Everything is Connected!

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Did you ever see Connections? It was a late-1970s' British TV series hosted by author and historian James Burke, and it was devoted to exploring "the various paths of how technological change happens and the social effects of these changes on Western society." Each episode is a telescoping, kaleidoscopic, psychedelic tour of hundreds of years of history that, as the title suggests, reveals the chain of connections linking seemingly disparate people, places and events.

Take Episode 05, for example. Entitled "The Wheel of Fortune," it spins a narrative web connecting ancient Arab astronomers to the invention of the water clock alarm to the development of crucible steel to the assembly line revolution and then concludes with an existential question: if none of the products in our pocket are handmade, who are we?

Don't feel bad if that episode description leaves you confused, disoriented and feeling that you are on the verge of (but have not yet quite achieved) epiphany. That is, as near as I can tell, the point of the show.

But as entertaining as the Connections program makes these types of relationships appear, there's a darker side to the exploration of these historical narrative threads. Personally, I often encounter connections of this sort during the course of my research. But, far from fun intellectual exercises in dot connecting, they tend to reveal dark truths about the problems we're facing. Do you want to see a wild example?

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  1. wellzy says:

    Indeed. I cite your work over the last seven years (the time that I have been consuming it) as the reason why none of these events is surprising whatsoever. Almost everyday my partner ,who is still emotionally steered by the big G and the big Z, exclaims “oh my god, your not going to believe this!” , meanwhile I wont tell her what I believe about some of the characters at the back-end of this have partaken in. For most of my life I have been interested in evil, trying to pick apart the waste left in its wake, as ‘Histories Actors’ march on. Now I comprehend it as having engulfed my immediate existence… and the waking dreams of tearing down the velvet from their walls in a lycanthropic fury (my actual dreams are much more pleasant and inspiring) these dreams are manifest amongst all and any resistance. Finding individuals who can think for themselves now is like finding diamonds in a sewer. Keep finding friends, keep sharing food, and beware the black snow on the ground and teapots in the sky. This is the fight of our lives!!!!

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    James Corbett writes:
    “…and then concludes with an existential question: if none of the products in our pocket are handmade, who are we?

    Don’t feel bad if that episode description leaves you confused, disoriented and feeling that you are on the verge of (but have not yet quite achieved) epiphany. That is, as near as I can tell, the point of the show.”

    I’m laughing.
    Great line.

    It’s late and I’m giggled out. I’m gonna have finish reading this tomorrow.

  3. vadoum says:

    Are we getting closer to almost there yet? Was Kary Mullis right: “theres a little of everything in everyone”? yes contemplating the connectedness is the funny task at hand; and if a group of open source dot-connectors like this cant put it together then who can?

    But this good essay took more than “2mins” to read. I do think its a worthy task: the corona cliff notes: 2 years of confounding coercion to cover dastardly deeds, all wrapped up in 500 words or less, which could be bullets backed by best links,, (I’m working on one for the question “why are pro vaxers so keen for antivaxers to get jabbed”? I’ll post the rough draft here when its ready).

    A common situation when trying to transmit lots of interconnected detail in a conversation, is as you say, overwhelming a newcomer; the simple logistics of wrapping ones mind around too many unfamiliar variables, plus the static of psychological frustration as the cognitive dissonance clangs crost the hippo campus corridors ,,pre-potent obedience programming hits ocam’s slasher blades of “dem guyz is full a shyte”.

    In this way we shove 2 years back into its original “two week” form, onto a double sided single sheet. a bunker buster of words to re-scale the curve back to its proper size. anyhow a condensed rock will be easier to roll.

    thanks sir syphus

    • vadoum says:

      suggestion for the NWNW merch dept: T’s & hats, “natural immunity shedder”

  4. robert.t says:

    I’m reminded of the child who came from a multi-generation theatrical family whose lonely “straik” just happened to be noticed by Sweden’s most prominent PR person (and friend of that theatrical family).

    Soon a rebadged Rothschild yacht was put at the disposition of the solitary striker. This happens quite often. Every time I protest something I get offered an ocean-going yacht to make my point. What? Not you?

    The thing I didn’t get was the emphasis on repressing air travel, something massively popular with climate conference attendees and deep-green celebrities (as well as the yachting striker’s large back-up staff). Stifle all air travel? Why, you’d have to lock down an entire planet while printing zillions to boost the value of collaborating corporations which would otherwise tank. Who does that?

    Now I get it. Now I get the connection.

    • vadoum says:

      pretty sure that yacht and its mast were solid carbon,, yes she’s damn little for such a big footprint.

  5. LastHumanist says:

    On the brighter side of things, we must also conclude that, should the back-jabbed public finally wake up to what plandemic really is now that the damages are mounting, then the whole NWO conspiracy will come down in flames.

    A moment of justice we have all been waiting for is possibly near. I know we have all done what we could to make it happen throughout this whole mess.
    The truth is out and it will prevail.

    • vadoum says:

      the truth can seem slippery; its always been out and about, but when it finally comes home to roost, only then may we deservedly dance.

      Consider how many cases were nearly solved,,, yet faded from the public’s attention. ,,the pulsing better & worse of the current liber’tease lockdowns, or, a year ago T had “100k sealed deepstater indictments”, or 1/2 a year ago Reinner was gonna sue uncle sam and the reichstag in one go, or a couple months ago uncle high said the ufo disclosure would transmute us all into an upsidedown cake, now an election audit is at hand,,, but none of it resolved??? even clandestine picnics on sidewalks or grassy Knowles can be connected, but seeing and even naming that does not make justice any “nearer”. I think its a shot towards the target, but this is a moving changing elusive multiple target target,

      keep rowing, I will too.

      • jckays says:

        I would like to think that this link will renew your faith (assuming that you ever had any) with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich : https://www.globalresearch.ca/video-depopulation-by-any-means/5756588 well worth anybody’s time .. then pass on, please.

        • vadoum says:

          I’ve had stacks of faith over the years, but its often been stolen.

          No matter, I’ll find more, though the renewal keeps demanding I machette through the vine choked briar-gullys of deception: accepting that actions speak louder than words has become a sanity preserving mantra.

          more than a smoking gun, Watching the link you sent is like stumbling across a “little boy” in slow motion detonation. yes, thanks, I’ll share it, but I’ll still wonder if it will resolve anything?

          Ive had all my childhood friends and all my surviving family follow the frikin’ fausti Mc Fauci narrative, no matter how much hopium or empirical reporting I’ve shared and tried to even start discussions about, they keep derailing me with their denial. These are responsible extra-educated healthy hard working people, people Ive learned from, laughed hard with, loved and had great faith in. but now, I’m not even sure if they’ve been possessed or, I could deconstruct the psychology but that doesnt fix anything; its as if I’m not dealing with the same people.

          probably because the real change comes when an egotistic orientation, decides that its not even there to make the decision, like fearing fear, looking in the mirror, the fear scares itself in a feedback loop that results in oblivion; in short, each has to do this on ones own.

          How do you have faith in this story coming to just fruition? whats your trick? considering how useless the justice system seems to be at stopping the worstest bad guys

          still rowing

          • jckays says:

            I very much appreciate your thinking, I have been there done that … still doing.

