Episode 203 - Philosophy of Freedom: Natural Law

10/08/20112 Comments

What is "the rule of law"? On what basis do we institute laws and why should we obey them? Are laws for the protection of unalienable rights, and if so, how do we derive our knowledge of those rights? Are governments necessary for the enforcement of the laws? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we go in search of natural law.

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Afghanistan: Ten Years of Illegal Occupation
Time Reference: 00:52
Link To: YouTube

Time Reference: 01:51
Link To: TheVegrandisGroup.com

Re: Arnie Gundersen. Thank you to all those who contacted Fairewinds. I am now in the process of setting up an interview with Arnie so there is no need to contact them at this point.
Time Reference: 03:11

Reason, Freedom, and the Rule of Law: Their Significance in Western Thought (Article)
Time Reference: 09:55
Link To: ClarionReview.org

Reason, Freedom, and the Rule of Law: Their Significance in Western Thought (Audio)
Time Reference: 10:16
Link To: ThomasCenter.org

Aaron Russo on retroactive changes to tax laws
Time Reference: 26:30
Link To: YouTube

IRS commissioner hires a tax preparer because the laws are so complicated
Time Reference: 27:56
Link To: YouTube

GE doesn't pay taxes (so why do you?)
Time Reference: 28:26
Link To: YouTube

Geithner doesn't pay taxes (so why do you?)
Time Reference: 29:34
Link To: YouTube

Introduction to Natural Law (text)
Time Reference: 32:58
Link To: LewRockwell.com

Introduction to Natural Law (audio)
Time Reference: 33:22
Link To: Mises.org

"The Natural Law Tradition in Ethics" at Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Time Reference: 37:55
Link To: Stanford.edu

Natural Law Roots of the Social Contract Tradition - Lecture by Ian Shapiro
Time Reference: 26:20
Link To: AcademicEarth.org

A Private Law Society - Lecture by Hans-Hermann Hoppe)
Time Reference: 58:59
Link To: YouTube

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  1. James, I don’t know if you try and keep up with dead-links on these older episodes or not. If you do, the Lew Rockwell, Murray N. Rothbard, Introduction to Natural law link is now here….


    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for the tip. As you can imagine there’s no way I can possibly keep these links updated by myself so if you do ever see anything like that just let me know the replacement link and I’ll fix it (as I just did here).

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