Do Humans Have Free Will? Not If Big Tech Wins!

03/24/201934 Comments

Do humans have free will?

That question has puzzled philosophers for millennia and has generated fierce debates. Perhaps the only thing more contentious than the question are the implications of its answer. If man has no free will, then how can there be moral responsibility?

But don't worry, dear frazzled philosophers! You can now rest your weary heads, because the question is about to be answered once and for all by the wizards of Silicon Valley.

What on earth am I talking about? To answer this question, let's turn to Declare Your Independence, the radio show of Ernie Hancock of Recently, Ernie had a fascinating conversation with Paul Rosenberg of What makes the conversation fascinating is how quickly it turns from a dialogue about online censorship in the wake of the Christchurch shooting to a Rosenberg rant about the most important issue of our time:

"You need to protect your data to protect your own free will. I'm sorry if that sounds dramatic. I'm sorry if that sounds like I'm trying to be scary and all that, but that's just the truth and somebody should say it!"

So how do we get from online censorship to the end of free will (assuming we ever really had it)?

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  1. Fawlty Towers says:

    Creepy, yeah.

    But when they say…
    “In this case, the ledger is missing a key data source which it requires in order to better understand this user. In order to plug the gap in its knowledge the ledger begins searching for a device which delivers the required data when used. From this list the ledger begins sorting the
    options most likely to appeal to the user in question….”

    it sounds very similar to the obnoxious changes currently being undertaken by Microsoft/Skype/Facebook/Whatsapp (FAANG) etc.
    where they are now forcing you to cough up extra phone numbers, e-mail addresses and other personal data in the guise of “protecting you”.

    When you log into their apps, they are now saying, “in order to protect you should you ever be locked out of your account we will now take more personal data from you.
    But don’t worry it’s only for your personal protection!
    BTW, you must give us this information. You can give it to us now, or wait one more week, at which time you will have no other choice!”

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    As a FAANG+ VESSEL Vassal,
    I spent an hour reading, re-reading and following links to this article “Do Humans Have Free Will? Not If Big Tech Wins! so that I could firmly embed the imprinted awareness and relative importance on my LEDGER.

    The Ledger.
    The Ledger ‘lives on’, even after the container departs.

    The 7th Day…
    Thus the heavens and the earth were completed in all their vast array. And by the seventh day God had finished the work He had been doing; so on that day He rested from all His work.

    And on the 8th day…
    FAANG+ created The Ledger so that all will be good.

    I would like to suggest the VIDEO rendition of this “Do Humans Have Free Will” article…
    James Corbett gives an emphatic visual overview on 3/21 in “Interview 1427 – Financial Survival in the Demographic Crunch”.
    QUEUED VIDEO (10 minutes)

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Like some have mentioned, this Ledger scenario is really creepy.

      Sometimes, the eyesight vision of looking at myself for examples is a bit foggy, as compared to viewing others in action.

      Many of the employees I work with are under 30, if not under 25.
      A large portion have some kind of police record, mostly drug related.
      Being over 65, I enjoy working with them. They with me.
      No judgement, no ‘personal evaluation of another’. Friends.

      For the most part, I’m cool with ‘filling in the gaps’ by many times quietly working to make up for some of the irresponsible work ethics on certain chores…I chalk it up to the “irresponsibility of youth”.
      You know…”Fandango”.
      (20 seconds)
      (Actually, “Fandango” has many real elements for characterizing Texas youth in 1971, despite some of the hyperboles in the movie. But hyperboles are part of Texas.)

      Throughout the day, these fellow employees are on their phone, primarily watching videos and browsing.
      There is no concern for ‘being monitored, nor spied on’.
      Often I overhear, or they share, video content.
      It is interesting to see how they are often “guided”.