            In my later fifties, I came out of years of suffering depression based upon the untruths coming from every pinnacle of Authority that I ever came across in attempting to figure out this world, making enough sense of any finding to logically go onto the next with any confidence … actually, that is all a losing proposition when tackling the subject from the ego perspective. Of course, I never knew that at the time, the needed knowledge only came when I spontaneously “transcended my ego” via a spontaneous “Spiritual Awakening” when I “met my higher Self”, the Spirit withIn that is in all of us and usually treated as simply our Intuition. The twenty-minute or so experience, was of indescribable Loving Acceptance to the degree that when I came out of it I was a completely changed person. From that point on to this very day I was consumed in a search for truth, at least to the degree that I could maybe find the words effective in helping enlighten others … Spirit had given me a Mission to “tell others”, simple and to the point. I have been trying that ever since, for over 25 years now. I am 81 so do not figure I have much time left to fulfill my Mission … it seems to have been pretty much a failure when I cannot even convince my wife of countless years that I offer something worthwhile. She claims at times she believes me, but she hated Trump so much when he came on the political scene that she got hooked on CNN and ilk. I absorb everything trying to be fair and give the benefit of the doubt as much as I can … that gets to be near impossible anymore though.

            Anyway, I am a dedicated truth-seeker, all too often extremely disappointed in my findings, Yet my Spiritual optimism drives me on. I never paid a lot of attention to the “Q” phenomena, but looked at it occasionally, just enough to hope that it was true, I so much wanted to see some justice in the world and they seemed to offer what a normal caring person would want.

            Towards the end of that, I, along with many, hoped there was something to the belief that Trump (representing only the alternative to Biden’s group)really did have the Military support and the election would be overturned and sometime in January he would be back in the office … yup, dream on.

            Somewhat later I ran across a site called realrawnews.com that was putting out more of what has been called something to the effect of “hope-porn” … I even told my wife that what they were claiming just had to be true, and that I had come to the end of my rope in hope, and that I was staking everything about me on it being true …

            [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

            • jckays says:

              [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

              It would have been nice to have gotten that notice prior to my submitting, where I never saw any indication of a problem then, but coming back the next day my comment cut-off AND GONE and LOST because I did not know then that this would happen.

              • vadoum says:

                condolences, that maid service bot is a bitch.

                Your descriptions remind me of how the all knowing yogi and the blissful fool are opposite yet equally fungible strategies.

                and/but I think we’re attempting to think our way out of or through a sticky web indeed; and just as soon as one tier of deception is dealt with, a next level nonsense is ready and raring to go. begs the question that we may be contributing to creating the very deceptions we try to survive amoungst?

                richly sticky sickly sweet rot

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                jckays says:
                “It would have been nice to have gotten that notice prior to my submitting….”

                Perhaps you have not been reading the comments of others.
                There are many, many, many, examples of that [SNIP] on the Threads.
                If a person reads the comments, they become aware of that policy.

                Here is one example from the very recent New World Next Week.

                I use a Word document to count my words. Even at that, I try it keep it under 450 words.

              • mkey says:

                You have been punked 🙂 Consider it the initiation rite. Do not let this dissuade you from future contributions.

                The first indication that something like this is going to occur is when your comment is sent to the authorization queue.

                You can see that happened thanks to the message added to the top of your post.

                There are only a few reasons for a comment to get in the queue: post longer than 3000 characters and more than one full URL.

                James has over the years given ample warnings about post length limit and there was a lengthy adjustment period but that doesn’t mean much to new users.

                The technical issue is that the 3000 character count (below the comment box) is not working well in software and the user is never informed of the breach of the rule, so it remains unspoken.

                To offer a bit mote historical perspective, James did at one point in time upgrade the wordpress comment software but that upgrade included quite a few features people did not like (apparently in droves) so he reverted the change. In the upgrade the character was working properly.

                To offer an alternative to this issue, I have created a script that fixes some issues and extends some of this site’s features considerably. It’s a five minute read and setup to get you going.


              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                mkey says:
                ” Consider it the initiation rite.”

                Ha! So true. I don’t know how many times I’ve been SNIPed. A large number of Corbett Members here have been SNIPed.

  6. Fact Checker says:

    My takeaway here is that James holds himself to far too high a standard.

    An impossible standard.

    The Corbett Report is as good as it gets for those who don’t want their intelligences insulted. For those who want to be informed, updated, and even enlightened, but for whom “mainstream” media is not only inadequate, but hostile.

    But James thinks he needs to do more, to convert the sheep? I say speak to your audience. If the audience grows organically, great, so be it. But the second the message is tailored for the benefit of the sheep…it won’t be doing its job for the knowing.

    That’s my feels. But overall, I found this a surprisingly heartfelt missive from Mr. Corbett, and I hope I’m incorrect that it seems to convey a sense of frustrated aspirations. I think James is doing better than anyone else on this Earth right now (which I say with no exaggeration or irony).

    Now… on the Australia Video. Man, I wish I still had a sense of humor. It looks really funny, but this poor old Fact Checker just feels crushed watching it. Crushed. I never got to see it. I never got to go there. I just can’t laugh. My grief is too great, for what I’ll never see and for the suffering of the Australian people and what they have lost. This might have been the least “fun” just-for-fun offering ever.

    • vadoum says:

      those scenes are a few grains of rock salt on a really big cake. Those are true concerns but still about as big picture as a bit of dirt down the sock.

      the abuses to physical sovereignty have continuously been foisted, mostly on the indigenous and still, though now most anyone is a target; the acts are heinous but the volume is small.

      (it could escalate, but for the moment it appears that most arent giving in to aggression)

      Most (2/3?) of oz people live in 2 cities, in a land mass the same size as the USA or China or Brasil, that leaves lotsa space for other. but true the lineages (that happened to be white felas) have wreaked hard havoc.

      Dont worry, the land’s flora, fauna and people have been and will be here long,,much longer than we can know. The 200 year old mess now is just a blip on the screen.

      • vadoum says:

        who needs new-normal when weve got The Jab cup,


        • jo-ann says:

          Thanks for the laughs!

        • mkey says:

          That fella hit it out of the park, parking lot, county, state and continent.

        • pantoufle says:

          That was hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.
          The Aussie govt is so effing crazy they will probably try to ID and fine the guy who made it. Because freedom of thought and speech is soooo 20th century….

        • seasons says:

          You’d be surprised how popular the horse named I’ve Put Worse Things in My Body at 3am is. So many people have that line of thinking and can relate to such a horse. What they don’t realize is that this injection does not go into the body but past the body completely.

          It is not the same as ingesting, for which you will have multiple systems to filter out the toxic junk. It does not compare to even most vaccines by being injected. The mRNA injection forces a modified messenger RNA into your cells and make it act against its will. This effectively bypasses the body’s last line of defense, the human cell itself.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:


          An intense 2 minute race.

      • nosoapradio says:

        Harrowing and hilarious!

        But Big Pharma’s not THE big winner here.

        I’d love to see the follow-up race with the NWO Cup!

        “…GreatReset coming up on Technotyranny fast on the heals of Robocopper with Humanextinction taking the lead!..”

  7. hanky says:

    Dear Mr. Corbett,
    I didn’t know James Burke, so I looked him up. He was buying and selling the COVID nonsense and a lot of questionable agendas like the end of privacy via technology. It was a 2020 interview with Patrick Rodgers.

    I prefer you for our time. Look in the mirror for our champion in this arena. Less catchy stunts, but more than compensated for with more energy directly focused on research and analysis. Also you possess the ability to question the real sacred cows in our madhouse.

    On a related point, what do you think about Adam Curtis and his BBC releases?

    • pantoufle says:

      Burke is still alive? He must be so old and tired that he has not looked into this scam. I can’t imagine the young JB falling for this crap or supporting the hoax.

    • CRM114 says:

      Adam curtis makes documentaries for stupid people who think theyre smart

      “Adam, what song should we use for this sequence?”

      “Just, uhhhhhh, use Rhubarb by Aphex Twin again”

  8. MagicBullet says:

    I think JC should make a “connect the dots in 5-min” video.

