Episode 051 - A Call for Help

08/07/20080 Comments

Running Time: 50:39

Description:Help us get the word out about Internet censorship. Spread the word about this week's YouTube documentary (Infowars: Battle for the Internet) and you can not only contribute to the public's awareness of Internet censorship, you can help us raise $2000 towards upgrading our website...simply by watching our video and spreading the link. See the documentation for more information.


Documentation - Censoring the Internet
Time Reference: 00:53
Description: A collection of essential links about Internet censorship, including the recent censorship of PrisonPlanet.com and other independent news sites by major transportation authorities in the UK.
Link To: Infowars
Documentation - YouTube viral video contest
Time Reference: 02:08
Description: Details of Alex Jones' contest to get the details about Internet censorship out to the public...including a $2000 prize for the video that receives the most hits by Sunday evening.
Link To: Infowars
Documentation - Infowars: Battle for the Internet
Time Reference: 02:25
Description: Please watch our video and send this link out in as many ways as you can.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Digg link to the video
Time Reference: 04:23
Description: You can help raise awareness of the video by Digging it, Farking it, Stumbling it, making a MySpace bulletin of it, posting a link on your Facebook account, emailing the link to your friends, etc. Every bit helps.
Link To: Digg

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