Episode 100 - 100 Signs We Are Winning

09/27/20093 Comments

Running Time: 1:05:37

Description:The Corbett Report turns 100 and We Are Winning. Period.


Documentation - We Are Winning
Time Reference: 00:01
Description: The Flobots
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Iranian invasion rhetoric ramping up
Time Reference: 05:40
Description: Netanyahu calls for UN to act
Link To: Reuters
Documentation - G20: Present at the Creation of a New Economic Order
Time Reference: 06:03
Description: If the CFR likes it, it must be a good thing!
Link To: CFR
Documentation - Protests in Pittsburgh confront Orwellian police state
Time Reference: 06:09
Description: Military Police Kidnap G20 Protester, Shove Him Into Unmarked Car
Link To: PrisonPlanet.com
Documentation - Chemical Cocktail in Consumer Products Destroys Male Fertility
Time Reference: 06:42
Description: Extra! Extra!
Link To: NaturalNews
Documentation - Report: Scientists Create New Life Form in Lab
Time Reference: 07:00
Description: This is 2 year old news now.
Link To: FoxNews
Documentation - Doomsday Seed Vault in the Arctic
Time Reference: 07:06
Description: Must-read article about the seed vault in Svalbard.
Link To: GlobalResearch.ca
Documentation - Alex Jones interviewed by OTN at the End the Fed Protests
Time Reference: 08:24
Description: From November 2008.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Sign 2: Trust in News Media Falls to New Low in Pew Survey
Time Reference: 13:51
Description: I wonder why this is happening...Thanks to Jay for submitting this idea.
Link To: NYTimes
Documentation - Sign 3:British Nurses refuse to have the swine flu vaccination
Time Reference: 14:58
Description: A third of nurses will refuse to have the swine flu jab
Link To: GlobalResearch.ca
Documentation - Sign 4: United Kingdom: Half of GPs refuse swine flu vaccine over testing fears
Time Reference: 15:16
Description: Up to half of family doctors do not want to be vaccinated against swine flu.
Link To: GlobalResearch.ca
Documentation - Sign 5:Congress` Approval Rating at Lowest Point for Year
Time Reference: 15:51
Description: Congress has a 22% approval rating.
Link To: Reuters
Documentation - Sign 6: 42% say replace congress with random people in phonebook
Time Reference: 16:05
Description: Why not?
Link To: MediaMonarchy
Documentation - Sign 7:57% would like to replace entire congress
Time Reference: 16:22
Description: It doesn't get much better than that.
Link To: MediaMonarchy
Documentation - Sign 8:Obama Approval Plummeting
Time Reference: 16:31
Description: 3rd fastest drop in approval in modern Presidential history.
Link To: Rasmussen Reports
Documentation - Sign 9:74 Percent Say There Was A Government Cover-Up
Time Reference: 17:04
Description: The other 26% were responding what they thought the interviewer wanted to hear.
Link To: CBS News
Documentation - Sign 10:84 Percent of Americans Don't Buy Official 9/11 Story
Time Reference: 17:19
Description: Only 16% actually believe the official story.
Link To: PrisonPlanet.com
Documentation - Sign 11:Global Poll Shows Doubt About al-Qaida Role in 9/11 Attacks
Time Reference: 17:41
Description: Less than half the world believes in the Al Qaeda boogeymen.
Link To: VOA News
Documentation - Sign 12: French say firm 'No' to EU treaty
Time Reference: 17:55
Description: The French help stop the EU in its tracks.
Link To: BBC News
Documentation - Sign13:Dutch say 'No' to EU constitution
Time Reference: 18:03
Description: The Dutch help stop the EU in its tracks.
Link To: BBC News
Documentation - Sign 13:Ireland rejects Lisbon Treaty
Time Reference: 18:13
Description: Tune in next week to hear about the sequel...
Link To: RTE News
Documentation - Sign 15:Million Man March on Washington 2 Weeks Ago
Time Reference: 18:40
Description: Not a peep about it in the controlled corporate media.
Link To: Daily Mail
Documentation - Sign 20:Ron Paul Mad As Hell Guy
Time Reference: 24:21
Description: A classic old school clip from Episode 023.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Sign 21:No one's laughing at Peter Schiff anymore
Time Reference: 24:36
Description: Apologize to Peter Schiff, indeed.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Sign 26:Sibel Edmonds is ungagged.
Time Reference: 25:13
Description: Listen. Share.
Link To: BradBlog
Documentation - Sign 28:Geithner: Auditing the Fed is a "line that we don't want to cross"
Time Reference: 25:27
Description: Geithner's response that auditing the Fed would give politicians dangerous control over American monetary policy is mistaken at best and a deliberate lie at worst.
Link To: The Corbett Report
Documentation - James Evan Pilato interviews Richard Grove
Time Reference: 26:34
Description: This is an incredible interview with 9/11 whistleblower and researcher Richard Andrew Grove.
Link To: Radio4All
Documentation - Sign 33:MediaMonarchy.com
Time Reference: 30:15
Description: An excellent blog and the podcast is essential listening.
Link To: MediaMonarchy
Documentation - Sign 34:Tragedy and Hope
Time Reference: 30:16
Description: A new multimedia magazine from Richard Grove.
Link To: Tragedy and Hope
Documentation - Sign 35:Project Constellation
Time Reference: 31:28
Description: Richard Grove's incredible true story of what occurred to him before, on and after 9/11.
Link To: ExposureRoom
Documentation - Sign 36:Nathan Moulton's activism.
Time Reference: 31:57
Description: Buy the DVD and support the New Media.
Link To: ActivistMovie
Documentation - Clare Swinney Interviews James Corbett
Time Reference: 33:30
