Episode 179 - What Caused the 3/11 Earthquake?

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Japan is just tallying up the damage from the devastating earthquake that struck off the northeast coast on March 11th, but it is clear that this was one of the most powerful earthquakes in modern Japanese history. Now, some are asking whether this was a natural earthquake or if it was precipitated by human activities. Join us this week as we go in search of a man-made fingerprint on the 3/11 earthquake.


Documentation - Resources Related to Fukushima Nuclear Crisis
Time Reference: 02:22
Description: A list of links to online resources for news and information about the Fukushima nuclear crisis.
Link To: corbettreport.com

Documentation - Japan International Volunteer Center
Time Reference: 06:50
Description: An international NGO that is assisting local NPOs and community groups in delivering emergency aid and supplies to those effected by the earthquake. NOTE: They admit that 20% of all donations will be kept back for management costs.
Link To: ngo-jvc.net

Documentation - Tokyo Hacker Space
Time Reference: 07:24
Description: An organization promising to use donations to help pay for solar powered LED lanterns, community radiation monitoring stations, low energy cooking equipment, etc.
Link To: TokyoHackerSpace.org

Documentation - 9.0 Japan earthquake shifted Earth on its axis
Time Reference: 08:53
Description: The earthquake was so powerful it shifted the earth's axis about 6.5 inches and caused the earth to rotate faster, shortening the length of the day by about 1.8 microseconds.
Link To: LA Times

Documentation - Japan Quake Map
Time Reference: 10:00
Description: A time-lapse map showing the time, depth and strength of all 800+ earthquakes to effect Japan since March 11th.
Link To: JapanQuakeMap.com

Documentation - Fault line shifted up to 30m
Time Reference: 13:20
Description: A report from the Japanese national broadcaster on what was happening tectonically during the earthquake.
Link To: NHK

Documentation - Understanding the M 9.0 massive Tohoku, Sendai, Japan earthquake and tsunami
Time Reference: 13:03
Description: An extensive USGS report on the background, causes and effects of the 9.0 earthquake.
Link To: Earthquake-Report.com

Documentation - Danny Glover Blames Earthquake on Global Warming
Time Reference: 17:42
Description: Watch for Danny Glover to win a Nobel for this valuable scientific opinion.
Link To: YouTube.com

Documentation - Does climate change mean more tsunamis?
Time Reference: 19:04
Description: Original headline "Today’s tsunami: This is what climate change looks like" changed due to the writer receiving an overwhelming backlash for that completely unscientific bunkum. (Winning!)
Link To: Grist.org

Documentation - HAARP Home Page
Time Reference: 21:19
Description: A direct link to the "Program Purpose" section of the official HAARP homepage.
Link To: HAARP.alaska.edu

Documentation - Scientist Leuren Moret - Japan earthquake and nuclear "accident" are tectonic nuclear warfare
Time Reference: 23:37
Description: Utterly fact-free string of unsourced innuendo that never bothers to explain anything whatsoever about what HAARP is, how it operates, how it can cause earthquakes, how its signature can be detected in any given earthquake, or how we know it was employed in this particular earthquake. Enjoy.
Link To: YouTube.com

Documentation - Holes in Heaven
Time Reference: 28:15
Description: A somewhat more fact-based look at HAARP and its capabilities.
Link To: Google Video

Documentation - DoD News Briefing: Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen announces plans for electromagnetic warfare
Time Reference: 34:00
Description: The US Defense Secretary casually announces that groups are developing weapons to alter climate and set off earthquakes with electromagnetic waves.
Link To: Defense.gov

Documentation - Background of the HAARP project
Time Reference: 34:36
Description: From EarthPulse Press.
Link To: earthpulse.com

Documentation - Tragic 3/11/11 Earthquake In Japan: HAARP Data Screenshots
Time Reference: 35:08
Description: WikiWorldOrder's take on the possibility that HAARP was used to set off the earthquake.
Link To: wikiworldorder.com

Documentation - March 11-23 Event?! Signs and Evidence
Time Reference: 39:14
Description: A woman appears to predict the 3/11 earthquake.
Link To: YouTube.com

Documentation - Earthquake watch over Japan
Time Reference: 41:59
Description: A man appears to predict (post-dicts?) the 3/11 earthquake.
Link To: forum.davidicke.com

Documentation - Piers Corbyn warns of increasing earthquake activity after NZ earthquake
Time Reference: 42:27
Description: From February 21, 2011.
Link To: WeatherAction.com

Documentation - Piers Corbyn: Earthquakes & Extreme Weather Same Family
Time Reference: 43:48
Description: Earthquakes, Solar effects and Lunar Modulation, Forecasting.
Link To: YouTube.com

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