Corbett Report Radio 270 - Truth in the Academy?

12/13/20126 Comments

Tonight we talk to Dr. James F. Tracy of The Memory Hole Blog, Associate Professor of Media Studies at Florida Atlantic University about the academy. What part do academics play in the current slide into tyranny in the developed world? What is the responsibility of intellectuals? What happened to the social activism that was once an integral part of campus culture? Tune in tonight as we explore these important issues.

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  1. Chris_in_CHS says:

    His link is–not .com

    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for that, Chris, but in fact his website was .com when this interview was posted. I have updated with a WayBackLink to the .com site to reflect this fact. Let this be a reminder: old links on old interviews come with no guarantees that they still link to the same content as when originally posted.

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