Episode 361 – Suicided: The Final Days of Jeffrey Epstein

08/14/2019124 Comments

In this in-depth exploration of the death (?) of Jeffrey Epstein (?), James and The Corbett Report community members tackle 3 questions: What do we know about this incident? What do we not know? And what does it all mean?

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Interview 1464 – James Corbett on Defending Utah Radio
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Jeffrey Epstein Found Dead From Apparent Suicide | TODAY
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Corbett Report open source investigation into Epstein’s death
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Requiem for the Suicided
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Episode 304 – Political Pedophilia
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The Conscious Resistance
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Jason Bermas
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July 6 – Epstein arrested
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July 10 – Epstein confirmed at MCC in Lower Manhattan
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July 23 – First “suicide attempt”
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Late July – Taken off suicide watch at lawyer’s request
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August 9th – Thousands of pages of documents released
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August 9 – Cellmate removed, Epstein not monitored as required
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August 10 – Dead by “bedsheet hanging”
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“No Way Epstein Killed Himself”
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Photos show Jeffrey Epstein as he’s wheeled into Downtown Hospital
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The doors of New York Presbyterian-Lower Manhattan Hospital on Google Maps
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Qno casts doubt on fake Epstein claims
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philippesd points out cauliflower ear
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Chief Medical Examiner performs autopsy, delays cause of death pending further info
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JFK Assasination Explained by Dr. Michael Baden
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Michael Brown’s Family Hires Medical Examiner
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Who Is Dr. Michael Baden, the Coroner That Examined Michael Brown?
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Octium on Baden and Nick Rockefeller
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What We Know About Jeffrey Epstein’s Autopsy
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4chan post + (archive link)
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Why was Jeffrey Epstein’s death on 4chan before it became public?
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There’s no video of Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide: sources
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Jeffrey Epstein was taken off suicide watch at his lawyers’ request
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BoP Guidelines Require Report to End Suicide Watch
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BoP guidelines
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Before Jail Suicide, Jeffrey Epstein Was Left Alone and Not Closely Monitored
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Short staffing at MCC (June 2018)
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Jeffrey Epstein feared cellmate, a muscle-bound ex-cop charged in murder who was moved before financier’s death: report
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Feds: Ex-cop Nicholas Tartaglione had phone while in custody
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The security lapses at the jail where Jeffrey Epstein killed himself
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Suicide supposedly nearly impossible at ulta-secure Jeffrey Epstein lockup
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A dozen FBI agents raid Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Pedophile Island’
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Osama bin Bogeyman? ‘CIA getting rid of old asset’
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Klasfeld: No one will have standing to challenge search warrant on Epstein house
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Jeffrey Epstein’s final days — and the legal cases that won’t die with him
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Barr criticizes prison’s ‘serious irregularities’ after Epstein death
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Did Donald Barr Hire Jeffrey Epstein?
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Trump defends promoting conspiracy theory about Epstein’s death: ‘It was a retweet’
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Epstein’s Death Demands Investigation, Not Conspiracy Theories
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Jeffrey Epstein: How conspiracy theories spread after financier’s death
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Conspiracy Theorists Are Domestic Terrorists! – #PropagandaWatch
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Jeffrey Epstein and When to Take Conspiracies Seriously
Time Reference: 1:03:41


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  1. Hsaive says:

    UPDATE – Epstein Alive – Suicide Faked – https://justpaste.it/2imno

    • ztaco says:

      That’s definitely an interesting thought. Like the video says, we just need to keep investigating. The sad thing is the amount of disinfo being passed around. This whole thing just seems like a psyop to wrangle a bunch of innocent people into being labeled a conspiracy theorist…which is actually a dangerous label nowadays to our good ol friends the Government. Everything is too in-your-face that it almost just seems like a big taunt against us.

  2. energylou says:

    I have left you this information several times but you don’t seem to comment on it. I wanted to leave it once again as I feel it is important for you to at least look at. He has information on Jeffrey Epstein also. Please let me know if you think it is irrelevant and if you think his information is worthy. I deeply appreciate and value you opinion.

    Zachary K.Hubbard @ Gematria Effect News
    Gematria Effect Website:
    Buy Letters & Numbers Book:
    Listen to my radio program here (Live Wednesday Nights):


  3. flammable says:

    “There should be investigation not conspiracy theory.”
    Isn’t a conspiracy theorist’s main activity investigation? What about donating to fund investigations like 9/11? What about demanding new investigations to be done? Everything about conspiracy theorist screams investigation.

  4. rayvahey says:

    Strange one… Make of it what you will. Lots of sixes.

    Epstein died at 66 years old

    Take Epsteins birth date and death date: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeffrey_Epstein

    In between there are 24,328 days. To convert that to years divide by 365
    = 66.6, or 66.7 if you round up

    And I’m told he died at 6am (but I don’t know the source for this)

  5. seaandslow says:


    An interesting article which shows why it might not have been far-fetched for Jeffrey to have wanted to take his own life. That place is a tragic example of cruetly.

  6. As usual, I am not at all disappointed with another awesome report. Thank you James.

  7. seaandslow says:


    ” … do they understand that those with a potential interest in masking the truth of Mr. Epstein’s death are as easy to find as opening a magazine or turning on TV?”

    It may be that credulity has finally been stretched beyond it’s limit, when the NYT is giving space to an “incendiary” comment like that.

    • Landpirate says:

      “credulity has finally been stretched beyond it’s limit”! I thought we were there with the Warren Report? Corrupt Govt, so out of control, I’m afraid to type what I just typed. Americans are afraid. is this fear, orchestrated?

    • candlelight says:


      …..on the other hand, the Times’ opinion piece not once, but twice, handily cements the false 911 narrative in place. First, in the sub-heading of the article:

      “I believe that Al Qaeda attacked us on Sept. 11.”

      and, again, in the body of the article:

      “I believe that Al Qaeda terrorists carried out the Sept. 11 attacks.”

      How sneaky and crafty is that? lol

      I’ve always found the old axiom “choose your battles” somehow irritatingly annoying. This article is somehow reminiscent of this meme, and I find it equally obnoxious and annoying, especially when this fucking idiot contends that he’s a “…lifelong journalist who believes in waiting for the facts before reaching grand conclusions…”. Yeah, well, facts have been piling up for the last 18 years about the official conspiracy to deceive the public about 911, and still, after such a nice long wait, this idiot wishes to throw his “grand conclusions” in reader’s faces.

      Who’s he kidding?

  8. bladtheimpaler says:

    Interesting conclusion on the legal ramifications….just like after the NY Madam’s ‘suicide’ and with her little black book fallng into the authorities possession. Epstein’s death will be like pulling one’s hand out of a bucket of water as far as any effects on the on going trade he practiced. Others now ply this trade where Jeff let off. And just like before the FBI and certainly the NSA know who all the actors are.

    On a note of interest it should be noticed that elite criminal acts of this sort as standard practice today, being disruptive to the social good, will not be the standard practice under a Technocracy….also of note is that natural human freedoms will have also been (to use today’s terminology) locked down. Hat tip to ‘Blue’ on this conclusion.

  9. geof.h says:

    GJELTEN: Uscinski says his research suggests that people who ascribe to conspiracy theories are often those who feel they’re under threat or out of power or somehow left on the outside. So connecting the dots may satisfy an emotional or intellectual need.

    Kurt Andersen says it can also be fun.

    ANDERSEN: Look at this. This person was here at this time. And look. It connects to this. That is part of the pleasure of puzzles, of detective fiction, of thrillers. It is a form of entertainment.

    GJELTEN: But a potentially dangerous form of entertainment if people take action based on a perceived conspiracy.

    Moral of the story: don’t prosecute (“take action”) deep state conspirators.

