Episode 241 - The Truth About the Gene Revolution


History is written by the winners, and if the history of the so-called "Green Revolution" tells us anything it's that the Rockefeller Foundation and their cronies in the agrichemical conglomerates were the big winners of the late 20th century. But now it's the 21st century and it's time for a new "solution" to the problem of global food shortages. Welcome to the Gene Revolution, brought to you by the same well-connected elitist insiders as the Green Revolution, and for many of the same reasons.

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James Corbett on The Vinny Eastwood Show Aug 29, 2012
Time Reference: 01:44

Global Warming Hysteria and Food World Order
Time Reference: 02:51

Food crisis warning as prices surge
Time Reference: 03:07

Thomas Malthus was wrong
Time Reference: 05:37

The Rockefeller Foundation: Addressing Food Security in Africa
Time Reference: 06:10

Rockefeller Foundation president says biotech is key to easing hunger
Time Reference: 08:19

GM scientists in open letter plea to protesters
Time Reference: 09:25

Greenpeace sabotages CSIRO wheat trial
Time Reference: 09:50

Fake Foods: Help yourself with GM treats!
Time Reference: 10:10

A Conversation with Bill Gates: GMOs
Time Reference: 11:30

Richard Manning on the Green Revolution
Time Reference: 16:06

Freedom From Famine - The Norman Borlaug Story
Time Reference: 21:01

Norman Borlaug & The Green Revolution
Time Reference: 23:00

Greatest Man to Ever Live: Norman Borlaug
Time Reference: 23:18

Time Reference: 25:56

Wave Of Suicides Among Indian Farmers
Time Reference: 41:02

Genetic Engineering Has Failed to Significantly Boost US Crop Yields Despite Biotech Industry Claims, New Report Finds
Time Reference: 46:41

The GMO Emperor Has No Clothes
Time Reference: 49:01

GM crops promote superweeds, food insecurity and pesticides, say NGOs
Time Reference: 49:22

Episode 025 – Shut Up and Eat Your GMOs
Time Reference: 54:30

Fake Foods: Help yourself with GM treats!
Time Reference: 55:58

Time Reference: 1:01:19

UN Report: Agroecology and the right to food
Time Reference: 01:04:41

Time Reference: 01:05:38

Non-GMO Project
Time Reference: 01:10:30

ust Say No to GMO music video - Mike Adams
Time Reference: 01:12:05

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