Everything You Were Taught About Nutrition Is Wrong

06/12/201625 Comments

Do you like coffee? Well I have bad news for you. Or is that good news? Or maybe it's great news.

Been carefully avoiding saturated fats? Well maybe you don't have to! Or maybe you do.

And it seems you can stop avoiding egg yolks again, but if you still think chocolate will help you lose weight faster I have some more bad news for you.

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  1. ynotaaa says:

    When I reached 60 over a decade ago I decided I was old enough that I could play with my food. It works and you will learn a lot along the way. Use moderation as your guide, eat what you want, drink what you want and listen to your body.

    One drink I highly recommend is kombucha. Simple to make, detoxifying and taste great.

    DLL (Divine Love & Light)

  2. nosoapradio says:

    Can’t believe surgeons, scientists or John Oliver?!

    So now what?

    Guess the yolk’s on us!

    ba dum bump ching…

  3. mksca220 says:

    Hi James,

    I agree corporate propaganda has invaded nutritional science on a massive scale. This is why after years of consideration my conclusion today is to shift the responsibility away from ‘authority figures’ back to ourselves when it comes to nutrition as well. Basing our diets on what our bodies naturally crave or desire should be key. However this is not as straight forward as it sounds due to the negative effects of advertising and marketing on our psyches. Turn off TVs, get rid of them if possible, avoid contact with advertisements when outside your home. I personally view advertisements as spells casting upon us, they mess with our minds more than people realize. Then learn to discern between your body’s natural needs and those implanted in your mind by corporations.

    A cheese burger is a product. It does not grow on trees and does not roam around in pastures. It is marketed to you and a habitual consumption makes the spell even harder to break. Surround yourself with natural wholesome foods that you can actual visualize yourself picking or cultivating in nature: Fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes etc…

    Using this process, ask what would your diet most likely consist of if you were left to your own devices in nature. I think most reasonable people would conclude that 75 to 85% would mostly be plants, if only for the relatively low energy dispensed to procure them. The remainder could be animal foods although bear in mind that the hunt is successful only a percentage of the time and most likely would be reserved for periods when other foods are not abundant; like winter.

    Bottom line, don’t rely on scientists to tell you what’s best for you!

    Much love.

  4. Mohawk Man says:

    I guess it’d meaningful to ask who is giving the advice and to whom. No, I can’t think of any “shell of a man” quips either. Empowering woman? What about the transgendered and transqueer in South Saharan Africa? Ya forget them Bill. Fascinating how the mind of a self described genius (and psychopath) works. Eggenics? Dumb as a box of eggs? Okay, I’m done.

    Hell,I’d just change CPM a tick after pert near stealing it through deceit and plunder and call it my new proprietary operating system and sign a licensing agreement with IBM. Chickens? Pfffffffsssss.

    I love eggs. Near perfect food and delicious. Enjoy.

    The Mohawk

    • nosoapradio says:

      don’t wanna be up to my ears in chickens when avian flu comes along…

      wonder what the merck-y agenda is here… :

      “…Mosquitoes transmit Plasmodium gallinaceum (chicken malaria), P hermansi (in turkeys), and other Plasmodium species causing avian malaria. They also transmit many viruses, including Eastern and Western equine encephalomyelitis, St. Louis encephalitis, fowlpox, and West Nile viruses…”


      But really, just wanted to say thanks for this link as it was utterly surrealistic with my sunday morning tea…

      gatesnotes… have to keep an eye on that…

      who’s giving advice to whom indeed! eggenics! good one!

      • Mohawk Man says:

        Thanks brother. You’re alright..tea drinker myself (this is a coffee country and I am viewed as a psycho when I put sugar and milk in my tea–actually, I use honey). Do me a favor and send Mr. Gates a gift for his brilliant insight. A good book on geography he can read on his Gulfstream while on his way to either the CFR or the Eugenics Society meeting in The City of London would be a good read for him. He might pick up that Africa is a continent and not a country while perusing it. Be well Brother. It’s on.

        Love One Another

        The Mohawk

        • Mohawk Man says:

          Oh, send a copy to his dear buddy Warren Buffet off 17 Mile Drive near Carmel, Ca (Pebble Beach area)—–no, no, I meant the shack he lives in in Omaha, NE with his old pick up truck—I never saw him near his mansion on 17 Mile Drive in Carmel. Must have been somebody else driving that old pickup who looks just like him (uh-wasn’t a pickup). He’ll be on that Gulfstream too so they can share. Ain’t that thoughtful? Kill a child and save a tree. What a beautiful world we live in.