  10. Hotfoot says:

    I wish CR wouldn’t cite headlines or content from the Daily Mail, or its similarly trashy online edition ‘Mail Online’ (45m42s)

    Here in the UK it is widely acknowledged that this outfit is not worth the paper it’s printed on, and I cringe when I see it cited by people I take seriously, such as James. I’ve been meaning to point this out before, but never got around to it.

    I’ve always held the impression that this publication merely take other news sources and try to spin them to make them more clickbait-y, whilst being careful to avoid libellous accusations.

    There, I said it.

  11. Ian Davis says:

    Regardless of what may or may not have happened to Epstein there are some clear patterns emerging in the way the story is being spun in my view. It is notable that we seem to be moving away from the investigation of the Epstein’s crimes and paedophile connection with the political class to the story being about Epstein and his suicide.

    This may just be because it’s the fresh big story in the news cycle but there is also, as James noted, a move towards using the story as an attack vehicle upon so called conspiracy theorists. It appears to be a desperate attempt as it makes little to no logical sense.

    However, I’ve written a post explaining my perspective for those who are interested.


    • manbearpig says:

      “…It is notable that we seem to be moving away from the investigation of the Epstein’s crimes and paedophile connection with the political class to the story being about Epstein and his suicide…”

      Yes Indeed, and important to stipulate.

  12. Stronghorse says:

    In this case,”C O” does not stand for County. It stands for “Corrections Officer”.
    here is a tip for anyone hoping to obtain any information, or any form of gratuity, never call someone who works at a prison: “Guard”. They hate that term and consider it derogatory and a slander to their profession. “Guard” infers protection of something or someone. A “Corrections Officer” will quickly point out to you that they are not there to guard or protect the inmates, hence the moniker is a misnomer. Most will not willingly answer to it. Especially if they consider themselves to an honest person.
    Also, about the “Paper Thin Bed Sheets”, not being able to support the weight of a grown person, this is not necessarily true either. The sheet could be torn into numerous strips and then the strips could be braided into a suitable “Rope” of sorts, that would support the weight of a 200 pound man.
    For the record, I’m not saying that is what happened in this case, all I’m saying is it is a possibility. Interestingly enough, as a former Corrections Officer, I fully expected this to happen, and I publicly predicted it the same day I learned of his conveniently timed arrest.

    • greyhaven says:

      I appreciate your comments about “C.O.” versus “guard.” That was my experience too. And you are correct in your observations about Epstein’s (possible) death by bedsheets. One of them can be ripped into strips, or even twisted tightly, making it possible for it to bear 200 pounds without breaking. He might have been able to use two sheets as well. To me the question is, how could he have hung himself from the (alleged) upper bunk in his cell? There is not enough height; he would have had to kneel and die on his knees (so to speak). I don’t recall MCC having bunks in their cells (but maybe things have changed?).

  13. manbearpig says:

    Welp. my paranoid off-the-cuff impressions and queries;

    Another “Wikileaks-dump-style” daily reality show on the horizon? with all kinds of unexpected twists and tittilation, “incidents and accidents, hints and allegations…”

    It seems, if Epstein’s job was to keep everyone …malleable, so to speak, he’ll be more effective than ever now that he’s been ostensibly… retired.

    Now, almost anyone can be taken down, according to the needs of the moment, for a whole host of more or less palpable, proven or provable crimes: alleged accomplices, clients, negligents and other facilitators…

    Presumed innocence of the seemingly suicided subject and exculpated princes not withstanding

    some sacrificial scapegoats will be thrown to the dogs to satisfy a primal hunger for at least a semblance of eye-for-an-eye justice…

    …I wonder if any 9/11 witnesses, researchers or would be turncoats will be wading up to the eyes in corrosive Epstein muck… any architects, engineers or firefighters? or otherwise uncontrollable truth-tellers, or even… ??

    anyhow… musty old 9/11 pales in comparison to this sultry circus…

    Nevertheless, as mentioned, good to have a stockpile of hot-off-the-press documentation produced in the heat of the moment…for posterity and future perusal…

  14. greyhaven says:

    I think this is an excellent (preliminary) report on what is known and not known on the Epstein exit- from-view. Thank you, James, for looking into his lawyers being behind the removal of the suicide watch. As you pointed out, that cannot happen; lawyers have no say in removing a suicide watch. And such removal is rarely, if ever, done on the basis of just a face-to-face interview with the inmate. It includes usually 2 or 3 interviews (with high profile cases, sometimes 4 or 5 interviews) an extensive review of his behavior, overall and specific adjustments, the observations of officers, nurses, social workers (was he assigned a psychologist or social worker?? Did such a person ever interview him — it is mandated he be interviewed (and observed in follow up) after a suicide watch is ordered and after a suicide watch is ended). And even if Epstein wanted no suicide watch (doubtful since he had been attacked, and likely knew something was amiss in the jail), the coordinating clinician could still deny the end of the suicide watch (and should have since Epstein complained about being attacked). That he is the most well-known person jailed in the last few years should have automatically led to regular psychological scrutiny (interviews, follow up observations, notes in the chart, etc.); that he complained of being attacked should have mandated a daily interview (even from the door if Epstein didn’t want to be interviewed in his cell), and regular observation — especially since this was such a high profile case (and there are certainly enough qualified clinicians in the BoP to afford this level of coverage — they may be understaffed vis officers, but qualified mental health clinicians can be pulled from a wide variety of sources in the BoP, and all of them know and expect this). Finally, it would be an abrogation of clinical protocols to put a person in his cell as a “cellmate.” That is, perhaps, the most egregiously unusual fact of this case, ESPECIALLY such a high profile one as this! You never put a person such as Epstein in a cell with another person (and did he not already complain of being attacked??), you never do this as a part of a suicide watch, or a suicide watch that has just been concluded. That is absolute madness and nowhere in clinical protocols.

    • mik says:

      Cellmate, ex-cup, ridiculous.

      I’ve heard pedophiles have the hardest time in jail of all inmates. I’m not surprised.

      Or is this maybe another not true urban legend?

      • greyhaven says:

        Not only an ex-cop, but a known “thug.” No supervising clinician would ever allow this person to be Epstein’s cellmate under any circumstances (unless the supervisor was bought); and no supervising clinician would ever allow an inmate to be in Epstein’s cell for any reason (unless s/he was bought). Not really an urban legend. Pedophiles have (maybe) the hardest time in jails IF they are placed in general population (housed on the mixed floors of other inmates), which frequently does lead to their rap sheet/charges being discovered (often through C.O. leaks). Then they are typically targeted by certain types of inmates. They, generally, don’t have that much difficulty in special housing (i.e., the mental health unit, the medical unit), UNLESS the staff of the facility (e.g., mental health staff, nursing and/or medical staff, and/or C.O.s) treat him badly, which would mean intentionally. Epstein was placed (according to reports) in MCC 9 South, which is special housing. He should have been put on a slightly modified suicide watch (the jacket used could’ve been removed after 10 days or so) at his entry to the unit. Such a watch, for this high profile case, should NEVER have been removed; no legitimate clinician would have done so. So, in addition to the sleeping C.O.s, it appears the supervising mental health clinician (a psychiatrist or psychologist) was also corrupted.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Hotfoot: and the beat goes on. Zionist’ literal thinking. 1700 creeps pride on parade. This monstrous act will be spun so as to make the 1700 into victims.

  15. Uncensored editable wiki articles:

    And a brief explanation of why I made the lists:

    If you’d like to help improve the article and lists, feel free to join InfoGalactic for all its pros and cons, or provide info or comments for me to copypasta and I’ll add them as I find them.

    Also, James, please interview magnora7, founder of SaidIt.net, expert on the Rothschild’s, Reddit conspiracy guru, etc.

    • alexandre says:

      Fantastic, Jason. Wouldn’t it be “Pedocracy”? Pedophocracy sounds a bit weird. But kudos to you, man.

