highest form of warfare is to defeat your enemy without having to fight.”

        Sec Def J Forrestal:

        “…consistency has never been a mark of stupidity. If they were merely stupid, they would occasionally make a mistake in our favor”

        Israeli Intelligence Agency Mossad motto:

        “By way of deception we make war.”

        I wonder if there is a chronicled list of all public holding officials with dual citizenship? It should not be hard for one or more chambers to create legislation that curtails the use of Israeli nationals in the sphere of government. Since, Article 1 Section 10 is so passe:

        “No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince or foreign State.”

        I guess I will always be that literate stick in the mud.

      • mkey says:

        Come on now, that’s crazy talk. These guys need dual citizenry just so they could move quicker and cut through diplomatic redtape. It’s for the children.

  8. Paul Fallon says:

    O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!
    Walter Scott

  9. herrqlys says:

    Another appropriate acronym revealed in the Corbett Report… MSMBS.

    Misdirection of Sewage Manufactured in Bipartisan Scatology?

    • manbearpig says:

      Oh! You must be right! Silly me, I thought it stood for:

      Malignant Spread of Mind Bending Stool…

      Glad we cleared that up.

  10. André says:

    DW just released a doco on Occupsalem 14h ago (critical of Israel, but highlighting internal Israeli opposition, i.e. #NAJALT):

    • the video rss is broken
    • just joined; is there an internal forum?

  11. André says:

    Come to think of it… could the new ‘red scare’ be a surrogate for calling out the actual shekel in the room, without being shot down by the Israel Lobby, just like the red scare of 80 years ago was also understood to be anti-semitism (“Anti-communism is anti-semitism!”, Jewish Voice, 1941,, and not without reason (,7340,L-3342999,00.html).

  12. corebean says:

    This might be a bit late, but almost a year ago there was an expose revealing Israeli influence in English politics. I’ve supplied a link to a teaser and yes, you can take it with a grain of salt considering who created the doco. IT is however a small taste of something that James has alluded to here. If this small fish was caught on camera admitting to wanting to make changes to the parliament to favor Israel, then image what is possible with bigger fish and even more influence…

  13. VoltaicDude says:

    Israel is not now, nor has it ever been, a valid nation-state, any more than Poland was once a valid property of the Third Reich.

    Modern Israel is a malicious construct and tool of the Anglo-American Empire; a fortress of proxy warfare and aggressive invasion in the predominantly Moslem (and oil-rich) Middle East.

    It is a perverse creation by a perversely cruel empire that has repeatedly resorted to this sort of malicious manipulation of civilian populations.

    Northern Ireland is another example of this sort of heinous activity.

    Forced emigration trends, such as what has occurred as the result of the military invasion of Syria by proxy forces (“al Qaeda” and “ISIS”), is another example of using the “displaced people” model to rearrange political alliances and disguise invasion and usurpation with R2P policies.

    In Sweden too, a “liberal” immigration policy was allowed to cloak the hidden collusion of internationalist/globalist centers of power with the intent to create cultural conflict – always a great way to foment nationalistic violence, which has been on the rise across Scandinavia as a new wave of Neo-Nazism has been prodded along the last few decades.

    Regarding modern Israel, there is no possible way to justify that the occupying British Empire could have legitimately given away Palestine (even under the superpower-controlled-Anglo-American auspicious front of the United Nations) to displaced European Jews after WWII – the action had and has no logical, sociological, political or ethical integrity to it.

    At the time lies about the absence of a Palestinian population were strewn about as fact, and the current state of affairs regarding “the problem” of repatriation and equal rights for Palestinians makes it clear that such pronouncements were indeed lies.

    Even after decades of genocidal intent against the Palestinian People and one of the most massive and focused emigration policies ever implemented (a final solution indeed), Palestinians continue to be a majority in occupied and greater Palestine (most of which is usually referred to as Israel these days).

    A two-state solution is in fact impossible, and delusions of such an entity can only be based in the total ignorance of the original and continued primary raison d’etre for modern Israel – the military conquest and occupation of the Middle East by Western Imperialist/Internationalist Globalists (WIG’s).

    Cut-off this material support of terrorism by way of the more than $4 billion dollars in annual U.S. military aid to Israel (really just an extension of the U.S.’s military-industrial complex) and poof, political-Israel disappears (unfortunately the displaced people remain as yet again a target caught in the crossfire of globalist-greed-induced violence).

