Episode 270 - Solutions: Peaceful Parenting

06/08/20130 Comments

We have been taught our whole lives that the only solutions for society's problems are to be found in the political arena. But what if the revolution was not to be found in marches and rallies and parties and meetings, but inside your own home? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we explore the peaceful parenting solution.

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Study explores lasting effects of spanking
Time Reference: 01:55


Study: Spanking linked to mental health issues
Time Reference: 02:18


Dr. Drew talks spanking, mental illness study
Time Reference: 02:42


Study on Physical Punishment and Mental Disorders
Time Reference: 03:22


States That Prohibit Corporal Punishment
Time Reference: 05:13


The Bomb in the Brain: The True Roots of Human Violence
Time Reference: 06:22


Stefan Molyneux on The Corbett Report (audio)
Time Reference: 07:13


Stefan Molyneux on The Corbett Report (video)
Time Reference: 07:16


Time Reference: 17:15


Laurette Lynn on The Corbett Report
Time Reference: 17:50


Stefan Molyneux on The Corbett Report (2012)
Time Reference: 27:33


The Last Word on Snake Oil
Time Reference: 30:04


Expert to Moms: Spanking Does Not Make Children Obedient
Time Reference: 37:20


Opie & Anthony: Louis CK Explains...Spanking Kids
Time Reference: 37:59


The Parent Rap Song
Time Reference: 40:35

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