    • D. Rolling Kearney says:

      I don’t have an account on your InfoGalactic site, but in the interest of facts versus speculation, you probably want to either remove Joseph Smith from your list of so-called “known pedophile elites” or state the actual known facts. It currently says that he “committed child sexual abuse” which is NOT a known fact. All that is known is that he married a girl that would be considered underage by today’s standards. In his day it was much more common, although becoming less common. There is no proof that anything sexual took place between them, just that they were “sealed” which to Mormons has more to do with being married in the next life than in this one. You may find the following informative, as this is not a new accusation, and has been researched intensively: https://www.fairmormon.org/answers/Joseph_Smith/Polygamy/Plural_wives/Helen_Mar_Kimball

  16. hfuchs says:

    I used to live in Peekskill and Croton, Westchester County, NY. It did occur to me that ex-cop and alleged multiple killer and cellmate Nicholas Tartaglione was on the Briarcliff police force and the Clinton’s primary residence is only a few miles away in Chappaqua. I am sure it is only a coincidence as the Clintons would never get involved in a murder for hire conspiracy of an inconvenient witness.

  17. Duck says:

    In ten years time,assuming nothing major happens to the economy, people will be discussing the escape or Epstein to pleasure island…. or how he was killed by smurfs….. or by transgender smurfs……or zero point energy lizard people…or whatever, divide and confuse is the name of their game.
    The aim of our opponents is to make us argue, we will be able to spot the ‘Glowey’ folks amungst us in the next few weeks because they will post tidbits to make us fight and become as useless and weak and divided as Kennedy assassination theorists and 9/11 truthers who spend more time arguing over energy weapons and invisible planes then exposing documentable crimes and inconsistencies. A FACT based outlook is why I love the Corbett report
    Watch for those who try to make people believe crazy stuff that lacks evidence or who want to make people fight over cultish points of view…. Epstein is a nothing burger, until normal people feel the results of the deep state screwing up normal people will talk but not act. The glowey folks want to keep the 5% who are awake fighting and hating each other
    Common sense and documentation and a demand for provability is why I generally trust the corbett report…. the powers that are want us to loose connection with reality

  18. Waterbear says:

    Breathe Epstein Breathe

  19. alexandre says:

    Once a guy told Krishnamurti that he had met Jesus in some desert. Krishnamurti asked what Jesus said, but the guy didn’t remember, as he was fixated on proving that he DID meet Jesus. For Krishnamurti it didn’t matter if he could “prove” it or not, but what Jesus said. (Not that I’m a big fan of Krishnamurti, it’s just an illustration of a suggestion I want to make).

    Trying to prove what the truth is, maybe, is what automatically puts everybody in the CT category, since the what, how, when, facts and documents and believable sources etc are mostly out of reach. The normal investigatory/journalistic system is, apparently, leading only to CTs. No other possibility. The focus should be, then, on the reactions (or effects) of the story, whatever it is, Epstein or whatever, and try to get a feel for the “why”. Not why Epstein was retired, but why this story is out at all. What is it causing? And why now. These stories are fed to the people (not Corbeteers, but those who matter, let’s say, the called “normies”) through official “channels”. Asking why story A and not story B is released is much more fruitful than trying to chase the chickens that they release from time to time. In that way it doesn’t matter what can be proven or not, if the guy died or not, or if anything is true or not. It’s the effect that it causes on the perception of reality, which seems to be what they are engineering through campaigns like this. “What is the story saying” should be the point, not if we can prove (or know) anything. Try to find out (investigate) and you become a CT automatically. It must be a hard one for journalists and reporters so fixated on evidences, but it’s time to look at “history” (or “the news”) as a literary composition, not as a sequence of events, and maybe Corbett would be THE guy to do this very well.

    Oceania is at war with Eurasia. It is exactly like that now, because even if the phrase “killed himself in prison” can only get a big laugh at this point, still they release the story like that. “Cartoon stuff” as Jason Bermas says. Yes, yes, go from there, don’t stop. It is way beyond cartoon – as is Donald Trump as president, or Obama as the savior, or Israel’s right to “defend itself”. Go from there. How can that be possible? How can they release such cartoon shit on the people and everybody, even seeing it for the stupidity that it is, still continue to take it seriously?? The reaction to the story IS the “why”, like an experiment. “Let’s see if these idiots buy this one”. And people buy it every time, reacting like sea anemones. “Mr President”. To Trump? Has everybody forgotten what Trump is/was/always will be – personally and publicly? They are vomiting the truth in (on?) our faces for a long time now, the truth being “it’s all a fraud, a soap opera, a theater, an ad campaign, you idiots!”, and people don’t deal with that, in some sort of cognitive dissonance. “All a lie and a fraud? No, it can’t be, not all. Maybe some, but not all”. Yes it can and 9/11 alone (even without building 7) should be enough for people to deal with the 1984 shock, regroup, rethink, go into depression, come out of it and stop falling for the stupid tricks these maniacs perpetrate and re-perpetrate over and over again. Are we really talking about pedophilia? The worst thing imaginable? Prince of Whales or whoever the prick is with this guy in parties fucking children in the ass?? (It needs to be said like that, for fuck’s sake). Is that the subject!?

    And is it treated on TV like this??

    And we’re trying to find out what happened to this piece of shit for what exactly? So “we can prevent it from happening again” as they say over and over? Let’s say we find out that he was killed by Lucabrasi in the MCC. There. So what? What happens next? Do people truly believe that the owners of this system, the KMAs, really are going to suffer any kind of repercussion, even remotely? If Epstein was arrested, it would make sense only as part of some campaign to “reveal the truth about this rotten system”, which seems strange coming from the system itself, like Satan launching a campaign to expose Satan. Why would that be? That’s the question to ask. Well, one reason could be that the whole system comes down crashing with at least two possible consequences; 1 – people think finally justice was made (with public quare decapitations of queens and presidents) and 2 – a NEW SYSTEM comes to take its place (God help us all). Something like that, I’m just improvising. I think it’s a more fruitful and smart way to look at it than bed sheets and ear lobes.

    Excuse me James (and everyone), for the anger, and I hope you don’t ban me forever. It’s just a suggestion.

    • Duck says:

      When the ‘New’ System saves us from the old you know it will be bringing all kinds of things the old WISHED it could get done.
      Trump could right now become the greatest president since Washington by rounding up the pedo scum… but if he does I would wonder what HIS true agenda was…. and i would bet its not far off of those who own the pedo scum

      • alexandre says:

        By the way, Duck, yes, I think it’s called “continuity of government” or something like that. It’s just a continuation of a big road map created long long time ago. We were born already in it and will die without seeing the end of it. But we could at least not give it credence by accepting its bullshit. One problem now is to define government. What is it? By the looks of it it’s everything now. We’re surrounded by it so it’s impossible to get out. In any case Trump wouldn’t become the greatest anything because, at best, he’s an asshole that grabs women’s vaginas, a scumbag that shouldn’t be allowed in public spaces, let alone the government, and since “the president” just “presides”, it’s de facto irrelevant what he does or doesn’t. These bastards have agendas like Harrison Ford would have an agenda while in the role of Indiana Jones. They’re actors, nothing more.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Alex,Duck you are spot on target. You must be feeling better Alex, with this vigorous expose’ on this rotten system we have. Im a fan of improvising. Why, with this crowd could be anything ? I’d say its the Elect pimps world move to normalize and allow underage girls and boys the right to work as prostitutes. Equal pay and right to early admission in a growth industry removing all stigma of age or sex discrimination. A U.N. charter for equality maybe. The New System you pointed out. God help us indeed!

      • alexandre says:

        Thank you both – for not telling me to go f myself. I’m waiting for Corbett to ban me for such horrible language, but that’s exactly the point. It is unspeakable and yet people are “speaking about it”. Normalization, yes, seems like one of the targets, and apparently anything can be normalized, even this atrocity. Talk about holocaust. David Icke, apart from lizards, talks about this monstrosity for ages and how it’s fundamental in this system. We should lean more towards the notion that the system is indeed, de facto, psychopathic, seriously sick, satanic where anything normal is just an accident, more than thinking that it’s a human normal system with some rotten apples in it. If you think lizards from outer space, even if it’s a ridiculous notion, you’ll be much closer to the truth than thinking it’s just a corrupt system. It’s just too systematically sick.