          Love One Another

          The Mohawk

  5. MarkAustralia says:

    Great article thanks James. ‘Eat margarine not butter’ was the the one that angers me the most (in hindsight).

  6. Collin says:

    Good work James – but a lot of this Diet Dogma got good momentum in the 60’s after Ancel Keys produced his Seven Nation Study. Of course the oil manufacturers leapt on board vociferously but it wasn’t until recently that some wondered why Ancel Keys used only 7 of the 22 nations of data he had available.

    Your account does not link to that august body, the DGAC and how in July 2015 they reversed themselves on Cholesterol with barely a whimper after feeding us flawed advice for decades.

    Of course they have yet to differentiate between the various forms of Fat but continue to regurgitate the dogma “Fat is Bad” Expect a reversal on quality Saturated Fats in another few years.

    The July 2015 reversal should have seen the end of the pushing of Statins, but i would bet good money that Docs are still peddling Liptor, Simvastatin, Artorvastatin …etc without any hesitation.

    For my money the unscientific dogmas of the 60s was the start of poor health of the western world as more and more flawed advice was yammered relentlessly by MSM.

  7. padraig says:

    i had no idea jlaw used to be in silverchair!!!!

  8. VoiceOfArabi says:

    “Hidden In PLAIN Sight”

    That would be the operative phrase i would use to describe all the troubles of this world….

    It scares me almost to death when i think about the last 10 years. How i was able to see the “things” that have always been right in front of me, but somehow MAGICALLY hidden away from me…

    For example, on this topic, it is not until I read a book called “Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us” – by Michael Moss, that i understood why i am so fat and unhealthy… but then again, this is a human “operating/user manual”, and i had to almost discover it by chance… Can you imagine operating any machine without at least glancing at the user manual… you would end up hurting yourself or others if you did…

    But that’s nothing compared to what else that is hidden in plain sight, for example, What the USA foreign policies are doing to the world (which i stress has nothing to do with the USA people, as the USA is no longer “we the people”).. if in doubt, check a website called liberatethis dot com. Check Dr.Dahlia S. Wasfi speech of 2007… it will move even the hardest criminal mind, plus it really spells out how people on the other side of America feel, but it is ignored.

    So, it is not lack of information.. it is not because the information is hard to get… it is not because the information is hard to distribute…

    The information is out there… it is easy to reach using a cell phone…. and it is very simple to distribute using What’s App or twitter or any tool that is currently used to “Hide the information in Plain Sight”… and the best part is.. there is over 90% of us.. there is only 1% of “US” on the evil side… yet it does not happen…

    So…. I guess i am asking everyone here.. why do you think information is currently “hidden in plain sight”?? and can we come up with a why to change that…

    finally, master James… Can you do a segment on how the Media is able to “Hide critical information from us in Plain Sight”….

  9. kron says:

    I would not eat that egg sunny side up (increased risk of salmonella) or any other way for that matter. This is due to the information provided by Dr. Michael Greger, http://www.nutritionfacts.org, who I believe is the most credible source on nutrition today. He is reading all nutrition related research and summarizing it on his website at no charge. The food industry is a multi-billion dollar business so you need to be aware of who is funding any research. That being said…
    Choline in eggs is linked to the progression of prostate cancer. The high levels of fat and cholesterol in eggs are not something to be ignored. Egg consumption is associated with increased risk of both cardiovascular disease and diabetes. If you are concerned, or even curious, about the effects of what you are eating is having on your health, I would highly recommend Dr. Greger’s work.

    • bird says:

      I agree fully with this comment: Checkout Dr. Michael Greger.
      He will not try to sell you any pills or diets. It is about evidence based medicine. Triple blind, placebo-controlled studies on thousands of people to see what actually works. He’s videos are short and informative.

      For those living in Japan — some fun facts on the Okinawa diet:

      • pcwise555 says:

        I like Greger too, but he’s pro vaccine, and water fluoridation. Kind of makes one wonder…

  10. bakedinbend says:

    I just enjoyed some raw cream from a local farm whipped with lemon essential oil and honey right next to my blueberries, two fried eggs, and aebleskiver(danish pancake balls). I fried my eggs in lard from a healthy hog. The yolks of the eggs were a deep orange from all the vitamins and minerals in them. I washed it all down with a double espresso. This is a rich Sunday breakfast for my girlfriend and I but we usually have over easy eggs and toast with raw butter on work days, often with some steak or pork leftover from dinner.