Description: The first-ever online feature article about James Corbett.
Link To: Web of Evidence
Documentation - Sign 37:9/11 Truth is now professionalized
Time Reference: 34:08
Description: David Ray Griffin speaks to Kevin Barrett on September 12, 2009.
Link To: AmericanFreedomRadio
Documentation - Sign 38:Young women shun Gardasil
Time Reference: 34:28
Description: Less than a third of New Zealand schoolgirls have received the controversial cervical cancer vaccine, as health concerns persist around the $177 million programme.
Link To: New Zealand Herald
Documentation - Sign 39: Rupert Murdoch plans charge for all news websites by next summer
Time Reference: 35:00
Description: Because people are busy reading free, truthful news in the alternative media.
Link To: Guardian
Documentation - Sign 40:Brits won't go for mandatory swine flu
Time Reference: 35:34
Description: The trial balloon went up today on the UK government’s efforts to impose a mass mandatory vaccination program against swine flu, but judging from the response on a major newspaper website, millions of British citizens will tell the goons with needles
Link To: Infowars.com
Documentation - Sign 41:Lilly pays to settle massive lawsuit
Time Reference: 35:48
Description: The settlement will include payment by Lilly of $15 million plus a term that will ensure that Alaska is treated as favorably as any other state that may settle with Lilly in the future over similar claims.
Link To: Lilly
Documentation - Sign 42:John Key says bombs brought down WTC
Time Reference: 36:37
Description: Another unfortunate slip of the tongue?
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Sign 44:Activist Releases Archive of Suppressed News Videos
Time Reference: 37:30
Description: Please spread the word about this archive.
Link To: The Corbett Report
Documentation - Sign 45:Invisible Empire
Time Reference: 37:48
Description: Jason Bermas' forthcoming movie.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Sign 46:PirateMyFilm from Max Keiser
Time Reference: 38:03
Description: A revolutionary new tool for financing independent movies.
Link To: PirateMyFilm.com
Documentation - Sign 47:Grayson asks Has the Fed ever tried to manipulate the stock market?
Time Reference: 38:17
Description: You get a cookie if you can guess how the Fed's legal counsel answers.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Sign 48:Hersh reveals Cheney executive assassination ring
Time Reference: 38:33
Description: And no, they weren't trying to assassinate Osama.
Link To: MinnPost
Documentation - Sign 52:We Are Change bullhorns NBC Nightly News
Time Reference: 41:27
Description: Taking back the airwaves.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Sign 53:Alex Jones bullhorns MSNBC
Time Reference: 41:44
Description: Classic.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Sign 62:People renaming Power of Nightmares to AQDE
Time Reference: 45:03
Description: Trying to ride the popularity of The Corbett Report's work.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Sign 63:Major Dutch newspaper embeds AQDE in article.
Time Reference: 45:30
Description: How do you say '9/11 was an inside job' in Dutch?
Link To: depers.nl
Documentation - Sign 70:NYCCAN.org
Time Reference: 46:44
Description: Group is on the verge of getting 9/11 investigation on the ballot in New York.
Link To: NYCCAN.org
Documentation - Sign 71:WWF disowns 9/11 ad
Time Reference: 46:55
Description: Disgusting, but it exposes the fearmongers for what they are.
Link To: Guardian
Documentation - Sign 72:Yukihisa Fujita
Time Reference: 47:11
Description: 9/11 Truth has friends in high places.
Link To: Wikipedia
Documentation - Sign 75:JFK Conspirator Deathbed Confession...
Time Reference: 47:36
Description: ...being ignored by corporate controlled media. (I wonder why?)
Link To: PrisonPlanet.com
Documentation - Sign 76:Former Ptech Officer Arrested for SBA Loan Fraud
Time Reference: 47:51
Description: This is important.
Link To: FBI.gov
Documentation - Information on The Angry Scotsman
Time Reference: 49:32
Description: BlogTalkRadio has been caught taking shows off their site that dares question the government story of 9/11.
Link To: The Corbett Report
Documentation - Sign 81:Mockingbirds on the Left Revealing True Colors
Time Reference: 50:04
Description: The Tragedy and Farce of Collective Guilt (UPDATED, June 13)
Link To: Freedom In Our Time
Documentation - Sign 82:Mockingbirds can't carry all that water for Obama
Time Reference: 50:16
Description: Even Olbermann knows Obama is just continuing Bush's agenda.
Link To: Salon
Documentation - Sign 83:Where there's art there's hope
Time Reference: 50:22
Description: KRS-One rhymes about Obama
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Sign 84:People are beginning to recognize eugenics when they see it
Time Reference: 51:53
Description: The case for killing granny.
Link To: Newsweek
Documentation - Sign 85:People are beginning to call out the eugenicists
Time Reference: 51:55
Description: Like Anton Chaitkin.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Sign 86:Even Hannity admits we're right.
Time Reference: 52:06
Description: Ooooh, Hannity is on our side!
Link To: Infowars.com
Documentation - Sign 89:People are trying to eat healthy...
Time Reference: 52:28
Description: ...and being called crazy for it by the establishment.
Link To: Guardian
Documentation - Muse - The Resistance
Time Reference: 59:59
Description: Free download?!
Link To: MuseResistance.com

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