        I had to do a tomografia – tomography? – cause the local doc suspects diverticulitis. And by the result it seems he was right, so here we go. He already gave me antibiotics, so I’m feeling quite ok. But I’ll go to my anthroposophic doctor in the big city, cause you know….these normal medicine guys…give me the creeps, so let’s see. After 50 everything starts falling down, it’s amazing. Just like any appliance with an expiration date. The tomography was horrible, and yet…fun.

        • fieldmouse says:

          Hi Alexandre and correspondents. You have touched on a touchy subject and that’s DOCUMENTS. There are researchers who place great store on compiling supporting documentation. But who writes the documents? In modern times the vast majority are written by government and business employees, and the majority of those are not readily available to the public.
          Twentieth century materialistic science has taken great pains to eliminate human perception and experience from scientific experiments. This creates dichotomies because life is an experiential process and because consciousness is not physical. If reality was solid in the Newtonian sense there could be no consciousness. Adding ‘science’ to documents we get a situation where the most important evidence of all, that of the WITNESSES, and their lived experience, is relegated to the status of hearsay.
          Even when the witnesses themselves have documented their experience for instance in Anna Van Oort’s recent book Wayang, it is largely overlooked. Brice Taylor’s classic and devastating testimony Thanks For The Memories told us everything we needed to know in 1999 and was marginalised and not acted upon. Jeffrey Masson’s book Assault on Truth: Freud’s repression of the seduction theory, gave us the key to unlocking the quiet tyranny of the psychiatrists over the public. Dr Masson was harrassed to the point of eventually withdrawing from human psychology and focussing principally on animals. His work was ignored and nothing was done.
          Using a scientific approach working from documents written by spooks and jobsworths is a snailspace method.
          In a criminal investigation we have to go first to the witnesses and use crime solving methods ie profiling, modus operandi, motive, mapping the network and history, cross-referencing and field work.
          A great example of this method is given by Kerry Cassidy in her Project Camelot investigations.

          • fieldmouse says:

            The aforementioned David Icke is giving fine analysis in this video
            Epstein: Gateway To The Global Cesspit (15th of August), starting with the Fletcher Prouty identifier of a hit which is – normal security procedures are withdrawn.

          • alexandre says:

            Hi fieldmouse. Very interesting and I agree (as far as I could understand – not an english native here). So you are saying they should go after witnesses in this case? But didn’t they already? If so, are they good? And can’t witnesses be produced or manufactured just like documents? How would we know anything?

            Curiously I was thinking the other day that maybe Corbett should do what he did once, if I’m not mistaken, which is ask someone there in NY to go interview people, meaning forget documents on the internet and try to get trusted people there to get testimonials, something like that. On the ground investigating by normal people. That would be in line with your comment, no?

            In any case I maintain that this pedophilia thing is an operation, starting long ago, that includes Jimmy Savile, Kevin Spacey, Bill Cosby, DC Madam, the church etc, something that looks designed to open up the gates of hell, or “reveal the ugly truth about this rotten system” etc. All of a sudden you have these things come up at the same time, like a campaign (I’ll never stop saying), as if it’s just a coincidence. Brice Taylor, exactly, well remembered. Did they do anything then? No. So why now they go after Epstein, and Savile, and Cosby etc? Why now? Ok, it’s not so recent, but still he could have been silenced a lot earlier and quieter. Shit hits the fan if and when they want it to hit the fan.

            If Epstein was a high up in the power dimension, these guys don’t suffer the effects of our dimension, they are immune to police and prosecutions, period. Shit, people much much lower in the chain than Prince Andrews are already immune. If, on the other hand, he was just a low level bandit who provided children for psychopaths, psychopaths would have him “sleeping with the fishes” along with his wee black book before any policeman could “arrest him at the airport”. So what was he? High or low?

            This blackmail thing is another weird notion. Does someone have to blackmail me to play guitar? Do we have to blackmail Velasquez do paint? Honest politicians who want to do right are so rare that they can be “taken care of” easily without any need of worldwide pedophile rings – or compromising videos, come on. I think even Icke is contradicting himself in this case. If the so powerful elite (reptilians in much cases) has to go to such extents to get rid of this little guy, then they’re not that powerful, or organized (or reptilian). What, Epstein somewhat got out of control? Was it a blunder? From an elite that otherwise is infalible? Broken cameras? Officer fell asleep? Give us a break, things don’t work like that in real life, which leaves just the option that it’s theater – designed for an audience that at the most can grasp the notion of foul play at the MCC, but can’t go any further (or it will be a conspiracy theory). We (outside that audience) can argue, discuss, investigate, find out and so on, it won’t matter because the real audience is being led and THEIR reaction is what the campaign is designed to produce. Campaigns are designed specifically for a target; if it sounds weird, idiotic and ridiculous, that’s because the target is weird, idiotic and ridiculous. It’s designed for them, not for us. If they get smarter – maybe by watching Corbett or Truthstream someday, then they upgrade their campaigns a bit. Something like that.

            I can’t buy it. Maybe I’m wrong and indeed the system is starting to crack, stuff is leaking, people are waking up, oh goody, but I cannot buy it. Not after Lula, 9/11, Agenda 21 and everything else.

            Sorry for going so long, I got carried away.

    • mik says:

      Agree, we should look behind the curtain. Not just individuals, their (mis)deeds, but Ideas foremostly.

      First they ruined with pedophilia the image of “moral bastion”, the Church. I really don’t want to defend the Church in any way, but anyway it is very important thing for many people. Unfortunately, because of this psyop many people thrown the baby out with the bathwater.

      Now it might be that “political system” came on turn. Look at pleiad of despicable characters: trump, johnson, juncker… I think every country has at least one.

      Production of chaos, Everything is possible but nothing is Real.
      Let the people be embroiled in hard emotions. Let them lose their mind. Or switch off like many do.

      They will do anything to prevent people from realizing that so called elites are just humans that have to play the game, they must maintain The System (Idea)…..it’s about survival for them.

      The most revolutionary(evolutionary) questions shall not be asked, preferably not even imagined:
      How the System operates, what are its basic premises.

      Is it a mere coincidence that Basic Income recently became Freedom Dividend?

      Sure, a hipster is better idea-salesman for target group (young voting cattle).

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        Mik: that’s great stuff to chew on. If only i had a printing press, all my friends would never want for money or run out of toilet paper.

        Im telling the world the liberal Zionist mind is cracked, completely nuts. Which of course makes my azkenasi Jew friend think Im an antisemetic nut job.

        • alexandre says:

          Yes, milk, now we’re talking. It’s a campaign. I just don’t agree too much with the “they’re only human” and them worrying about maintaining the system etc. They’re so far away from us by now that the word “survival” doesn’t mean anything for them. They are just … “managing” … the system and the people in it, and leading it exactly where they want it to go. We are just outsiders observing the process. We’re not their audience. But yes, it’s a campaign. They indeed shattered the church into a thousand pieces, each piece being a new evangelic new church. Now it’s politics turn. Could very well be.

          GBW – if you’re antisemitic nutjob and your friends are cracked minded nut Zionists, you’d be even then, no?

          • mik says:

            “They’re so far away from us by now that the word “survival” doesn’t mean anything for them.”

            Yes and no. If they stop playing the game they are gone, like driving bicycle, if you stop turning pedals you’ll fall.

            They are game makers and people are merely spectators.
            But I think the main difference between us is World View. They think they are special, in a way they are (game makers). On the other hand, people think that is just how things are, it’s a “natural state of affairs” (game takers).