    I have worked in Food service for 16 years and tried all of the “healthy” diets promoted by vegans, vegetarians, and government officials. You know what works, eat as close to home and as little processed foods as possible. Avoid chemicals. If you live in the tropics eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and fish. If you live in the north on a grass land then eat grass fed beef, venison and bison. Eat plenty of bone broth. Eat organ meats. The Weston A. Price Foundation is the best overall resource I have found about healthy eating, but they have some obvious bias as well. The best part about eating right is that good food tastes great and makes you feel good, not “stuffed” or gross like a big mac.

    Time to start braising the beef shank for dinner.
    I hope you all have a nice Sunday dinner with friends and family to enjoy!

  11. wheels says:

    FOOD 101
    Some Basics Of Eating Well

    When a friend asked what foods he should be avoiding to stay healthy, I started thinking – a one page summary of the main basic points could be handy…

    We all have to start somewhere, and while some people who know their stuff are probably going to think this is all a bit simplistic, my aim was to get people who don’t know their stuff to start paying attention!


  12. SirGalahad says:

    How can they be wrong so often
    > eat margarine and not butter
    > avoid saturated fat
    > eat whole grains
    > GMOs are harmless or beneficial
    > mercury fillings are harmless
    > fluoridation is beneficial
    > vaccines are beneficial

    You’d think that by the law of averages, they’d get something right once in a while, but they don’t.

  13. fynespirit says:

    Dietary advice is so confusing because much of it – probably most, is biased and after your dollars not your health.

    However we can use the evidence of our own senses and look at the health of other nations and our own throughout history. Nations that eat a mostly unprocessed, plant based diet have vastly reduced incidence of chronic diseases common in the West; the big three being heart disease, cancer and diabetes but there are hundreds more. For example Okinawa in Japan where the diet is based on sweet potatoes. In 1950s Japan breast cancer was virtually unknown – sadly this is not the case now as rich western style diet spreads. There are many such examples around the world – known as ‘blue zones’, and they are much studied due to the health and longevity of their citizens.

    In the USA on a diet based on animal foods and processed foods about 80% of people die from heart disease or cancer, as opposed to only 5% in Laos where the diet is mostly vegetable based.

    Migrant studies show that when these peoples move to western nations, within 3 generations or less their rates of chronic disease are the same as those in the west. Their genes have not changed so an environmental effect is indicated and the closest tie with our environment is the food we eat. When we send our rich western diet based on animal and processed foods to other nations their rates of chronic disease skyrocket. This is happening now in China where fast food outlets are opening at at a tremendous rate. The concurrent rise in chronic disease is entirely predictable.

    In addition it has now been shown beyond doubt that a whole food, plant based diet with no added oil prevents and reverses heart disease (see the work of Dr Caldwell Esselstyn). Heart disease is the biggest killer in the western world so this is too important to ignore and it’s worth making some effort to sort out the dross from the helpful advice.

    These sites are a good start. They are all not for profit and offer free programmes

    PCRM.org (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine)

    All these sites are not for profit and offer free programmes.

    • Octium says:

      Well I know that many of my ancestors lived well into their 80s and 90s and their diet would pretty much consists of :-

      Rain Water.
      Meet, Fish.
      Full cream milk.
      Cream, Butter.
      Salt, Sugar, Pepper, Spices.
      Coffee, Tea, Chocolate.
      Fruit and Vegetables grown in their own garden or locally.
      Some imported fruits like Oranges and Bananas.

      Lots of home cooking, but no takeaway food or preprepared supermarket food!

  14. jppummill1 says:

    Before I retired I worked in the nutrition field for 22 years. I can tell you that I gave a lot of good and bad advice, bought into a lot of food and diet myths as well as tried quite a few different diets, some for long stretches of time. There is no “one size fits all diet”. You cannot even discuss a single food item without qualifications. For instance, the statement “milk is bad”. Grass fed drug free milk or GMO grain fed, antibiotic, hormone laden milk? You could do the same with eggs etc. Government wants to dictate and control the ideas and behaviors of everyone. Thats what they do! Don’t listen to experts or authorities uncritically because many have and as a result have seriously harmed their health and well-being!