    • TruthSeeker says:

      I second the idea of a “Connect the Dots in 5-Min” video. After seeing how the 5-MIn video on the Events of 9/11/01 took off, I think the public is primed for another wake-up call.
      After all, who would get in line for an EUA Experimental Injection to “save” themself from a potential sickness that is 99.9% survivable?
      With all the new variants created by the Injections, the Injections proven not to work, and blood clots and other side effects, how much of a brain does one need to see that we are under attack by some very evil people?
      The Main stream Media can continue to Broadcast Lies and Propaganda into the Air, but when people can see it for what it is, it will no longer effect them. A well done 5-min video could conceivably end the plandemic and hopefully take down those that planned it.

      • cu.h.j says:

        Yes, a 5 minute video would be terrific. Also, people tend to respond to images rather than just words. “A picture is worth 1000 words” is pretty accurate.

        I recall the image of the starving polar bear and that had me emotionally connected to the climate narrative for a long time. But then I learned it was manipulated to support the agenda. My point is that images shape a narrative and capture the hearts of the masses.

        If a video could show the images of the agenda that the controllers are rolling out would be helpful to reach people’s hearts. It’s not a pretty image of where this is going. I imagine drones flying around, people in crowded cities and having to wear tracking devices that monitor temperature, heart rate, and emotional state. Also, screens would be everywhere and instruct people where to go and what to do.

        People would own nothing and have no privacy, like what was written about by the WEF, but people can’t be happy living like that. Not real happiness. Most people and other animals are not happy in captivity. We are being domesticated and turned into a slave class. The image of that is frightening and hideous.

        • jo-ann says:

          I think most of us have been a member of the slave class for at least 100 years in the USA (via taxes, for example), we just didn’t know it. It feels to me that some time during that period we have been further demoted into livestock. Now it’s time to track (beyond Social Security #) and cull the herd.

          • TruthSeeker says:

            In “Connecting the Dots”, I see a small group of people that wish to rule over others, like Kings, that have existed for thousands of years, and that still exist to this day. Their desire to control others as a means to expand their power and influence over the material world has not really changed much. What has changed is the Mechanisms used to control others.

            The idea of capitalizing on the belief system of good people is demonstrated in the Bible by the Money Changers who conned Jewish people into exchanging their Roman Coins for a Coin that the Money Changers had made. They sold the idea that God would not except Roman Coins, and they made profits on the Exchange. The Bible says (at least the one I have) that seeing this open deception taking place on the steps going into the Temple so infuriated Jesus that he turned over the tables that the Money Changers were using. Soon after that, Judas (one of the 12) was offered 20 pieces of Silver simply to identify Jesus. At that time the Banksters were making more Silver on their Silver by way of deception, and anyone that stood in the way must be eliminated.

            Silver and Gold has been used as a Mechanism of exchange, and thus control, for thousands of years, yet it is limited by how much of it one has. Also true is that by exchanging the Gold and/or Silver for goods or services, the productive person (think middle class) providing those goods or services begins to acquire power. Indeed, the control freaks needed a better system if they were going to stay in control, and they found one with the creation of Paper Money.

            In 1694 when the Bank of England was created it issued Paper Money backed by Gold. In 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act was passed the International Banksters took control of a Monetary System that issued Paper Money backed by Gold and Silver. Over the years these Banksters gradually replaced the Paper Money which was backed by Gold and Sliver with their Private Federal Reserve Notes. There is NO Limit to the number of Federal Reserve Notes that these Banksters can create and thus they have been in power for over 100 years.
            As this corrupt unlimited creation of “Money” System has become exposed, it is faltering, and they, or a new breed of control freaks, are creating new means of controlling others.

            How about if they control everyone’s thoughts, and thus their actions, by way of high frequency radiation. This could be done by Injecting everyone with nano-particles that can be activated by high frequency radiation.
            Great idea, eh, but how are they going to get people to agree to get “The Shot”?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      MagicBullet says:
      “I think JC should make a “connect the dots in 5-min” video.”

      You hit a very good point.
      Those 5 minute videos can really tell a STORY.

      In Everything is Connected!, James Corbett writes:
      “…But the average person who has not been engaged in this research—whether because of a lack of time, or a lack of interest, or a fear of being labeled a “conspiracy theorist” or “domestic extremist”—does not see the bigger picture. And because of that, they do not even understand that there is an agenda at play, let alone an agenda that is so dark.

      As James Evan Pilato observed in the latest edition of New World Next Week, we are often challenged by our uneducated brethren to summarize our decades of research within the space of a couple of minutes . . . and even then, any information that comes from a source that the person doesn’t like is immediately dismissed, along with the entire line of argumentation surrounding that information.

      It’s a trap, of course: the person asking for this information is not seriously looking for us to provide it to them, but to provide them with an excuse for dismissing our argument….”

      Taken from “The Best of The Corbett Report”

      9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

      Russiagate in 3 minutes

      OKC – A Conspiracy Theory

      JFK: A Conspiracy Theory

      James Corbett continues in his Everything is Connected! article…
      “…Still, the task remains: we must put the pieces of this jigsaw together in a way that the average person will be able to see it before they are lulled back to sleep by the relentless propaganda industry that continues to hold sway over the minds of so many.

      This is where the talents of a communicator who can tickle his audience’s imagination and stir their curiosity—providing them with just enough information to give them a sense of the big picture, but not so much information that they lose the plot entirely—would come in extremely handy….”

      There is a connection here somewhere.

    • I made the same suggestion barely one month into the plandemic.

      Even as early as April 2020, it was easy to see where this was all heading. You could just feel it in your gut.

      I tried to get James’s attention with this highlighted header:


      I thought it was urgent at the time to release a 5 minute video for the ‘normie’ masses.
      I think it is even more urgent now.

      Have a look at my comment:

  9. hugo.c says:

    Yes, Mr. Corbett, everything is connected. There’s a fun story which is that the diameter of the booster rockets used to launch the NASA’s space shuttles were limited by axle widths of Roman transport vehicles.

    The story goes like this. Roman roads were designed to facilitate these vehicles movements, and they got to Britain and built roads there. These road widths became standardised, and the same basic widths were then used by the railways. These widths are then also used in the USA and because the shuttle booster rockets had to pass through railway tunnels from production facility to launch pad, that is the limitation. The Roman’s limiting 20th century rocketry!

    (Its quite possible that some of this is malarky, but its a good story all the same).

    Continuing with the theme, the growing network of people asking questions about the narratives we are drip fed by the media giants are also connected. In these connections I place a little hope.

    As for the “trap” outlined by Mr. Pilato, I think that this is partly true, but also a non-productive way to think. Think not like a missionary, but a teacher. Questions are the method, with improving the quality of your interlocutor’s questions the objective.

    • TruthSeeker says:

      A good question to ask is what is actually in the EUA Experimental Injection that they volunteered to get?
      From the info I have gathered, there is about 12 different variations of EUA Experimental Injections, including a Placebo Shot, in which case even if you knew what was in the specific Shot you got, you would still not know that you got the Shot.
      How is that for Volunteering to be left in the Dark, eh!

    • hugo.c says:

      A ficticious exchange between A, the less-informed and B, you.

      A: So, you think 9/11 was and inside job. Rubbish. How did you become so crazy?

      B: Not quite. I think 9/11 was complicated and much of what happened is clouded. But, I do believe that the official story is very weak. Lets talk about NYC. What do you think happened?

      A: Islamic terrorists highjacked plans and destroyed the twin towers, obviously.

      B: I agree two planes were flown, one into each of towers 1 and 2. As for how they were destroyed, I dunno. How do you think they were destroyed?