            At the end is just World View, not they vs. us, it boils down to Idea.
            That is why I said they are just people.
            Most probably, anyone living in their circumstances would behave just the same.

            • alexandre says:


              That’s me thinking.
              Yes, anyone living in their circumstances would behave just the same, otherwise they wouldn’t be in that circumstance in the first place.

              It’s a complicated subject when we think of it, but in general it’s like me and the ants. We have very different world views indeed. I let the ants live in my backyard, but when they “go too far”, I kill them – after all they start killing all my plants. So, what power do they have over me?

              (Actually if ants decided to take over, we would be gone in a day, but interestingly they don’t – just like us).

              Not a good analogy because I don’t need the ants’ “energy” do live, where “they” apparently do need our work (energy) so they depend on us not knowing how it works and continuing pedaling.


              Do they really depend on us? Maybe they did before, but now they need only a small fraction of “us” and the rest they can get rid of. It’s just hard to kill 6 or so billion people, can you imagine the mess? So it has to go slowly, making them kill themselves gradually.

              I have difficulty with the word “people” because when you have a creature that goes from Bartók to pedophilia, maybe you need different words. The range is just too great. Like calling seagulls and 747s “birds”. They both fly but…you know. On the other hand this could be just my failing to understand the true range of a human being, that goes indeed from heaven to hell, so I don’t recognize pedophilia, or that kind of power thirst, as a human thing. I do understand how far the shadow can go and how we ourselves contain seeds of horror that we wouldn’t recognize, but that’s all individually. In their case it’s collective, really like a hive mind, a different creature altogether. Why such a systematic mass psychosis that looks so alien?


              Yeah, I got nothing. I think.

              • cooly says:


                I enjoy reading your posts. You have an active mind.

                This one got my single brain cell rattling.
                You don’t believe that degeneracy or power thirst is a human thing. From my observation, thirst for power and greed are what sets us apart from other creatures. We are an immature and undeveloped species.
                And how can creative genius and disgusting behavior be the range of human potential, that not all humans can be called people. The bummer is that, that is the human package. That is people. Chopin and Jeffrey Dahmer can coexist in the same person. There is not necessarily a range. Humans are an evolutionary misfire. One can speculate that human DNA was seeded by alienDNA a long time ago to achieve a desired result, which might explain some things. But how would one know that for sure? It’s possible I guess. How would I know, or anyone else? I’m just a silly human who talks to his cats and enjoys Gilligan’s Island reruns.

        • mik says:


          “Im telling the world the liberal Zionist mind is cracked, completely nuts.”

          Are you sure this is the only or better said, the biggest obstacle towards a better world?

  20. craigtp says:

    Thanks for that informative podcast James and those who contributed,

    After watching your podcast, I decided to take in an hour of various youtube clips after doing a simple search for “Epstein”. It appears at this point, as stated in the podcast, that he (epstein) is no longer a player in this story.

    This is now a story of who is to blame for the lack of security and monitoring, and the ineptness of the MCC. Sleeping guards, fill-in guards, long work hours, falsified documents regarding when the guards checked in, and the like are the headlines. This was the bulk of what corp media is regaling us with.
    I do not believe the security, or monitoring had anything whatsoever to do with what happened. I find this to be the distraction that has already become the proverbial political football.

  21. fragen says:

    Newest reports surrounding the Epstein story; “Autopsy finds broken bones in Jeffrey Epstein’s neck, deepening questions around his death”


    This makes no sense when you consider the New York Posts article a couple days ago which detailed how he hung himself “by kneeling toward the floor and strangling himself with the makeshift noose.” How would there be enough force to break bones if he couldn’t even suspend himself?


    • fragen says:

      The story takes another turn: “Jeffrey Epstein’s body claimed by unidentified ‘associate'”


    • seaandslow says:

      I would caution that the story that he hung himself using a bedsheet came from an unidentified source, and may not be accurate or complete.

      However … you are right. The method he supposedly used to kill himself has the benefit of being relatively painless and not requiring forceful strangulation. Also the source speaks of multiple broken bones, which really implies force. Because lets say on losing conciousness he may have slumped heavily against a very tight bedsheet noose and broken his hyoid bone as mentioned. But multiple broken bones? I cannot imagine that is possible using the kneeled towards the floor explanation of how he died. I suppose we need to be clear if it is multiple fractures of the same bone, or muliple bones? And which bones exactly those were.

      Frustratingly these reports are yet again anonymous.

      • Azra says:

        The problem with the hanging by bed sheet scenario is that the bedsheets were allegedly paper thin according to that former inmate which James referenced, if I recall correctly. There’s so much information it’s difficult to keep track of who said what, when at times.

        In The Times article, “Jeffrey Epstein ‘child rape victim’ sues his estate and former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell” re: victim Jennifer Araoz’s advancement of her sexual abuse claim, states “A post-mortem examination found broken bones in #Epstein’s neck which were consistent with hanging, The Washington Post reported last night, citing two sources.” https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/c5270d64-bed9-11e9-8b63-a58ca55a4a3b

        Reuters article via VOA News – “Jeffrey Epstein Autopsy Report Shows Broken Neck, Washington Post Says”:

        “It was unclear if the medical examiner had made a final determination into how Epstein died. NBC News cited an unnamed source as saying Epstein’s body was claimed by an associate.

        “Dr. Zhongxue Hua, the Bergen County medical examiner in New Jersey, said a neck fracture was atypical in a suicide, but warned not to jump to conclusions.

        It’s unusual to have a neck fracture,” Hua said. “But the first question to address is when did it occur.”

        If Epstein’s neck fracture was fresh, Hua said, then “at a minimum, it’s a very unusual suicide.”

        Hua said he was familiar with Barbara Sampson, the chief New York medical examiner, and Michael Baden, a doctor who observed Epstein’s autopsy.

        “The case is in two sets of top-notch hands,” he said. “Both have the highest integrity.” [Cough!]

        Source: https://www.voanews.com/usa/jeffrey-epstein-autopsy-report-shows-broken-neck-washington-post-says

        Although official reports say the broken bones in Epstein’s neck are consistent with death by hanging, amongst the bones said to be broken is the hyoid near the Adam’s apple in men. It is said that the breaking of the hyoid bone is more common with “homicidal strangulation” than suicidal hanging. This information was used in the case for the defence of NYPD officers in the death of Eric Garner whose crime was selling cigarettes on the street to passers-by.

        Source: https://www.bitchute.com/video/M_wK4kkbQPI/

        • Azra says:

          Geeze Louise, here’s some more information about the cases Michael Baden has ‘handled’. Not only did he chair the federal committee that re-investigated the death of President Kennedy (Baden said it was Oswald) [which we knew], he also chaired the federal committee re-investigation of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s death (Baden said it was James Earl Ray).

          “Working with journalists, producers, and private legal teams, he investigated the deaths of the lost Tsar Nicholas, John Belushi, the president of Poland, Nicole Brown Simpson, Liz McPherson, Kathleen Savio, and, earlier this month, Eric Garner, who died in an alleged choke hold on the streets of New York City. Along the way, he also hosted HBO’s hit series “Autopsy” and landed a contract — active for more than a decade — as a “Death Correspondent” for FOX News.”

          “He now lives in a [pretty darn expensive piece of pie in the sky] sprawling 18th-floor apartment overlooking New York’s Museum of Modern Art, according to the New Yorker. He keeps a dog, a red-headed poodle named after the older, smarter, lazier brother of Sherlock Holmes. And he writes crime thrillers, with the main characters modeled after him and his second wife, Linda Kenney, a high-profile defense attorney.”

          “In 2007, Baden was again in the news for questionable conduct, this time as he took the stand in the Phil Spector murder trial. He had a fresh theory of how Spector’s alleged victim had died, one that provided room for the defense to explain some blood on Spector’s jacket. During cross examination, the prosecutor asked Baden if he had any conflict of interest in this case.

