Episode 240 - Power Corporation Exposed


Never heard of the Desmarais family and their "Power Corporation"? Join the club. Although they are known in elite circles as "Canada's Rockefellers," few know anything about this family, their company, or the immense power they wield over Canadian politics. In today's edition of The Corbett Report podcast, we examine the money, power and influence of the Desmarais, and how the people can work together to render that power null and void.

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Sarko and Carla 'fled to Canada hours before raid on Paris home and knew police would come for them'
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Official Company History of Power Corporation
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Paul Desmarais Jr. interviewed by INSEAD
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Power Corp. & the Desmarais Family
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Meet Canada’s Ruling Oligarchy: Parasites-a-Plenty!
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The Name Is ‘Power’ and It Fits
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Where was Warren Buffett on 9/11?
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Buffett Loses to Desmarais as Power Exceeds Return
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Pariah State - Elevate feat Logan & Dem One
Time Reference: 52:26


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