Corbett Report Radio 253 – A Tale of Two sElections

11/08/20122 Comments

The leadership of a great nation hangs in the balance. Even now, decisions are being made in secret that will influence the course of the world’s finances and geopolitics in the years to come. The people have been told that their votes play a part in this process, but no one believes it. The real leadership decision is made behind closed doors, with zero transparency, by a self-appointed “elite.” The American election? Of course not. The Chinese leadership transition. Find out more in tonight’s edition of Corbett Report Radio.


Factbox: Understanding China’s 18th Communist Party Congress

Elections in the People’s Republic of China

Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China

Cautious reformers tipped for new China leadership

The Next Chinese Government: Conservative Princelings or Reform-minded Tuanpai?


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