    Ironically it is not the American People per se that are specifically culpable here, nor even the Israeli People! But those WIG’s that we have allowed to remain hidden instead of ubiquitously calling them out for their heinous convoluted crimes.

    This comment is too long to conclude here, so I’ll start another entry that I hope will illustrate that my point is not simply nihilistic or pie-in-the-sky.

    • André says:

      “Israel is not now, nor has it ever been, a valid nation-state”

      There was a reasonably cordial debate about that on AJ a couple of months ago:

      Yet what constitutes a “valid nation-state” is not something you defined. Is Singapore a “valid nation-state”? Or Kosovo? Or Lichtenstein?

      International Law defines that any ‘nation’, i.e. any group of people, have a right to self-determination, i.e. of constituting a nation-state.

      Then again, anarchists like James will say no state is valid, so either argument would be a moot point with them 😉

      • VoltaicDude says:

        I knew commenting in this way at an anarchist site (a philosophy with which I empathize and pursue personally) might elicit epistemological/rhetorical questions, which I find interesting and worthy as a generality, but not at the expense of political action – and in this case my words are political actions.

        Thanks for the link – better than anything CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC, PBS, CNN, Comedy Channel, etc., offer.

        I wish American TV-zombies (Americans who rely on those corporate “news” outlets and who are not familiar with “Mockingbird”) could be exposed to at least this level of historical consideration by political-talking-heads – it would be an improvement.

        (Watched most of PBS’s Frontline on Putin’s cyber-attacks last night – very funny as well as horrifying. One can understand why some people resort to the term “demonic” when talking about political-America (the Empire and its mesmerizingly deceptive ways).

        From your link right-off I can say my leanings are with Ghada Karmi within this context.

        That said, the history here is in fact extremely complex and convoluted and therefore any fully comprehensive consideration (if that’s even possible) is necessarily way too long for perhaps any one venue. There are no short-cuts to being knowledgeable about history, which is an ever expanding pursuit.

        So, we either accept political paralysis or try to make some sort of real-world (real politick) assessment that is meaningful.

        I choose the second option which for me pivots constructively from pragmatic considerations, and not so much from a primarily dogmatic approach, and is also fully committed to a sense of engagement with my fellow human beings.

        The points you offer in this first comment are very specific to my commentary, but do not on the whole provide a consistent greater viewpoint of your own.

        My points were meant to emphasize recognizable patterns of criminal behavior and corruption within a sensibility of greater political commitment on my part – otherwise I would feel I might be engaging in evasiveness and nihilism (which is why I followed-up with a second comment).

        In such a context your brief comment here requires little effort to post and voluminous consideration for any adequate reply including contextualization.

        Some would call that trolling, but I think your points at least represent the thought patterns of a lot of people that are confronted with political arguments that are basically socially forbidden, although most of those people would (as would be consistent with the character of their responsiveness) also not bother to post at all.

        So you have no opinion on false flags? On constructed-conflict? On corruption when you see it? Do you see any of that sort of thing? If so, what do you make of it?

        If someone pick-pockets another’s wallet, do you have an opinion on the rightful owner? That would be aside from any consideration of what one might do about it.

  14. VoltaicDude says:

    However there is a good (imperfect) example of another at least possible path to some amelioration here – it is not without reason that the U.S. and Israel were the last two countries in the world to support the Apartheid regime in South Africa; the solution there is perfectly applicable to the current Western occupation of Palestine.

    A unified nation known indeed formally as Palestine, as it rightfully should be, and perhaps for anyone that wishes to may also be informally referred to it as Israel – just as Iran is often referred to as Persia; and just as the now formal designation of The Netherlands is informally still known as Holland.

    Citizenship and suffrage would be absolute for all those now recognized as either “Israelis” or “Palestinians,” and equal status would be a constitutional right under a constitutionally secular state that would require the separation of church and state.

    For the first ten years of this “new” state, the U.S. would divide $4 Billion dollars a year in reparations amongst the currently displaced Palestinians. That would represent a viable start.

    This sort of a Unified Palestine is something that fair-minded people – Israelis, Palestinians, Americans and the rest of the world – could begin to talk about as a solution with a sense of integrity, and to support as a historically-conscientious goal.

