Episode 237 - Fukushima's Biggest Secret


Along with the tragic loss of life, the destruction of homes, farms, businesses and property, and the beginning of the Fukushima nuclear crisis, the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami exposed the biggest secret of all: that the myth of the necessity of nuclear power in Japan is just that. A myth. Find out more about Fukushima's biggest secret in this week's episode of The Corbett Report.

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Time Reference: 01:00

Stan Monteith's Radio Liberty
Time Reference: 01:30
YouTube user oobagnaj
Time Reference: 01:47

Japanese PM says no choice but nuclear
Time Reference: 06:04

The Stream: Nuclear Nation
Time Reference: 08:11

Fuel imports put trade deficit near ¥3 trillion
Time Reference: 12:12

Dodgy data led to overestimate of electricity demand
Time Reference: 13:25

Japan sees no mandatory power cuts in summer
Time Reference: 15:32

Kansai to face the heat reactor-free
Time Reference: 16:55

Anti-Nuclear Rally in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo Japan July 16, 2012
Time Reference: 19:57

Anti-nuke rally outside Japanese Diet draws 200,000
Time Reference: 22:02

Solar power in Japan
Time Reference: 27:37

Huge Yamanashi solar farm online
Time Reference: 29:42

Japanese sell more solar power back to utilities
Time Reference: 30:41

The Thorium Dream (Documentary)
Time Reference: 31:37

The Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor: What Fusion Wanted To Be
Time Reference: 36:46

Thorium Energy Alliance
Time Reference: 40:50

Energy From Thorium
Time Reference: 40:55

Joseph Trento on GRTV
Time Reference: 41:28

Geothermal trove lies mostly untapped despite energy crisis
Time Reference: 43:44

Tidal Wave Alternative Energy
Time Reference: 45:22

Kawasaki to test tidal energy technology in Orkney
Time Reference: 49:09

The Last Word on Snake Oil
Time Reference: 50:26

City of Kitakyushu Starts Test of Tidal Power Generation in Kammon Straits
Time Reference: 50:42

Japanese Delegation Signs Tidal Energy Research Agreement with UMaine
Time Reference: 51:27

Tidal energy added to Japan’s energy mix
Time Reference: 52:00

Japan Considering Deregulation to Spur Energy Industry Competition
Time Reference: 54:17

OECD: Nuclear Expansion on Track Despite Fukushima
Time Reference: 56:18

Anti-Nuke Parody Song of "Love Me Tender" by KAPPOGIS
Time Reference: 58:42

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