  15. For more then six years I did a health program on a local radio station (+podcast) in the Netherlands and learned a lot about food & medicine after some health issue’s myself. Tips about the pH level of the body and how to restore this. The Omega 3 / 6 balance. What negative thoughts could do for your health. The levels and importance of fats, minarals, vitamins and herbs. (in this order) and the lack of these levels in the food. Indeed unprocessed foods are the way to go. Some raw foods every day and some of my foods come from my own garden. Step by step I changed what I have been eating over the years, and have that checked with different tests methodes. My favorite now is an energetic test the NES scan, but there are more energetic tests. So I know I’m on route te stay healthy. Here’s my health top 5, and in this order.

    1. Positive life attitude
    2. Avoid stress
    3. Detox
    4. Optimum nutrition
    5. Get some action

    Take health back into your own hands.

    All the best.

  16. Shaun Robert Clancy says:

    Dietary advice is such a sensitive and personal topic, so it’s no surprise that there is hardly any consensus when it comes to agreeing on what is actually good or bad for us. Personal tastes and eating routines have an interesting way of not allowing us to change our eating habits, even when we know we ought to.

    I can only speak from personal experience here, so take it for what it’s worth. My cholesterol has always been a little high, and if any of you are wondering about your cholesterol or risk of heart disease, consider having a blood test done so you can see the results for yourself. After eliminating all processed foods, sugar, dairy and meat from my diet, I checked my blood again (more than a year after going on a whole food, plant-based diet). I wasn’t really surprised to see that my cholesterol had been lowered drastically. Actually, the routine chemistry results and lipid profile from my blood work was… Really good. Almost perfect, the doctor said. The only anomaly – and it was off the charts, was my creatine level. This made sense because I was using creatine as a supplement (I sit 8 hours a day at a desk job so I take my 3 days a week at the gym very seriously, otherwise I’d be decrepit). I cut creatine out after that. So, you can take this for what it’s worth. I went vegan (something I thought I’d never do), and I felt better. I lowered my cholesterol. But what really surprised me is… I gained weight. Specifically, muscle mass. I didn’t think that was possible. However, I’m lucky in the sense that my wife and I like to cook, so that made it easier. Experimenting with plant-based recipes was fun, and you can really eat as much as you want without worry.

    But let me get to the more important point here. I think we all can agree that we are fighting against this faceless, transnational corporate force that cares little about our health and well being. When you eat, you are voting, and in my opinion, it is the most important vote you can make because I think we can all agree that ballot voting, or machine voting, or whatever, is really just a farce. What better way to stick it to the man than to refuse to eat his garbage, and most meat and dairy is absolute garbage. Unless you are raising the livestock yourself and feeding it natural foods and not injecting it with hormones or antibiotics, it is most probably garbage. The food industry, once you really look into it, is garbage. Look at how the animals are treated and what they are pumped with, and look at what it does to the land. You can eliminate your participation in that whole process, and it really is very simple. Does overfishing bother you? Well, the solution is simple, isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong – I love meat and dairy and eggs and all the rest, but I refuse to eat those things now. Unless I’m raising the animals myself, I won’t eat them. In short, it worked for me. I wrote a bit about this here: http://www.aheadlandhashed.com/blog/why-im-a-vegan, but at the end of the day, you should listen to your body. It doesn’t hurt to also fight the system by choosing what you put in your belly.

  17. Sonex says:

    http://www.naturalnews.com is an excellent source of info for health related subjects.

  18. johnandd says:

    I have tried everything from being vegan, waterfasting, fruitfasting, vegetarianism and I am now 48 years old. The only thing that has made a positive lasting change is to stop eating grains, legumes and beans that is not properly prepared. Actually I am on a protocol that is healing now (GAP) which means, no grains, legumes, beans, of course no sugar or processed foods. The secret is the knowledge about how to get the toxins and anti nutrients out of grains, legumes and beans in the way they are prepared. Old knowledge that has become lost for many but is alive in the Weston A Price tradition. I am now completely healed from asthma on a diet consisting of organic meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, som fruit, butter, coconut oil, AND Sourcraut or similar fermented things. Check out http://www.westonaprice.org if you want some good advice on healing foods. I have been through a lot of so called diets but also been eating a lot of junk food but this diet or way of handling food is superior, ancient and has a lot of serious science and tradition to back it up!

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