      One brief sampling the other day…
      The day starts with a couple of the guys eating their magic brownies.
      One guy shows me this clip he found very funny. In the video…A guy was passed out on the bed. The camera holder threw cheese, then bologna, then mayonnaised bread onto the sleeping guys face, “making a sandwich”. (While it didn’t strike my humor bone, I understood. I remember some of my old High School pranks.)
      Then later, another employee shares a video of doing the “cheese on the face” antic, but the victim was a surprised dog. He thought it was funny. I reacted…”Oh man! That poor dog!” Since, I didn’t think it was funny, I guess it killed their video line-up.

      While the above was a brief, maybe poor, sampling, I do notice the trails of topics where these guys go throughout the week.

      FAANG+ will? or Free Will?
      I tend to think the first.

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        Homey, the anecdotal stories are a pleasure to hear and set the imagination into gear. Probably just to beg the question I fear.
        Do you suppose , given the jist of Corbett’s article and your observations of these young mens ” monitoring or spied on trail” will be for evaluation and placements for ” jobs” ” uses” suited to their ledger in the future. The value to corporate will certainly create a market for evaluating human capitol in the future. If its there they* will use it only to their* advantage and detriment to labor. Seems like an infringement to ones privacy with malfeasance.
        Has the value of labor been bleached out of them so thoroughly they have no self esteem? Bless the beasts and the children.

        * The Powers That Shouldn’t Be

        • generalbottlewasher says:

          On last thing Homey. Ultimately what Im trying to picture here is the clash of old ideas. The Corporate Will opposing and subjugating Free Will. It reminds me of the continuation of the struggle of the aristocratic Junkers and the serfs of East Prussia. Eugenics to maintain order and protect place and hierarchy. Dogma sick Dogma.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:


          Ya know…sometimes, I really don’t know what to think nor predict.
          Like many of us older farts know, during the period of our young adulthood there were trends and ideas which we followed. These often brought protest and alarm from the older generation.

          As a late teen, I remember once having a discussion with my Uncle while he sipped his whisky at the kitchen table trying to cope with my concepts on “work”. I had this odd hippie type idea that I should not have to work, that I shouldn’t need to perform labor. Go figure on that one?…I can’t even believe that I once had such a concept.
          I was working for him one summer at his Lake Resort Cabin acreage in Minnesota. Part of my routine was to clean the beach of dead fish and seaweed, early every morning. Then on to other chores. Many times, I did the work unethusiastically, but I couldn’t wait until quitting time…and then energetically go out with my new friends or a hot date.
          Looking back, I should had appreciated the experience and training and adventure more than I did.
          On his property, stood an old, two story brothel house from the 30’s. Small walk-in closet type rooms, with carved graffiti on the wood planked walls and doors. “Come in Suzie” “Hole up here” , some pieces of clever wit, poems, and of course, some non-repeatables.

          What’s your take on how things might be in a decade or two?
          For me, it gets hazy, kind of like a few hours after a chemtrail spray.

          • generalbottlewasher says:

            Homey, I’ll be 74 or 84 respectively and may be spent by then. Im like the French painter Corbet of the realism school. Recording accurately the truth of whatever. I believe in observation, the scientific process of Aristotle. A rose is much prettier in reality than a story about a rose, and a picture of a rose is worth a thousand words but in reality it will never be a rose. With that in mind the future is not shaping up for how I was trained nor intuited the world by, for lack of a better Bacon English word, God.
            Richard Grove is a doer. Corbett is a thinker. I put more value in altering our trajectory with a doer than a thinker. That to me is the American exceptualism that gives me hope that its not over till the fat lady sings.
            Don’t get me wrong about James Corbett. We will need brilliant minds like his and an open acceptance of cooperation without regard to nationalistic bias, to change the trajectory that we are on. My opinion of the Japanese is they don’t cotton trouble makers on their shore when push comes to shove. We are well behind the curve in the grand scheme of things. We have the same enemy that the French had at the Bastile. We have the same enemy as we had in WW1 but we were fighting the wrong people on the field. We have the same enemy who created the enemy we fought in WW2. You know by now who that is. They invited the Nazi into our country after hostilities ended and Ike new and warned us, like Quigley did without risking his life. Need I mention Kennedy. These people he spoke of are vicious and have been at it a long time and are not accustom to ever loosing the war, only a battle here or there. Largess sets them apart. We are small thinkers, but large hearted creatures and they fear us.
            So Homey, with some background now I will directly answer your question. We are transitioning into everything Corbett has been reporting on in the last 12 years. I expect it will be totalitarian, racist, highly technical divisions in society, that something like the ledger will be used to judge,by A.I. what income, function and roll you will be assigned. Probably there will be a world wide conflict that will usher in the new way on this shore. Communism at the worst or socio-technocracy at the least. From the American continent will come either one of two things, in 20 years, compitulation to the BIS to restructure or revolt. The banksters want a model to continue the matrix they have designed but with less population and less resistance to servitude. A hybrid of some of what exists today but with serious authoritarian controls on behavior. No freedom of thought or deed will occur. They have never been as the focal point, physically confronted, or prosecuted as a group have they? They work in and from the shadows very effectively. They could be accused and the source of legends, from many times and many cultures, of being the Devil himself. Nothing new under the sun here. History repeats and I base my guess on past human behavior.

