Episode 171 - Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation

01/26/20110 Comments

Description:This week on Documentaries That Matter, The Corbett Report presents the audio of the informative documentary, Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation. This documentary (from the Fluoride Action Network at fluoridealert.org) provides concise, factual information on water fluoridation from doctors, dentists and a Nobel Laureate. Please spread this to others who may not know the dangers of fluoride in the water.


Documentation - Fluoride Action Network home page
Time Reference: 01:13
Description: Please visit fluoridealert.org for more information on fluoride and its effects on the human body.
Link To: FluorideAlert.org

Documentation - Donate to Fluoride Action Network
Time Reference: 03:36
Description: Donate to support the Fluoride Action Network, which has generously allowed this audio to be played on the podcast. With donations of at least $100 you receive a free copy of this documentary on DVD.
Link To: secure.groundspring.org

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