    The current two-state paths being considered – including a paltry, crippled type of statehood for Palestine – have no realistic projection other than the ultimate genocide of the Palestinian People, and the continued military-industrial complex’s expression of conquest and occupation of the Middle East by the Western Imperial-Internationalist Globalists (WIG’s).

    • André says:

      A more anarchist (read less self-righteous, i.e. interventionist) solution would be just to not meddle in other people’s disputes, cutting aid to authorities in either side, and restricting ourselves to assisting *individuals* in need. It’s presumptuous of us to figure out what’s best for other people and to know more about the particulars of their circumstances than themselves. When left to their own devices, without all the backing they get either way, they are more likely to figure it out for themselves. Same applies to the Koreas (if there is any suspicion of bias on this conflict in particular).

      • VoltaicDude says:

        Note: I am on the record for opposing the facetious and malicious R2P policies of interventionism – I know the pitfalls here. (Perhaps you need to reread my comment above.)

        This is a straw man argument. It’s a matter of how much one allows oneself to recognize intervention.

        “Unified Palestine” is the expression of the end of WIG intervention in Palestine, and in no way expresses hostility towards those individuals now labeled Israelis, any more than supporting the end of South African Apartheid represented hostility towards South African whites.

        Did you not have an opinion about South African Apartheid?

        You seem not to recognize or acknowledge that the criminals that engage in such things as genocide and that run our bankster-military-industrial complex worldwide do so in your (our – for sure) name(s) – illegitimate as that might be (certainly I would say “not in my name and not with my complicity”).

        The whole point here is that “Israel” is not a matter of “other people’s disputes.” It is a maliciously constructed conflict by the WIG’s – an Anglo-American centered problem.

        You ignore this core point.

        Who are these “opposing” authorities the American Empire is aiding?


        Historically, when Egypt was expressing some actual military conflict with Israel, during the Nasser regime, Egypt was being aided by the Soviet Union.

        Nowadays Egypt doesn’t seem to have any active military conflict with Israel, just a little hot air from both sides for each other – a nice show.

        There is no “other side” that the U.S is aiding – Saudi Arabia is the “flip-side,” not the “other side,” of WIG interventionism.

        It’s good that you’ve been a catalyst for this distillation of the core issue here.

        At a much smaller dimension Russian presence has recently been knocking out al Qaeda and ISIS strongholds in Syria. (When the Soviet Union had a more expansive profile, it had been propped up to do just that by a Rockefeller-Lenin pact.)

        Recently, in an entirely different way and level China has openly engaged in trade that threatens American hegemony. (But again, historically Mao was similarly aided by Rockefeller during times of more direct conflict with Communist China.)

        Unified Palestine is neither nirvana nor the end of human conflict. It is simply the only reasonable and fair resolution to the current conflict in the current context of WIG interventionism.

  15. michael.b says:

    Kushner that little pansey, and Bibi “I like to torture children” Nettanyahoo need a bullet in the eye.
    Bought those Zionist jew fucks are psychopaths.

    Jeruselem belongs to the Palestinian…ONLY. The Balfour is an illegal document.
    The Zionist jew stole that land; all that mythic history that god made them chosen and the promised land was theirs, they made that crap up along with all the other crap we get from jew Hollywood…another one of their inventions.

    Wake up they consider you Goyim. And that will never change.

    Oh and a merry Christmas to all, and a happy new year…hope I wasn’t too truthful, I get carried away sometimes.

    • PeaceFroggs says:

      Don’t hold back michael.b, tell us how you “really” feel… haha!

      You got all the makings of becoming a great diplomat someday.

    • VoltaicDude says:

      Predictable; the ole one-two; but nothing I’d really like to waste too much time on.

      Ragnar: Yes, bitchute good; now I have to actually go there! Also, I would have put “bad sites” in quotes.

  16. Ragnar says:

    James touched on a method the Lamestream media uses to get false information into the publics consciousness, almost underhandedly. They start out by posting some audacious bit of fake propaganda, like “Russia hacked the election!”. Then they slowly backtrack on it as more information come out. That or they publish some false story, then recant in a few days later. But either way the damage is already done. In the minds of many befuddled Americans, too busy with work and the insane entertainment industry to monitor a blip in the 24 hour news barrage. So the headline just becomes ingrained in their memories and eventually it’s just assumed that Russia did hack the election despite there being no evidence and in many cases the news organization retracted the story. I listen to the news readers talking like these baseless theories are fact, and just shake my head.