            • generalbottlewasher says:


              Here is a taste of banksters in action.
              Deutsche Bank. Soon to be bank of the EU.

              • Duck says:

                On Astroturf… I have heard that Occupy Wallstreet was incorporated by the Lucis Trust, or at least by people closely tied to that organization.
                It was kinda a thing going round on Youtube back then but I never went and looked up the doc’s myself and only have their screenshots for evidencnce.

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              That is a well written piece you did.
              Covered a lot of ground.

              I’m watching the “Deutsche Bank Despite Trump’s Bankruptcies” now.

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                Homey, I can’t find the article nor can I remember who posted it recently but it was very informative. It was about the dialog of give and take and that we should not fall into a trap. The jist was when the conversation goes from what do you think too Whose side are you on. I distinctly remember when Dubya Bush said ” you are either with us or against us” I knew that we where in new territory. That is my first recollection of waking up. I must guard against slipping into that trap of framing and discrediting ideas as being perceived to be on the wrong side therefore invalid. So much to unlearn. Paradoxes, good… Par, good…?????

            • Duck says:

              “…We have the same enemy that the French had at the Bastile. …”
              My understanding is that the French revolution was the first example of an Astro-turf movement… at least that was a popular idea in ye olde dayes of conspiracy theory like Nesta Helen Webster though I’ve not yet read her books so I’m just going off what others say.

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                Duck, that rambling bit on the French , was a cryptic jab at the ideals of Governors of the Bank of International Settlements. The BIS charter proposes that sovereignty claims by the bank
                trumps all others claim to the same. No laws made by men apply to their actions. The mendacity in this claim will certainly be meet someday, with a similar response, revolt, like that given to the like minded aristocrats of France on July 14th way back when.
                I suppose its about ownership of free will ?
                Duck,What is an astro-turf movement mean?

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                Duck I see what you mean. What a political trick.

  3. scpat says:


    Someone such as yourself can take all the privacy measures you want, but here you are, having created a website and provided your thoughts on all kinds of topics that Google can use to profile you. It’s a double edged sword, but worth the risks. For example, I probably wouldn’t be here reading your blog about how big data wants to control me, and then taking actions to stop them from gathering data on me.

  4. OneOhOne says: shows Earth’s population today, 24 March 2019, at 7.7 billion living human hominids. From that same website, it is estimated that 100 billion humans have been born. On Earth.

    For those who uphold Darwinistic-based evolutionary principles and beliefs, the history of life is relatively very short and simple, because they’re so smart. You know, bang!, primordial soup, 4.5 billion years, et voilà. What do they have to show for their 4.5 billion years of so-called evolution? Easy: Google, assassin drones, grossly overpopulated urban-living centers (aka cities), impending massive 80% unemployment, and possible annihilation.

    Those not satisfied with evolutionary theories adhere to the simple, yet far more complex and mysterious principle of intelligent design (ID).