      A: The impacts damaged the structure and there were fires. Then they collapsed.

      B: Yes, damage and fires. But it was an hour or more before each destruction. There were lots of explosions too. How do we know what caused the destruction? [Never use the word collapse].

      A: That’s what the report said. I’m not an engineer, but they had experts. You dont believe the experts?

      B: Good question. Which experts though? I prefer experts with no motive to take a position. How about experts who took an unofficial position on principle?

      A: Yeah, they’re crazy. There’s always some idiots claiming crazy things.

      B: Totally! Thats why its so hard to investigate. One has to sort the crazies from the honest, questioning individuals. Have you heard of David Chandler?

      A: Nah.

      B: He was a high school physics teacher. He used footage of the collapse of a building on the day and calculated that it had to have undergone freefall. He was annoyed that NIST, that’s the National Institute for Standards and Technology, who were doing the technical assessments of the building collapses were not doing a good job. This physics teacher forced NIST to admit to freefall.

      A: Okay, but how does this matter?

      B: Yes. How indeed. But, it is important. You’ve heard of Newton, right? Well the thing is that if something is falling at freefall that means there’s nothing underneath it to slow or stop its fall. That’s the “free” part. If a building is freefalling it means that some major part of the building underneath is no longer there.

      A: What? This happened on 9/11?

      B: Actually, that’s the same question that an expert in controlled demolition asked when he was shown the footage of this buildings’ fall. He thought it was controlled demolition, and he’s an expert. Then they told him it happened on 9/11.

      A: What! Thats not good.

      B: Thats what I thought when I heard about it. I looked into it. It checks out. I can give you some reference information, if you’re interested. Its a bit scary when you think about it. Again, you said it, there are crazies out there spouting all sorts of rubbish. Put you’re thinking hat on if you’re going to look into this. I’m happy to help, but you need to make up your own mind.

  10. MagicBullet says:

    Broken link above: The Economist on Why coronavirus will accelerate the fourth Industrial Revolution

    This seems like a link to the correct article:

  11. aminit says:

    I think the majority of ppl (and from my point of view something that wont change) through the ages are social conformist, submissive, and obedient which make them prone to manipulation from whoever is in power.

    A solution for this problem is (for those who can think freely) to be the best version of themselves and start to lead (as in being empathic, caring and at the same time forceful and ruthless against anything that doesnt make sense).

    Basically taking a leaf from corbett and those similar to him and do way more of what we are already doing with a emphasis of self-improvement and leadership.

  12. J. P. says:

    The everything-is-connected thesis is spot on IMO. But I’m not sure about James’s strategy for preventing the planners from achieveing their ultimate goal of enslaving humanity.

    Is it possible to wake everyone up, or even a sizeable proportion of people, by presenting them with facts, logic and, dare I say, science?

    The reason that the planners have been successful so far is by creating a climate of fear and suspicion across the world. It’s very hard to think straight if you fear being infected by someone sneezing in your direction as they pass you in the street. Or even if you don’t go out very often, listening to the radio is enough to induce a sense of dread or even panic in anyone who believes the propaganda.

    The people I meet from time to time are smart and educated. Yet they have bought into the scam to the extent of being jabbed, wearing masks, etc., I don’t try to reason with them. They find it unthinkable that the establishment, i.e. government and media, could be deceiving them about the “pandemic”. Even when they see obvious anomalies in the official narrative, they attribute them to incompetence, or maybe even a local power-play, but never imagine they could be evidence of a concerted plan to deceive and enslave the public.

    But I may be wrong. If anyone has been “turned” by the kinds of research presented by James and others I’d love to hear more.

    • cu.h.j says:

      I think this definitely true for some people. I think others are just going along because they see other people going along and they think if they comply, life will go back to some semblance of normal.

      I don’t understand why so many doctors are going along. They appeal to authority and seem to believe everything coming from the CDC. But in school, they are heavily indoctrinated.

      Also, people who considered themselves liberal or progressives are listening to the people who they respected going along and think these people must be doing the right thing.

      Most people are followers. It’s easier. Leadership is difficult. I can even say that I am in a way a follower too. But, I must know that what I am following is true and I believe I can discern what is true based on facts and others who I trust. I can tell who is worthy of trust and who is not.

      Also, social media has caused a lot of harm to people. It keeps them in a bubble and echo chambers. When I ditched my facebook I felt like my IQ had increased.

      I think more outreach by people who are leaders into communities would be very helpful, like what Derick Broze is doing. I think a workshop in leadership would be very helpful. I would take one if it were available. I have been a leader in topics where I have expertise, like healthcare. But outside of that narrow field of study, my skills are lacking. I don’t even like being in charge at work, so this tells me I need more skills in this necessary area.

      • jo-ann says:

        I suggest checking out the American Policy Center at http://www.americanpolicy.org. They provide activist training materials. Some of us introverts are more comfortable in supporting roles, but can comfortably take the lead on tasks and projects.

    • czu says:

      I see that same problems with friends of mine who are well educated. Cannot grasp that this could be anything other then well intentioned health care….with problems…

      • pantoufle says:

        Unfortunately “well-educated” has come to mean “highly compliant”.
        Even in STEM there is a huge shift toward cultural marxism. You agree with their ideology or you are out.
        My entire life I never resepcted degrees but rather judged people on their native intelligence.
        Today it is even worse. A degree, even if it is a Phd., has in fact become a red flag for me. It signals a certain level of intelligence, but can also be seen as a marker of sociopathy. Someone gone through the first stages of grooming and ready for the corporate world, which is the finishing school.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Trust can be a barrier in disseminating to others.

      Here’s my take…
      I find that those people who “Trust” the Authorities have that “trust” characteristic as a barrier for alternative information.

      They trust the Authorities.
      Because they trust the Authorities, they trust the narratives emanating from the Authorities.
      They have RELINQUISHED their intelligence and thinking skills to the Authorities.
      relinquishvoluntarily cease to keep or claim; give up, forfeit, release, waive, surrender, forsake, abandon.

      Their intelligence is now owned by their gods, the Authoritarian Overlords.
      They worship their gods and will quote the scriptures of their Authoritarian gods. We cannot argue against the scriptures of the Authoritarian gods. All the CCM (Corporate Controlled Media and government authorities present these scriptures.
      Whatever their gods command, these people obey like mindless robotic servants.

      I’ve had experience with this, in person and in online forums.
      Ask people if they trust the FDA, CDC, their government or the Mainstream Media.
      They will tell you, and if they say “yes”, then no amount of information will penetrate.
      On occasions, I mock them by describing what I mentioned previously…they have given ownership of their thinking skills over to their Authoritarian gods. They can no longer observe nor research information, but can only parrot what their Authoritarian gods have decreed.
      (This is actually kind of fun to do with many descriptive sentences which make them sound kind of silly for trusting their gods. Any retort or mainstream quote can quickly be assigned to the fact that they have given up ownership of their mental capacities while praying to their Authoritarian Masters.)

      However, if someone starts to question their own trust and faith in the Authoritarian gods…
      …then as that trust fades, the person begins to reclaim his own intelligence and ability to think/observe for himself.

      I think that an entry point of dissemination lies in breaking that trust, shaking the foundation which prevents ownership of one’s own intelligence.
      It could start anywhere…like GMOs and pesticides. And keep chipping away.

      • hugo.c says:

        Yes, HRS. Sort of. I dont think this natural tendency to believe the government is “trust”. Its a fealty created by the education system (and wider society) which is also reinforced by fear. Its not trust. Its “default belief”.

        Trust is so much more, and so important in society. Attacking trust is completely counter productive.