          “None that I can think of,” he said, according to the Los Angeles Times. Moments later it was revealed his wife was one of Spector’s main attorneys.”

          Excerpts from 2014 article: Who Is Dr. Michael Baden, the Coroner That Examined Michael Brown? https://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/michael-brown-shooting/who-dr-michael-baden-coroner-examined-michael-brown-n183516

  22. ccuthbert2001 says:

    Sorry gang, but this edition could have been about a quarter of the time. Repeating the blather from the msm and thanking subs endlessly did nothing. Not up to your usual standards, James, frankly a waste of time.

    One aspect I don’t see talked about: has any official source said that the death was by hanging/strangulation? And what does a strangulation victim look like? Not like the pix I saw, that’s for sure.

    • candlelight says:


      A million helping hands?

      One can only dream!


    • NES says:

      Perhaps it could have been shorter. However, at the beginning of the video James specifically stated this report would recap “What we know” and “What we don’t know.” It did.

      Thanks, James. Neatly laid out and easy for the Normies to follow–assuming any ever see it. Hopeful on that front.

  23. pete-nc says:

    Good work James
    I noticed the lead investigator for NewYork Times is Vicky Ward who has worked for Vanity fair for over 10 years.

    The interesting part is there are quite a few photos floating around of Vicky and Ghislaine Maxwell together.

    Does anyone have a theory on what’s going on here.

    Links to images



    Looks like she isn’t really researching but controlling the narrative perhaps.

    • calibrator says:

      “Amazing Polly” did some good research into Ward on her YT channel.
      To be honest, I filed Polly under “blind Qanon believer” until I watched her most recent diggings into the Epstein complex.

      Ward “has contributed to, among others, the Financial Times, The New York Times, the London Times, Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph, the UK Spectator Magazine, British Vogue, US Harpers Bazaar and Porter. She has also had on-air contracts with CNBC and Bloomberg TV. She appears regularly on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.”

      And now she announced that she will be working for CNN? For that “shining beacon of investigative journalism”?
      I guess this is because she was always very objective when reporting on people connected to Trump…

      To sum it up: Ward is obviously an establishment “journalist” who writes what she has to. In other words: She is being used and she knows it.

      But she is not alone in this ongoing story.

      The establishment attacks from different flanks to control the narrative and one goal seems to be bring Ghislaine Maxwell out of the range of the “firing squad”. Would they do that if Maxwell was a civilian crook?

      Polly asks: Why is this guy Euan Rellie popping up so often in mainstream media articles and gives his opinion on Maxwell?
      Who is this Euan Rellie guy in the first place?

      He is an investment banker who is the employer/partner of Ward’s ex-husband Matthew Doull (himself being a nephew of disgraced media tycoon Conrad Black, no less).
      But Rellie is also the son of the former MI6 director Alastair Rellie!

      Now Euan Rellie calls Maxwell more or less a victim of circumstance (a belittlement if there ever was one) and downplays her role in that sordid affair.
      Why is he doing that? Out of the good of his heart? Really? Rellie, who has been called an “octopus on crack” when near attractive women?

      But wait – here’s another fun fact about Rellie:

      His wife is the former “it-girl” Lucy Sykes, who is a descendant of Sir Mark Sykes. You know him as the military intelligence officer who co-fathered the Sykes-Picot Agreement and had a helping hand in the approval of the Balfour Declaration!

      While the Wikipedia article on the BD paints him as tool for Britain’s interests it seems to me that he was thoroughly connected to the zionists by that time and that it isn’t so clear who used who more.

      If we can make anything out of that it is at least this: Everybody is connected to everybody in this stinking mess that we call the “free Western democratic system”.
      The common theme seems to be that the Anglo-American high-society caters for itself and uses (intelligence agency) people to accomplish its goals.

      • pete-nc says:

        Love your work!

        • calibrator says:

          Thanks but apart from my commentary, most of the facts for this post come from Amazing Polly. She did really good work on this. See her Youtube channel!

          Although it doesn’t change the overall picture, I discovered the Mark Sykes bit on my own before she did. 😉

  24. calibrator says:

    About the prison staff:

    We all read by now that the warden of the MCC has been temporarily(?) re-assigned to a new position and that two employees have apparently been placed on administrative leave.

    This article by the super-trustworthy NBC news mentions this, too, but has some interesting info at the end.


    “FBI and Justice Department investigators probing Epstein’s death are being stymied by some federal employees who are “lawyering up,” an administration source told NBC News on Tuesday.”

    “While Justice Department rules say all employees “have a duty to, and shall, cooperate fully” with the investigation, some employees have been reluctant to cooperate.”

    So federal employees are “lawyering up”? Are the scapegoats not happy to have helped in getting rid of Epstein?

  25. calibrator says:

    The conservative Brit-tabloid Daily Mail reports that Maxwell is living near Boston:

    They write that the 57 year old Maxwell lives with the 43 year old tech CEO Scott Borgerson in his mansion in Manchester-by-the-Sea.
    However, Borgerson “claimed: ‘I’m traveling abroad for business. Ghislaine Maxwell is not at my home and I don’t know where she is.'”

    Who is this Scott Borgerson? Let’s see what the Daily Mail writes:

    “The socialite’s New England hideaway is an imposing three-story colonial property with five-bedrooms, wraparound terraces and sweeping grounds which reach to the ocean. The property is owned by tech CEO and maritime academic Dr Scott Borgerson.

    Borgerson was seen by DailyMail.com in July running errands in the affluent community of Manchester-by-the-Sea, a half-hour drive from Boston.

    Later, he was seen walking Maxwell’s dog on Boston Common near his apartment where he lives during the week while running his company, Cargometrics, an investment management firm that specializes in analyzing data on global shipping.”

    So the Daily Mail has photos from *July* where he was walking Maxwell’s dog?
    They probably knew the whole time where Maxwell was hiding…

    But it gets even better:

    “The former Coast Guard officer, is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.”

    Borgerson is a member of the CFR? Just like Epstein was at some point?
    Is that some kind of AirB’n’B service for troubled old society girls?

    A former CG officer for several years is suddenly the co-founder of the “NGO” (rather think-tank) Institute for Global Maritime Studies (see on Wikipedia) – and gets invited to the CFR to write articles on “The National Interest and the Law of the Sea” – while fathering his startup CargoMetrics?

    Who finances CargoMetrics, by the way?

    In addition to Maersk Tankers two interesting moneybags: Billionaires Idan Ofer (not surprising, given the nature of his businesses) but also Eric Schmidt of Ex-Google fame. The involvement of the latter points to where the journey is headed.

    ShippingWatch writes:
    “The ultimate goal is to create “full transparency over the supply chain,” and use this to achieve higher returns than the competitors – or “to generate alpha.”

    So, in other words, another technocratic outfit that promises lots of money down the road. And being a member of the CFR still opens more doors than it closes…

    I wonder where Maxwell will turn up next?

  26. kropotkin says:

    After the untimely death of a blackmailer I would expect to see the leverage released all over the internet – so why don’t we.
    JE never implemented a plan to release the evidence as a contingency?

    • cooly says:


      That’s the rub for me, why I don’t believe he is dead. Of course he would have set up a dead man’s switch. It’s inconceivable to me that he would not.

  27. seaandslow says:


    ” … a former federal prosecutor said: “I’ve been on the ninth floor many times, and it really is hermetically sealed from the rest of the population.””

    And I read somewhere else a lawyer describe layers of security on the way to visit a client in the Special Housing Unit, sometimes taking hours to get let into and out of the unit.

    In the case of a homicide Mayor DeBlasio is correct – human error could not have been involved.

    It doesn’t matter how comatosely asleep the guards were, nobody could have gotten to Epstein without passing through many, many locked doors and security checks.

    This was a specifically isolated unit in a maximum security jail. If someone got into him, that would have had to have been coordinated and organised from the perimeter of the prison to the door of Jeffrey’s cell.