    I’m glad James is now posting his videos to Bitchute as well as the old site YouTube. I don’t think it will be long before bad sites like Corbettreport are eliminated on mainstream platforms like YouTube and Fakebook.

  17. tvcrw says:

    Watch for Ivanka to be POTUS eventually. I can ‘feel’ that she’s being groomed for it. Having ovaries is good enough for the Left and having Trump branding is good enough for the right. I predict that she wins easily when the time is right.

    This is important because Ivanka seems likely to be in the Chabad-Lubavitch cult/white collar crime syndicate along with Jared. I say this because they seem to have gone to the grave of the sect’s Rebbe Schneerson to pray for Donald to win.

    Chabad-Lubavitch is interesting. Orthodox Jewery tended historically to rejects Zionism on the basis that the Messiah needs to come before Israel; not after. Lubavitchers gets around this by classifying Schneerson as a Messiah. At least some of them do.

    Chabad-Lubavitch is remarkably successful with numerous ‘Chabad Houses’ around the world. In Russia, one Lubavitcher Rabbi Lazar is known as ‘Putin’s Rabbi’ even though there is and ongoing power struggle Rabbinical preeminence in that country.

    One of the fixations of the Lubavitchers seems to be the ‘7 Noahide Laws.’ A ‘Noahide’ is roughly synonymous with a goyim, and the laws seem in the same vein as the biblical 10 commandments although they originate from within Talmudic teachings. Many Jews subscribe to the notion that as God’s chosen, their Job is to ‘help’ the poor Noahides to understand and adhere to the 7 Noahide laws, but the Lubavitchers seem particularly fixated on this ‘duty.’ What is a bummer for the Jews is that they have over 600 laws to deal with because their own covenent with God recognizes that they are more sophisticated. The rest of us lesser quasi-humanity gets the simplified version, but it is universally stressed that we goyim need to adhere to these laws not out of being a decent person but rather because God commanded it. I see this over and over in my research. Also, again, that it’s the calling of the Jewish race to foster this amongst the goyim in order to have world peace. And to foster it from a court in Jerusalem.

    It looks to me as though the ‘money shot’ of these 7 laws is the one related to having a ‘just’ legal system, since it kind of goes without saying only Jews have the wherewithal to sustain one. In Talmudic tradition, a law such as ‘don’t eat the limbs from a live animal’ can spawn a library full of interpretation which achieves nearly any goal the interpreter wishes.

    One of the main Rabbi’s promoting the ‘Universal Noahide’ within the United Nations is Rabbi Yaakov Cohen. I’ve sat through a number of his presentations (on Youtube.) One particularly funny moment was when some Norwegian guy said, ‘um…we finally got rid of the Church/State tie-in…how are we going to bring it back?” Cohen said matter-of-factly that they way they got around the problem in the U.S. is by calling it ‘education’. Sure enough, there is an ‘education day’ accepted by the U.S. Congress way back in Carter’s time, and it specifically honors the life of Lubavitcher Rebbe Scheerson. Wow.

    • Mielia says:

      Haha, Ivanka becoming POTUS exactly like in House of Cards you mean in the end? That would be an interesting prediction for the 2021 selection.

      There it is again Chabad Lubavitch (and Putin).

      • tvcrw says:

        I doubt that Donald would wish to be prez for a 2nd term even if he’s able, and I’m with Bannon that there is around a 30% chance that he makes it that far. A shrewd move would be to stick around for 2020 to play choke-artists for a Dem candidate Ivanka. Shades of 2004 with the ‘choice’ of the two skull-n-bones guys, and Donald is already being set up as a possible enthusiast of incestuous molestation with Ivanka as a victim. Such victimization (gas-lighted or otherwise) could only help her campaign no matter who she runs against.

        I think I’d heard the term ‘Chabad Lubavitch’ before but it went right past me. For some reason (probably associated with the perceived need to better understand the Trump clan) I finally dug in and researched it. Like I say, I find it to be very interesting at least, and potentially critically important going forward.

        As for Putin, I’ve struggled for years to try to understand him and Russia. Thankfully Corbett has strongly warned to be wary and not fall for the trap of thinking that Putin is God’s gift to humanity. Only a few days ago did I run across information about Putin’s closeness with the Lubavitchers and it was thus on my mind when I posted above.

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