        I am interested in how we can encourage people to be more critical (by which I mean evaluative) in their information consumption and “fact” assessment.

        I tried to outline a constructive methodology in the above A/B dialogue. B agrees wherever possible with A, indeed, actively reaffirms A’s language. Where divergences exist, reasonable, non-threatening questions are asked. You see, what one can do is build some trust between your interlocutor and yourself, and then carefully build that trust to help them gain the ability to ask more informed questions.

        One cannot change another’s mind. Only they can.

        • nosoapradio says:

          One cannot change another’s mind. Only they can.

          Important insight.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            Good *BUMP*

          • vadoum says:

            or is it that one can be mind-kontrolled to do only bad things?

            I wrote this same insight earlier in this thread, the likes of: alone, we decide,, but now I’m wondering if changing ones mind is not so black-white-yes-no-1’s & 0’s.

            I’ll leave the book size topic alone for now, but just sayin’ it sure is a relief to meet someone who has mustered the conviction to do the right thing, or face the music, regardless of the risks.

  13. czu says:

    As usual, thank you James. There’s a lot of us willing to help you roll that rock right back up the hill.

  14. g.bon says:

    Great write James.
    Thank you again. And James pilato was spot on.

  15. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Last night, I again watched this 2017 5 minute clip by Corbett entitled:
    Big Oil “Environmentalism” – Why Big Oil Conquered The World

    I kid you not – when you watch it, Rockefeller will remind you of Bill Gates.
    “Everything is Connected!”

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      For those who have not watched “How and Why Big OIl Conquered the World”, I encourage you to do so.
      Both those 2017 videos dynamically tie in to what is currently going on.

      Here is Why Big Oil Conquered The World which is mentioned in the above clip.

      However, don’t short-change yourself by missing “How Big Oil Conquered the World”. From oil to Big Pharma and Education and transportation, there is so much there.

  16. pantoufle says:

    I LOVED Connections. It was the best science/history/tech show ever. James Burke was so low key and had that dry Brit humor, a gift for understatement.

    A few years ago I wanted to show Connections to my daughter and the best I could find was horrible copies on YouTube. Figures the BBC or whoever it was is not keeping this gem of a program available. But I’ll look again and I hope I’m wrong.

    • pantoufle says:

      Thanks for the link James! It appears all 40(!!) episodes are there!

      And I should have said, for the uninitiated, that the coolest thing was the way Burke structured them: each time, he is heading toward a specific modern product or technology, that all the “connections” lead up to. But he never reveals it until the end. So after a while you can, if so inclined, treat Connections as a sort of sci-tech whodunnit.

  17. underdog says:

    I know this post wasn’t designed to solicit anything, but I feel moved to say the following nonetheless: You’re a hero, James. Don’t stop doing what you do. And thank you for doing it. Sincerely.

  18. mkey says:

    James, there’s an issue with We’re Living in 12 Monkeys URL. It points to some strange site that is apparently linked to various heinous acts, on daily basis.

    Here’s the a more sane option

  19. udkw says:

    “In the meantime, I’ll roll the rock up the hill once more. Maybe next time.”

    Love you for that attitude, James! Only constant drop wears the stone! A few days ago I spoke to two young ladies in their thirties and fourties who got vaxxinated recently. The one commented: “Its easier to join the NSDAP (the Nazis) than fighting them” and the other refuses “to look behind the curtain” as she named it. So, how many drops will it take from insight to action and will that be still right in time??

    I doubt it, I have to admit…

  20. pantoufle says:

    I know it’s sort of preaching to choir to post this comment here, but articles like this are why I sub The Corbett Report. James steps back and looks at the big picture. Same with my other analysis-crush, Dave Cullen. They give much-needed perspective in this clown world.

    Cullen put out an excellent video today on the push toward central bank digital currencies.

    • hugo.c says:

      Yo pantoufle!

      Good job. Get out there, find interesting opinions that CITE their SOURCES.

      As a funny side story, I quite like Alexander Mercouris’ geopolitical analysis. Its a little Russia/China skewed, but he is an excellent analyst of published “foreign affairs” official documents. Just recently, I discovered that he was disbarred from the UK court system because he had fabricated a document which was submitted to the court. Whoops! The UK’s judicial system, rightly, took a very dim view of this and punished him by revoking his legal license.

      Should I now stop listening to his analysis? No. But, I hold this newly discovered fact with me. (I’m quite disappointed in myself that it took me so long to learn this, which is the greater lesson).

      So, all ye people, go out, find interesting voices, do a little background research, and discover the world which DARPA gave us with their never-to-be-repeated interoperability protocols! Long live the IETF and my Facebook and equivalents be looked upon with scorn in history’s pages.

      I am literally lol.

  21. anniees says:

    For me, it helps to tell people to research what the social credit score in China is all about. Anyways, many people around here are fed up of the restrictions and get that it’s not over yet. Some who have criticized me in the past for not liking mask mandates understand why I don’t trust the government now. I don’t think they would go so far as to protest in the streets or try some other type of disobedience, but at least they’re not duped. Sure, there are still plenty who think jabs are necessary and masks should be standardized (I only wear a thin face covering meant for hunting so I get quite few nasty comments while shopping, but at least I can breathe while doing so), but so many of them surely won’t see what is going on because they’re the frogs enjoying a good swim in that hot water.

  22. TimmyTaes says:

    Good column and background information. But we who have paid attention for over 20 years now know this story. And it is a fabricated story.
    Just say “NO!” The most powerful word in the English language.
    We all die someday anyway.
    We don’t have to work for the elites. We don’t have to reproduce workers for them. We don’t have to live in their matrix.
    Just say, “NO”.
    I saw Buddhists burning themselves in the streets of Saigon to protest the war. Life is sweet and a gift from God, but it is ours to do with what we will.

    • vadoum says:

      “Just say, “NO”.
      I saw Buddhists burning themselves in the streets of Saigon”

      I didn’t see more than photos of those burnings, but based action alone: either they self annihilated or they were torched by someone else. either scenario is suicide and murder break the same law.

      saying “no” may lead to being murdered, or can lead to justice, the 100th monkey takes a chance on love.

      the saying “no” moment is righteous, whereas the ensuing murder,, well thats just signing up for the karmic motherlode of sufferance.

  23. Ukdavec says:

    High class work as always and very appropriate to bring James Burke into the picture.

    Could I suggest this from 2017 from Burke as a potential connection to this puzzle – maybe explains the rush to lock down humanity.

    Broadcasting legend James Burke returns to the airwaves to discuss the biggest change to humanity in 10,000 years. In 50 years or so he predicts nanotechnology will give us capabilities we’ve only imagined of in science fiction. IT COULD MEAN THE END OF SCARCITY ITSELF.


    • nosoapradio says:

      I think you’re on to something Ukdavec because I cannot access the link. I’ve tried typing in key words and I get the listing but when I click on the link it’s “impossible to access this page”…

    • nosoapradio says:

      Ah! ok. Actually I was able to open this:

      “James Burke On The End Of Scarcity
      Broadcasting legend James Burke returns to the airwaves to discuss the biggest change to humanity in 10,000 years.

      In 50 years or so he predicts nanotechnology will give us capabilities we’ve only imagined of in science fiction. In labs around the world the foundations are being laid for the ‘nano-fabricator’ a device that will allow us to assemble just about anything, atom by atom; including itself. It could mean the end of scarcity itself.