    Appartently every inch of the prison is electronically surveiled (except the inside of the cells), which means even if both cameras which look towards the door of each cell in the Special Housing Unit were at that moment not working, the perpetrator would have been visible in other cameras on the way to the unit, and entering and exiting the unit. At 4-6 a.m. there cannot have been too many people coming and going.

  28. calibrator says:

    So they are pulling Prince Andrew out now, too?

    Here’s a tweet I filtered out of the Moon of Alabama-thread about Epstein’s “suicide”:

    Apparently, BBC reporter Brain Taylor tweeted this on the day before yesterday which still hasn’t been picked up by mainstream media (and pretty much anybody else) – so I can’t even guess if it is true.

    “Prince Andrew announced his retirement today from public life after a long period of severe personal stress.
    In a statement, his Royal Highness added he is ‘following advice’ from his doctor.
    There was no comment from #buckinghampalace”


    “A long period of severe personal stress”, eh?

    Epstein on the other hand had only a *short* period of “severe stress” on Saturday morning…

    • calibrator says:

      And, yes, of course this is a parody account on Twitter… 😉

      • calibrator says:

        And now the account has been suspended… 😉

        • Azra says:

          Indeed it has, or at least that tweet has been removed.

          And today, it is announced that the Met Police decided against ‘a full’ Epstein trafficking investigation, surprise surprise. Not! :

          “Prince Andrew has always denied “any form of sexual contact or relationship with Virginia Roberts”.

          “Channel 4 News can reveal that the Metropolitan Police began a review of “available evidence” in 2015 after receiving a complaint over claims in court papers that a girl was “forced to have sex with Prince Andrew”.

          “Channel 4 News also understands that lawyers for Virginia Roberts independently contacted the Metropolitan Police in 2016.

          “The Metropolitan Police said it “reviewed the available evidence” and decided that the matter “would not progress to a full investigation”.

          “It is not clear what constituted the available evidence.

          “The Met Police has refused to answer detailed questions about the allegations and whether they ever spoke to Epstein, his friend Ghislaine Maxwell, Prince Andrew or anyone from the Royal Household.”
          One point that I don’t recall being aware of before is that NAPAC creator Peter Saunders allegedly brought the allegations against Andrew and the possibility of child trafficking in London, connected to Epstein and Maxwell, to the Met’s attention in 2009. Saunders is also on IICSA’s Victims and Survivors’ Consultative Panel. The UK’s “Independent Inquiry on Child Sexual Abuse” aka IICSA, is the official state-sponsored cover-up of rampant child sexual abuse and elite paedophile rings in the UK, which connect with others in Europe and around the world. Epstein’s little black book is filled with the contact details for many of the British elite.

          Please watch this deep state manufactured Channel 4 propaganda news piece which confirms that the aeons old cover-up of child sexual abuse and worse, continues here in the UK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKJdMMUg5JI

          • calibrator says:

            Not surprising, isn’t it?

            “The Met also has significant national responsibilities, such as co-ordinating and leading on UK-wide national counter-terrorism matters and protecting the Royal Family, certain members of Her Majesty’s Government and others as deemed appropriate.”

            Oh, they protect the Royal Family? From what? True allegations?

            And, by the way, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police right now is one Cressida Dick.


            She was educated in Balliol College, Oxford (her father Marcus William Dick was a senior tutor there).
            Balliol College is one of the grooming institutions for the British elite.
            It was thoroughly connected to the Rhodes-Milner circle.

            Other famous people educated there include:
            – The “eugenics brothers” Julian and Aldous Huxley
            – Prime Minister Harold Macmillan – in a time when circus clowns couldn’t enter such an office
            – Prime Minister Ted Heath (“The Death”) who’s sexuality had been questioned and allegations of child sexual abuse popped up post mortem – and who was friends with MI5-spy Victor Rothschild
            – William Rees-Mogg, the father of Jacob
            – Prime Minister Boris Johnson

            Oh, and yes, Ghislaine Maxwell was also educated at Balliol…

  29. irose says:

    this Epstein case that is no more — for a hot moment the veil was lifted…
    Now we all can be safely diverted to discuss the way he died (or not)…

    • manbearpig says:

      Yes, Ian Davis pointed that out yesterday at about half way down this thread. He said:

      “…It is notable that we seem to be moving away from the investigation of the Epstein’s crimes and paedophile connection with the political class to the story being about Epstein and his suicide…”

      A classic bait and switch?

  30. FROM The Hill

    Report: Epstein autopsy finds several broken bones in neck, raising questions
    By Tal Axelrod – 08/15/19 07:20 AM EDT


  31. ddude says:

    Epstein was a rich and famous/infamous person who knew his life was in jeopardy in one way or another.

    According to Acosta, he was told that Epstein was an intelligence agent/asset.

    Can’t imagine Epstein NOT having a “dead man’s switch” unless he was indeed intelligence with complete faith in them taking care of him.

    It is my understanding that intelligence agents/assets are not assassinated because other agents/assets would lose faith in the system.

    The jail situation was ridiculous in the extreme. Nobody is buying any official narrative coming from there. He could have just been drugged into oblivion in the jail, rolled into the hospital in that condition, appearing to be dead – but not. 2nd coroner suspect as hell.

    He could have then been switched out at the hospital and taken to some remote area to receive plastic surgery and witness protection type measures with a new identity. Unless we see that dead man’s switch get triggered, that’s my best shot at what happened given the above.

  32. NES says:

    Did I hear correctly? The only other individual to ever die in MCC custody, supposedly from hanging himself, was a Mafioso who was going to sing to the Feds.

    REALLY? Does no one see the obvious connection?

  33. fieldmouse says:

    A bigger picture review of Epstein connections and possible murder suspects and motives by Partisan Girl.
    Needs to be bigger still. The deep state scenario AKA blackops AKA the bloodlines AKA the hi-techno-crats is not defined by nation states.
    Where is Ted Gunderson when you need him (RIP Ted)?

  34. Nusuth says:

    “But for the present age, which prefers the sign to the thing signified, the copy to the original, representation to reality, appearance to essence … truth is considered profane, and only illusion is sacred. Sacredness is in fact held to be enhanced in proportion as truth decreases and illusion increases, so that the highest degree of illusion comes to be the highest degree of sacredness.”

  35. myra says:

    I apologize if this has been posted. It’s pretty jaw dropping. Esp the end. “Jeffrey Epstein’s Bodyguard on His Former Boss’s Lifestyle, Cruelty, Suicide”


  36. Azra says:

    This is absolutely appalling, disgusting if true, especially given Victoria Robert Giuffre’s claims in the unsealed documents that Epstein had to be “serviced” at least three times a day.

    “Jeffrey Epstein Spent Time Alone With Young Woman In Prison’s Attorney Room” published by Forbes, 15 August 2019:

    The day after he was taken off suicide watch, disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein spent at least two hours locked up alone with a young woman, in a private room reserved for inmates and their attorneys, according to an attorney who was visiting the prison that day.

    “The optics were startling. Because she was young. And pretty,” said the visiting attorney, who asked that his name not be used because he didn’t want to create friction with the prison administration. He speculated the woman could be a lawyer—NBC News has reported that Epstein paid members of his team to sit with him in a room for eight hours a day for attorney-client meetings, allowing him to avoid his cell.

    The visiting attorney went to the Manhattan Correctional Center on July 30, a day after Epstein was reportedly taken off suicide watch and transferred into the Special Housing Unit (SHU). During the hours the visiting attorney was present, it wasn’t Epstein’s main lawyer, Reid Weingarten, or other named attorneys who visited him.

    “If I was him, I would have hired… an old bald guy,” said the lawyer, who said the young woman was in there with Epstein for at least two hours when he was there. He also pointed out that the room is locked when prisoners go in, after their handcuffs are removed, and unlocked only when prisoners leave and handcuffs are put back on.

