Corbett Report Radio 052 – Solutions: People Power

01/19/20120 Comments

With so much dire news making headlines, from the NDAA to the growth of the police state to the war with Iran, it’s easy to be tricked into thinking that the march toward the New World Order is inevitable. Tonight on The Corbett Report we expose the pessimism psy-op and show how time and time again, on issue after issue from civil liberties to health freedoms to anti-globalization, all of the power is in the hands of the people.

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As If You Needed Another Reason to Hate F*cking GoDaddy

December 29th Is Leave GoDaddy Day

Go Daddy No Longer Supports SOPA

Open Thread: How to Undo ObamaCare

TSA chief says ‘opt-out’ boycott would be a mistake

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Some Gulf Troops Refusing Vaccine Against Anthrax

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N.Y. health care workers protest mandatory H1N1 flu shots

C’mon health workers, get your swine flu shots

British Nurses refuse to have the swine flu vaccination

Update on New York Mandatory H1N1 Vaccinations

Federal advisers endorse testing anthrax vaccine in children

Calgary removing fluoride from water supply

Lakeshore removes fluoride from water supply


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