      As far-fetched as it seems it’s an idea that was first posited as long ago as 1959 by physicist Richard Feynman and then popularised as the ‘replicator’ in Star Trek. But this is no fantasy – in Manchester Professor David Leigh has made the world’s first nano-robot, an arm a millionth of a millimetre in size that will assemble the molecules you programme into it. While at MIT’s Centre for Bits and Atoms they’re taking the replicator as their inspiration and are working on materials and methods to make our physical world as programmable as our digital one.

      What fascinates James isn’t so much the revolution in the technology but what it will mean for us as a species; one whose raison d’etre has been about managing the scarcity of what we need or want. It’s been the impetus to human development since our very beginning and the reason why we have markets and jobs and governments and maths and every other innovation that’s helped us along the way to get us to now. By taking us on a high speed journey through our history of scarcity busting invention James will demonstrate just how disruptive what’s coming will be. For him it will be nothing less than the next stage in our evolution.”


    • nosoapradio says:

      Nope. I get program schedules or this:

      400 Bad Request
      The server could not comply with the request since it is either malformed or otherwise incorrect.

      Sorry, this content is not currently supported due to copyright.

      But I suck at technology.

    • nosoapradio says:

      Found this bit:

      “…And what we are now is probably terrifically good at dealing with scarcity, unless you’re in Africa these days or one or two other people, because, well, that’s a different matter.

      So, what we have done is taught ourselves over history to be extremely proficient in dealing with the problem of scarcity. We’ve not dealt with it totally because we have scarcity, and there always has been scarcity, but we’ve mitigated the worst effects because our society hasn’t fallen apart. So, that is proof that we have mitigated the worst effects, because enough of us have survived.

      The nanofabricator, making anything you wish from the molecular level up, atomic level up really, with raw material consisting mainly of dirt, air, and water, and a lot of carbon, which you get from acetylene gas. And of course, the minute you have a fab-or, you make your own acetylene gas, you just need the first bottle.

      McRaney: Like a home fabrication device?

      Burke: Yes, a home fabrication device.

      McRaney: They’re calling them 3D printers right now.

      Burke: The 3D printer is a different thing…

      McRaney: Ok

      Burke: Because a 3D printer uses material and shapes it, but you have to put the material in. This thing works at the atomic level; I mean there’s no such thing. You make the molecules you want in order to the molecules together to make stuff; once you’ve got the stuff then you shape it.

      McRaney: Like a Star Trek replicator.

      Burke: Exactly! Exactly, you say I want a cup of coffee you get a cup of coffee. I want a Mona Lisa, I want a bar of gold and whatever… And the general opinion is about 40-50 years from now – working to produce anything you want, and not costing anything, because the first thing a fabricator does, as I said in my talk, is make itself, make a copy of itself. So, the general thinking is a fabricator for everybody on the planet within two years of the first one. Because the first one makes another one, so it goes one, two, four, eight, sixteen, thirty… I mean, it takes no time at all, and you send out the information for structuring the thing by Wi-Fi or some online means, and of course, to build the thing is easy because the raw material is everywhere – dirt, air and water. So, it’s going to happen awfully fast and it’s going to happen much faster than we can deal with because we’re still looking backwards dealing with the business of handling scarcity. So, the book says, is there anything we’ve learned from handling scarcity that would help us handle abundance, and at the moment, I think the answer is no, nothing at all…”


  24. geof.h says:

    An interesting connection TLAV unearthed (or that’s how I heard about it) is Dr. Leana Wen after the Boston Bombing:
    …and, of course, she’s a all over the media in favor of the VAXXenda.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      What a coincidence!
      “Everything is connected!”

    • robert.t says:

      The globsters’ one big lack is capable actors.

      For their fake events they can recruit hundreds at a time through the private prison system, SERCO etc…but very few recruits can act well enough.

      They have marshals, hydration stations, medics, media and government co-ordinators, lawyers specialising in non-disclosure etc etc. But as soon as they need a heart-broken family member or hysterical witness or concerned doctor…it all falls over through lousy acting (and those tipsy journalists who have to numb their embarrassment). The best they can get is Marlboro Man or Leana Wen. This all increases public fatigue with “events”, even if the public don’t know why.

      Remember serial killers? Remember those shootings that were almost weekly just a few years back? Mass stabbings in Old Blighty? Funny how all the psychos just lose interest at the same time.

      The globsters need this guy…

      • mkey says:

        This guy is just great. No conscience at reasonable rates, does not get better than that.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Harrison Hanks – Crisis actor resume for… the role you need.

        Great 2 minute video.

    • nosoapradio says:

      I see. From the Boston bombings to the Baltimore riots, via Planned Parenthood, the Council on Foreign Relations and the China Medical Board, this chick gets around! A casual stroll through her wikipedia page offers the low-hanging fruit:

      “Wen served as the health commissioner for Baltimore City under two mayors. She resigned when she was appointed head of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.[8][9] She was the first physician to serve as the organization’s president in nearly 50 years.[9] Wen was asked to step down by Planned Parenthood’s board of directors on July 16, 2019…

      …Wen was named one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2019.[15]

      …In July 2019, she was forced out of her job as president of Planned Parenthood in a dispute over philosophical differences and the direction of the organization amid growing political and legal challenges to abortion.[34] On July 19, 2019, Wen published an opinion editorial in The New York Times which set forth the circumstances underlying her departure from Planned Parenthood. She stated her view that “As one of the few national health care organizations with a presence in all 50 states, Planned Parenthood’s mandate should be to promote reproductive health care as part of a wide range of policies that affect women’s health and public health.”[35] Wen reportedly tried to de-emphasize abortion and to steer Planned Parenthood away from politics, which ran counter to the wishes of some board members and staff. [36]…

      …She directed the city’s public health recovery efforts after the 2015 Baltimore riots, including ensuring prescription medication access to seniors after the closure of 13 pharmacies, and developing the Mental Health/Trauma Recovery Plan, with 24-hour crisis counseling, and healing circles and group counseling in schools, community groups, and churches.[48][49]…

      …She convened doctors and public health leaders to sign the Baltimore Statement on the Importance of Childhood Vaccinations”[63]


      What wiki fails to mention is that Dr Wen is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. At least, according to the Council on Foreign Relations. They slip that in “ni vu, ni connu” at 1:38 of video below:


      Apparently the CFR does not provide acting lessons for its operatives.

      • robert.t says:

        Making sure people get their prescriptions filled even as pharmacies are forced to close? No need for small businesses when you have a concerned state, Amazon and some big box stores. Sounds like she was ahead of the game back in 2015.

        I think Dr Wen is in line for a Yuval Harari Award (for Creepiest Global Public-Private Partnership Collaborator). Mind you, it’s a long line, and Yuval himself is a front runner every year.

        Unfortunately, the lady will be waiting a bit for any acting gongs.

  25. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Related to the AUSTRALIAN videos.

    Monday September 27, 2021
    Gagged Australian Nurses Form Whistleblower Group to Expose What is Really Happening in Hospitals with COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries
    [Many stories here.]

  26. rob.h says:

    Perfection is the shortest path to insanity. Do what you can with what you have.

    1. Just knowing your voice is out there is a foundation that is so essential to maintaining sanity for all that care to listen. Just that alone is worth every second of your effort.
    2. Despite the fact that humanity “feels” that it has come out of the jungle and is above it’s natural roots, it isn’t. Nature, at its’ core is about survival. Learn and adapt or perish. Nothing new.

    The great part about it, is that the future is never known. The tools to surviving and thriving have never been more readily available than now to those who seek it.

    Like my father says, there are 3 types of people out there. People who make it happen, people who let it happen and people who wonder what happened.

  27. littlebird says:

    So WEF is to Covid as PNAC is to 9/11?

    I’m curious if you’ve found out more about how the WEF and Gavi/Cepi are connected?

