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11/29/20120 Comments

James covers breaking headlines and takes your calls on tonight's program. Topics covered include cyber-activists hacking the IAEA over Israel's nuke program, more global warming bull, and rising secession movements across the EU.


Israel acknowledges killing Fatah founder

Ehud Barak to step down as Israeli Defense Minister, retire from politics

IAEA hacked over Israeli nuclear program

Palestinian 'state' vote a crisis moment

Real Benjamin Buttons Brothers: Matthew and Michael Clark Are Aging Backwards

Warmist Bill McKibben slapped down by Meteorologist Bastardi for touting 'Last 3 years are all in top 5 for # of named Atlantic tropical storms'

Mythbusting Rahmstorf and Foster

An update to US Hurricane Intensity 1900-2012 – no recent trend with hurricane Sandy

Catalonia Secession Is Outright Rebellion Against The EU

Zbigniew Brzezinski: Obama must 'stand up' to Netanyahu

Mark Carney leaves Ottawa for mission to Britain

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