False Flags Over Syria

09/16/201818 Comments

. . . As you can imagine, the gaggle of bloodthirsty neocons that infest Trump's war cabinet are unhappy about the prospect of their golden boys in Syria—those lovely child-beheading terrorists that they have been supporting for the last seven years—being vanquished entirely. After all, the Al CIA-duh terrorists are the "good guys" these days, don't you know. (Actually they were always the "good guys," but that's a conspiracy fact for another time.)

And so, like clockwork, we have the good lapdogs of the corporate press solemnly warning that there will be a chemical false flag attack in Idlib very soon to justify the next strike on Syria that we know Trump and his cronies are already planning. Of course, they don't call it a false flag attack, but we all know that's exactly what is on the drawing board. And, as James Evan Pilato and I report on the latest edition of New World Next Week (which, intriguingly, has been age-restricted on YouTube), the Russian military is now claiming that "several Middle East TV channels and a US news channel" are currently in Idlib "to produce the footage needed" to convince the world of the reality of this staged chemical weapons attack.

But we don't even have to take the Russian military's word for it. All we have to do is look at the history of the Syrian conflict to see that it is the "moderate rebels" who actually possess and have openly threatened to use chemical weapons, and who have been caught staging chemical weapons attacks to blame on the Syrian government. . . .

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  1. scpat says:

    “We know that in August of last year, footage emerged of the “moderate” Syrian jihadi rebels teaching children how to act like the victims of a chemical attack for the camera”

    The original YouTube video you are referring to was released September 19, 2013 actually. You can see that if you follow the links in the MoA article.


  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Oh damn! That rabbit video with Sarin gas was disturbing.

    And like Corbett points out, this is not “age-restricted” by YouTube like the recent “New World Next Week” episode.

  3. scpat says:

    Alex Jones Press Conference:

    “These big monopolies (Facebook, Google, etc) need to be broken up…” 20:03 – Alex Jones

    He mentioned earlier in the video that the government needs to step in to regulate the tech companies. Then proceeded to call himself a Libertarian. A lot of conflation going on here in multiple ways. Interesting.

    • mkey says:

      Many jump on that bandwagon, be it government regulation, climate change a.k.a. global warming, general conspiracy theories etc. People challenge some things and ardently tow the line on others, most unwittingly I’m sure.

      • scpat says:

        Yes, good points. It’s fascinating to me how and why people believe what they believe when it comes to these types of issues.

        • mkey says:

          We’re all prone to similar fallacies, some notions get implanted and instead of putting them under scrutiny and subjecting these notions to some cynicism when accessing them in the brain, we just fetch the data and act reactively as if there wasn’t anything new under the sun.

          I mentioned once or twice already the inane example of tootpaste and how I fell under the influence of the commercial in which they’d apply the paste profusely over the brush (it was even on their logo) so I too would slosh it on like there was no tomorrow. And then I would wonder why there was so much foam coming from my mouth. Various family members suggested I was using too much, but such notions were dismissed by me. I don’t know how did I crack this case open in the end, but it dawned on my preprogrammed brain that a pea size lump of paste is more than enough to clean the teeth thoroughly.

          Either way, that was one hell of a way to sell 4 to 6 times more tooth paste than was actually needed, kudos to them.

          Not everyone will react emotionally when what “is known” is challenged and various individuals will keep an open mind to a varying degree. I think that more we realize much of the things in which we believe(d) are lies, wider our mind will open.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      …and, it was interesting how Alex was pushing the new narrative, that China is the real boogeyman.
      That China, these communistic communist-commies, had infiltrated the financial strings from Hollywood to the Treasuries to resources to Corporatocracies with FANG on their side. And while it has some truthful elements to that fact…but with the Jones rant in high gear, I’m glad the nuclear button wasn’t nearby.

      • mkey says:

        I have considerable difficulty listening to what this man has to say. So I mostly just don’t, to my own peril.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Man! No kidding!

        • danmanultra says:

          He was annoying before I (thankfully quickly) realized he was full of it. If he’s not completely a shill for the PTB at this point then all I can conclude is he is still too “Merican” to be rational. I see his production crew and nice clothes though and instead conclude the most likely explanation is someone’s giving him a lot of money and he likes it.

  4. FlyingAxblade says:

    a number of years ago, this channel and a few others beleaguered the point about a certain old warship being sent into the persian gulf? to be attacked as a false flag.

    I am convinced that your and the others reporting caused that to NOT HAPPEN.

    I hope that this piece is like that one and will not allow you to become prophets.

    That was the time that I decided to subscribe and comment and argue with the yews in the comments section. Now I’m here subbed for real and I don’t jump around moderating the comments like I did before. Part of the reason is I’m just not motivated. Previously I could get away with trying to change the yew aspect to the Jesuit aspect. Now that the Vatican is in “trouble” so to speak, people don’t see the harm of the Pope and the Jesuit Intelligence Agency. it’s really disheartening. Yes the yews of Israel are terrible, horrific even, but the Vatican is the Devil, the yews are merely demons. I think some wise man with an outstanding philosophy said don’t fear those that kill the body but steal the soul. That would be the yews and the Vatican. The yews can only kill you, the Vatican will steal your soul. your Identity. i’d like a video on the Vatican/Pentagon/City of London again. But I’d like it compared to Shanghai/Saudi/Columbia or the equivalent? Now i MODERATE D&D channels showing how it’s becoming Shadowrun and helping usher in the AI worship. I’m good at it. But I’d like to be my true self and protesting the Vatican. Not niche cults.