    Thank you for all you do!

    • hugo.c says:

      Careful there. Analogies are useful but not definitive.

      PNAC and WEF are very, very different. PNAC is/was a collection of dual USA/Israeli deep-staters trying to get the USA to expend capital to fight its adversaries in the middle east. The WEF are a bunch of globalalist grifters trying to get the USA to lead the western power alliance to …

      Oh, shit. You might have a point there. 😉

  28. Kelly says:

    I think people activate their built in defense mechanisms (denial, minimization, discarding) to protect themselves in the short term from “psychological harm.”

    Yes, it sucked to learn these things, and you can’t spit out that red/black pill once you swallow it. You see the world in a completely different way. Forever.

    I think unpleasant emotions led us here to you James. Anger or fear got us riled up enough to seek answers. I’m fairly new to my knowledge journey, it’s maybe been a year since I have been unable to go back to sleep. I still mourn what I thought was.

    I think a good approach would be to facilitate an emotional reaction to get the normies to rouse to try and hit the “snooze button,” make the bad news as simplified and as easy to access as possible, and finally, provide support.

    I do wonder what will happen once people are jerked awake by harsh realities. Will there be record numbers of depression and suicide? Panic in the streets? Riots and fires?

    Perhaps it would be best to seed the consciousness of the masses like Big Media has been doing for years before they stopped trying to be subtle. If we have enough time, the best way would be through children and teens’ education.

    Obviously, I have no clue or any answers. I’m happy to provide the masses with seeds and support that I like to sprinkle about during my days.

    Thank you for everything you do and also thank you for allowing me to use your forum as an outlet for my unorganized thought process.

    • mtflaxman says:

      Your first sentence nailed it. We are unaware that we possess psychological defences that prevent us from internalizing unpleasant truths.
      We see the world through a Purple Haze.

    • cu.h.j says:

      Hopefully it will result in people taking the power back from the government and throwing the criminals in jail, rather than destructive and wasteful like riots and suicide.

      People won’t be able to hit the snooze button. These last 18 months have sucked for people who were okay with the old normal (at least in my personal life).

    • openlens says:

      Watch out for unintended consequences to “seeding” a program. Review the introduction of the mongoose to Hawaii. A classic “whoopsie”!

  29. mtflaxman says:

    “Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution”

    But no one looks there.

  30. robertbrilz says:

    James, brilliant piece, I’ve followed your genius since your first episodes in 2007 but didn’t “blog” before except for these past two years on “Ice Age” sites. I’m from AB, Can. too, lived much of my life in Calgary and travelled/worked around much of the world. Addressing/linking the “why now” of this ramped up situation and the cyclical nature of mini/maxi Ice Ages/famines, depopulation and why the “think-tanks” and globalists appear to have a pressing urgent agenda to implement these measures posthaste my not be helpful for those who are already well prepped (or in the process). I’ve been linking your work to the attached “Ice Age” linked sites [you might also note the inspired hotlinked name in the introductory paragraph on IceAgeAhead – by Rolf Witzsche – recently deceased] to make the “connections” and “cross pollination” of the “why now timing” for “IceAgeEugenicsandBiodigitalConvergence Now.info” which has been quite successful. James your work has been “ne plus ultra” right from the start.
    I will send to you by email the .pdf of my recently deceased friend, Robert Felix’s book, “Not by Fire, but by Ice”, which uses the word abrupt and abruptly about 43 times. (I know he’d want you to have it)
    The Millennium Reader
    With the publication of his chapter “Fatal Flaw,” author Robert W. Felix joins such luminaries as Charles Darwin, Alice Walker, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Maya Angelou, Aldous Huxley and Walt Whitman.
    Everyone Should Read Two Books by Robert W. Felix By Lou Guzzo
    29 Aug 10 – For the truth about what is happening the world over and the extraordinarily serious weather conditions, I am once again moved to recommend that people in the U.S. and everywhere else in the world look to the truth about what is happening in two of the most important books written in this century.
    See Everyone Should Read Two Books by Robert Felix (sadly the IceAgeNow.info website run by RWF has recently been deleted)

  31. robertbrilz says:

    More “connections” that go all the way back to 1951 and the:
    EIS/Epidemic Intelligence Service under/within the CDC
    Amazing Polly report

    • openlens says:

      I’m not great with computer tech, and my computers often go down, so…..not to mention the bs…deborah tavares loaded two “science education” videos from the US govt. sometime last year, one from ’56, one from ’59. One was about how they already knew how to steer hurricanes, I think the ’59 one. The other was about how there WOULD be a worldwide pandemic of an influenza like virus in…wait for it….2020. Okay? Announced publicly in 1956 or 59.

      Read Foucault on the Plague in Europe, it’s all laid out there, and he’s clear about it in the end. I have a bullseye quote from him I’ve put out a lot, gotta figure how to work finding it now, stuck in old stuff hard to coordinate with new…due to my tech disinterest.
      The quote is found in “Abnormal: Lectures at the college de France, seventies”
      Thing I’ll try to dig it up now, been wanting to.

  32. Aloha says:

    Hello, I am a new subscriber and I hope I can continue accessing your website from Singxpore. The ruling party is pushing a bill that can ban foreign and local news websites they do not agree with. In Singxpore, face coverings are compulsory and our so called cases have skyrocketed. Some people wear two masks and there’s a spirit of fear among some people. This meds ploy has really caused suffering. Prays. Non-religious though. Thanks for what you share!

  33. fruitdoctor says:

    And making the connection of Greta Thornberg with the global elite families is this fascinating article by Miles Mathis:


    • candlelight says:


      Correction: The Greta article you linked was written by Sven Svenson, not Miles Mathis.

      Mathis is a fascinating character, though.

      First and foremost, the most apt description of him would be to apply a most common phrase – “know it all”.

      Mathis most definitely knows it all. Quote, unquote.

      He’s also another lovely source, if one were to pay him any mind, of the dissonant mind-fuck so prevalent on the Internet. Meaning that he can be very informative and insightful, as he is certainly chock full of information on many subjects, but, in my opinion, he’s also full of massive amounts of completely absurd, unadulterated bullshit – totally chock full of it.

      Here is his lengthy and absurd thesis wherein he blithely says bye, bye pi:


      Do you buy it? I don’t.

      Thing is, I doubt he does, either.

  34. altamont says:

    I am watching the UK “energy crisis” where smaller utility companies are going out of business and tens of thousands of Britons don’t know where their heat will be coming from this Winter. At the same time, there are gasoline shortages. Simultaneously, the middle class and poor are losing their “Covid stipends.” The fuel/utility companies going out of business are continuing to collect auto-payments and the government is advising not to discontinue those because it will make it harder to transfer your utility account to the BIG SIX fossil fuel providers. People have no idea what they will do, maybe waiting four months to get their prepayments transferred to a new company charging a much higher tariff.

    Why are the utility rates rising 50% and more? Carbon offsets: the big companies have to pay for the pollution they are producing. This is being presented as a natural gas shortage. So watch the UK if you want a preview. The scamdemic got to the US about 9 weeks behind the UK and rolled out almost identically, including killing people in nursing homes using the same means—transferring sick people into care homes.

  35. altamont says:

    Great stuff HomeRemedySupply! Solid background to the human story with all the bewildered and panicked pensioners, young families and not-wealthy people freaking out in the UK.

    Another extraction strategy to impoverish people, seize their homes,etc.

    • robert.t says:

      Extraction strategy. Good phrase.

      When I unwillingly visit my NSW country town I see shuttered small shops and booming corporates like Woolworths and Coles. No boutiques, no market days, no crafts, no cash. Just corporates. If they could run dentistry from the Woolworths delicatessen counter my dentist would be shuttered up too.

