Episode 115 - The Alternative Alternative Media

01/31/20101 Comment

Running Time: 1:00:02

Description:If the establishment media is puppeteering the alternative media, what does that leave us but ourselves? And why would we want to rely on anything else? From online radio to door-to-door newspapers, podcasting and vodcasting, we are becoming the media. Join the alternative revolution this week on The Corbett Report.


Documentation - Sunday Update
Time Reference: 04:14
Description: The banker's cabal and guilty crimatologists
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Left Gatekeepers Media diagram
Time Reference: 12:30
Description: The delicious irony is that someone posted this on Alternet.
Link To: images.google.com
Documentation - Swine Flu: Who Profits?
Time Reference: 14:45
Description: No no no. WHO profits!
Link To: CorbettReport.com
Documentation - Geithner: Auditing the Fed is a
Time Reference: 16:32
Description: Watch what an interview would look like if controlled reporters asked real questions.
Link To: CorbettReport.com
Documentation - Crimatologists Found Guilty of Hiding Data
Time Reference: 19:00
Description: I wonder if all those warmists who said this wasn't important are going to retract?
Link To: climategate.tv
Documentation - Chris Geo on Myspace
Time Reference: 21:01
Description: Listen to some of Chris Geo's tracks on Myspace.
Link To: Myspace
Documentation - Truth Frequency
Time Reference: 21:29
Description: Home page of Chris Geo and Sociostudent's online radio program.
Link To: TruthFrequency.com
Documentation - Sovereign Independent
Time Reference: 31:22
Description: Please support (and/or emulate) Ireland's truth newspaper.
Link To: SovereignIndependent.org
Documentation - MediaMonarchy
Time Reference: 43:00
Description: The flagship website of James Evan Pilato.
Link To: MediaMonarchy
Documentation - Tragedy and Hope
Time Reference: 43:19
Description: Provides a free online community and a multimedia experience for people to begin the process of learning for themselves.
Link To: Tragedy and Hope
Documentation - Peace Revolution podcast
Time Reference: 43:22
Description: Peace Revolution commercial-free thanks to it being a public service project of Tragedy and Hope Magazine. This podcast is a free tool created to empower anyone who makes the time to listen.
Link To: PeaceRevolution.org
Documentation - Arrest the Crimatologists winners and entries
Time Reference: 54:27
Description: Information and links to all of the activism submitted in response to my Arrest The Crimatologists contest.
Link To: CorbettReport.com

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