Episode 005 – Central Banking is a Hoax

06/29/20070 Comments

Running Time: 32:03

Description: This week we examine the startling fact that the central banking system under which our economy operates is a scam designed to benefit private banking interests. We use clips from “The Money Masters” documentary to outline this claim and examine its implications.


Documentation – Thomas Jefferson quote
Time Reference: 03:08
Description: ‘Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies.’
Link To: LLO
Documentation – Andrew Jackson quote.
Time Reference: 03:21
Description: ‘I killed the bank!’
Link To: DailyKOS
Documentation – Abraham Lincoln quote
Time Reference: 03:30
Description: ‘I have the Confederacy before me and the bankers behind me, and I fear the bankers most.’
Link To: Rolling Stone
Documentation – James Garfield quote
Time Reference: 03:41
Description: ‘Whosoever controls the volume of money’
Link To: WikiQuote
Documentation – Woodrow Wilson quote
Time Reference: 04:07
Description: ‘I am a most unhappy man…’
Link To: Project Gutenberg
Documentation – The Money Masters
Time Reference: 05:01
Description: Homepage for this excellent documentary.
Link To: The Money Masters
Documentation – America: Freedom to Fascism
Time Reference: 05:46
Description: Homepage for this excellent documentary.
Link To: Freedom to Fascism
Documentation – Money as Debt
Time Reference: 05:53
Description: Homepage for this excellent documentary.
Link To: Money as Debt
Documentation – History of Income Tax in the U.S.
Time Reference: 17:17
Description: Details the coincidence that Income Tax was started in the U.S. in 1913…the very year the Federal Reserve came into existence.
Link To: Infoplease
Documentation – Is Income Tax Legal?
Time Reference: 17:29
Description: An article outlining some of the court decisions and constitutional arguments showing income tax is illegal.
Link To: Give Me Liberty
Documentation – Grace Commission
Time Reference: 18:12
Description: The Commission set up by the Reagan Administration which shows that every cent of income tax goes to interest on government debt.
Link To: Free Canadian
Documentation – Bernanke speech in honour of Milton Friedman
Time Reference: 24:03
Description: Governor of Federal Reserve admits the Fed caused the Great Depression
Link To: Federal Reserve
Documentation – Charles Lindbergh on the Federal Reserve
Time Reference: 24:51
Description: Congressman Charles Lindbergh slams the Federal Reserve system.
Link To: Wikipedia
Documentation – Tragedy & Hope
Time Reference: 26:13
Description: Bill Clinton’s mentor and Georgetown University professor Carroll Quigley’s weighty tome on the secret history of Anglo-American bankers and their plans for one-world government.
Link To: Reality Zone
Documentation – BIS: Credit Boom May Spark Depression
Time Reference: 28:27
Description: Article revealing that the next depression is closer than most think. Also features the BIS blaming its own central banks for their loose monetary policy.
Link To: Money News

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