Episode 234 - How To Carve Up The World


So you say you want to rule the world? Redraw the map to conform to your whims and move pieces around the geopolitical chessboard for your entertainment? Well this week on The Corbett Report we show you just how to do that, with some useful examples from the War to End All Wars...or was that the Peace to End All Peace?

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Time Reference: 02:08


Redrawing the Map of Europe
Time Reference: 03:25


The Economist's board (note: Lynn Forester de Rothschild)
Time Reference: 06:51


The Middle East During World War I part 16
Time Reference: 10:22


Imperial Geography
Time Reference: 15:09


Six Months that Changed the World
Time Reference: 20:09


Margaret McMillan Addresses the CFR
Time Reference: 28:30


Norman Dodd on the Tax-Exempt Foundations
Time Reference: 30:00


The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline
Time Reference: 35:46


How the West Created the Modern Middle East
Time Reference: 48:50


Anne-Marie Slaughter on R2P
Time Reference: 55:18


Foreign Secretary attends Friends of Syria meeting
Time Reference: 56:38


Johan Galtung on West Trying to Redraw Map of Syria
Time Reference: 57:14


Which Path to Persia?
Time Reference: 59:20


On To The Next - No One World Government
Time Reference: 1:00:55

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