    I made my brother re-up my sub here for my birthday and I’m glad.
    Please direct us to reallygraceful and mediastream, I have some time coming where I”m free from work for 4 months and dan dicks just doesn’t tickle me. I’d like to be somewhat effective without having to Find a place to be effective. i guess I’m saying…you’ve done the work, be my sargeant

  5. HomeRemedySupply says:

    In case you missed it from last week’s “Corbett Report Subscriber” article, one of the Recommended Viewing videos was Derrick Broze and his mini-documentary The Modern Surveillance State.
    (20 minutes)

    This is a great short video to share with someone, especially those who are in the under age 30-35 crowd.

  6. zyxzevn says:

    Good anti-air in Damascus
    In the thwarted airstrike by Israel on Damascus,
    Like in Partisan Girl’s video: https://www.bitchute.com/video/XG60keTRHeY/
    I noticed that the smoking remains are flashing.
    While the projectile might be rotating in
    the search-lights, I suspect that the Russians may have high
    energy lasers in their air-defense. There is also no anti-air rocket
    this time.
    I don’t know if anti-air cannon can do the same thing.

    More news on Syria

    On the RT documentary channel I see no reference to lasers,
    but they show missile and cannon based anti-air.
    Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdmBBaTQ6q0

    Seems like they are well prepared against rocket attacks.
    This solution is also very cheap against the very expensive rockets
    that the US/Israel are using.

    This is RT-documentary’s video on the white helmets:
    It shows some of the staging of attacks.

    Of course facebook AI will help you to see false flags
    as real attacks, even when disproved:
    The AI could be a lot easier: Just mark all mainstream channels as fake.
    We can also rename facebook to fakebook, if they keep promoting fake news/ propaganda.

    In another country destroyed by the US:
    Clearing ISIS mines in Libya by civilians
    RT-doc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVORmMXk4aU
    I do not wonder who sold those mines.

    US Bio-warfare exposed
    Last American Vagabond:
    + staged protests in Syria

    Also US biological warfare on zerohedge:
    And trafficking of pathogens for military:

    Trump admin muzzles Nuclear Weapons Safety Watchdog
    RT-US (American Lawyer)

    Humor: Is the US becoming the fifth reich?
    Are we the baddies?

    With one dead, by some unknown poison (possibly heroine),
    a whole country is being punished severely.

    Seems like it is better to bomb civilians and children instead.

    Or maybe you have to be rich and bribe the politicians:

    US elections
    Video evidence Voting Machines easily rigged:
    Redacted tonight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmM2xkeyPI0

    DHS Official Admits Russia did NOT attack elections of 21 states:
    Jimmy Dore: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3ZLsp1v5iY

    Redacted tonight has a special on election fraud:
    More fraud: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQBhF9DunCo
    The US is the worst “democracy”

    What is democracy anyway?

    Also Sweden has a rigged election:
    RedIceTV: https://www.bitchute.com/video/CnRs01KPHkY/
    You have to pick a card for your party, and people can
    see and meddle with that.

    The EU is not even a democracy anymore:
    Explained by Sargon of Assad:
    The community is now a oligarchy.

    We are changed made a new European flag:
    First second: https://www.bitchute.com/video/yNqEmdPk9Jw/
    I would love to have that as a big icon or flag.

    Funny: They are hiding the sun!
    Solar weather channel, suspicious observer.
    Funny reaction to hysteria about the closing of a few observatories.
    Hoax-channels like Secureteam5 are spreading nonsense on this.

    Zerohedge: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-09-15/mysterious-observatory-evacuation-stirs-foreign-power-spying-us-missile-base

    • mkey says:

      Umm, is it reprehensible to see some fetish porn elements on that flag montage lol

    • danmanultra says:

      Media Monarchy calls Facebook “Fedbook”, which I think amounts to the same meaning as your own nickname for it. its just a mouthpiece at this point, and enough documents shows it was always a platform controlled and deployed by the government, so should not be a surprise that they propagandize their users.

  7. weilunion says:

    Take a look at the Ukraine for what might go down with a false flag, to topple Putin and strengthen Trump


    Liste, Maidon, learn

  8. scpat says:

    There was an interesting tidbit that I found in a Wikileaks cable linked within the Recommended Reading article “Four Reasons Why Interventionism In Syria Is Crazy And Stupid”.

    The cable was sent in 2006 from U.S. analysts within Syria who were reporting to Washington on ways to subvert the Syrian government. In their summary statement they noted, “Bashar’s reported preoccupation with his image and how he is perceived internationally is a potential liability in his decision making process.” What stuck out to me was the U.S.’s observation that he was, at least during 2006 and prior, concerned with his image seen by the international community. This further brings up the question of why Assad, who is so concerned with his image, would deploy chemical weapons that would obviously tarnish his image and destroy his credibility as a leader.

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