    IDers in turn are divided into two major subgroups:

    God worshippers, for whom life has the simplest-possible explanation: God did everything, and shut up or they’ll kill you. Zionist Jews in this subclass promulgate that they are the only “chosen ones” to survive the next extinction of life in our planet.

    And then there’s that lonely and isolated gang of individuals who humbly accept the mystery of life, without pretending to be able to explain it all away in current human-intelligence terms. They see an intelligence-driven force behind every single aspect of their own biological physical beings and in nature all around the universe, but they can’t come even remotely close to explaining or defining that all-encompassing intelligence.

    The intelligence that designed the self-replicating DNA that has carried our species to the present day is not the same intelligence that first identified DNA in 1860 (Friedrich Miescher’s intelligence). It’s 2019 AD now. Unfortunately, we do live under the somewhat-stable rule of a deep state that relies heavily on advanced electronics, put in place by the indisputable power of concentrated economic, financial, and political systems, to exert its grab on humanity.

    Modern-day electronics and its wide array of applications including assassin drones, the cell phone, and Google, are one thing.

    But true Technology, in its highest, most-advanced, and purest possible form, is in nature. It’s in us, in every living cell of our bodies, and all around us. And it’s FREE. Ours is but to discover it, and put an understanding of it to good use, not to the benefit of the greediest, cruelest ones.

    True Technology is in the singing of a bird.

    In a baby’s smile.

    In the wind.

    In the oceans, rivers, and trees.

    In a sunset.

    In the air we breathe.

    It’s all around us.

    Just look, feel, smell, taste, and hear it.

    It’s beautiful, warm, and kind.

    Not cold and man-programmed, like modern-day electronics is.

  5. OneOhOne says:

    The Google video is simply stupid. First of, why do they have to use a British accent on the voiceover? Google is an American company, as far as I know. The neatness and story-perfect progression of the video is so obviously an ad-agency creation, that it hurts and bothers. And finally, the “for internal use only” bit really means “distribute widely.” A “leaked” video? What a load of crap!

    • manbearpig says:

      “for internal use only”…

      Yes, that’s what I tell my students too. It’s most likely a form of predictive programming. Just like Brave New World and The Circle and probably much of Black Mirror including the social credit system episode…

      predictive programming characteristically passing itself off as a warning…

      is it possible to make sure it’s the latter and not the former?

      warning: excessive use of internet technology may produce malleable lamarckian transhuman hybrids…

      I’ll have to think about all that…

      as soon as I finish season 2 of La Casa de Papel…

    • manbearpig says:

      Hey OneOhOne!

      Scroll down a tad and watch:

      THE SHOW (for internal use only!):

      (in English allegedly written by a disenchanted ex-Google employee from Sweden with an awesome Russian actress directed by an unassuming and talented French film-maker)

      • manbearpig says:

        containers, transient carriers and birth-striking gaia worship

        in the technocratic green Circle

        “You shouldn’t really own your ledger (your most essential self)…”


        sharing is caring

        secrets are lies

        privacy is theft

        knowing is good; but knowing everything is better

        e pluribus unum and down with habeas corpus

        in the post-dollar world wide web…

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        MBP, That may be the scariest thing I’ve ever seen ! Good find.

    • Duck says:

      British accents are often considered to sound classier or smarter… kinda like smoking a pipe, having glasses or growing a beard are said to make people have a higger estimation of a persons intelligence.
      You should remember that most people watching it internally are prob just shallow narcissist types such as populate management at most big organizations.

  6. zyxzevn says:

    Funny stuff about nothing

    On April 1, Muller wanted to reveal that the Russia thing
    was just a big joke.
    Now he is a week early with his reveal, because almost everyone fell for it.

    It is also the end of the Qanon-Joke,
    because there are no secret indictments.

    But this has been the biggest 1 april joke ever
    The burger, as quoted to Project Veritas

    Here is a video by WeAreChange
    They still claim, without any evidence, that Russia had
    “hacked” the DNC via an extremely fast internet connection.
    That Wikileaks was lying about getting leaks.
    And Russians manipulated us with sites like the Corbett Report.

