Episode 201 - Education 201

09/24/20110 Comments

As we move into the next era of The Corbett Report, it's time to raise the bar. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we delve further into the pedagogy of the oppressed...and how to liberate ourselves through self-education.

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7/7: Seeds of Deconstrution
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7/7: Crime and Prejudice
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"Who is Rich Blee?" audio documentary
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Learn more about Alfreda Frances Bikowski, aka "Frances"
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Learn more about Michael Anne Casey, aka "Michael" or "Michelle"
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Who is Audrey Frances Tomason? (updated)
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Amerithrax 10 Years On - The Eyeopener
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Student Kills Self After Suspension Over Legal Drug
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More than 25 percent of children now on chronic prescription medications
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It's Official: SpongeBob Squarepants Is Making Our Children Stupid
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Student dies after police use Taser at University of Cincinnati
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California Bans Unvaccinated Children from Class
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Interview 350 - James Roberts
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Information about the case of Denis Rancourt
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Interview 337 - Denis Rancourt
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activistteacher.blogspot.com (Rancourt's home page)
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John Taylor Gatto's home page
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The Peace Revolution podcast
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Interview 376 - Richard Andrew Grove
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The meaning of "propaedeutic" (for those who are curious)
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