    Weingarten and other attorneys representing Epstein have not responded to requests for comment by Forbes.

    Cont’d at source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/richardbehar/2019/08/15/jeffrey-epstein-spent-time-alone-with-young-female-prison-visitor/#78e8030185b1

  37. in rainbows says:

    Forensic Criminologist Says Epstein Suicide Suspicious

    Short Video:

    A Forensic Criminologist explaining the significance of the broken hyoid bone found in Epsteins neck by the autopsy, and why it means that homicide should be considered:


    • in rainbows says:

      Also from the video:

      “What is suspicious here to me, is what we refer to as the totality of the circumstances. What are the chances, that so many things could have happened at the same time:

      1) Him being suicidal – then being taken off suicide watch
      2) Him being placed in a room with an elevated platform, such as a bunk bed
      3) His room mate being removed from the room
      4) Him being placed in a room with no camera, when he’s the second most high profile prisoner in federal custody other than Guzman (El Chapo)

      As for No. 2 above:

      There appears to be some disagreement as to whether the cell Epstein was in actually had a bunk bed, rather than a low slap for sleeping on, as some cells in the MCC Special Housing Unit have. I personally think there was a bunkbed in the room, because as far as I know he was sharing the room with a cell mate, until he was removed.

      Another thing worth noting is that Published reports say that there has been only one suicide and three attempted suicides in the past 40 years at the MCC, where Epstein was being housed. So it’s pretty rare for anyone to end their life there.

      • in rainbows says:

        Add this to all the ‘coincidences’ and what a high-profile case Epstein was, and how many prominent, and in some cases VERY powerful people, will be breathing a sigh of relief that Epstein died before having to face trial.

    • calibrator says:

      Kevin Shipp missed at least two points regarding the painting with the blue dress:
      – There is a face of a young women hidden in the wrinkles at the knee – an obvious reference to his hobby?
      – Bill Clinton has six(!) fingers on his pointing hand – does it become a revolver (six-shooter)? Clinton body-count?

      The creepy painting of GWB with the paper planes also contains hidden symbolism: His shoe laces resemble scorpions tugging at his feet…

      See here for more details:

      As mentioned, the name of the artist is Petrina Ryan-Kleid.
      Fun fact: “Kleid” is the German word for “dress”.

  38. Libertydan says:

    I tend to stay as far away as possible from such scam bags as Epstein so I have little, to no, first hand knowledge of him, yet it seems clear that he was a pedophile who used under aged victims as a means to blackmail members of the U.S. Government. I have also seen evidence of his connections with Israeli Intelligence. So who would want all this swept under the rug before it had a chance to make it to court? Perhaps the same people that planned out the events of 9/11/01. And, they know how to cover things up, eh!
    Problem solved! Epstein who! What about those shootings? Need more gun control, more diversion and division to distract the masses. Yep, it worked again, eh!

  39. in rainbows says:

    Epstein’s lawyers: “He seemed to be in “great spirits” before he allegedly killed himself in jail . .

    This is interesting, especially in light of these latest autopsy findings. I knew there was some uncertainly as to whether he attempted suicide back in late July, as I’d also heard that he may have been attacked. Those who reckon he took his own life, cite his previous suicide attempt as an indicator of his suicidal state of mind, and that he finally succeeded in killing himself with his second attempt on Aug 10. But this article says he told his a lawyers he was actually attacked back in July, not a suicide attempt. It also says that because he was attacked, this is why he was taken off suicide watch.

    I’ll quote from the article, then give the link to the full article afterwards:

    According to Epstein’s lawyers, the multi-millionaire seemed to be in “great spirits” before he allegedly killed himself in jail. He even told his lawyers, “I’ll see you Sunday.

    It gets even stranger. Epstein allegedly told his lawyers that the neck injuries he suffered in late July were due to an attack by his ex-policeman cellmate, not an attempt at suicide. This revelation is ultimately what got Epstein out of suicide watch.

    Another development in the story is the fact that Epstein was pretty optimistic that he would be able to walk away from the accusations against him.

    The New York Post reports: “Epsteins optimism behind bars expressed during daily visits with his lawyers that lasted up to 12 hours each was so great that it struck some of those around him as delusional, the source said.”

    He thought he was going to win the double-jeopardy motion,” which is what his lawyers were planning on filing.

    Read in full here:


    Same article saved on archive.is


  40. pete-nc says:

    What do you guys make of Maxwell sitting at In and Out Burger supposedly reading “The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives,”

    She certainly doesn’t look like the type to eat there and the reported book.
    Seems like she is sending a message.

    More importantly what was she eating 🙂


  41. el Gallinazo says:

    David Icke released a superlative “dot connector” analysis yesterday dealing with the Epstein situation from a very in-depth, wide angle perspective.


  42. seaandslow says:

    Does anyone else think that if he had commited suicide we would have been told by now? If fact, no matter what happened we would have been told something by now, unless there is a lot of story management going on.
    The initial story that was sold was one of individual incompetence but that doesn’t seem to have been swallowed completely.
    Then came the story of the investigations being stone-walled by employees who fear prosecution. Are they going to stick with that story for a while, or are they interviewing for a patsy as we speak? The problem with that is the prison doesn’t allow for one or two rogue agents to infiltrate it. That story would require a whole lot of patsies.
    So maybe they are hoping to wait us out? Say nothing. Literally.

  43. calibrator says:

    It’s official now: “Suicide”

    “Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide by hanging himself in his jail cell, the New York medical examiner said Friday.”

    The rest of the article is only a recap…


  44. Azra says:

    In 2014, “Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk was spotted at a Vanity Fair Oscar party in West Hollywood with Ghislaine Maxwell, suspected sex trafficker and Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime partner” in crime. Elon Musk is a technocrat, transhumanist as was Epstein. https://cloverchronicle.com/2019/07/18/photo-elon-musk-and-ghislaine-maxwell-seen-together-at-hollywood-party/

  45. zyxzevn says:

    Epstein Strangled? An ER Doctor Weighs In – Stefan Molyneux
    Still needs to see full report.
    Explains injuries caused by hanging, and how
    Epstein could not break is his neck-bones.

  46. alexandre says:

    Just for fun, I thought up the absurd conspiracy theory that Jeff Epstein didn’t even exist. He’s an actor in this whole charade, just like Sandy Hook and all the other mass psyop productions. So I did a search on “Jeffrey Epstein is an actor” and I found this:


    But just for fun, what if we made believe, just for a second, that this whole thing is indeed a Hollywood creation, another psyop produced and completely manufactured from start to finish? Not a real story with fishy bits in it, but an entire reality movie. That’s my proposition. Can we disprove it absolutely? The idea here, I think, is to approach it from the other side. Try to prove it’s NOT a complete fabrication, instead of thinking it’s real and then trying to find out what did happen. And the idea behind the idea behind the idea would be to understand what’s really going on, how deep in the psycho’s mind we are, by changing the viewpoint, a completely different, or inverse, thought process. I mean, Bill Clinton in a dress? This shit is getting silly, folks. It’s like people are seriously investigating stories by Salvador Dali or something. So let’s reverse and start from Dali, and make our way to reality, IF indeed it’s not ALL an illusion.

    Clinton in a dress? Seriously?

    Of course you’re also welcome to tell me to go f…myself.

  47. Qno says:

    It took the mainstream media almost less time to confirm that Epstein committed suicide than it took them to uncover the fact that Osama Bin Laden was behind 9-11.

    BBC News: ‘Jeffrey Epstein death ruled ‘suicide by hanging”. Um, since when did an autopsy RULE anything? That’s what an inquest does.

    And then, this GLORIOUS propaganda piece by the BBC, oh my…
    The fox guarding the henhouse said the chickens just ripped their own guts out, and anybody who even thinks for a second somebody might have killed Jeff – let alone asks to see the body – is batshit crazy. Right? Thanks to the BBC for setting me straight on all this.

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