    “They” influence us with alternative opinions outside the 2 parties.
    And that is of course against the “values” of the US.
    Values of billions to trillions of dollars.

    Its crazy how so many fell for that again.

    How the media is a big joke:
    AP, AGP and Reuters are fully controlled by CIA & Pentagon.

    The media is controlled by a small group, who are connected with
    the CIA and/or Israel.

    The Thinkery/ Sargon of Akkad having a laugh on the media:
    It starts with the russian-collusion-song.
    And lists many of the lies that were told.

    Are the Russians still “influencing” you?

    How Trump and others can be put in prison..

    Supporting the bombing of countries and civilians.
    Colluding with Saudi Arabia
    Colluding with Israel
    Influencing foreign governments
    Support for (illegal) assassinations
    But almost everyone in US government is doing that.

    “Democracy” is the biggest joke.

    • zyxzevn says:

      About Mueller

      The Great Deceptions of Robert Mueller: The Art of the Limited Hangout
      The writer explains all the deceptions that mueller has taken part

      “Limited hangouts” are the norm and the media supports the necessary narrative to help people evade accountability as part of a larger “protection racket.”

      “Why are Britain and Russia working together for a monopoly on Uranium?”

      “But John Podesta also has his own personal media whipping boy. David Brock. David Brock runs Media Matters, who was writing apologetics for the Uranium One deal as early as 2008. Maybe earlier. John Podesta, who takes Russian money, then funnels that money to the Center for American Progress, which funds David Brock’s projects.”

      “Robert Mueller has been an integral cog in a wheel of deception that is designed to let the worst criminals walk free. This has been going on for your entire life. This has been going on throughout all of human history. Only now, we have the technology to implement transparency.”

  7. brian.s says:

    Within the current or generally accepted – and acted upon – definitions of the will, of humans and of the nature of thought as extended technology. There is no freedom except the striving to regain it – as exemplified in:

    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
    All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
    Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

    The attempt to reassemble or replace a lost and broken Life, of love, power or freedom into a new world order is the nature of power struggle arising from identification in lack, loss, fear, pain, shame, grievance, powerlessness, rage, terror and etc.
    This is the tyrannous mind-replacement for the living Will.
    Here is the projection of that fear-belief-reaction onto our Creative – onto the world of effects, under which we are subjected and adapted as defended against threat of extinction – not least my a mind of ingenious contorted convolutions such that toxic debt can be presented as if an asset.

    The ‘matrix’ idea is generally assigned to ‘THEM’ and suffered by ‘US’ or perhaps ‘ME’ in a world of zombies or programmed dream. But that is the first line of the defence of a lie – as the accusation of it projected onto the Other, be that God, Our Brother with Whom we share life or the World of our co-creation.
    Within the mind of projection, these terms are distorted to a life under death, scarcity, rivalry, competition and conflict, in a shifting and treacherous world of alliances and fears.

    A robot can be programmed to ‘map’ out a terrain by learning where obstacles are and so learning pathways that avoid them. Fear-conditioning does a similar function in the mind that makes a version of the world but such fears CAN be revisited and CAN transform or be released to new perspectives in which the replacement-mind of fear is UNdone to the remembering of a present that has always been and never left us. The nature of such presence is both cause and effect – or a synchcronicity and intimacy of being – that is not altogether forgotten when the mind of time interjects – and becomes a basis from which to align in true will – which is freedom – instead of a grasped or possessed or controlled will – that runs the phishing of a mind by its own wish to take possession and wield control as IF that is freedom.

    How does this relate to our technocratic end-game? Of the belief we are in possession of control resulting in every more joyless subjection to the power we thought to have?

    The more we struggle in reaction, the tighter the internetwork of entanglement in hate, fear and guilt.

    Instead of making the world cause to our life, self or being, awaken responsibility for the meanings we give our world. This goes against all the training or conditioned habit of the attempt to escape ancient patterns of fear, guilt and grievance and so we must be at least a little willing to pause and desist the mind-reaction in order to SEE – in the recognized willingness to SEE differently.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words. -JC]

  8. nakamoto says:

    Dear James, I am expecting to receive two DVDs(BIG OIL and Century of Enslavement) that I have ordered. I believe the payment process through Paypal has been completed on March 3. I like your analysis. Cheers.

