Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" - FLNWO #22

12/15/20144 Comments

On this edition of Film, Literature and the New World Order we are joined by Roderick Long of the Austro-Athenian Empire blog to discuss Charles Dickens' classic, "A Christmas Carol." Is Ebeneezer Scrooge a model of the modern libertarian, or is this image a distortion of what it means to be libertarian? Join us for this very philosophical examination of the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future.

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Austro-Athenian Empire Blog

Who’s The Scrooge? Libertarians and Compassion

History of Japan Podcast #67 - Pearl Harbor

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  1. philhersh says:

    Hi James, great FLNWO. Here is a request: I’m very much hoping you will do a show on Foxcatcher. Steve Carrel does a great John du Pont.

  2. Phillip says:

    Just to say a belated “thank you” for this episode. I was ignorant of the attempts to label Scrooge as a libertarian. Thanks for this new twist (sorry) on an old tale.

  3. Stan.r says:

    The #67 Pearl Harbor podcast has been taken down from the site. I asked the site owner if it was too controversial.

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