Episode 036 - The Republic of Lakotah

03/09/20084 Comments

Running Time: 1:00:06

Description:If you were following the controlled corporate media, you might not have noticed that the planet has a new country, the Republic of Lakotah. This week we look at an exciting new possibility for freedom in the Republic of Lakotah, a five-state area that has seceded from the United States.


Documentation - Report: Thousands of test subjects not notified about dangers
Time Reference: 02:12
Description: REAL NEWS #1
Link To: ABC News
Documentation - All UK citizens in ID database by 2017
Time Reference: 03:19
Description: REAL NEWS #2
Link To: Telegraph
Documentation - Parents' fury after police blast schoolgirls as young as 13 with CS gas to break up school fight
Time Reference: 04:08
Description: REAL NEWS #3
Link To: Daily Mail
Documentation - The Canary Effect
Time Reference: 07:13
Description: A documentary about the Native Americans, with a free clip regarding the Columbus myth.
Link To: The Canary Effect
Documentation - Lord Amhers gave the Natives smallpox-infested blankets
Time Reference: 07:47
Description: Contains references from Amherst's correspondence which details the smallpox plot.
Link To: Fordham.edu
Documentation - Prescott Bush stole Geronimo's Bones
Time Reference: 08:55
Description: ...they're in the Tomb at Yale.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Bush and Kerry in Skull and Bones
Time Reference: 13:06
Description: Contains 60 Minutes footage of the Skull & Bones initation rites.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Geronimo's grave
Time Reference: 14:05
Description: A pyramid now lies on top of Geronimo's grave. The one that was desecrated by Skull & Bones...No symbolism there, I'm sure
Link To: Find-A-Grave
Documentation - Family Planning Act 1970
Time Reference: 14:21
Description: Information on forced sterilization, Native Americans and the Family Planning Act 1970
Link To: Ratical
Documentation - NSM 200
Time Reference: 14:56
Description: Henry Kissinger's 1974 Plan for Food Control Genocide
Link To: Schiller Institute
Documentation - The Rockefeller Commission on Population Growth
Time Reference: 15:02
Description: John D. Rockefeller III funded the Eugenics Society.
Link To: Population-Security
Documentation - Native Americans Secrety Sterilized
Time Reference: 15:55
Description: Clip from a documentary detailing sterilization of 42 per cent of Native American women of child-bearing age.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Wounded Knee
Time Reference: 17:55
Description: Documentary explaining the massacre at Wounded Knee in 1890
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - American Indian Movement
Time Reference: 27:30
Description: Wiki entry on the AIM and its activities.
Link To: Wikipedia
Documentation - Wounded Knee Incident
Time Reference: 28:08
Description: Wiki entry on the siege of Wounded Knee by the AIM in 1973.
Link To: Wikipedia
Documentation - The Road to Wounded Knee
Time Reference: 29:37
Description: Bill Means describes the events of February 27, 1973 that led to the occupation of Wounded Knee. The meeting at Calico, the FBI in Pine Ridge and the first shots are fired.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Russell Means on the Siege of Wounded Knee
Time Reference: 35:38
Description: Personal recollection of the 1973 standoff by Russell Means.
Link To: Russell Means
Documentation - Russell Means IMDB biography
Time Reference: 35:57
Description: Who knew IMDB had so much info on everyone?
Link To: IMDB
Documentation - Freedom is For Everyone: Seattle Story
Time Reference: 36:16
Description: Personal reminiscences of one of the members of Russell Means' delegation to the 1987 Libertarian Party National Convention
Link To: Chaospark
Documentation - Descendents of Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse Break Away From US
Time Reference: 37:02
Description: The Republic of Lakotah is formally declared.
Link To: AFP
Documentation - Russell Means
Time Reference: 38:57
Description: Russell Means' YouTube address on the foundation of the Republic of Lakotah
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Two Tribal Leaders Reject Secession
Time Reference: 53:53
Description: Not everyone is for Russell Means' plans.
Link To: Rapid City Journal
Documentation - One-on-One Interview with Russell Means
Time Reference: 54:55
Description: Means discusses the new Republic and how they will use real estate liens as a ploy to get the government to negotiate.
Link To: Final Call
Documentation - Ipperwash park returned to Ontario natives
Time Reference: 56:10
Description: The Canadian government is preparing to transfer the disputed land back to the Chippewas.
Link To: National Post
Documentation - The Republic of Lakotah
Time Reference: 57:40
Description: Official website of the Republic of Lakotah.
Link To: Republic of Lakotah

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