    [SNIP – No addresses on the website please. Your order will be delivered this week. -JC]

  9. calibrator says:

    I have to shamefully admit that I’m late to the party again: I didn’t know this funny & terrible “Ledger” video until now. So thanks, Corbett Report, again.

    At first glance, I consider it both a bit creepy but also mostly ho-hum.

    Like you people already pointed out “silly English voice” with a big fat “for internal use” at the end. Sheesh…

    I’d like to add to the pot this:

    It’s a well-made video production with many attractive slow-motion scenes, animations, many buzzwords like 3D-printing and lots of sciency science.

    Add to this the soothing minimalistic music and you can sip your goji berry tea in peace and tranquility while you happily destroy the future of mankind.

    This video was designed to attract the attention of successful Google/young progressive democrat hipsters with lousy beards (even the wimmin) and big earlobe tunnels. You know? The young deciders of today.

    But the very best thing?

    Calling the database that collects the user database a “ledger”.
    This is nothing short of brilliant, even if it won’t catch on.

    A “ledger” has to be always correct – to the tiniest bit.
    It is therefore “trustworthy”.
    -> Decisions can be made upon its contents.

    A “ledger” has to by synchronized with real time.
    You can’t really work with an outdated ledger, so everything must be put into it immediately.

    A “ledger” doesn’t forget. You can do a search into it right to the beginning and draw your conclusions.

    Intelligent slaves understand this immediately.

    But these are all also criteria of databases – but look!: You got rid of the nasty word “database” – at least in conjunction with human beings this is not a nice word.

    A “database” sounds way more technocratic than a “ledger” – the evolution of a “file folder” if you will – but here each and every person has its own database and everything Google can get its sticky fingers on will be put into. Everything.

    If I understood it correctly, the ledger has some own intelligence – nonsens from a technical standpoint, but that’s not important: Important is that the data is being actively used to manipulate the person associated with its database.

    Like James said: This is nothing new in general. It always boils down to controlling the masses, especially the silent majority like another American fella liked to call it.

    Soon we have the Internet 5.0 to control us.
    Everybody – except perhaps the farmer without internet access, who grows the goji berries…

    • Duck says:

      luckily people are not so smart… it will like as not break down before that under the weight of the stupid people trying to micromanage everything or fighting over who will be in charge…. unless this IS the End Times….?

  10. Octium says:

    Speaking of Censorship I’ll bump this Corbett Report Interview up again as parts of the Corbett Report Website are being censored in Australia now (Bitchute embedded videos, depending on which ISP)

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Octium, Thanks for the regional update.

      About a month ago, at times, I started noticing that it takes longer for Corbett’s website to first appear.

      • calibrator says:

        I have this intermittently for a long time, bout a year, perhaps.

        I’m sitting in northern Germany and most of the time I have no problems at all.

        I can’t pinpoint this on problems with my local provider, either.

      • Octium says:

        There are probably not many Corbett Report Subscribers from Australia however I have noticed that the powers-that-shouldn’t-be tend to use Australia as a testing ground first before implementing their plans in other places.

        So I don’t imagine it will take long for the censorship to spread around the Pacific with the level of propaganda being spread around now over their attack in NZ.

        Apparently it’s OK for Government to kill Muslims on mass, but not OK for individuals to do it as a hobby.

        I did notice a slight speedup after using a VPN to access this website, with the added bonus a having a chuckle after forgetting about the VPN and receiving adverts for weird Japanese products (on other websites of course!)

        Most browsers have a “Web Development” menu hidden away somewhere that can show the download times for each item that is being fetched across the network, often I find that it is not the main site that is slow, but something being pulled from elsewhere, like Google’s big brother tracking.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          That’s a funny line… 😉
          “Apparently it’s OK for Government to kill Muslims on mass, but not OK for individuals to do it as a hobby.”

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