Episode 218 - Philosophy of Freedom: The Magna Carta


In this age of the destruction of our long tradition of western jurisprudence, it is a document that everyone has heard of but very few have read. The Magna Carta was written nearly 800 years ago, yet still has a profound influence on our thinking about law and government. Join us today on The Corbett Report as we rediscover the tradition of liberties and freedoms affirmed in this ancient agreement.

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90 days detention for suspected terrorists
Time Reference: 03:33


Indiana Supreme Court Dispenses With Magna Carta, Constitution
Time Reference: 04:06


Paul Wolf: 'Obama contradicts laws with promises'
Time Reference: 04:34


The (embarrassingly inaccurately named) 60 Second Civics Podcast
Time Reference: 08:35


Text of the Magna Carta online
Time Reference: 13:52


(Overly dramatic) Reading of the Magna Carta
Time Reference: 14:27


Prof Nicholas Vincent on the history of the Magna Carta
Time Reference: 18:10


Andrew Roberts on the Magna Carta and its relevance to American freedoms
Time Reference: 41:08


John Robson on the Magna Carta and the tradition of freedom
Time Reference: 55:55

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