Episode 046 - The Internet is Dead (Long Live the Internet)

06/15/20081 Comment

Running Time: 1:01:11

Description:Reports of the internet's demise may be premature, but not if the corporations and government regulators have their way. Find out about Internet2 and all the ways in which the Internet is being attacked.


Documentation - EU Dictators May Ram Through Lisbon Treaty Despite Irish Rejection
Time Reference: 03:15
Description: REAL NEWS #1
Link To: PrisonPlanet
Documentation - Tory David Davis quits over detention plan
Time Reference: 04:35
Description: REAL NEWS #2
Link To: Reuters
Documentation - Kucinich introduces Bush impeachment resolution
Time Reference: 05:26
Description: REAL NEWS #3
Link To: CNN
Documentation - ISPs confirm 2012: The Year The Internet Ends
Time Reference: 07:14
Description: Report from IPower about the end of net neutrality which has received millions of views this month.
Link To: IPower
Documentation - Developers of the Internet say The Grid set to make it obsolete
Time Reference: 08:39
Description: Information about Internet2 from Fox News
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - The Bilderberg Blackout
Time Reference: 11:55
Description: Why won't the press cover Bilderberg. Because, according to The Washington Post's Slate Magazine, it's a private meeting. (Oh, and by the way the CEO of The Washington Post is an annual attendee of Bilderberg).
Link To: Slate
Documentation - Internet2: It's better, it's faster, you can't use it
Time Reference: 12:24
Description: But you can read about it, subconsciously internalize it and be more ready to accept it when it's presented as the phoney regulated solution to the Internet problems that are about to be created!
Link To: Slate
Documentation - Researchers explore scrapping internet
Time Reference: 16:21
Description: Oh, remember that Internet2 thing we told you about...turns out it is going to replace the internet after all.
Link To: PrisonPlanet
Documentation - Arts: Internet2 and education
Time Reference: 19:03
Description: Dr. Brian Shepard of USC Thornton raves about how Internet2 will save us all, cure the lepers and mow your lawn!
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - MySpace is the Trojan horse of internet censorship
Time Reference: 23:52
Description: Internet2 is going to be completely regulated and censored.
Link To: PrisonPlanet
Documentation - Does what happens on the facebook stay in the facebook?
Time Reference: 29:52
Description: Nope.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - NYT: NSA Spying Broader Than Bush Admitted
Time Reference: 34:06
Description: Big surprise.
Link To: jrwebbproductions
Documentation - Telecommunications Act of 1996
Time Reference: 34:23
Description: The federal law which mandated telecom hubs having NSA backdoors.
Link To: FCC.gov
Documentation - AOL: The Internet
Time Reference: 35:43
Description: Some people think the internet is a bad thing.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - A web wise terror network
Time Reference: 37:45
Description: Funny how there's no mention of Ptech in this report.
Link To: BBC News
Documentation - Anti-terror plan targets internet
Time Reference: 39:43
Description: The BBC tells us that our Interior Minister saviours are going to save us from the scourge of internet crazies and terrorists.
Link To: BBC News
Documentation - Web could be terror training camp: Chertoff
Time Reference: 40:37
Description: Now Al-Qaeda is training themselves over the internet...better shut it down.
Link To: PrisonPlanet
Documentation - Raw obtains CENTCOM email to bloggers
Time Reference: 41:40
Description: Thankfully, CENTCOM is going to engage bloggers who are posing information that CENTCOM doesn't like.
Link To: Raw Story
Documentation - Air Force colonel wants to build a military botnet
Time Reference: 45:26
Description: Now why would the Air Force just want to build an army of computers just to pump crap into the internet?
Link To: Wired
Documentation - Japan clamps down on internet
Time Reference: 47:51
Description: The Corbett Report reports on a simultaneous internet clampdown on bloggers in Japan and Australia.
Link To: Corbett Report
Documentation - Diet enacts law to regulate harmful web sites
Time Reference: 49:31
Description: The mainstream media picks up on the story 6 months after The Corbett Report.
Link To: Japan Times
Documentation - Is the internet dead?
Time Reference: 50:42
Description: Oddly, they were proclaiming the internet was dead back when streaming audio was the latest bandwidth-hogging internet tool. Somehow it managed to survive...
Link To: CNN
Documentation - Gutenberg as man of the millennium
Time Reference: 57:08
Description: Good choice.
Link To: HighBeam
Documentation - US plans to fight the net revealed
Time Reference: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/4655196.stm
Description: Bloggers beware.
Link To: BBC News

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