      Friends and neighbours put it down to COVID. I’m different. I put COVID down to the Great Reset, the theft that keeps thieving.

      Trotsky, father of the neocons and the worst human who ever lived, is winning after all.

  36. judyanne says:

    watched britney spears doc about her conservatorship problems and realized that “WE THE PEOPLE GLOBALLY” have been under the rule of some kind of an unelected/psychopathic conservatorship ever since humans have existed….blackrock & vanguard owners own & control everything…it’s time for humanity to stand up to these vile, inbreds and establish our own “government free” societies NOW……no one is going to save us but ourselves…..”the welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants” Albert Camus……THANK YOU JAMES FOR CONTINUING TO CONNECT THE DOTS……

  37. johncor says:

    Hi! John McCormick here,, hello to all. A 500 word limit on comments? I’d have to repeat myself several times to reach 50! 🙂

  38. Ukdavec says:

    The push for #CBDCs continues in NewZealand despite nearly half the population being locked down under covid restrictions .


    For info this has been my holding response to RBNZ and the local MP.

    ” I find it disgraceful that the survey is taking place during a period when the country is subject to COvid restrictions that forbid / restrict the free association and gathering of individuals who may wish to discuss these VITAL matters before making a response. Extend the deadline to allow individuals and groups the time and space to debate these issues in a post lockdown period.”

    • Fact Checker says:

      The problem is….they’re not really “COvid restrictions.” They’re actually CBDC restrictions.

  39. Hi James

    Thanks for the clear, concise corroboration of what many have discovered.

    Everything is connected but what is everything connected by? The answer lies in your latest Questions for Corbett as you alluded to in your answer: money.

    Our work has moved beyond the symptoms that created the phases in the war on us all to the common driver of everything: Money Methodology.

    While there has been much innovation in money over the last dozen years or so, the fundamental methodology of money hasn’t changed… yet. But that doesn’t mean to say it won’t.

    Money created and fuels the structure of tyranny that has unfolded in the war on us all.

    Thus a new money methodology is our ticket to freedom.



  40. TimmyTaes says:

    I always ask a believer in the Government propaganda and mandates, “Do you know anyone personally that you trust to run your life?”
    When they all answer, “No.” or “Of course not.” I then ask them, “Then why do you trust some stranger in government?”

  41. bleak says:

    The Wheel of Fortune is also the tenth card (X) of the major arcana in the Tarot. It is a very sad card. Hebr3w Kabbalists place it on the higher path (“connection”) between the Sephiroth Nekad and Chesed (Force and Kindness) in the Tree of Life but I think Mark Passio nailed it when he associated it with the Sephiroth Malkuth ie the shithole most people call “life on planet earth.”

    Stuff comes, stuff goes. Round and round it goes. Some Creatures hangout (Typhon, Anubis, the Sphinx). Play lotto, play Vegas, watch sports, buy crypto, spend crypto (until they pull the plug). Guess what? You will die without knowing where you came from, how you wound up here, and where you’re going when the music’s over.

    That is what the Wheel of Fortune card is about.

    Yes, everything is connected. I hear those “science” zealots singing their theme song in the background…

    “No, not THAT connection
    No no no not THAT connection
    You say you love me
    And we’re connected
    No no no we’re not”

    115 comments and not one Corbettite mentions the Tarot card “connection.” It takes poor old weary and wretched bleak to call it. This is why they won. The next time you see a $60k SUV filled with masked idiot “parents” and masked kids (newborns and preteens), remember bleak said it; THEY WON.

    Unless people want to come over to the Light by praying to Jesus.

    Sing a Psalm song. Fake it until you make it if you must.

    Psalm 5: To rebuke the wicked, arrogant liars.
    biblehub dot com/niv/psalms/5.htm

    Psalm 31: For protection from conspiracies, back-biting, and gossip.
    biblehub dot com/niv/psalms/31.htm

    Psalm 48: To destroy hateful and envious enemies; to seize them with terror.
    biblehub dot com/niv/psalms/48.htm

    Psalm 62: For forgiveness of sins [of ignorance and forgetfulness] and to gain the blessing of the Lord Jesus.
    biblehub dot com/niv/psalms/62.htm

    Call me crazy if you like but I know there is one thing that would save this world! Masses of people “conspiring” together to praise Jesus Christ. There is no other master worthy of such metanoia. This is the only solution.

    • bleak says:

      should be “Sephiroth Netzach” not “Nekad”


      Damn that timer.

    • openlens says:

      Sorry. We don’t need another hero.

      • bleak says:

        Apparently, you do.

        Who is “we” btw? Are you speaking for all Corbett commenters, all atheists or just all of mankind?

    • LastHumanist says:

      I will call everyone who talks of “only solutions” factually incorrect.
      And rightfully so. This world is one of nuance and the absolute truth is always to be sought but never to be obtained by any of us.

      I could get started by giving you a mountain of evidence for biblical lies.
      I could point out how Mary is just an Isis Lactans spinoff, how the garden of Eden with its snake is but the rebranded Hesperidian garden Hercules went to and so forth.

      A lie does not become true just because it is repeated over time and confirmation bias will blind you. If you want someone to save you, become that person yourself.

      • bleak says:

        The funny thing is I agree with most of what you say. How about triple-faced Hecate or the Three Treasures of Buddhism as precursors of “the Trinity?”

        The one thing I don’t agree with in your comment is the “one solution” hypothesis which, btw, was meant to be a little sarcastic since everyone has one or two “gaming” type solutions but there is little of the real meaning of Jesus Christ.

        I’m working on a thing to post in the October open thread. Maybe “the solution” is both nuanced and singular?

        • LastHumanist says:

          Different solutions are the necessary result of human individualism.
          I respect Christian tradition. I also expect it to leave me alone now that I have done more than enough research on it over the years.

          A singular solution is ultimately the hivemind that all Schwabs of history have been trying to shove in our faces ever since the dawn of totalitarianism. The finality of final solutions is generally abhorrent.

          Today, I see the need for and possibility of a large popular front against what has become “the government” and that alliance is arguably the one solution for that one time.

          • bleak says:

            No, you haven’t done enough research. I will prove it to you if you leave me alone for five minutes.

            There are two separate but connected realities; the tangible and the intangible. “Hivemind” and human rulers are of the tangible yet they operate with the intangible (and with technologies way past what most people realize they have at their disposals… science/magick). Lose “the solution” OK? It’s only a sign and it’s not what you think it is.

            What happens if a “large popular front” actually overcomes wabi-schwabi (JC should get this lol) and all of his type? ENTROPY is what happens. All earthly systems are destined to fail over time. It might be good for awhile (BOOOOOOOOOOOOORN IN THE USA) but not forever. The soul of an individual is immortal… unless the soul fails over and over again to seek what is unchangeable.

            Of course it’s about individuality. But an individual who doesn’t seek to Know Thyself is not a realized person. They can’t save themselves or anyone else (in the BIG picture) as you say because they don’t know themselves.

            “Individuation” is the pop psychology Jungian term for what the early disciples of Jesus called gnosis. But this term is inadequate for what gnosis really is.

            • bleak says:

              A Primer on Wabi-Sabi – The Japanese Love of Decay

              heddels dot com/2020/01/a-primer-on-wabi-sabi-the-japanese-love-of-decay/

  42. openlens says:

    @James Corbett: Are you familiar with Gerry Mander’s “Four Reasons for The Elimination of Television”? This great read will show you the connections from farther back in the media world. The central importance of GE and Disneyland to this agenda.

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